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[Guide] Weddings Revamped!

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Mirrors, Aug 28, 2020.

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  1. Mirrors

    Mirrors Supervisor Staff Member Supervisor Game Moderator

    Jul 15, 2019
    11:52 PM
    Moderator Post
    Original guide by nubjuleznubjulez <3
    Terrible graphic by me and will be changed later

    After much hard work, weddings have been officially revamped in MapleLegends! They are now more GMS-like with a few additional features. All the information you need is in this guide, do not hesitate to ask any questions.

    Same sex marriages are possible, so for the purpose of this guide, I will use Person A as the person who starts the engagement and Person B as the person who accepts the proposal.


    :star: Pre-Requisites for Marriage :star:
    • Currently single, been 7 days since divorce or have gotten an engagement ring.
    • No other prequests pending for engagement process.
    • Level 10 or above.

    :star: Step 1: Picking A Ring :star:
    It's a good idea to pick your ring beforehand so you can easily collect the items before starting the wedding quests!
    Moonstone Ring
    • 1 Moon Rock
    • 1 Diamond
    • 3 000 000 mesos

    [​IMG] Star Gem Ring
    • 1 Star Rock
    • 1 Diamond
    • 2 000 000 mesos

    [​IMG] Golden Heart Ring
    • 1 Gold Plate
    • 1 Diamond
    • 1 000 000 mesos

    [​IMG] Silver Swan Ring
    • 1 Silver Plate
    • 1 Diamond
    • 500 000 mesos

    :star: Step 2: Getting Engaged :star:
    To make an engagement ring, Person A will need to start the process at the NPC Moony in Amoria.
    Select the option "Make an engagement ring for your lover".
    He will ask you to get 4 [​IMG] Proofs Of Love from 6 love fairies, Nana. The Nana fairies could be found in Henesys, Kerning City, Perion, Ellinia, Orbis, and Ludibrium.
    Considering you will already be in Victoria Island, we highly suggest simply using the 4 Nana's on the Island itself and not traveling to Orbis or Ludibrium. You may only visit each Nana once.


    Location of NanaQuest Item
    Henesys[​IMG] 50 Orange Mushroom Caps
    Perion[​IMG] 40 Firewood
    Kerning[​IMG] 40 Horny Mushroom Caps
    Ellinia[​IMG] 20 Soft Feathers
    Orbis[​IMG] 20 Jr. Sentinel Shellpieces
    Ludibrium[​IMG] 20 Teddy's Cottons
    Return to Moony once you have obtained 4 Proofs of Love. Once you give him the 4 proofs, he will ask for the items required to craft the ring. Make sure you have an empty USE slot!

    Now you're ready to propose!
    After exchanging the ring Player A wants, Player A will get an Engagement Ring Box [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG], which is a Use item that they will use to propose.

    The following requirements must be met in order to propose successfully:
    • In same map and same channel as Person B
    • Both have an empty ETC slot.
    • Both characters are single or divorced.
    • No other engagements pending.
    Once the other person accepts the engagement, Player A will receive an ETC item Engagement Box (Empty) [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG], and Player B will receive an ETC item Engagement Ring [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] .

    Both will be exchanged for an actual equipable ring after the wedding is completed.

    :star: Step 3: Wedding Prep :star:
    When a player decides that they want to start the wedding ceremony, they must first reserve what type of wedding they want to do. Currently, there are two main types of wedding, both with regular or a premium option. These reservation ticket must be purchased through the Cash Shop and the costs are as follows:
    • [​IMG] Wedding Ticket (Chapel) - 25,000 NX
    • [​IMG] Premium Wedding Ticket (Chapel) - 30,000 NX
    • [​IMG] Wedding Ticket (Cathedral) - 35,000 NX
    • [​IMG] Premium Wedding Ticket (Cathedral) - 40,000 NX
    What's The Difference between Premium vs. Normal Weddings?
    Premium wedding unlocks an access to party stage after the wedding, in which people can collect keys in exchange for various wedding-exclusive gifts from an Onyx Chest [​IMG].

    What's The Difference between Chapel vs. Cathedral Weddings?
    The venues are different, and chapel has a shorter wedding time than Cathedral. Cathedral weddings also have 25 invitations each, while Chapel weddings only have 15 invitations each. Cathedrals also have another pre quest you need to do before you can get married.

    Reserving The Venue

    • Must be in a party of 2 people with groom and bride.
    • Talk to respective NPCs depending on what type of wedding one wants to get (Wayne for Chapel and Victoria for Cathedral)
    • Have not made reservations beforehand.
    • Have 2 empty slots to receive the reservation receipt and invitation.
    You are now ready to reserve the venue!

    To reserve the Chapel, you must talk to Wayne: Chapel Wedding Coordinator

    He will give you and your fiancé(e) your Wedding Invitations (15 each).
    You may also start your wedding right away.
    To reserve the Cathedral, you must talk to Victoria: Cathedral Wedding Coordinator
    She will give you and your fiancé(e) your Wedding Invitations (25 each).

    NOTE: Marriages at the Cathedral require an extra quest for Person B: Getting Your Parents' Blessing before you can start it.
    Person B can start this quest by speaking to High Priest John: Cathedral Wedding Official at the Cathedral.
    He will require that they get their parents blessing before getting married. Person B will then have to go to the top of Henesys Hunting Ground II, climb the ribbon rope at the top to find Mom and Dad.
    Mom and Dad will require Person B to bring them 2 Proofs of Love. These Proofs can be obtained in the exact same way as they were for the engagement, by doing the quests from Nana the Fairy.
    Once Person B has the 2 Proofs of Love, they can return to Mom and Dad and Person B will receive their blessing.
    They must then talk to High Priest John once more to get the [​IMG] Officiator’s Permission to start the wedding.
    After you reserve your venue, you will get a popup asking you what items you want your guests to give you. All your guests will be able see this wishlist!
    To invite guest to your wedding, simply double click on the Wedding Invitation in your ETC inventory.
    • [​IMG] Invitation - Chapel
    • [​IMG] Invitation - Cathedral
    Make sure your friends have an empty ETC slot so they can receive your invitation! The guests can be offline to receive an invite, but must still have an empty ETC slot.
    Simply type in your guests name properly and it will send them a note:

    If you wish to invite more people to the wedding, you must buy:
    • [​IMG] Wedding Invitation Ticket : 3000 NX
      Use this item and trade it to Victoria (Cathedral) or Wayne (Chapel)
      They will exchange it for 10 more Invitations.

    :star: Step 4: The Wedding :star:
    • You must be in a party of two with you and your fiancé(e)
    • You're done inviting all your friends
    • You've reserved the venue
    • CATHEDRAL ONLY: You've received your blessing from John the Priest, Mom and Dad
    Talk to Bonnie (Chapel) or Assistant Nicole (Cathedral) in order to begin your wedding.
    If your guests are in Amoria, they must click Assistant Bonnie / Assistant Nicole to join you at the altar. If they are somewhere else in the Maple world, the can double click their invitation. This will warp them to Amoria, where they can talk to either assistant to join the bride and groom.

    :heartbeat: Stage 1: Lobby Room
    In the lobby, guests will be able to mingle and chat while waiting for the wedding to start. You will have 5 minutes (Chapel) or 10 minutes (Cathedral) for all your guests to arrive. If you do not click into the Ceremony Room by the 5 / 10 minute mark, you will be kicked out of the map! Don't worry, if you don't click in in time, you can still restart your ceremony.
    Unlike before, each guest will need to individually click into the Ceremony Room by talking to the assistant.

    Guests can also gift the married couple items by talking to Pila Present.
    Bride and groom can retrieve those gifts by talking to her in Amoria after the wedding.

    :heartbeat: Stage 2: Ceremony
    The next stage will be the ceremony. Talk to the Assistants to get wedded by High Priest John (Cathedral) or Elvis Presley (Chapel). If you are in the Ceremony room and the timer hits 5 minutes (Chapel) or 10 minutes (Cathedral), your ceremony will automatically get started.
    Once you have finished with the ceremony, theres a possibility that the timer will not be done. You can stay until the timer has run out or simply speak to Assistant Jackie (Chapel) or Assistant Nancy (Cathedral) to bring you to the next stage. They are located in the stands of your ceremony room.

    :heartbeat: Stage 3: Photo Time!
    Get those screenshot buttons out for an official wedding photo! You and your guests will be able to spend some time posing on a cake.
    • 1st Minute: At the end of the 1st minute, a photo will automatically be taken and saved to your MapleLegends account, which you can then access on the website. *In Progress Feature - will be uploaded to website later!*
    • Next 5 Minutes: Feel free to hang out, chill, and take more photos! Unfortunately there is no way to skip this part. ^^
    :heartbeat: Stage 4: Premium Hunting Bonus Stage *PREMIUM ONLY*
    If you've bought a Premium Wedding Ticket, you'll be transported to a bonus map.
    In this stage, you must defeat [​IMG] Cake Monster and [​IMG] Candle Monster to obtain [​IMG] 5 Amoria Heart keys.
    Once you have the 5 keys, bring them to Robin the Huntress who will warp you to the Wedding Bear map where you can break a present and obtain an Onyx Chest [​IMG] . You can only get one!

    upload_2020-8-28_23-20-53.png upload_2020-8-28_23-21-4.png
    Red boxes are for guests,
    and green boxes are for the married couple.

    Pila Present in Amoria will give you a reward if you bring her this box. The married couple can also pick up their gifts from the guests by talking to her as well.
    If you do not pick up your items from Pila and get divorced, your items will be lost forever.
    [​IMG] 1x Amorian Basket
    [​IMG] 100x Watermelon
    [​IMG] 1x Elixir
    [​IMG] 1x Star Rock
    [​IMG] 1x Moon Rock
    [​IMG] 1x Pink Bandana
    [​IMG] 1x Pink Marker
    [​IMG] 1x Red Heart Earrings
    [​IMG] 1x Heart Wand
    [​IMG] 1x Red Work Gloves

    You can only obtain this box if you are one of the people getting married.
    [​IMG] 1x Yellow Chair
    [​IMG] 1x Green Chair
    [​IMG] 1x Red Chair
    [​IMG] 1x Amorian Relaxer
    [​IMG] 1x Pink Marker
    [​IMG] 1x Red Marker
    [​IMG] 1x Purple Marker
    [​IMG] 1x Duck Tube
    [​IMG] 1x Red Emerald Earrings
    [​IMG] 1x Red Old Wisconsin

    Once the wedding is done, both groom and bride will receive the ring that can be equipped as well as unlocking some extra wedding-related quests from Amoria in addition to Amoria Party Quest.

    MapleF12 Divorce MapleF12
    Unfortunately marriages don't always work out the way we went them to. People change, disagreements happen, catfishes everywhere, people quit... You know the drill.

    Either groom or bride can divorce anytime after marriage by talking to Moony in Amoria, and would require 5,000,000 mesos to do so. Do note that both groom and bride will not be able to get engaged again for 7 days after divorce.
    If you have any items in Pila Present from your wedding, you need to pick it up as the items will be lost forever after you get divorced.

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