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Open Party Quests to All Levels (With Limitations)

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Pepper, Jul 9, 2021.

Should level restrictions be lifted?

  1. Yes

    62 vote(s)
  2. No

    35 vote(s)
  1. ahotbanana

    ahotbanana Capt. Latanica Retired Staff

    Sep 27, 2015
    8:34 PM
    While I would like to see PQs be more available, what you're suggesting is WAY too custom for my tastes. If I were to suggest an alternative, it would be to remove the upper limit on PQ levels, but make it so that when outside of the vanilla limits, you need to be within a certain number of levels of the rest of the party. This solves the problem of out-leveling PQs too quickly, should make finding parties easier for people who are level appropriate (since the level range will essentially be increased slightly) and still allows high level players to have fun by going back to the PQs (and farm cards they've missed).

    Even with everything I've just said, though... I don't know how much any of this would help. HPQ is already uncapped and is completely dead (outside of the recent event farming). People run KPQ more than HPQ. Unless there's an actual reason (other than fun, no one likes fun) for higher level players to run low level content, the vast majority aren't going to do it.

    (I haven't voted because I'm kind of in-between the two answers)
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  2. xDarkomantis

    xDarkomantis Mushmom

    Jan 20, 2021
    3:34 PM
    I came from the other big server where it's done and I'd like to advocate for it on here. On Royals, they nerfed the exp of KPQ Ligators, LPQ Stage 1, and OPQ tower mobs since some players were abusing it with HS but after they nerfed and moved part of the exp to the stage completion, it was fine. You could party up together for HPQ, KPQ, LPQ, OPQ, LMPQ, MPQ, and EPQ (AriantPQ, CPQ, and PPQ not included). I know that they disabled job skills to only the PQ's intended job levels later on (i.e. 1st/2nd job skills only for OPQ) but people didn't really like the change in retrospect (not sure if they changed back).

    Additionally, they added Tokens of Teamwork (akin to Anniversary Points) that could be traded for cosmestics/chairs, further incentivizing players to continue partying up in PQs.

    To re-iterate on the points:

    + Players can use older PQs to still grind (i.e. KPQ lv31~35 before LPQing)
    + Players can comfortably farm PQ rewards without feeling like they're going to miss out (i.e. not needing to suicide to get finish getting their second PQ reward/finishing Boss card set)
    + More participation in PQs from higher level players
    + More bonding between low/high level players in friend/guild groups
    + PQ Boss cards will still be obtainable for Card hunters

    - Dev resources need to be used to adjust mob exp to avoid Holy symbol/FMA abuse
    - Ruins the "Nostalgia" for some players (i.e. Nostalgia players angry that Bosses can be killed too quickly due to high lv players in a party or at using Flash Jump in LPQ)
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  3. Redwop

    Redwop Balance Team Staff Member Balance Team

    Jan 27, 2016
    5:34 AM
    Personally, I think I would be in favour of increasing the upper level limits for the party quests.

    Kerning Party Quest (level 21-30) → (level 21-40) (upper bound: 50, if still 1st job)
    Ludibrium Party Quest (level 35-50) → (level 35-60)
    Ellin Forest Party Quest (level 45-55) → (level 45-70) (upper bound: 75, if still 2nd job)
    Ludibrium Maze Party Quest (level 51-70) → (level 51-75) (upper bound: 80, if still 2nd job)
    Orbis Party Quest (level 51-70) → (level 51-75) (upper bound: 85, if still 2nd job)
    Herb Town/Pirate Party Quest (level 55-100)
    Romeo and Juliet Party Quest (level 71-85) → (level 71-100)
    Crimsonwood Keep Party Quest (level 90-200)

    Whether these party quests are changed to involve all players of all levels remains to be seen. But the point I want to make is that I think by extending the level ranges, you give players more choice from Level 70 onwards to decide if and where they want to play as a party.
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  4. Erii

    Erii Red Snail

    Apr 29, 2020
    4:34 PM
    I MISS CPQ :(
  5. fael

    fael Nightshadow

    Jun 8, 2020
    4:34 PM
    Night Lord
    I'm more in favor of removing the common levels between the PQs and buffing drops. Example: right now, LPQ from 35 to 50 and EPQ from 45 to 55 divides the PQ public between lv45~50. That's not good imo, especially in less crowded areas like PPQ and MPQ.
    And buffing drops to make people go there instead of leeching/farming.
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  6. LuisJ

    LuisJ King Slime

    Jul 6, 2017
    2:34 PM
    Personally, I think they could rework either PPQ or MPQ to fill levels 100-120, which can be a nightmare to grind. This could also help a little bit in combating leeching as it gives an alternative to players to get to 4th job.
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