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Beginner Slime's Comprehensive Permanent Beginner Guide

Discussion in 'Jobs' started by Slime, Nov 3, 2016.

  1. Slime

    Slime Pixel Artist Retired Staff

    Apr 8, 2015
    6:40 PM
    Slime / OmokTeacher

    Greetings! I'm Slime, and I have been playing a Permanent Beginner in MapleLegends since the official release. The purpose of this guide is to assist you on your journey as a Permanent Beginner without relying on leeching or party questing. What is a "Permanent Beginner" you ask? Well, from creation, until first job advancement, your character counts as a "Beginner", a Permanent Beginner is someone who never did their first job advancement. Not to be confused with Islanders, who are Permanent Beginners who never leave Maple Island, this guide will be specifically about Permanent Beginners who do leave Maple Island.
    Without further ado, have fun reading!

    External Links

    1. Tools
    If you're new here, and/or are having trouble understanding some of the terms I'm using, you can use this well made abbreviation guide to follow through. ;3
    Thanks to Rey AKA SharpSide. SmileSmile

    2. Sources
    MapleLegends forums
    Other Players
    And my own personal experience and knowledge.

    Table of Contents

    1 - Intro
    2 - External Links
    2.1 - Tools
    2.2 - Sources
    3 - Table of Contents
    4 - Basics
    4.1 - Character Creation
    4.2 - Stat Build
    4.3 - Skill Build
    4.4 - Tips
    4.5 - My Route for First Levels
    5 - Quests
    5.1 - Questing as a Beginner
    5.2 - Jump Quests
    5.3 - Area Boss Quests
    5.4 - Notable Quests
    6 - Grinding Spots
    7 - Weapons
    7.1 - Weapon Multiplier
    7.2 - Weapon Categories
    7.3 - My Favorites
    8 - Equipment
    8.1 - Hat
    8.2 - Overall
    8.3 - Shoes
    8.4 - Gloves
    8.5 - Cape
    8.6 - Others
    9 - Consumables
    9.1 - Health Potions
    9.2 - Attack Buffs
    9.3 - Accuracy Buffs
    10 - HP Washing: Yes/No, how to and how much.
    10.1 - Useful Statistics
    10.2 - What is HP Washing?
    10.3 - How does it work?
    10.4 - How to do it
    10.5 - Pros & Cons
    10.6 - So is it worth it?
    11 - Summery


    1. Character Creation
    When you create your character, when rolling for stats, your most important stats are Str and Dex. So since the total points you get is always 25, you should aim for as little Luk and Int as possible, perfect would be 4 Luk 4 Int, but you can always use AP resets to fix it later if you don't wanna sit there rolling forever.
    If you're planning to add base Int for HP washing (read below), you just need to roll low Luk.
    As for your weapon, not many people even notice, but the Wooden Club has 19 weapon attack, while the other 2 have 17. The Sword however is fast(4) while the other 2 are fast(5), and it also has a better primary stat multiplier. (Read about weapon attack speeds and primary stat multipliers below.)
    So I'd recommend not taking the Wooden Club or the Sword over the Hand Axe.

    2. Stat Build

    • Strength increases your maximum damage.
    • Dexterity increases your minimum damage and accuracy.
    The more Strength you have the better your damage output will be, but if you don't have enough accuracy, you'll be missing monsters.
    Meaning, ideally you want to have low Dex and high Strength as long as you can get enough accuracy from your gear.
    The higher the monster's level is relative to yours, the more accuracy you'll need to hit it.
    I recommend you put all your points into Strength until about level 10-12, from there on you can start adding some Dex too, you can add about 1-2 per level until you have about 20 Dex, at which point you'll start adding less Dex, and stop completely somewhere around 20-50, depending on how much accuracy you want. Usually at higher levels you won't need much Dex, because you can get a lot of accuracy from gear pretty easily. So if you can get through the lower levels with lower Dex and higher Strength, you'll have more damage later.
    Keep in mind that a Zak Helm (read at Equipment section) would solve almost all of your accuracy problems; so if you're planning on getting one of those, you might be best off not adding Dex at all.

    • Note that every 5 Dex gives you 4 Accuracy.
    If you decide to add points into Int for HP washing (read below), rush them on your first levels, so that you can get the most MP out of it.
    • Note that every 2 Luk gives you 1 Accuracy.

    This is worth noting for later when you worry about equipment, but since Dex increases your minimum damage too, and gives you more accuracy per point than Luk you can ignore this for now.

    3. Skill Build
    Max Nimble Feet.
    Other two don't really matter, you could do Recovery to waste less potions in your early levels. MapleLegends changed 3-snails recently so it doesn't require shells, which makes it pretty useful for early levels so I'd get that over Recovery.

    4. Tips

    • You don't lose Exp when you die, use that! Die to get back to town to finish a quest, or keep fighting when you're about to run out of potions, no need to worry about keeping count.
    • You have a 90% discount on all cabs.
    • Find other Beginners to grind and quest with! It speeds up the process, and more importantly makes it more fun!
    • Type "@Music" in chat, lets you choose your BGM, I find it very nice when grinding.
    • If you feel classy, wear a tuxedo.

    5. My route for first levels
    This is just my route, there are countless other options so feel free to do whatever you want in these levels.

    I recommend doing all Maple Island quests, which should get you to level 10, or 11 if you've been killing a lot of monsters on your way. (You'll never be able to go back to Maple Island, so if you want to have these quests completed this is your only chance.) After you leave Maple Island speak to Olaf at the right side of Lith Harbor and start "The Path to Become a Bowman". This quest will give you good EXP and does not actually require for you to become a Bowman. Talk to Phil to get to Henesys and finish the quest (Careful not to accidentally become a Bowman). Then go left to Henesys Hunting Grounds and collect 25 Squishy Liquid, speak to Thomas Swift at the right side of Henesys to go to Amoria, and then do Claudia's quest at the Amoria Hair Salon, for which you'll need the squishy liquid you collected. This quest will give you good EXP and the option to change to a random hairstyle. then speak to Thomas Swift again to go back to Henesys, and start Bruce's quest, it's decent for EXP, you'll get most the EXP when collecting the items for it though. It also gives potions. After you finish that take the cab to Nautilus Harbor, and go into the Nautilus. Buy 1 return scroll to Nautilus for a later quest, and 1 Mana Elixir, from the grocer there. Now go to the bottom floor and do Sharyl's quests. after that go to the left side of the top floor, and click this trash can:
    That should unlock a quest from Muirhat, complete that quest. (It'll require going to Henesys and back to the Nautilus, hence the return scroll.) At this point you should be around level 13, if you're close to leveling up just kill some monsters to level up, because currently quests can't level you up more than once, and the next quest we're going to do will level you up and leave you with 99.98%. In order to start this quest speak to Spinel, in Henesys/Ellinia/Perion/Kerning, she can take you to Floating Market (Thailand). Speak to Chai there and start his quest called '
    Entering the Floating Market Protection Squad'. In this quest you'll have to search for several NPCs and speak to them, they're all in the town itself except for the chief Pooyai Lee whom you can find 2 maps to the right, and Jit, whom you can find if you take the bottom right portal after you speak to Pooyai Lee.
    After you finish this quest start Toon's quest (also in Floating Market) which will require Screws. You should now be level 14 with 99.98%, just kill a monster to level up, and then do the Sleepywood Jump-quest (read below) to get the Screws and complete Toon's quest. At this point you should be high enough level to do many of the other good quests you'll find in this guide. :)
    Lists of good quests and grinding spots can be found down there ↓↓↓


    Note: To make this easier, when speaking about EXP, I'll always use the already tripled numbers, so if a quest would give 2000 raw EXP, I'll say it gives 6000 EXP, as that's what it gives in Legends.

    1. Questing as a Beginner
    Questing is going to be a big part of your EXP gain. You should always take on quests when available. and if it's a tough one, you can always find out if it's worth it by checking the rewards online. I'd recommend searching MapleTip, as it's almost always accurate.

    2. Jump Quests
    I myself, am a huge fan of jump quests. I used to be bad at them when I started (everyone is), but with time and practice I've become better, like you would too if you keep doing them.
    Jump quests almost always give you decent EXP and some fame, so I'd recommend doing them all as soon as you hit the required level.

    Sleepy Wood: Start with John in Lith Harbor.
    Stage 1-2 - Level 15 - 6000 EXP, 30 Screws [​IMG]
    Stage 3-4 - Level 30 - 24000 EXP, Work Gloves [​IMG]
    Stage 5-7 - Level 60 - 75000 EXP, Pink-Flowered Earrings [​IMG]

    Ellinia: Start with Sabitrama in Sleepywood.
    Stage 1-2 - Level 25 - 10500 EXP, 1 fame.
    Stage 3-4 - Level 50 - 25500 EXP, 2 fame, Star Rock [​IMG]

    Kerning: Start with Shumi in Kerning City.
    Stage 1-2 - Level 20 - 18000 EXP, 1 fame, 30 Random Return Scroll[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Stage 3-4 - Level 30 - 25500 EXP, 1 fame, 100 Mana Elixir[​IMG]
    Stage 5-7 - Level 40 - 33000 EXP, 1 fame.

    3. Area Boss Quests
    These always give great EXP and fame.

    The Old Snail (Mano) level 20 - 22500 EXP, 30000 mesos, 3 fame.

    The Old Tree (Stumpy) level 35 - 130500 EXP, 5 fame.

    The Bounty Hunt (Deo) level 38 - 176500 EXP, 6 fame.
    Requires most of the Ariant questline completed.

    The Forest of Evil (Faust) level 50 - 338400 EXP, 3 fame.
    Parts of this quest can only be done in specific times every day

    Defeat King Clang (King Clang) level 55 - 400500 EXP, 10 fame.

    JM's Conspiracy Theory (Dyle) level 65 - 540000 EXP, 12 fame.
    Parts of this quest can only be done in specific times every day

    Artificial Combatant Zeno (Zeno) level 65 - 540000 EXP, 12 fame.

    Legends of Hometown (Samiho) level 70 - 613200 EXP, 15 fame.

    The Forgotten Master (Tae Roon) level 71 - 649100 EXP, 15 fame.

    Eliminating King Sage Cat (King Sage Cat) level 77 - 836100 EXP, 17 fame.

    Goddess' Pet (Eliza) level 83 - 1152000 EXP, 20 fame.

    Snowfield Giant (Snowman) Level 90 - 1619100 EXP, 20 fame.

    4. Notable Quests
    Level 1 - Entering the Floating Market Protection Squad - 10500 EXP
    Just chat with a bunch of NPCs for 2 free levels, don't miss out on this one!
    Note that you can't level more than once from a quest, the second level will stop at 99.98%, so it's better to do this quest when you're on around 0%, because then you can get 2 levels from it.

    Level 1 - Toon Fixing the Roof - 15000 EXP
    This quest requires 10 screws, you can get them from the first Sleepywood jump quest for level 15.
    Note that you can't level more than once from a quest, the second level will stop at 99.98%, so it's better to do this quest when you're on around 0%, because then you can get 2 levels from it.

    Level 15 - Thawee Fixing the Roof - 15000 EXP
    Huge boost to EXP, as soon as killing Axe Stumps becomes easy enough, do this quest.

    Level 15 - Help me find my glasses - 5100 EXP
    This quest should get you a little boost at level 15, very easy quest, good EXP.

    Level 15 - NLC Quiz - 12987 EXP
    This isn't really a quest, but it gives lots of EXP, when you hit level 15 head to NLC, speak to Icebyrd Slimm, and choose the bottom option: "I want to take the quiz".
    This quest also gives you 5 Elixirs, which you can sell to the NPC for 5000 mesos so you can get back to Victoria.

    Starts at 15 - DANGER! Quests
    Found all around Sleepywood, there are danger signs, with different pictures of monsters on them, they start quests in which you need to eliminate 99 of these monsters. At level 15 you can start the Green Mushroom one, 17 for Horny Mushroom, and so forth, they all give good EXP and some potions. After you complete one, you can start a quest to eliminate 999 of that monster, those ones aren't as good.

    Level 18 - Manji and the Secret Group
    Unlocks a quest that warps you to Ariant, I'd recommend completing it at around level 27, and then while you're there, do all Ariant quests you can find, they're all good for EXP, and quite fun too. Should level you up multiple times. This quest cannot be completed once you've reached level 30

    Level 20 - Nero's Necklace - 12000 EXP
    If you happen to go to Orbis for whatever reason, It only requires you to enter the cash shop and buy 2 items for 1 Meso each.

    Level 23 - Camila's Gem - 16500 EXP
    You get a Pig Illustrated from this quest, which is a very nice level 25 weapon.

    Level 25 - Strange Dish 1 - 24000 EXP

    Level 30 - Delivering Food to Spiruna - 22500 EXP
    Same as Nero's Necklace, if you happen to be at Orbis on your way somewhere, stop to do this super easy quest for a free EXP boost.

    Level 30 - Black Bark's Worry - 57000 EXP
    Easy quest that gives pretty amazing EXP.

    Level 30 - A Hole in the Nautilus - 42000 EXP
    If you happen to go to Orbis you should probably stop to collect 50 Solid Horns for this quest.

    Level 35 - Strange Dish 2 - 72000 EXP

    Level 35 - Omega Sector Quests
    You can complete Bartol's Requests in the Nautilus to get warp cards, you can then use these warp cards to get to Omega Sector.
    Around this level you should find some nice quests in Omega Sector.

    Level 35 - Hughes Questline
    Hughes the Fuse, from a hole at the bottom of Orbis Tower, has some nice quests for you at this level.

    Level 36 - Subani's Legacy: Discovery - 25500 EXP
    This quest gives a scroll for Gloves for Att 60% and 2 fame. You can also get decent EXP from the hunting you need to do for it.

    Level 37 - Korean Folk Town Quests
    At level 37, many of the Korean Folk Town quests unlock, that would be a good level to head to Korean Folk Town and try those out, all together they should give quite a lot of EXP.

    Level 40 - Strange Dish 3 - 108000 EXP

    Level 42 - Hughes' New Research - 84870 EXP
    Some websites don't have this info but you start this quest with Muse from the Aquarium Zoo, very hard quest but if you'll be grinding somewhere anyway, might as well get some bonus EXP by farming for a quest.

    Level 49 - Eliminating the Escaped Pot - 148800 EXP
    Again, a very hard quest, requires that you kill 400 of a specific monster, but when you're planning on grinding somewhere anyway, the EXP bonus can be very useful.

    Level 50 - Finding Jack - 525000 EXP
    This quest requires other quests completed, which are not too good for EXP, but you get EXP from farming for them. It's also very hard, you'll probably need HB from GM Buffs to be able to get to Jack.

    Level 50 - No Gong's Teaching - 144000 EXP
    A 3 part training quest, it's pretty easy and gives you lots of EXP.

    Level 55 - Eliminate the Stone Golems - 270000 EXP
    Great EXP both from the grinding and the reward.
    This quest is hard for it's level.

    Level 58 - Eliminate the Dark Stone Golems - 330000 EXP
    Requires "Eliminate the Stone Golems" completed.
    Great EXP both from the grinding and the reward.
    This quest is hard for it's level.

    Level 58 - Eliminate the Mixed Stone Golems - 330000 EXP
    Requires "Eliminate the Dark Stone Golems" completed.
    Great EXP both from the grinding and the reward.
    This quest is very hard for it's level.

    Level 60 - Eliminate Goblins - 174000 EXP
    (This isn't part of Muirhat's Elimination questline.)
    You can choose a very good cape as a reward for this quest.

    Level 60 - Eliminate the Skeletons - 390000 EXP
    Requires "Eliminate the Mixed Stone Golems" completed.
    Great EXP both from the grinding and the reward.
    This quest is hard for it's level.

    Level 64 - Eliminate the Drakes - 420000 EXP
    Requires "Eliminate the Skeletons" completed.
    Great EXP both from the grinding and the reward
    This quest is very hard for it's level.

    Level 70 - Eliminate the Tauromacis - 540000 EXP
    Requires "Eliminate the Drakes" completed.
    Great EXP both from the grinding and the reward
    This quest is very hard for it's level.

    Grinding Spots

    Note that this section of the guide is outdated, because since I wrote this guide many new areas have been released with better grinding spots than these.
    Look into Taipei 101 for levels 55+
    Also since the release of monster book I don't recommend grinding much at all.
    Just hunt for cards if you need more EXP to get to the next good quest's level.

    Henesys Hunting Grounds - Level 7-20
    Very well known, one of the first grinding maps people go to, it's pretty decent, and very close to Henesys. Climb up the rope at the top to get to the more difficult maps. Found 1 portal to the left of Henesys.

    Bubblings - Level 17-30
    You need quite a lot of accuracy to hit these guys at the lower levels, but they have good spawns. Found inside the Kerning subway station.

    Ant Tunnel - Level 20-35
    Good spawns and good EXP, but very big maps, which can be bothersome. Found to the right of Sleepywood.

    The Land of Wild Boars II - Level 22-45
    Very good spawns, to get to this map go to the farthest east portal in Perion, And enter the hidden portal at the top right, here:

    Teddies - Level 25-42 <--- Outdated (Try Genins at Ninja Castle)
    In the center of the Ludibrium, you can also buy Accuracy Pills there.

    Tree Dungeon III - Level 30-45
    Pretty good place, good EXP from Curse Eyes, as well as the occasional fairy appearing, giving you 240 EXP for only 800 HP, one of the best EXP/HP ratios in the game. Inside a tree in The Forest North of Ellinia

    Nightmares - Level 35-68 <-- My favorite.
    The best Beginner spot there is, you'll need to get used to this map, you're going to spend a lot of your time here. Great EXP/HP ratio, very small map, large hitbox monsters. They drop Smores and Maple Pops, which are both very good for you, and you can read about them below. Inside the Haunted House in Masteria
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    A Night in the Forest - Level 45-70
    Decent EXP/HP ratio, pretty conveniently shaped map (straight line), and you can get Liu Bei Daggers from it, which are very good, also, you can trade 100 of the Dark Cloud Foxtails with Faito in Showa Town to get a random reward, has a small chance of giving you Brown Work Gloves. This map can't really match Nightmares in Experience/time, but if you want to try your luck at the trade, go for it.
    Middle portal from Mushroom Shrine, then right, then up.

    Golem's Temple I - Level 55-80
    Very big hitboxes, which is good for you, since you have no mobility and can only attack from melee range. Nice spawns, slow monsters, so you can avoid taking too much damage.
    Upper right portal from Henesys, right again, and then look for the hidden portal on this sign.
    From there go to the portal at the top, and then enter the first door you see in that map.

    Voodoos - Level 65-100

    These have a good EXP/HP ratio, and they drop Heartstoppers, which could be very useful to you, also very small map.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    at Level 70+ your best bet for EXP should be Cheap Amplifiers, Fancy Amplifiers or Kid Mannequins at Taipei 101.
    These all drain a lot of potion money though, Cheap Amplifiers being the least EXP of these 3 but also the most manageable potion-wise.


    Generally you just go with the best common weapon you can find.
    But how do you recognize good weapons?

    1. Weapon Multiplier aka Primary Stat Multiplier:
    Lots of people aren't aware of this, but different types of weapons, affect your damage range differently, even if they share the same stats. That's what we call Weapon Multiplier. The way it works is, every weapon type multiplies your damage range by a different number, this will be a key factor in choosing your weapons.
    These are the numbers:

    One-Handed Sword - x4.0
    One-Handed Axe - x4.4 for swings, x3.2 for stabs.
    One-Handed Mace - x4.4 for swings, x3.2 for stabs.
    Two-Handed Sword - x4.6
    Two-Handed Axe - x4.8 for swings, x3.4 for stabs.
    Two-Handed Mace - x4.8 for swings, x3.4 for stabs.
    Spear - x5.0 for stabs, x3.0 for swings.
    Pole Arm - x5.0 for swings, x3.0 for stabs.
    Dagger - x4.0

    2. Little-Known Facts:
    Spears, Pole Arms, Blunt Weapons and Axes all have a 60% chance to swing and 40% chance to stab, for Spears and Pole Arms swings have a much larger vertical range, allowing you to hit monsters far above you, or slightly below you.
    For those reasons Spears are pretty bad for Beginners, and Pole Arms are much better, because they have higher swing damage.

    Blunt Weapons and Axes are also inferior to swords and Daggers that are identical in stats, because if you average out their primary stat multiplier it comes out lower.

    Many people don't know this but all one handed weapons have the same reach range as all other one handed weapons.
    Same is true for all two handed weapons, excluding Spears and Pole Arms.
    Spears and Pole Arms have the same reach range as each-other, and are the farthest reaching melee weapon.

    3. Attack Speeds:
    The rate at which you attack is represented by a number between 2 and 9.
    2 being the fastest, 9 being the slowest.
    In-game your weapon will not tell you the specific number, but you can check in the MapleLegends library.
    Some buffs (like weapon boosters which some classes get, and Buccaneer's SI) reduce that number by 2, but it can never go under 2.
    What you'll see when hovering over your weapons in game to check attack speed is just a word describing it, for example "Fast".
    What these mean is:
    • Faster: 2-3
    • Fast: 4-5
    • Normal: 6
    • Slow: 7-8
    • Slower: 9
    One very weird thing though, is that Spears and Pole Arms are for some odd reason always 1 speed category faster than they should be.
    So a Normal(6) Spear/Pole Arm is about as fast as any other weapon category's Fast(5).

    4. My Favorites:
    [​IMG] Frozen Tuna (Level 10) Pole Arm 55-65(60) Att, Slower(9).
    (Obtainable from Gachapon, dropped by Seruf, can be obtained by collecting erasers, see here.)
    [​IMG] Frozen Tuna (Level 20) Pole Arm 80-90(85) Att, Slower(9).
    (Obtainable from Gachapon, Only item in the game that can only be equipped by a Beginner.)
    Flaming Katana (Level 38) One-Handed Sword 65 Att, +17 Speed, Fast(4).
    (Amazing weapon, unfortunately can only be obtained by collecting erasers, see here.)
    [​IMG] Guan Yu Pole Arm (Level 48) Pole Arm 67-77(72) Att, +2(1-3) Str, +2(1-3) Dex, +30(27-33) Accuracy, Normal(6).
    (Obtainable from Gachapon, dropped by Extra D)
    [​IMG] Japanese Map (Level 50) Two-Handed Sword 63-73(68) Att, +2(1-3) Str, +2(1-3) Dex, Fast(4).
    (Dropped by Leprechaun, Male Boss, Ninto)
    [​IMG]Liu Bei Dagger (Level 53) Dagger 64-74(69) Att, Faster(3)
    (Dropped by Giant Centipede, Paper Lantern Ghost, Extra A)
    [​IMG] Bullseye Board (Level 55) Pole Arm 73-83(78) Att, +4(3-5) Accuracy, +5(4-6) Jump, Normal(6).
    (Obtainable from Gachapon)
    [​IMG] Fan (Level 65) Dagger 73-83(78) Att, 100(90-110) HP, Faster(3)
    (Only obtainable from Gachapon)
    [​IMG] White Mop (Level 65) Pole Arm 79-89(84) Att, Normal(6).
    (Obtainable from Gachapon)
    [​IMG] Toy of 101 (Level 85) Two-Handed Sword 87-97(92) Att, +3(2-4) Str, +3(2-4) Dex, Normal(6).
    (Drops from Spirit of Rock) (MapleLegends custom!)

    [​IMG] Crimson Arcglaive (Level 100) Pole Arm 97-107(102) Att, +2(1-3) Str, +5(4-6) Speed, Normal(6).
    (Craftable with the Raven Ninjas, Coolest most epic item in the game imo.)


    1. Hat
    Brown Bandana - Level 10
    Gives 5(3-7) Accuracy, has 7 slots, pretty rare, obtainable from Gachapon.
    [​IMG] Blue Old Wisconsin - Level 20
    Gives 7(6-9) Accuracy, has 7 slots, pretty rare, obtainable from Gachapon.
    [​IMG] Green Bamboo Hat - Level 25
    Gives 3 Dex, 7 slots, could be bought in the free market for very cheap usually.

    [​IMG] Blue Bamboo Hat - Level 25
    Gives 3 Str, 7 slots, could be bought in the free market for very cheap usually.
    [​IMG] Raven Ninja Bandana - Level 60
    Gives 2(1-3) Str, 3(2-3) Dex, 3(2-3) Luk, 7 slots, obtainable from the Crimsonwood Exchange quest.

    [​IMG] Zakum Helmet - Level 50
    Gives 15(13-18) of all 4 main stats, has 10 slots, if you don't mind paying people to carry you through Zakum you should get this, as it is without contest the strongest helmet you can get.

    Preferably scroll your hat with Scrolls for Helmet for Accuracy, because the stats they give are better for you than the ones Helmet for Dex scrolls give, they're also cheaper since most classes prefer Helmet for Dex.
    Note that 60%s for Helmet for Accuracy are not obtainable.

    2. Overall
    [​IMG] Bathrobe - Level 20
    10 slots, it's pretty much your only good choice. Could be bought in the Showa Town Sauna.
    As a start, you should probably scroll one with 100% Overall for Dex scrolls, can be bought from the scroll seller in the Kerning swamp.
    Later on you can scroll a better one, preferably with Dex, because Overall Armor for Dex scrolls give both Dex and Accuracy.

    3. Shoes
    [​IMG] Silver Strap Shoes - Level 21
    Gives 5(4-7) jump, 7 slots, rare, obtainable from Gachapon.
    [​IMG] Yellow Snowshoes - Level 50
    Gives 3(2-4) Dex, 3(2-4) Int, 7 slots, very rare and expensive.

    You can also use Socks, which are only obtainable during Christmas.
    Scroll these with Dex or Jump, Dex scrolls give Accuracy, Jump scrolls give Dex.
    (Yes, I too find that super weird!)

    4. Gloves
    Pretty much the same as any other attack based class, what kind of gloves doesn't matter, just try scrolling them with att.

    5. Cape
    [​IMG] Yellow Adventurer Cape - Level 50
    8 slots, rare and expensive, obtainable from Gachapon

    [​IMG] Pink Adventurer Cape - Level 50
    2(1-3) Weapon Attack, 5 slots, very rare and expensive, obtainable from Gachapon

    [​IMG] Pink Gaia Cape - Level 65
    3(2-4) Weapon Attack, 5 slots, very rare and expensive, obtainable from Gachapon
    [​IMG] Goblin Cape - Level 65
    5 Str, 5 slots. You get it from a good quest for level 60 I mentioned. Has base Str, requires a high level though.

    You could also just scroll any cape you find with Str or Dex, the easiest low level cape you can get is the level 25 Old Ragged Cape you can get by completing Jane Doe's quest in the Naora Hospital in Kerning..

    6. Others
    You should only do this after you've gotten the rest of your gear, because these are expensive, but you should scroll your Earrings with Dex, what type of Earrings doesn't really matter, just go with whatever you find pretty.
    As for your Pendent you can buy a Silver Deputy Star for level 50+ in the Free Market, +5 Str/Dex/Luk/Int. also +100 HP.
    Getting a decent Face Accessory and Eye Accessory is really expansive, and so I would advise against attempting that until you have the rest of your gear including earrings and pendant.


    Here I'll be listing the potions and buffs I find worth getting.

    1. Health Potions
    At the beginning, you pretty much get all of your potions from quests or drops, and if you do need to buy some you can get them pretty much everywhere. That's up until White Potions.
    When you want stronger health potions, that give more than 300 HP, yet don't cost a fortune, you can use these:

    [​IMG] Hamburger
    427-468 mesos, restores 400 health.
    Can be bought from Misky or Gumball Machine at Ludi, Glibber at El Nath, 24-Hour Mobile Store at Ant Tunnel.

    [​IMG] Hot Dog Supreme
    500 mesos, restores 500 health.
    Can be bought from Misky or Gumball Machine at Ludi, Valen at Florina Beach, 24-Hour Mobile Store at Ant Tunnel.

    [​IMG] Grilled Cheese
    500 mesos, restores 500 health and mana, and also gives a 20 defense buff for 30 minutes.
    Can be bought from Miki, at NLC.

    [​IMG] Kinoko Ramen (Pig Head)
    850 mesos, restores 800 health.
    Can be bought from Robo, at Mushroom Shrine.

    [​IMG] Unagi
    1000-1100 mesos, restores 1000 health.
    Can be bought from too many places to list, really. If you're in Victoria and are looking for some of this, go to Florina Beach.

    2. Attack Buffs
    [​IMG] Warrior Pill
    500 mesos, +5 attack for 10 minutes.
    Can be bought from Misky, Gumball Machine or Toly at Ludi.

    [​IMG] Warrior Elixir
    5000 mesos, +12 attack for 8 minutes.
    Can be bought from Miki or Mo at NLC

    1000 mesos, +20 attack, -5 accuracy, lasts 5 minutes.
    The accuracy debuff could be canceled with any accuracy buff. Only problem with these is that they only stack up to 5 in your inventory.
    Can be bought from Doran in Showa Town or Mo in NLC.

    [​IMG] Heartstopper
    +60 attack, max movement speed, +60 avoidability, lasts 1 minute.
    Dropped by Voodoo, Psycho Jack.

    3. Accuracy Buffs
    [​IMG] Accuracy Pill
    500 mesos, +10 accuracy for 10 minutes.
    Can be bought from Misky, Gumball Machine or Toly at Ludi.

    [​IMG] Smore
    +10 accuracy, avoidability, jump and speed for 10 minutes, also restores 25% of your health and mana.
    Dropped by Glutton Ghoul, Psycho Jack and Nightmare.

    [​IMG] Maple Pop
    +100 accuracy for 1 minute.
    Dropped by Glutton Ghoul and Nightmare.

    HP Washing: Yes/No, how to, and how much

    1. Useful Statistics

    • When you create a character you start with 50 HP and 5 MP at level 1.
    • As a Beginner, you gain 12-16 max Health and 10-12 max Mana every time you level up.
    • A Beginner can never have less than (level*10-6) max Mana. For example at level 18, your minimum max Mana is 174.
    • If you use an AP Reset to remove/add to your MP as a Beginner, it takes/adds 8.
    • If you use an AP Reset to remove/add to your HP as a Beginner, it takes 12, or adds 8.
    • Every fresh point you put into HP adds 8-12.
    • For every 10 points you have in Int you gain an extra Mana point when leveling up. (This does include bonus Int from equipment.)

    2. What is HP washing?
    "HP Washing" Is a way to turn your extra max MP, into max HP. to do this you'll need your max Mana to be higher than your minimum max Mana (level*10-6) by at least 8 points. You'll also need to use up NX.
    The more Mana you have, the more you can wash into health.

    3. How does it work?
    Your Ability points can be invested in 6 different attributes divided into 2 groups:
    Group 1 - Strength, Dexterity, Luck, Intelligence.
    Group 2 - Health Points, Mana Points.
    No points can be taken out of a group until points are put in it.
    Meaning you can't take points from Health or Mana if you only put points in Group 1
    HP washing works by adding points to Group 2 into Health
    Then taking them back out of Group 2 from Mana, and placing them in Group 1

    4. How to do it
    Usually when you level up, you'll put your 5 points in Strength and Dexterity, but when you want to wash (Can be done at any level as long as you have spare MP and AP Resets) you do it a little differently, You put 1 point into health, which counts as adding a point into Group 2, which allows you to then use an AP Reset to take a point out of MP, putting it back in Str or Dex.
    You can then repeat this process until you run out of either ability points, spare Mana, or AP Resets.
    Getting 8-12 HP and losing 8 MP every time.

    However, as you can see above, there's a minimum to how low you can get your max MP can go. And so in order to gain any significant amount of max HP from the process, you have to increase your max MP. To do that you add Int at the very first levels, level up with that Int which gives more max MP, and then reset that Int back into Str later on in the game, to get your damage back.
    After washing all of that MP into HP the result is more health for seemingly "no cost".

    (You can also get more MP by leveling up with Int gear equipped, which you should do if you have that available.)

    5. Pros & Cons

    • Costs a lot of NX
    • Decrease in damage output until you reset the points you have in Int, therefore slower leveling.
    • Higher max HP at higher levels. Allowing you to tank monsters you normally wouldn't be able to and to grind and farm more safely.

    6. So is it worth it?
    Probably not. I wouldn't go over 30 base Int anyway, as it gets too hard to level, and costs too much to reset.
    As for equips it depends on how well funded you are, I wouldn't scroll Int equipment just for this cause, but if you already have them why not use them.
    Also note that it's definitely not worth it until you reset back your Int into Str, the point is to get free HP at the cost of dedicating time, not at the cost of your damage output decreasing. So plan ahead and think about when you're going to reset it back.
    Overall, this is for you to decide.


    Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed. :D
    Hope this helps anyone and that maybe it will motivate some people to create their own Permanent Beginners. I didn't really explain the point of making one anywhere in this guide but in my opinion that's different for every person. This guide doesn't really show anything above level 70, because if you make it that far, you probably will know better than me anyway.
    If you spot any mistake, or have some info for me to add please do reply and tell me about it.
    Criticism is also very welcome.
    Once again thank you all for reading, have a nice day! SlimePolice


    Huge thanks to oxykonoxykon and danielkingdanielking for proofreading,
    danielkingdanielking again and GilDesukaGilDesuka for following the guide with new Beginners with me,
    OrlougeOrlouge for being an awesome Beginner and an awesome friend, and being pretty awesome in general. Also for grinding with me,
    braidgamebraidgame for being an awesome Beginner and helping me improve this guide,
    and VonBITVonBIT for being the reason I only party with Beginners. <3
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    Wow, this is organized, clean, and very easy to follow! Fantastic guide, Slime!
    (even though I don't have much interest in putting myself through this.. XD much respect for perma beginners, phew)
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    Great guide! Only one thing...
    If I'm not mistaken it should be 2(1-3) for PAC and 3(2-4) for PGC. I have never seen a 4 att clean PAC neither a 1 att clean PGC. Plus it would be understandable considering one is level 50 and the other 65.
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    Really Nice Guide!! First, thanks for sharing my name in your comprehensive guide.
    I would like to introduce another good grinding spot which is not mentioned above for perma beginner.
    It's Zipangu: A Night in the Forest, and I recommend that you should be at least lv45 to enter this map.
    This map isn't small, but since there is no need for climbing or going down during grinding (basically straight line for this map), all you need is walk back and forth and kill.
    Monsters aren't that hard, either; You can get about 100k~150k EXP(depend your level) per 1 hour grinding.

    Another good point for grinding in this map:
    - Get available items([​IMG] Dark Cloud Foxtail from Giant Cloud Fox ) for Exchange Quest (Showa Town), which can give you [​IMG] Brown Work Gloves in tiny possibility.
    - Get common weapon([​IMG] Liu Bei Dagger from Paper Lantern Ghost ), if you don't want it, you can just sell to shop for 250k mesos, which will save your potions' money.
    - Both monsters drop [​IMG] Dark Crystal Ore, which you can sell to NPC for 3.5k mesos each, and it is easily hunt though.

    When you start grinding in this map in lv45, I guess you will come out in lv6X after you get BWG. XDD

    That's all. Thanks for reading.

    M̶a̶y̶b̶e̶ ̶I̶ ̶s̶h̶o̶u̶l̶d̶ ̶d̶o̶ ̶s̶o̶m̶e̶ ̶g̶u̶i̶d̶e̶ ̶f̶o̶r̶ ̶p̶e̶r̶m̶a̶ ̶b̶e̶g̶i̶n̶n̶e̶r̶'̶s̶ ̶m̶a̶x̶ ̶h̶a̶s̶t̶e̶.̶.̶.̶.̶.̶lol
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    Added more notable quests.
    Edited equipment category.
    Fixed some mistakes.
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