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Completed Summer Community Event 2021

Discussion in 'Events' started by Mirrors, Aug 30, 2021.

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  1. really

    really Blue Snail

    Sep 15, 2018
    2:31 AM
    Bishop, Night Lord
    IGN: JNara
    1. Powder keg
    2. Machete
    3. Tough rope

    Ok hear me out.
    What's the first thing you do after finding yourself on a stranded island? Cry, because that's why nerds like me don't step out of the house.
    After crying my eyes out for a bit, I will need three things so that I don't get myself killed. Food, water and shelter.

    The machete will come in handy when I'm foraging for food, protecting myself against predators and pretending to be Rambo. Oh, cutting up dead trees to make a tribal like shelter too.
    Assuming I'm not actually buck naked when I'm stuck on that island, I can actually de-salinate water using the evaporation and condensation method. Yeah, that method where you stick your jacket in a hole, another piece of fabric on top with a stone in the middle of the top fabric.
    On the off chance that I'm actually buck naked... I suppose leaves and an empty keg will do the trick as well.

    The powder keg can actually be used to start a fire, since the spark-on-dry-twigs method is surprisingly hard (we actually had to do it once, all of us ended up using a lighter then so... yeah).
    The fire can also be used as a smoke signal to alert any planes passing by.

    Once I enjoyed the tranquility and serenity of being stranded on an island, we will then need the tough rope to make a raft, complete with all the food/fruits and supplies I'll need to get off that island. Or you know.
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  2. UnknownCode

    UnknownCode Nightshadow

    Jun 6, 2021
    11:31 AM
    Islander, Bishop, Bandit
    IGN: NotEvenBones

    04031875.png Nevermelting Snow
    04032202.png Simplified Electric Pulse Transmitter
    03010044.png Winter Red Chair

    Why Did You Pick These Items?:
    • Nevermelting Snow to have something to nibble/hydrate on for a long time without worrying about it melting.
    • Simplified Electric Pulse Transmitter to have contact with anyone.
    • Winter Red Chair for shade and to relax until help arrives.
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  3. guzman

    guzman Snail

    Jun 20, 2021
    2:31 AM
    I/L Mage
    IGN: Sickly

    1. Petit Rose (Not sure but it's in the Lib)
    2. Telescope (Meercat etc)
    3. My Buddy Tina (Cash weapon)

    The little prince sitting in the middle of the scorching desert of Ariant only cares for/asks for/wants 3 things:
    1. His buddy rose
    2. A telescope to view the stars
    3. A friend

    With just these things he's been sitting there longer than any mapler can claim to know. Think about it. Have you ever been to the Dry Desert map and he wasn't there? I'd say he knows what's up with surviving a harsh environment...
  4. Winnie

    Winnie Timer

    Feb 22, 2020
    2:31 AM
    IGN: Ophira

    1. Miwok Chief's Chair (Donor Chair)
    2. Fishing Legends Chair
    3. Power Elixir Chair (Donor Chair)

    Why Did I Pick These Items
    Firstly , Fishing Legends Chair = FOOD
    Secondly , Warm & Fire is important for survival , Miwok Chief's Chair have a campfire
    Thirdly , Power Elixir Chair is... ... .. health & water ? It's bigger than my character so I shouldn't run out anytime soon UNLESSSSSSS a wild PinkBean Appears
  5. Kayk3u

    Kayk3u Snail

    Aug 24, 2017
    2:31 PM
    Dark Knight, Cleric
    IGN: CleverTaco

    Items: (assuming cash items are off limits, and Pets/Mounts/chairs, not really being 'pocketable' )
    1. Fishing Pole https://maplelegends.com/lib/equip?id=1432039
    2. Lava Bottle https://maplelegends.com/lib/use?id=2280000
    3. Flaming Feather https://maplelegends.com/lib/etc?id=4001006

    1. Fishing Pole is a spear weapon that can be equipped by all classes, including beginners, making it islander friendly SlimeCool. I'll use it both to have a source of food, and as a spear to defend myself.
    2. The Lava in the bottle will be used to create a lava source block flowing into the ocean - i.e., a simple cobblestone generator awesomemush. I'll farm enough cobblestone for a furnace and house. I could also pour water on the lava source block to make obsidian to chip into knives for use in prepping food, plant fibers, or protection. Bonus: If I drink the lava, I can master Fire Demon... I also burst into flames tho.
    2.5. After the lava is gone, you're left with a Hardened Glass Bottle https://maplelegends.com/lib/etc?id=4001109. This bad boy is made with diamonds. I'll be using it to boil seawater for fresh water and bonus salt. I'd probably cook a sick fish stew in it sometimes too... or moonshine for sanity reasons.
    3. The Flaming Feather's item description is a flame in the form of a feather, that I believe is the only item that specifically states "it never stops burning". That's some GM level utility - infinite warmth, cooking, light for exploring, smoke signaling, protection from animals, or smelting... you name it fire do it.

    I'm a survival game specialist. I punch trees. MapleF3_Origin
  6. eliohuydang1

    eliohuydang1 Slime

    Jul 14, 2021
    1:31 AM
    Since I've watched some movies about someone stranded on a deserted island, I realized that there were survival steps in order of priority:
    1. Find a source of drinking water. (1)
    2. Find a source of food. (2)
    3. Build a fire and shelter. (3)
    4. Create rescue signals. (4)
    5. Fashion weapons for self defense. (5)
    Based on that,

    (1): How can I make drinking water with Tin Bucket (Cashshop hat)?
    I will collect the salt water and put it in the bucket where it can boil under fire of Flaming Katana to bring the water to boiling temperature. Then use the seashells that can “collect” the steam from the boiling water, being capable to transport the steam particles (water) to another container. Store the water and drink it whenever I feel thirsty. In additional, I can wear the bucket to protect my head, use as a cooking stuff.

    What do you expect from a fishing net Fish Net with a Catch? Yes! I can catch a lot of fish using this net (I have to look for baits in case I use a fishing rod. That's pain farming baits in Summer Event haha).

    For (3), (4) and (5) purposes, I choose Flaming Katana. It's a multiple features weapon that can provide a source of never-go-out fire (I think since we can't bring stack of item along with, so the durability of the item is very important).
    (3): The fire from Flaming Katana can be used to boil water, cook, keep my body warm in a frozen night, scare the monsters. Also, I can cut the trees and palm leaves to build a shelter, which I can sleep inside and hide from the heat of the sun or the rain.
    (4): The light from Flaming Katana can be combined with a piece of clothes to make a S.O.S signal at night, which obviously increases my chances of getting help (people can see the light of a bonfire from a ~40km distance on the sea, then come save me).
    (5): Well, I think fire is the best weapon in wildlife and a Flaming Katana is perfect for that role (especially, It can be equipped easily whatever class I am). I can use it to defense myself from monsters or hunt for food.

    That's all I can think hehe. Thanks for reading the whole passage and please forgive my bad English <3
  7. Kyshies

    Kyshies Slimy

    Mar 13, 2020
    8:31 PM
    F/P Arch Mage
    IGN: Ryne


    Pink Bean (Pet)


    Beach Chair


    Premium Pet Food


    Why Did You Pick These Items?:

    I lean back lazily upon my Beach Chair set up upon warm sands, taking in the scent of sun and surf as I watch the waves out at sea sway in scintillating shades of gold and blue under the setting sun. It’s all so intoxicating, so intoxicating that I easily forget that I’m stranded on a summer island, not knowing if help will ever arrive.

    My best friend and ever-steadfast pet companion from the Donor section of the Cash Shop, Pink Bean, sits on my lap half-asleep, lazily watching the waves with me. From time to time, I find myself gently rubbing its round, white belly, making it squeal with delight.

    “Having it good? I know I am.”


    Indeed! I can’t put it any other way, Pink Bean. Life is good. But it can be better.

    “I’m thirsty. Get me one of those cocktails of yours, won’t ya?”

    Without so much as turning around from its rather comfortable position, Pink Bean shoots me a death glare like it’s about to summon the statues of five ancient gods on me with a quickness. I know this situation all too well, because we've been through counselling together. Therapy. Too many sessions to count, I'm afraid.

    “C’mon. Please?”


    Geez. Seriously? Pink Bean can be such a pain at times. Too lazy for its own good, I’d say. I mean, it’s the Transcendent of Bean World, for crying out loud! A literal god of a world of its own creation, complete with ice-cream trees! Ice-cream trees! Least it can do is get me one of those fancy blue fruity cocktails it likes so much. You know, the one with the long and fancy straw.

    “One for me and two for you. How’s that sound?”


    “No… no… don’t summon those statues again! Not here! No Twilight of the Gods! Bad Bean! Let me make you an offer you can’t refuse.”


    Reluctantly, very much so, I reach into my bag for the only other thing that I have with me on this summer island – a box of the finest Premium Pet Food. My secret weapon, in my time of need. It doesn't always work... but as they say, you gotta risk it to get the biscuit.

    “Pink? Piiiiink!”

    “Not so fast! Let’s make a deal. Free-flow snacks and cocktails for the both of us until help arrives, and it’s yours.”


    Pink Bean curls up in deep contemplation, its white eyes darting quickly between me, my offer of Premium Pet Food, and five potentially great spots to call down some ancient statues to obliterate me with a quickness, the same way a 30% Scroll for Claw for Attack blows up a Red Craven. Eventually, though, our pact is sealed. From out of nowhere a fruity blue cocktail appears in my hand from a shadowy portal flashing colourfully with images of Bean World, complete with a fancy straw. Two more of these blue cocktails materialise out of thin air as well from similar portals.


    Triumphantly, Pink Bean swipes the Premium Pet Food out of my hand. With a big gulp, it devours that hard-won prize in a single, huge mouthful. Even the box isn’t spared.


    Pink Bean nods happily, gently rubbing its portly, rotund white belly with great satisfaction in its eyes. Sometimes I can't help but wonder why I don't do this more often with Premium Pet Food. It's not even that expensive.

    Whatever. Pink Bean is happy. I'm happy too.

    "Cocktail time. Race ya?"


    The cocktail tastes good. Really good. Ice cold, fizzy, and sweet. I lay back once more on my Beach Chair while Pink Bean settles itself again on my lap, both of us not moving, our eyes slowly closing shut as we sip our cocktails lazily before the sunset far out yonder.

    Life is better.
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  8. Amyst

    Amyst Slime

    Oct 31, 2020
    2:31 PM
    Night Lord
    IGN: Amyst
    - Maple Dark Mate
    - Firebomb Flame
    - Mr. Do's Book on Herbal Medicine

    Why Did you Pick These Items?

    As a Night Lord, the Dark Mate is the fastest & strongest weapon I can equip with my base dex alone. I'm not bringing a claw since I've never seen a tropical island littered with balanced furies on the beach. (...unless?) A knife-like tool is also great for skewering or making Riel's outfit in addition to general survival activities.

    A constant source of warmth and illumination is oddly comforting on lonely nights by the sea. I can also cook, dry, assert dominance over my enemies, distill water, and signal with it.

    I'm weak. I'm clumsy. There's no doubt I'll step on a Jr. Necki, get zapped by a Sparker, be impaled by a Pinboom and snipped by a Lorang before help arrives. As a master alchemist, (20 full skill points invested) I can hopefully modify some of these recipes and make it myself with local flora to avoid a slow and painful death. Dying would be bad... very bad.... :dead:
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  9. Kurihara

    Kurihara Snail

    Jan 28, 2021
    11:31 AM
  10. Thuglifer

    Thuglifer Capt. Latanica

    Sep 1, 2021
    2:31 AM
    IGN: opman
    1. Monkey
    2. Camping tent chair
    3. Double axe
    1. What better way to spend the time in exile with a companion buddy "monkey" that is the closest thing we got to being a human that is even able to relate to emotionally as the days goes lonely on the island. Also, Monkey favourite food is of course bananas, which grows at the top of trees and by it's own nature, will not compete with me in terms of non vegan food (all the fish and meat for me). By having monkey climb the trees, naturally there are chances he'll drop some bananas, coconuts and if possible bird's nest with eggs along the way and this brings me another avenue of food sources. By slowly building my relationship with monkey, we will learn to share bananas and have some form of exchanges between us. Not to mention, i could pick up on his climbing skills through watching him and practice, and eventually be able to climb trees. Similarly, monkey can learn from me on the daily duties to perform around camp, such as fetch the water and gathering skills such as dry wood for our fire. Worst case scenario, when monkey dies or food sources go scarce for a period of time due to natural disaster, i could use my double axe (in point 3) to kill monkey as a source of food (my return on investment) and warmth (fur) and by then, i would've had ample time to build back my resources and be prepared for future disasters.
    2. Camping tent provides many necessities on an island. Namely, fire, wood and a pot to cook my food and water, a tent to keep my initial days sleeping conditions well. Here it will be my 1st shelter on the island and as soon as the fire goes out and the tent starts to deteriorate, i could strip it of its many valuable materials to use for my 2nd shelter that i would've been building on the side while the tent was fairly new and kept me warm and comfortable for sufficient non interupted rest during those nights to gather my energy. The tent cover could be used for mostly interior purposes: floor mat, metal support structure and waterproofing/ insultating cover for my 2nd shelter. And this time I'll be using the leaves and branches as my exterior cover and structure that is easily replaceable and yet it protects my old tent materials. Also, with excess waterproof material from the tent, i'll be able to craft a mini raft with a sail that minimizes my energy usage and paddle/ride the wind out far if i spot a rescue possibility from nearby fire/light/ship.
    3. Being the fastest speed axe (speed 4) and being wieldable single handed makes it very convenient and enables me to handle swift motions, it brings in many possibilities. It being a double edged, for duo purpose such as chopping firewood, hunting wild life on the island and cutting/skinning the kills. It can even act as a short and long ranged weapon to toss onto distanced animals/ objects. Using this axe would also open the doors for me to craft hunting tools (bows and fishing poles) and shelter structures. i.e. gathering the resources such as bamboo for my fishing pole using the axe to chop it down and enable myself to another stream of sources of food such as fishes. Totaling my overall sources of food to the Sea (fish), Land (monkey, wild boars) and Sky (bananas, coconuts, birds and eggs).
  11. babylooney

    babylooney Snail

    Aug 20, 2021
    2:31 AM
    • IGN: tiramatcha
    • Items:
    1. Monkey
    2. Lupin's Banana
    3. Special Fishing Chair
    • Why Did You Pick These Items?
    With the Monkey, he can help me to hunt items on the island, including food or finding water areas. However, he also will need to survive in order to help me hunt, hence I will be giving him a tasty Lupin's Banana in case he is hungry and help him to hunt faster rather than just randomly eating food on the island. While hunting together with my pet Monkey, I will also need to recover my MP and HP to ensure my survival, so I will sit on my favourite Special Fishing Chair!
  12. Prudence55

    Prudence55 Stone Golem

    May 16, 2020
    1:31 PM
    IGN: Poignant

    [​IMG] Orihalcon Hammer
    A rock-hard hammer made out of Orihalcon, which means it'll never break.

    [​IMG] Emergency Kit
    Bandage and Medicine bottle that Mrs. Ming Ming has made.

    [​IMG] Gwin's Bag
    A heavy bag that is full of mysterious items. Looking into the corner of the back of the bag, the name GWIN is written on it.

    Why did you pick these items?

    [​IMG] Orihalcon Hammer was the first choice of essential tool for it's condition to never break.

    [​IMG] Emergency Kit by Mrs. Ming Ming for a major/small injury. A sprain or twisted limb can hinder survival. One time usage so it's a last resort.

    [​IMG] Gwin's Bag for the mysterious items left by [​IMG]Gwin, an adventurer as well.
    His bag could contain some interesting items that could be of use or make situations worse.
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  13. imsteven

    imsteven Mushmom

    Jul 9, 2018
    2:31 PM
    Night Lord
    IGN: Shines

    1. Chinese Fireworks [​IMG]
    2. Dragon Elixir [​IMG]
    3. Campfire Chair [​IMG]

    [​IMG] : Regular Fireworks and Megaphones got nothing against this bad boy. This thing will attract so much attention that it'll get me rescued within 24 hours because of how annoying and obnoxious it is.
    [​IMG] : Become a Cornian with two daggers in hand. No animals stand a chance against me on this island and I get tools to hunt food or make things
    [​IMG] : With somewhere to sit and most importantly a fire source, the possibilities are endless such as boiling water, cooking food, provide warmth, light, and let others know I'm stranded if the fireworks weren't enough already :p
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  14. Boxy

    Boxy Chronos

    Jul 2, 2017
    2:31 AM
    • IGN: Squarish
    • Items:
      • Ice box [​IMG]
      • Ice box [​IMG]
      • Ice box [​IMG]
    • Why Did You Pick These Items?
    Oh, yes hang on let me open up these babies before telling you what Im going to do with them..

    You have lost an item (ice box)
    You have gained an item (35 in 1 Survival Kit)

    You have lost an item (ice box)
    You have gained an item (Wilderness survival for dummies-1st edition)

    You have lost an item (ice box)
    You have gained an item (Flare gun, with 30 rounds of ammunition)

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  15. Kappadragon

    Kappadragon Snail

    Jun 24, 2021
    2:31 AM
    • IGN: xFreezingsun
    • Items: Fishing pole, seal meat, camping tent chair.

    Why Did You Pick These Items?

    The first item would be Fishing pole, it is the equip for fishing mainly, prolonging survival.

    The second item would be a seal meat. The seal meat would be a primary bait for the fishing. The seal meat is not soooo small so it could maybe be teared into a few portions.
    The seal meat provides a few chances for fishing in case of a fail chance from fishing, increasing chances of successful fishing.
    Once successful at fishing, number of seafood increases, number of bait increases.

    The third item would be a camping tent chair. The camping tent chair has a pot boiling in front, a pot where it is gonna be the fishes' final destination.
    The fishes from fishing are put into the pot for cook, making food supply available for eating.
    The pot can be used for boiling water too. Open the lid and allow rain water to fall in if there is rain, providing water supply for survival.
    The camping tent is providing a shelter for the character itself.
    The fishes cooked could be eaten without use of knife, maybe a stick piercing through the fish would be enough. (then bite)
    Fresh fish from fishing may be harder for bait purpose(no knife), shrimp from fishing has priority for appealing bait.
    The fishing pole is also a weapon for defending purposes.
    If there is no water from rain source, the turtle in the banner is gonna be sacrificed by the method of fishing pole attacks. (its blood should be drinkable)

    *Only applicable if the boiling pot from camping tent chair is not counted as cheating by the judgements of the staff from MapleLegends.
  16. Halliday

    Halliday Blue Snail

    May 31, 2020
    2:31 AM
    IGN: S4YU
    1. Chumji's Watermelon
    2. Stormshear
    3. Frozen Tuna

    Why these items:
    1. That shit is larger than a person. Will provide enough food and hydration for days or weeks as I ponder my lonely fate on the island... and become my coffin if help never arrives. :') Big thenks to Chumji for growing such a pog watermelon.

    2. Assuming it works just like the ones the Stormbreakers at CWK use, I can fry food or foe with lightning and eat 'em, so I can protecc AND obtain more snaccs. Can also act a signal light for any passing ships since it's glowy and bright. Or, y'know, I can fire lightning at them. That oughta get their attention.

    3. Emergency food and water supply after depleting the watermelon. Once again, it's h u g e , so it'll probably last awhile. Before that, I can hug it under the shade of the trees to beat the heat in the day, or to beat the empty void of loneliness at night... such a versatile fish!
  17. PeachyPeach

    PeachyPeach Snail

    Jun 23, 2020
    11:31 AM
    IGN : Cemetery
    Items :
    1. Recycle Water Bottle
    2. Ancient Scroll
    3. Test Pen
    I know life on this island is going to be game over anyway, so I might as well write a note in the bottle and pretend I was an epic pirate that waged many battles against other pirates and say "Pirates of the Caribbean" was based on a true story. My Story.
  18. Yousername

    Yousername King Slime

    Apr 23, 2017
    3:31 AM
    • IGN: Yuun
    • Items:
      • White Bandana
      • Gold Surfboard
      • The Relaxer
    • Why Did You Pick These Items?
      For ref.: I'm an Islander! All these items you can only get as an Islander (not counting limited items from events), and are therefore PERFECT for surviving this adventure! a White Bandana for the burning sun. a Gold Surfboard to either try to make my way to the mainland or at the very least catch some waves. And The Relaxer to.. relax!
  19. vaughnotron

    vaughnotron Snail

    Aug 14, 2021
    2:31 PM

    Noob here who doesn't know 1/10 of the items available in MapleLegends, but here goes:

    1. Axe (drop from dark wooden stump), because it seems to already come with with a piece of wood. This means I won't have to waste energy cutting my first piece.
    2. Brown Work Gloves, because I don't want to get blisters cutting more wood with my axe after I've used the first piece. I chose brown because that way I don't have to worry about them getting all dirtied up.
    3. Raccoon mask. This is an obvious choice to blend in with my surroundings. Nobody wants to mess with a raccoon (believe me).
  20. ninten

    ninten Mano

    Oct 23, 2020
    11:31 AM
    IGN: Burke
    2. Oversized sunglasses
    3. Gingerale
    I don't plan on anyone coming to get me so I may as well sit back relax get a tan and enjoy one last soda before the sun gets to me.
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