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Active Summer Community Event 2021

Discussion in 'Events' started by Mirrors, Aug 30, 2021.

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  1. Mirrors

    Mirrors Supervisor Staff Member Supervisor Game Moderator

    Jul 15, 2019
    9:37 AM
    Moderator Post
    Thank you ZerakaiZerakai for the sweet banner!

    [​IMG] Stranded! Summer 2021 Community Event [​IMG]
    You've found yourself teleported to a mysterious, hot summer island that's full of unknown dangers... but luckily, you have 3 items from the Maple world in your pocket! Tell us what 3 items you're bringing with you to the island to maximize your chances of survival until help arrives. You don't know when help will come, so think wisely on what you are going to bring with you! Best of luck!

    [​IMG] General Entry Rules [​IMG]
    • Submissions will end on September 27th, 2021 (when the event ends)
    • Submissions will be individual (not team based)
    • Rewards are only for the winners - you cannot transfer them to other players
    • Copying other peoples work will result in immediate disqualification
      • If you happen to pick the same item as someone else, that's okay! (just no direct copying)
    • Your submission must be in line with the MapleLegends Terms and Conditions (please, nothing that's inappropriate/offensive)
    • You cannot use any Teleport Rocks or Town Scrolls
      • If you have to ask yourself "Is it cheating if I use this item" then you should probably not use it in your submission LOL
    • You can only have 1 of each item, not 1 stack of items (eg. you can only bring 1 Apple, and not 1 stack of Apples, which is 100 Apples)
    [​IMG] Judgement Criteria [​IMG]
    • How realistic is it: Are your items actually useful in a survival island scenario?
    • Quality & Effort: We would like to see how your items were selected and the effort put into your submission
    • Creativity: We want to see how creative your items are!

    [​IMG] Submission Format [​IMG]
    • IGN:
    • Items:
      • You can also find more info on items from the Lib
    • Why Did You Pick These Items?
    In general, there is no minimum or maximum entry length but we ask that you do not write an entire novel (please!).

    We will also be judging ONLY on the text content of the post. If you want to include posters / images, feel free to, but it will not be getting bonus points.

    Please do not embed your explanation in an image, as that makes judging difficult, so please submit it in text.

    [​IMG] Prizes [​IMG]

    1st Place
    20k donor NX
    10k vote NX
    Both Exclusive Coupons (Hair & Face)

    2nd Place Prize
    15k donor NX
    7.5k vote NX
    Choice of Exclusive Coupons (Hair or Face)

    3rd Place Prize
    10k donor NX
    5k vote NX
    Choice of Exclusive Coupons (Hair or Face)

    The cosmetics you can choose from with the community event coupons can be found on the beauty guide under the community event tab here!
    *Note: The Male Resolved Face bug has been identified, and will be available next patch.
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You must be a logged-in, registered member of this site to view further posts in this thread.
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