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Bossing Perma Beginner Guide

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by zeroxlr, Aug 28, 2021.

  1. zeroxlr

    zeroxlr Capt. Latanica

    Oct 11, 2020
    5:10 AM
    Beginner, Camper, Islander
    PePeSnuggles here! Sitting at level 14, pondering about turtle life of HP/MP Washing. Waiting on that delicious Vote Cash for APRs!

    Wait a minute... isn't this about Bossing?
    • Yes! Perma beginners require Washing or good HP gear to survive 1-hit from early endgame bosses
    • HP gear vs. STR/Att/Acc gears
    • Power Elixirs vs. Honsters
    Goal: Base INT 550 @ 30k HP by level 155

    AP Build: STR / 4 / 4 / 4
    - use DEX and Acc equips



    Why Wash Perma Beginner?
    Most Maplers' dream is to do end-game content. What better way to play than to fight bosses!?

    Maplelegends is about nostalgia, and being able to play end-game content without p2w. A nostalgia, where all forms of beginners such as Campers/Islander/Perma/Oddjobs/Map Restrictions are included.

    But what about Perma beginners who leech? Since Maplelegends is not p2w, and vote cash is used instead of NX for APR, this makes end-game bossing content viable for most if not all to reach. With the help of leeching and washing, Maplers' push their max HP to tank boss hits.

    There are beginners who leech, and or lightly wash. Yet, heavily washing any form of beginner is… a waste, or is it? Should it be frowned upon to play as the original meta intended?

    For the sake of nostalgia and the peak of what could be possible, I’m making a very heavily Washed and Leeched Perma Beginner!

    - Also breaking the unspoken "Anti-Leeched Beginner Rule" ...for a good reason lol

    Was going to make a Blood Bandit, but changed my mind and wanted to make a normal Shad...


    Then I saw this post, and thought... what the hell! I might as well wash to the EXTREME!

    A Super Tanky Perma Beginner, it's not a bad thing!

    - Bishop for self leech to level 110 (or buy leech)
    ! - Leech to level 110 --> must 2-hit Skeles @ 20m avg EPH
    !! - MW10 or MW20 (reduces vote cash needed)
    !!! - skip Gen 20 --> Gen 30 = ~1295 magic​
    - Access to high level leech areas
    ! - 1st Option: HB Mule level 41 to 130 (also needed for certain bosses)
    !! - 2nd Option: Infinite/Double Wash while MP Washing per level up​

    Maplelegends' Washing Methods:

    - Normal Fresh AP HP Washing:
    1. Check Minimum MP Formula with MP Lost from APR
      • Total MP - Minimum MP = Extra MP / MP Lost from APR > (1 to 5 APR)
    2. +1 Fresh AP into HP
    3. 1x APR -MP --> until +int base reached or +stats
    4. Repeat #1-3, until out of Extra MP for Normal Washing or out of Fresh AP

    - Fresh AP MP Washing:
    1. +1 Fresh AP into MP
    2. 1x APR -MP --> until +int base reached or +stats
    3. Repeat #1-2, until out of Fresh AP or Total MP Goal is reached
    • Insufficient APRs Method of MP Washing:
    1. MP Wash until Base INT reached (2 options):
    • a) Hold fresh AP until enough APRs to continue MP Wash
    • b) Fresh AP into MP, then when have enough APRs, -MP --> main stats
    - Infinite/Double Stale HP Washing:
    1. Check Minimum MP Formula with MP Lost from APR
      • Total MP - Minimum MP = Extra MP / MP Lost from APR > (1 to 5 APR)
    2. +1 Fresh AP into MP
    3. 1x APR -MP --> +HP
    4. Repeat #1 and #3, until almost out of Extra MP for Stale Washing or Have 1x APR left
    5. Take out from last Extra MP to return the 1x AP to main stats:
      • 1x APR -MP --> +stats

    Based off of Nise's HP Washing Formula:

    Beginner (From Lvl 1):

    HP Gained LvlUP: 12 - 16 hp
    MP Gained LvlUP: 10 - 12 mp + total INT/10

    HP Gained from Fresh AP: 8 - 12 hp
    HP Gained from Stale AP: 8 hp

    MP Gained from Fresh AP: 6 + base INT/10
    MP Gained from Stale AP: 6 mp
    MP Lost from AP Resetting: -8 mp

    MP Gained from MP Washing: [6 - 8 + floor(base INT/10)] x 5apr (Newly Added)

    Minimum HP Formula: (12 * level) + 50
    Minimum MP Formula: (10 * level) - 5

    Additional Calculations:
    Mp Gained Lvl Up = 10 - 12 mp + floor(base INT /10) = A # of mp per level up
    Mp Gained MP Washing per level = [6 – 8mp + floor(base INT/10)] x 5apr = B # of mp from 5 apr

    A + B = C mp gained per level @ base int starting at chosen lvl to MP Wash

    Level Start to Level End = D # of levels MP Washed

    D x C = E # of mp gained by Level End

    Min HP @ Last MP Wash Level
    50start hp + (Last MP Wash Level * 12) = min HP
    Max HP @ Last MP Wash Level
    50start hp + (Last MP Wash Level * 16) = maxHP
    AVG HP at Last MP Wash Level = (min HP + max HP) / 2

    1x APR = 3,100 vote cash
    5x APR = 15,500 vote cash

    - Using Fresh MP & Stale HP Washing in Calculations
    - No Event APRs
    - No INT Equips

    Max Base INT 80 <-- Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy
    - Achieve ~3khp by lvl70
    - MP Wash from lvl16-->lvl70
    - Note: achievable without leeching

    Max Base INT 200 <-- Tough Cookie
    - Achieve ~8khp by lvl100
    - MP Wash from lvl40-->lvl100

    Max Base INT 400 <-- Hard Nut
    - Achieve ~13khp + Equips by lvl110
    - MP Wash from lvl60-->lvl110
    - Optional: HP washing as much as possible lvl30-->lvl60

    Max Base INT 650 <-- Extreme
    - Achieve ~30khp by lvl150
    - MP Wash from lvl35-->lvl145
    - Ran out of picture allowance LOL

    - This is the only reasonable path to 30k hp, but uses more Vote Cash.
    • 1.44 years worth of vote cash to finish MP wash + wash out INT
    • ~4.06 years worth of vote cash to Stale HP wash out all excess MP
    • 5.50 years total (Fresh HP wash ASAP to lvl35, then lvl150 onwards)
    - There are cheaper Vote Cash methods to reach 30k hp, which requires unfeasible preparations
    -- requires 2xFP + HS/Res mule @ Shaolin 5-6
    -- from lvl90 to lvl190 @ max base INT 450
    -- totaling 5.05 years (faster if Fresh HP washed from lvl30-->lvl90)


    Potion Prices & Damage Thresholds:

    - Perma Beginners with low HP requires the use of Power Elixirs at all Bosses.
    - Power Elixirs on FM = +4.5k or more on average

    Leviathan = ~1hour of continuous damage by Perma Beginner party
    - ~7,000x Power Elixirs used
    - ~230x heartstoppers
    - ~10x apples
    Total Price Tag = +60m per boss run
    7,000x4,500 power elixir = 31.5m

    Price Reductions:
    Perma Beginners with high HP can use Honsters @ 2,800 mesos from store.
    7,000x2,800 honster = 19.6m

    Most Bosses Under Level 125:

    - Nise's General Damage Formulas for Reference:
    Crimson Balrog: 100khp 200hp regen @ Matt 720 = 4.5k dmg
    Headless Horseman: 3.5mhp @ 0hp regen @ Matt 650
    Capt. Latanica: 2mhp @ 5k regen @ Watt 700
    Griffey: 3.7mhp @ 300hp regen @ Matt 680
    Manon: 3.7mhp @ 300hp regen @ Matt 680
    Leviathan: 13.4mhp @ 1khp regen @ Matt 710
    Dodo: 5.9mhp @ 5khp regen @ Matt 715
    Ergoth: 1.7mhp @ 3khp regen @ Matt 700 = 3.9k dmg
    Pianus (Left): 24mhp @ 10khp regen @ Watt 670
    Pianus (Right): 30mhp @ 10khp regen @ Watt 790 = 5.2k dmg
    Papulatus: 1.59mhp @ 0hp regen @ Matt 1000 = 6k dmg
    Black Crow: 35mhp @ 0hp regen @ Watt 1000
    Ravana: 35mhp @ 10khp regen @ Watt 800

    Notable Damages to Tank:
    Spirit of Rock: 800khp @ 500hp regen @ ~7.1k dmg (buffed) base Watt 800
    - use Honsters or Power Elixirs
    Zakum: 66mhp-->88mhp-->110mhp @ 11k dmg touch Watt 1080
    Bigfoot: 32mhp @ 200hp regen @ 12k dmg touch Watt 1200
    - use Power Elixirs


    Overall - scroll with str or dex: Bathrobe

    Topwear - scroll with str: Striped/Orange T-Shirt
    Bottomwear - scroll with dex/acc: Warfare Pants

    Helmet - scroll with dex: Zakum Helmet, or Scarlion (STR)

    Rings - Monster Ring T10 and Ellin Savior's Ring

    Pendant - Egged Horntail Necklace

    Weapon - scroll with WA: Purple Surfboard, Crimson Arcglaive, Fan + Shield

    Shoes - scroll with jump: Yellow Snowshoes, or Purple Christmas Sock
    - scroll with CS: Facestomper, Red Christmas Sock

    Gloves - any +10 WA glove
    - scroll with WA and or CS: Flamekeeper Cordon

    Cape - scroll with str: Yellow Gaia/Adventurer Cape
    - scroll with CS: Pink Gaia/Adventurer Cape

    Face Accessory - scroll with avoid: Sad Mask

    Eye Accessory - scroll with accuracy: Racoon Mask
    - scroll with CS: Spectrum Goggles (STR)

    Earring - scroll with dex: any earrings
    - scroll with CS: Elemental Pierce (STR)

    Thank you!!
    Slime, Deer, Soblet, Just4int, Nightz, Loug, Mirror, Redz, Chris, Feeed, Team
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  2. OP

    zeroxlr Capt. Latanica

    Oct 11, 2020
    5:10 AM
    Beginner, Camper, Islander


    three_snail_skill_GO! - Copy.JPG
    heena_camp_sexy.JPG VS rain_amherst_sexy.JPG VS shumi_kerning_sexy.jpg
  3. Chris

    Chris Skelosaurus Retired Staff

    Jan 18, 2016
    Maple Island
    8:10 AM
    No idea what I did but I'll take it.

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  4. OP

    zeroxlr Capt. Latanica

    Oct 11, 2020
    5:10 AM
    Beginner, Camper, Islander
    Note: I'm staying as a Perma Beginner, and my goal is still 30k hp.
    • Without the Quad DK Vote Cash + Event Points farming method:
    • My current progress is normal. Waiting to get daily Vote Cash for more APRs:

    After reading through fartsyfartsy 's Guide on Beginners that become Mages:


    I thought I might as well post since I still have my Beginner Calculator... based off of their level of Beginner up till Job Change format.

    Total Possible Stale HP that can be gained by MP Washing while as a Beginner (before Mage Job Change):
    • No INT Gears + No MW20 used in these calculations
    • Calculator goes up every 2 levels for the 10 Base INT needed for MP washing

    Beginner --> Bishops:

    Total Possible Average Stale HP by level 63 = ~5,978
    1. MP Wash from Level 8 to Level 63
    2. Stale HP Wash All MP into HP without leveling up
    3. Job Change to Mage
    • 0.77 years worth of ONLY vote cash APRs

    Total Possible Average Stale HP by level 95 = ~13,518
    1. MP Wash from Level 8 to Level 95
    2. Stale HP Wash All MP into HP without leveling up
    3. Job Change to Mage
    • 1.84 years worth of ONLY vote cash APRs

    Beginner --> Archmages:
    Total Possible Average Stale HP by level 88 = ~11,614
    1. MP Wash from Level 8 to Level 88
    2. Stale HP Wash All MP into HP without leveling up
    3. Job Change to Mage
    • 1.57 years worth of ONLY vote cash APRs

    Total Possible Average Stale HP by level 120 = ~21,554
    1. MP Wash from Level 8 to Level 120
    2. Stale HP Wash All MP into HP without leveling up
    3. Job Change to Mage
    • 3 years worth of ONLY vote cash APRs
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