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Camping Guide

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by zeroxlr, May 11, 2021.

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  1. zeroxlr

    zeroxlr Capt. Latanica

    Oct 11, 2020
    1:47 AM
    Beginner, Camper, Islander
    GoGoSnuggles here, in May 2021!
    I have no idea what I'm doing as a camper, although just rockin' out chillin' at level 20 so far!

    Camper Stats:


    Updated: 5/15/2021 --> GM Buffs EPH
    Updated: 1/1/2022 --> Three Shells EPH + Multiclient Rotation

    Camping Basics:
    There's two monster at the Lower level of the Training Camp map, the Tutorial Drumming Rabbit, and the Tutorial Leatty:
    - Both monsters @ 8HP and 1exp/kill or 2exp/kill


    - Mob name turns Yellow @ level 21

    Stat Build:
    - DEX required @ 44-46 (1hit kill all mobs for 8dmg @ 100%)
    - - unless have very high STR

    Weapon Tiers:
    1. Sword, fast 4 (mid min att + lowest max att) SlimeSlime Thank you!
    2. Wooden Club, fast 5 (highest min att + highest max att)
    3. Hand Axe, fast 5 (lowest min att + mid max att)

    Experience Gain:
    On Maple Island, all experience rate multipliers are set to 1x until level 10, which changes to server experience rate of 2x
    - Only GM Buffs/Event Exp Bonus can improve epm rates (extremely rare)

    Solo EPM Cycle Caps:
    - 1exp/kill @ epm 5 == 16epm (from level 1-10) @ 3exp per cycle

    - 2exp/kill @ epm 5 == 36epm (from level 10 onwards) @ 6exp per cycle

    Leeching or Party Bonus Gains starts at level 9:
    - Best gains for main attacker = party of 2 (main = 2exp, leecher = 1exp)
    @ (5 to 7) Ludi Platform total experience gained per cycle
    @ (5 to 8) El Nath Platform total experience gained per cycle

    - Minimum experience gained for party of 3 to max 6 members:
    @ 0exp/party kill (before level 9)
    @ 1exp/party kill (level 9 onward)
    @ 5 to 6 total experience gained per cycle (for each party member)

    :star: Multi-client Map Clearing is now possible:
    - - a party of 2
    - - use Three Snail Skill
    ShiveringShivering Thank you for idea!

    Three Snails: skill rank 1 @ -4mp per cast
    - 4320 mp/1hour/1kill
    - 2160 mp/30min/1kill

    - 1080 mp recovery/1hour
    - 540 mp recovery/30min
    - 3 mp recovery/10sec/1respawn cycle

    - 3240 Total MP needed/1hour/1kill
    - 1620 Total MP needed/30min/1kill

    • 30min-1hour grinding duo multi-client = carpal tunnel/hand cramps LOL
    • Total MP less than 1620mp, if have 45dex = 1hit/1kill
    • Three Snails skill misses, if standing too close to mob
    MP Washing vs Direct MP:
    - MP Washing from level 6 to 34 = 1595 total mp @ 170 Base INT (gains from mp washing starts at level +6 onwards)
    - Direct MP from level 2 to 34 = 1325 total mp

    New characters spawning into your Channel:
    - Drops your EPH when they kill mobs

    - EPM recovers for Main in El Nath Platform only after restarting respawn cycles

    - 2exp/kill (party of 2 duo + Three Snails) @ epm 5 = 48epm (level 10 onwards)
    @ 8exp per cycle El Nath
    @ 7exp per cycle Ludibrium
    (GM Buff gives 11exp per cycle El Nath, 9exp per cycle Ludibrium)

    - 3exp/kill (party of 2 solo + GM Buffs) @ epm 5 == 54epm (level 10 onwards) @ 9exp per cycle El Nath

    - 3exp/kill (party of 2 duo + Three Snails + GM Buffs) @ epm 5 = 66epm (level 10 onwards)
    @ 11exp per cycle El Nath
    @ 9exp per cycle Ludibrium
    EPH = 3960

    OnionListen Respawn Timer is faster than it takes to rotate clients; lowers epm. Unless you use Three Snails skill.

    Map Section Priority:
    Lower level of the Training Camp map in El Nath Platform is the primary experience gain area.


    - Monsters respawn from the 1st kill @ 10 seconds of the entire map
    - 3x Tutorial Leatty's on the El Nath platform

    Tutorial Leatty Farming Cycle:
    - 1st start at lamp post
    - 2nd jump down to conveyer belt, then jump up to kill near ladder
    - 3rd climb up and kill last, then jump down and restart cycle

    camper_tutorial_map - Copy.JPG

    - Platform Cycle

    - Respawn Timer

    - Multiclient Rotation New!
    - -
    Three Snails, Party of 2

    Camping Misc:
    The Training Uniform/Headgear for Beginners is a cosmetic layer.
    - All cosmetics are invisible except : cosmetic weapons.
    - Visible: Animated Effects and Facial Expressions only
    - Available for fun: Pet with speed equip, Myo Myo Traveling Salesman, Weathers, Chairs

    - Return to Town Scroll is restricted, and doesn’t teleport to anywhere.

    Extremely mind numbing. Meditative... maybe LOL

    - Maybe this will inspire current/future campers in their climb to the top!

    Scaled Exp Table Conversion
    ML Camper Level + 6 Levels = GMS PreBB Camper Level
    • Example --> ML Camper Level 30 + 6 Levels = GMS PreBB Camper Level 36

    - GL out there in the World of Maplelegends!
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