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Zakum Comprehensive Guide (Sellers, dear god read this)

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Lirbo, May 15, 2020.

  1. Lirbo

    Lirbo Slimy

    Feb 18, 2017
    6:05 AM
    Night Lord
    ⚔️ Beaters
    [​IMG] Zakum Comprehensive Guide [​IMG]
    Hello everyone,
    My name is Liran (IGN: Kiss/Ciss/Qiss), and I will introduce you to Zakum with the best of my abilities. I feel like this guide is needed especially now when there are many new and returning players.
    With all respect, many people can't Zakum for shit, and even if they can, they treat their buyers poorly.

    The guide will be focusing on the things I personally believe are the most important to be a professional runner & seller as one. SlimeWink

    Table of Content
    1. Minimal Requirements
    2. Preparations
    3. Learning Zakum's Animations
    4. Attackers Guide
    5. Dark Knight
    6. Bishop Guide
    7. Leader Guide
    8. Zakum Drops
    9. Dealing with Buyers (DEAR GOD, READ THIS)
    10. Tips & Tricks
    11. Conclusion

    Minimal Requirements
    Before you might even consider going to Zakum please do make sure you are meeting the very minimal requirements.

    Zakum is an Endgame boss at Level 140, which means you have to be at least Level 135 in order to get EXP from this boss.
    Also, Zakum is not really dealing a huge amount of damage, all you need to survive is 3,300 HP (Hyper Body [​IMG] can help in desperate cases).

    Also, Pet with Auto HP&MP is EXTREMELY recommended.


    Okay so you do fit enough to face Zakum and you want to proceed, what's next?

    First thing you want to do is to form a party of 6 members, containing:
    1. Bishop
    2. Attacker Bowman (with MAX Sharp Eyes) / Buccaneer (with MAX Speed Infusion)
    3. Attacker (preferably Dark Knight)
    4. Attacker
    5. Attacker
    6. Attacker

    [​IMG] VS [​IMG]
    Generally, if you can have both a Bowman & Buccaneer in your party, that's the best.
    However, if you can pick only 1 of them you probably better with the Sharp Eyes (Bowman) because they benefit all of the party.

    In case the majority of your Attackers are Warriors you might want to consider taking Speed Infusion instead (especially if that Bucanneer has Time Leap as well).

    Preparing Potion-Wise:
    Now I often see this huge mistake many people make, which is not preparing for the worst! You can't know if your Bishop will have some connection issues, or even die. You also can't always rely on the rest of your party members to survive, You HAVE to be prepared of any situation.

    HP Potions: [​IMG]
    Each class uses different amount of potions in Zakum, mainly depending if they're ranged or melee, and their Avoidability amount.
    Thieves should have at least 250 Potions that will make them Full HP, the rest should have at least 500+ I believe.

    All Cure Potions: [​IMG]
    This is one of the most important things you should be taking with you into the Zakum Altar, you can't know what will happen to your Bishop, and even if he is still with you, you can't rely on him to always Dispel your curses. (Take at least 100 or 200 with you).

    Attack Potions: [​IMG]
    You might want to prepare some Attack Potions before you head into the Zakum Altar, it will most likely be Coke Zero Pills, or Ciders. However, Bear Party buff is the best option in case you are willing to spend some NX.

    The Summoning Rock: [​IMG]
    You REALLY want to make sure you have at least 50 (if not 100) of those in your inventory, mainly if you're a Night Lord... The last thing you want to happen is to get stuck without them inside of the Zakum Altar.

    Projectiles: [​IMG]
    That's right, make sure you recharge all of your Throwing Knives/Bullets sets before you step into the Altar.
    In case of Bowmen you want to make sure you have those +4 ATT arrows.

    Learning Zakum's Animations
    Learning Zakum's animations is not mandatory (unless you're a Bishop), although I will definitely recommend to get to know them and NOT stay a god damn noob who easily dies and gets stunned 100 times in a single run.

    The 1/1:
    The 1/1 is the most dangerous animation of Zakum, it will decrease both your HP and MP to 1, which will get you killed if you won't heal it instantly. When you see this animation, make sure you are readying yourself on the HP Potion button (even if you have a pet with Auto HP, they are not 100% reliable)

    *Special note to Bishops:
    NEVER, but NEVER use your Ressurection skill when this Animation appears!

    Meteors is one of the more annoying skills of Zakum, it will spawn those signs on the floor, then drop burning pillars "Meteors" from the skies, which will stun you (and make you unable to attack for like 10 seconds).
    When you see the signs on the ground you quickly avoid them (if you know the animation you will have an even bigger advantage, because you have even more time to prepare).
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Thunders will simply spawn thunders all over around the map that will deal some damage. Worse, it will seal your skills, which is why Bishop with Dispel and All Cure Potions are important.

    Attackers Guide
    As an Attacker, you don't have to be a genius, however, you are still encouraged to memorize Zakum's animations (especially The 1/1 & Meteors) because that's gonna help you out.

    Arms Stage:
    You begin with getting rid of the arms of the Zakum

    Cleave (Mainly Warriors):
    You begin with attacking the top-left 3 arms, then proceed to whatever arm there is (especially those where u can hit at least 2 arms at once).

    You begin with attacking the top-right arm, this arm can not be reached by Melee-Classes. Which is why it is your job to get rid of this arm first. After it's dead you can proceed to whatever.

    Body Stage:
    After all of the arms are dead you want to make sure you DO NOT touch the Zakum's body, he will deal around 9k HP. Simply use the teleport (at the skull on the top platforms) to move to the LEFT SIDE. From there all you gotta do is to keep attacking and drain Zakum's life.

    Dark Knight Guide
    As a Dark Knight, you are first and foremost an attacker (which means you should also read the Attacker section above).
    However, you're a lot more than just that, let's face it, 80% of your buyers that aren't Magicians will not be able to survive Zakum without your Hyper Body [​IMG] buff.

    Arms Stage:
    The Arms stage gonna be the annoying part for you as a Dark Knight. You will have to leave the Attackers' party every few minutes and join the Buyers' party in order to re-buff them, then join again the Attackers' party to benefit EXP from the Zakum Arms.
    (This might be problematic because if an arm dies while you were in the Buyers' party, you don't benefit EXP from it).

    Body Stage:
    The Body stage is fairly easy, all you have to do is you stay in the Buyers' party and re-buff them whenever it's needed. There are some times you will have to hop back to the Attackers party, but make sure you're re-buffing your buyers once again before you leave their party.

    Here are the possible reasons for you to temporarily re-join the Attackers' party:
    1. Re-buff (Sharp Eyes, Speed Infusion, Maple Warrior, or whatever the party can offer you).
    2. Zakum activates Magic Cancel, you might want to join for Holy Shield buff, to avoid getting stunned.
    3. The Shadower in your party says he will use Smokescreen [​IMG] (Party-Godmode buff).
    4. The Zakum is on its last body and it's gonna die any moment, join the Attackers' party to get more EXP.

    Bishop Guide
    As a Bishop, you are the most important asset of the Party and you hold great responsibility.
    There is not a lot of place to fuck-up here, so make sure you learn carefully.
    Also, in order to be a good Bishop, please do learn Zakum's Animations (see Animations secion).

    Arms Stage:
    During the Arms stage, you MUST make sure you Holy Symbol [​IMG] everyone and keep track of its timer. If a Zakum Arm dies and somebody didn't have Holy Symbol buff active, that's on you buddy. Make sure you see the Holy Symbol buff above of their head to confirm they got it.

    2. Stand in the middle of the Zakum's Body (it will not deal damage as long as there are Zakum Arms alive) and use your Genesis [​IMG] skill to attack all of the arms at once.

    3. Move away from Zakum's Body to the LEFT side of the map when all of the arms are about to die (so you will not take like 9k damage from Zakum).

    Body Stage:
    During the body stage, you will have to keep track of everyone's curses and Dispel [​IMG] them whenever they appear, this is VERY important in order to keep their Damage Per Minute rate high.

    2. Whenever you see The 1/1 Animation (see Animations section), use your Heal [​IMG] skill in order to instantly recover the HP of the rest of your party.

    3. Whenever you see the Meteors Animation (see Animations section), use your Holy Shield [​IMG] skill to prevent the stun effect for those who will not manage to escape the Meteors (it has a cooldown, but better activate right before Meteors to maximize efficiency).

    4. Before the last body of Zakum (body 3) dies, you have to make sure you Holy Symbol [​IMG] your party once again.

    Bishops are powerful tools, they can save the whole party from a disaster. They possess a skill named Resurrection [​IMG] which can bring a party member who died back to life.
    This skill has 30 minutes cooldown (at Level 10 [MAX]), therefore it should be used EXTREMELY wisely.

    1. Never, BUT NEVER, resurrect a party member if they died ON the body of the Zakum (unless they have at least 10,000 HP). In case they did die on the body, you may resurrect them when the body dies (before the new body spawns, there are like 2 seconds between the bodies).

    2. Never Resurrect someone when The 1/1 Animation (see Animations section) appears!

    3. Always use your Heal [​IMG] skill multiple times after resurrecting a party member.

    Resurrecting an Attacker:
    Yes, it happens even to the best of us.
    Sometimes attackers do die in the Zakum run from different reasons. When it happens you can Resurrect them right away (but follow the rules above).

    Resurrecting a Buyer:
    Buyers do not attack Zakum, therefore they do not contribute to the party in any way. When one of them dies, it's your job to start a timer of 9 minutes. When the timer runs out you should resurrect them (before they will be automatically respawned [after 10 mins]). This way they also won't have to spend Potions to heal themselves, and they won't be in a risk of dying again in the next 9 minutes.

    Leader Guide
    As a party leader, you are the one in charge of the party as a whole. You are the one who decides when will be the run, who will participate, hell - you're even in charge of getting the buyers. Therefore, you got to make sure you make the right choices.
    If you are still new to this, make sure you go over the party structure stated above and see what works for you.

    Before Zakum:
    Before you are all rushing mindlessly into the Zakum Altar, you want to go over the next checklist:
    1. Make sure everyone is ready and non-AFK.
    2. Make sure everyone has enough Pots/All Cures Potions/Summoning Rocks
    3. Make sure your buyers have enough potions as well.
    4. Finally, continue to the next checklist under "Buyer Instructions" (see below)

    During Zakum:
    During Zakum on the Arms Stage, you will have to keep re-inviting the Dark Knight into the Attackers party, he will constantly move to the buyers' party in order to keep them Hyper Bodied. However, they will get back into your party right after, so you might want to always be ready to invite them back.

    Zakum Drops

    While Zakum is not as valuable as Horntail, it still has some nice drops you can benefit from.
    Here is the full drop list:

    Notable drops:
    [​IMG] Zakum Helmet - This is what most of your buyers will be looking for (15m).

    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] Skillbooks (Untradeable) - There are many people who will be paying you to let them loot these Untradeable skillbooks (10m).

    [​IMG] Genesis 20 - This is the main skill of a Bishop, its current value in the market is 40~45m.

    [​IMG] Red Craven - Endgame claw for NightLords (Max Stats worth ~17m), it can also be used as a material for crafting a Green Dragon Sleeve.

    [​IMG][​IMG] Pinaka/Fairfrozen - A nice spear for Dark Knights, can usually be sold in case it starts with Max ATT (or 1 ATT below MAX).

    [​IMG] The Beheader - A nice Two-Handed sword that can be used in order to craft a Dragon Claymore (an Endgame Two-Handed sword).

    [​IMG] Zakum Card - This card is very important to those who try to complete the Monster Book collections in order to get that OP ring.

    [​IMG] Zakum Chair (MapleLegends Exclusive) - This is nothing but a nice Untradeable chair to have.

    Dealing with Buyers
    Before you even consider selling Zakum Helmets you definitely want to know the minimal requirements the buyers should meet and how to provide the most professional service. Good service will build you a solid name as a seller, and get you loyal costumers who might refer their friends.

    Minimal Requirements: [​IMG]
    This is the required HP to survive Zakum without dying in a single shot.
    This requirement usually isn't met by ranged-classes at level 50 who did not wash, therefore you want to prepare an HP Gear for this kind of customers (and they are many).

    Hyper Body [​IMG] can nullify the HP Gear need, however this isn't a solid alternative for the long run, because you need to assure you have a Dark Knight (or an HB Mule) in your party.

    Potions: [​IMG]
    The amount of potions your Buyers will have to buy heavily depends on the estimated duration of your run. Most Zakum runs will take approximately 45 minutes, therefore the number of required potions should be somewhere around ~800.

    Non-Mages Potions:
    Melting Cheese [​IMG] (recovers 4,000 HP)
    Honster [​IMG] (recovers 60% HP) (Only for buyers with more than 5,000 HP)

    Mages Potions:
    Ginger Ale[​IMG] (recovers 75% HP&MP)

    Buyers Instructions: [​IMG]
    Before you step into the Zakum Altar, you want to make sure you instruct your buyers what they should do. I see many people who simply rush in with the buyers, and that's a HUGE mistake because you leave your buyers confused, afraid, and insecure!

    You must explain to them that their job is simply to stick to the Left Wall and make sure their HP is always 100% (not 95%, I said 100%).

    Finally, go over this checklist before you take them to the Altar.
    1. Make sure they have the required Potions!
    2. Make sure they 100% sure they know what they need to do (YES, READ ABOVE)!
    3. Make sure you explain to them they should NOT look at you fighting, focus on their HP (MP too if it's a Magician) instead!
    4. Make sure you tell them NOT to press on the "OK" button if they die, since you will resurrect them after 9 minutes if it happens.
    5. Make sure they have turned their Pet Loot OFF.
    6. Tell them to tell you if they have 50 Potions left (although it shouldn't happen).

    Professional & Friendly Service: [​IMG]
    The first thing you want to do after you got yourself a buyer is to assure they acknowledge what is ahead of them. Tell them how long the run will last, explain to them what Potions they should buy, and most importantly what they should do the moment they enter the Zakum Altar. Let's not forget they are new to this, and preparing them properly beforehand will minimize their chances to die.
    Once again, staying professional will build you a name as a seller, which means your happy customers will most likely refer their friends to you.

    Tips & Tricks
    Okay, so this is a part will include some tips & tricks you might want to keep in mind.

    AFK Service
    AFK Service is a luxury service for buyers who are too lazy, don't meet the HP requirements, or simply can't manage to use potions for 40 minutes straight.
    Let's not forget that many of the buyers are new to this, and are shaking the moment Zakum is spawning.

    Another great benefit of this service that it will save the buyers like 3 million mesos they would usually spend on Potions to keep themselves alive.

    2 Bishops + 1 Buccaneer OR 1 Bishop + 2 Buccaneers.

    How To:
    Spawn Zakum and let the buyer die on the left corner, take a timer of 9:40 minutes and resurrect them about 20 seconds before they respawn.

    The Buccaneer will be able to use their Time Leap [​IMG] skill, in order to skip the cooldown of all of the skills of all of the party members, which means Resurrection [​IMG] will be available again.
    With the minimal requirement stated above, you can manage to provide an AFK Service of 40 minutes.

    Right Corner:
    Many people skip this corner and that's a huge mistake because you might miss out on a Zakum Helmet, or worse.. a Genesis 20 skillbook that is hidden in the right corner of the map, make sure you always check it out.

    Opened Character-Window:
    As a party leader, you might need to keep Re-Inviting the Dark Knight into your party. Before you spawn the Zakum, simply click on the Dark Knight and drag the window to one of the corners of the screen, this way you can invite them back with a single click.
    (Teach your buyers this trick to invite the Dark Knight to their party for HB)

    - And don't tell me "yOu CaN iNvItE wItH /PartyInvite", this shit mixes up when you use the chat for other things, better simply do this with a single click.

    So that is pretty much it. I have concluded the most important points I believe you should know before you're going to Zakum. If you feel like I missed anything important, misguided you or didn't explain something well, please feel free to comment down below and I will look into it. SlimeGrin

    LirboLirbo (me) - Writing this Tutorial from a scratch.
    xadraxadra - Mentioning more notable points.
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  2. xadra

    xadra Capt. Latanica

    Jun 6, 2017
    11:05 AM
    This is probably a good idea to have seeing as how this boss does require some organization and experience to run well. I especially agree with the part about communicating to buyers before the run so they feel less panicky going in.

    Random suggested points that could be included for completion sake (cause I'm bored)

    • Could mention that the lightning attack causes Seal status affliction. IMO this is the most important thing that bishops should look out for, and I evaluate how effective a zak bishop is by the consistency and speed of their dispels after lightning seals.
    • For zak arms paladins start at the bottom to get HH on all arms. Also they are able to reach the top right arm (thx blast range buff). Worth mentioning too that top right arm is weak to fire and 2nd arm from top left is weak to ice. Paladins should use threaten on all arms to maximize everyone's damage. Also HH penetrates weapon attack cancel.
    • Could mention existence of AFK zak runs where sellers have 2 bish + 1 bucc or 2 bucc + 1 bish lineups that can res them 4 times and kill the boss within 40 minutes for a stress-free potless run, although they are guaranteed to die a few times here and should hence enter with 0% exp, or surrender their exp/safety charms.
    • Worth mentioning that helms, chairs and cards can sometimes drop in the right corner of the map which is obscured by some foreground doodads. Worth getting a seller that alr has helm/chair to go spam pickup and check.
    • Besides the obvious gen20 and good stat cravens, the other valuable equips are max or 1-watt-off-max Pinaka and Fairfrozen, also it would be a bit of a waste to NPC Beheaders since many heroes/palas buy them to forge Dragon Claymores.
    • Informative Informative x 4
  3. Eighty

    Eighty Windraider

    Jun 19, 2018
    8:50 AM
    Personally, I’d make it a point for all attackers to learn when to use ACP. Pot when the lightning animation hits you. Not after you see the seal above your head.

    Bishops dc or die sometimes and then having to deal with people not having ACP is just plain annoying.
  4. iPippy

    iPippy Nightshadow

    May 19, 2019
    11:05 PM
    Oh no, my speed infusion isnt max. Guess I'm not zak ready yet. :( Decent guide otherwise, though usually we save holy shields for the magic cancels so we dont get stunned while its vulnerable.
    • Agree Agree x 1
  5. cakesogood

    cakesogood Windraider

    Oct 2, 2017
    11:05 AM
    Demun, kokushibo
    thank you for your guide really nice and well done<3
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  6. BananaPie

    BananaPie Selkie Jr.

    Dec 22, 2019
    4:05 AM
    You only need 2.9k hp with hb to survive zak. I've brought plenty of buyers with 2.9k hp after hb and they've survived to the end.

    Also the 1/1 is a great time to res a buyer who needs hb to survive. The 1/1 won't kill the buyer if they have <2.9k hp and will give them iframes. So the bish can spam heal, and the dk has time to give hb too.

    2nd to the top right, not top right, is weak to fire.

    Edit: Just noticed in your zak arm section you don't tell bishops to dispel body. Please dispel body when needed.

    "3. Whenever you see the Meteors Animation (see Animations section), use your Holy Shield [​IMG] skill to prevent the stun effect for those who will not manage to escape the Meteors (it has a cooldown, but better activate right before Meteors to maximize efficiency)."

    This is horrible cause if you were following this to the dot you could holy shield when you see a meteor animation while zak is wep cancelled. Should just be used when the magic cancel animation is up so your attackers can burst without worry.
  7. Xeph

    Xeph Horny Mushroom

    Jun 15, 2017
    11:05 AM
    Can confirm, I did 2 runs with 3k hp and survived the entire run.
  8. OP

    Lirbo Slimy

    Feb 18, 2017
    6:05 AM
    Night Lord
    ⚔️ Beaters
    1. Leader Guide was added
    2. Opened Character-Window (under Tips & Tricks) was added.
  9. neophyte_DQT

    neophyte_DQT Blue Snail

    Aug 11, 2020
    8:05 PM
    Thank you for the guide, helped me out for my first buy. I would like to give feedback, though, that for mages, it can be better to buy Power Elixirs. Can get them for 4k or 4.1k from the FM, so more expensive than Ginger Ales, but provide a full heal that can make the run safer, depending on your total HP+MP. If you want to stay at 100% hp/mp as suggested, then cheaper to use one power elixir than two ginger ales or two elixirs
  10. Mirrors

    Mirrors Zakum Retired Staff

    Jul 15, 2019
    8:05 PM
    Great guide!! Nice work :)))
  11. OP

    Lirbo Slimy

    Feb 18, 2017
    6:05 AM
    Night Lord
    ⚔️ Beaters
    Hi, thanks for your feedback.
    However, Power Elixirs will be really unnecessary due to the fact that Zakum's damage is incredibly low and Mages are known to have HUGE MP pool. Therefore, even Ginger Ales themselves are more than luxury potions for Zakum.
  12. bj

    bj Slime

    May 30, 2018
    8:50 AM
    Great guide.
    I think you should also mention,
    - Buyers provide EoF
    - Rolling for helms in the case of multiple buyer or EoF provider loots first.
    - Buyers hugging left side for minimal damage
    - Buyers have a RollRoll X key bindings incase they are overwhelmed and can't see their character leading to body bang.


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