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Complete 2020 Summer Events

Discussion in 'Events' started by Naerobi, Aug 30, 2020.

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  1. Naerobi

    Naerobi Mushmom Retired Staff

    Sep 28, 2019
    12:42 PM
    Summer Event 2020
    Event period: 30th Aug 2020 ~ 30th September 2020 23:59 ST


    Collect Shiny Pearls [​IMG] during the event and find [Aramia] through [Gaga] to trade them in for exciting items. Talk to the [Festival Ice Cream Coordinator] at Florina Beach to exchange your Magical Ice Cubes [​IMG] to get some Maple goodies!

    1. Growing the Maple Tree

    Grow the Maple Tree big and tall! Talk to the man in the tuxedo, Gaga, located in Ellinia, Lith Harbor, Henesys and other towns. Inside, players can donate sunlight [​IMG] dropped by monsters, to help the great Maple tree grow. At its tallest point, the tree will explode in a flurry of maple leaves and reward everyone with Shiny Pearls!
    - Requirements for exchanging: Lv. 30 or higher.
    - The Maple Tree in every channel is shared, meaning that if the tree grows in channel 1, it will also grow in channel 4, and vice versa.
    - The top 10 sunshine donators will be rewarded with a special prize when the event is over.


    2. Agent Meow and Agent Kitty's Monster Break

    The Special Agent Training,
    "Monster Battle" can be accessed through these two. Speak with Agent Gaga to reach their location. These two give you the option to participate in the Monster Battle (boss rush party quest) which rewards you with Shiny Pearls. The difference between them is that Meow (left side) allows individuals to participate, while Kitty (right side) allows parties of up to 6 to participate.


    3. Speed Quiz

    Talk to [Cassandra] and answer a series of 50 questions about the maple world! From NPCs to Monsters to Items! Each question you get right will net you 1 point so try gaining 50 points in a day to obtain some Shiny Pearls. Be sure to test yourself once every 30 minutes.

    4. Roel's Huge Pearl

    Roel is in distress as she is looking for a huge pearl to finish her look for the dance show! Find Clamshell at Florina Beach, who can give you that huge pearl. Getting through this jump quest will reward you with some Shiny Pearls
    - To do this quest you need to be at least level 25, and the quest is repeatable everyday. [​IMG]

    Feeling the summer heat? During the event period, all monsters will drop Ice Box [​IMG] at a random rate.This cooling ice box will reward players with refreshing items[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] and some Magical Ice Cubes!

    6. Summer Rates

    During this event, EXP for players under Level 70 will receive a 15% bonus, while users above Level 70 will receive the normal 10% bonus. In addition, all monsters will drop 100 Vote cash and 250 Vote Cash tickets again!


    6. Summer Makeover

    Get into the summer vibes with a new look! Visit [Big Headward] and [Plastic Roy] for a makeover. Note that coupons will expire 90 days AFTER purchase!


    :heart: CREDITS :heart:
    A very big thank you to all the staff who worked so hard on this event. It took some time to iron out all the bits but we hope you enjoy what the team has put together! Special thanks to NiseNise and MirrorsMirrors for big braining the event and the Balance team. shotshot for beep booping and PastaPasta for working tirelessly on this event as well. To KittKitt ,DuckysDuckys and MirrorsMirrors for going bug hunting. Everyone in staff for coming together and making yet another event possible and of course our favourite KimberlyKimberly for being always around for all of us to run to :catmouth:
    Thank you to all of you as well for your suggestions on making our mushroom game better. We appreciate all the constructive feedback you guys give out and the heartwarming words too. we hope you enjoy all the content in store so have fun this Summer Event and don’t forget to hydrate! :mana:
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