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Every single character could be missing out on 200 HP due to a possible bug

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dlite, Sep 16, 2020 at 8:27 AM.

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  1. dlite

    dlite Snail

    2:49 PM
    • Warriors are missing +200 HP (from 20 extra washes)
    • Thieves/bowmen are missing +192 HP (from 12 extra washes)
    • Pirates are missing +216 HP (from 12 extra washes)
    • Mages don't matter ;) (jk, you're missing out on ~100 HP/~300 MP)
    You're probably wondering how. Missing out on 200 HP is no joke. It all comes down to a possible bug with the minimum maxMP calculation in the MapleLegends source code.

    MapleLegends formulas for minimum maxMP
        Beginner: level * 10 + 2
        Fighter: level * 4 + 56
        Page: level * 4 + 56
        Spearman: level * 4 + 156
        Magician: level * 22 + 488
        Bowman: level * 14 + 148
        Thief: level * 14 + 148
        Pirate: level * 18 + 111
    Those of us who have washed are all too familiar with these formulas. But just how many of us have tried to determine where the heck these numbers actually come from? What's the source? Could it actually be wrong???

    The answer is... it depends. I'll spare you the details about private server history and how private servers can only emulate GMS. The important bit is that these HP washing formulas were likely sourced from Southperry.net and NOT actual GMS. For those of you who don't know, Southperry.net is an ancient forum that featured community-driven GMS data extraction. Unfortunately, most pre-bb threads were completely scrubbed of the internet. However, using internet archives, we can still see a mostly complete archive of the HP washing thread from Feb 2009. The formulas in that thread match exactly with what MapleLegends uses today (afaik). (Side note for you tryhards: these formulas show that you can squeeze out an additional 200 HP if you do ALL your washing in 1st job, as the minimum maxMP is lower for 1st jobbers).

    But these formulas might be wrong. As I said previously, Southperry.net was an unofficial, community-driven channel for "hacking" the secret formulas behind GMS. Information was constantly being updated as members discovered new bits and pieces. While we only have access to the Feb 2009 archive, after scouring the internet I've found a modified set of formulas that were apparently updated on Southperry.net at least by April 2009, two months after our most complete archive.
    (TimesLeveled = at that Job ex. a L25 Warrior has only leveled 15 times)
    HP per level: 24-28 +(Improving Max HP Increase) | MP per level: 4-6 +(Total INT/10)
    When using AP...
    HP: 20-24 +(Improving Max HP Increase) | MP: 2-4
    1st job advance HP: 200-250 | MP: 0
    Minimum HP: TimesLeveled*24+172
    Minimum MP: TimesLeveled*4+59
    HP per level: 10-14 | MP per level: 22-24 + (2*Improving Max MP Increase+Total INT/10)
    When using AP...
    HP: 6-10 | MP: 18-20 +(2*Improving Max MP Increase)
    1st job advance HP: 0 | MP: 100-150
    Minimum HP: TimesLeveled*10+64
    Minimum MP: TimesLeveled*22+38
    As you can see, we only have an incomplete splice of these updated formulas, and they're not too different from what we know from the Feb 2009 archive. This post is long enough as it is so I won't go into detail about the differences (hint: look at "TimesLeveled"), but the key takeaway is that minimum MP in GMS might actually have been significantly lower than the current values set in MapleLegends.

    There's a lot of "maybe's" in this post. How can we find out for sure? The best we can do is compare our values to one of the only official sources of Maplestory: the BMS leak.

    So as a wrap to this very long post, I would like to send out a request. To anyone reading this who has access to the BMS leak, would you do us all a favor and reference the true minimum MP formulas? We would all be very much obliged, and go to bed feeling that much more soundly. :heart:
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You must be a logged-in, registered member of this site to view further posts in this thread.

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