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[Guide] Card Hunt: Cheese your Tier 10 Monster Book Ring with a Bishop

Discussion in 'Guides' started by antibishop, Aug 5, 2021.

  1. antibishop

    antibishop Snail

    Aug 4, 2021
    3:01 PM
    I got bored self-leeching my marksman, so I interleaved some card hunting sessions in between my leeching schedule. Turned out to be fun and rewarding.

    The marksman was created around February 2021. I completed tier 10 monster book ring and leveled him up to 133 on the same day around August 1st. However, I highly recommend you stretch the timeline a bit, so you can enjoy other stuff irl. (I was under covid lockdown, so I got nothing else to do :/)


    In this guide, I'll rank the efficiency of various card hunting zones from my anecdotal experiences and share some tips on how I hunted cards for my lower level main attacker using a bishop.

    Terminology: I use the term "attacker" to refer to the lower level attacker who picks up monster cards. Typically, they are Nightlord, Bowmaster, Corsair and for me, a Marksman. The actual monster hitter is the bishop. Do not confuse the bishop with the "attacker".

    I used these two guides as my references, so make sure you check them out as well.


    (^ I'll call this "The ASAP Guide" while referring to this guide from now on.)


    The final result of my monster book:


    • Red: Did all
    • Orange: Did all
    • Light Green: Did all
    • Dark Green: Did all except Rombot, MT09, Reindeer, Shade
    • Light Blue: Did all except Riche, D. Roy, Werewolf, Security Camera, Scholarly Ghost, Yabber Doo
    • Dark Blue: Did Dark Klock, Dual Beetle, Green Hobi, Yeti and Pepe, Hankie, Harp, Ghost Pirate, Blood Harp, Death Teddy, Goby, Dual Ghost Pirate, Black Kentauraus, Blue Kentauraus, Dual Birk, Master Death Teddy, Deet and Roi, Berserkie, Veetron
    • Purple: Did Bone Fish, Spirit Viking, Squid, Brexton, Risell Squid, Grim Phantom Watch, Dark Wyvern, Slygie, Male Boss
    • Black: Did Gatekeeper, Thanatos, Skelegon, Skelosaurus, Petrifighter
    • Gold: Did Mano, King Clang, Timer, Stumpy, Seruf, Zeno, Giant Centipede


    Where to hunt

    I leveled my attacker to lv. 21 before starting my card hunting journey. Instead of finishing each zone in one push as recommended by The ASAP Guide, I traveled repeatedly around each location quite a lot and cleared each area like onion layers. This made it possible for my low level attacker to leech exp while collecting cards.

    For example, after I cleared all mobs in Singapore CBD, my attacker was still too young to leech exp from the ghost ship mobs, so I preserved Ghost Ship for later and went to other places where it could gain exp.

    Simply put, the main idea is to skim over all low level areas around the world and head into deeper zones later on when the attacker is in a higher level. However, there were times when I completed all lower level cards yet the attacker's level wasn't high enough to leech exp from higher level card sets. When stuck in this situation, I simply switch to leeching mode, leveling my attacker in popular leech maps (Wraiths, GS, WS, WR, CD, Ulu, Skele).


    Map Selection

    I usually hunt cards in maps which:
    1. My bishop could at least 2-shot the mobs.
    2. The mobs were low level enough for my attacker to leech exp.
    (Here is a rough 1-hit/2-hit calculator I made https://knowyourrights.page/maple-mage-calculator/)

    As listed in The ASAP Guide, some kind folks organized a list of most efficient maps to card hunt in a Google spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet...TzDNGUtYJOojfk9qbVHSl70l0/edit#gid=1847158424

    I followed this spreadsheet quite often. However, sometimes certain maps are more efficient for bishops because of the map structures. I will list some recommended maps later on in the Zone Tier List section of this article.

    Also, it's quite important that you start with maps containing multiple monsters before moving on to maps dedicated to a single monster. This saves time by avoiding excessive card drops. For instance, instead of starting to hunt the mob Site in its most efficient "Authorized Personnel Only" map, you should start with Homun in "Lab - Unit 201" because it's most likely you will obtain 1~2 Site cards when you finish the Homun set. If you do Site first, you waste time by getting some excessive Site cards while hunting Homun.


    Zone Tier List

    Perhaps it's the difference between ordinary mobbing skills versus mage ults, but I found the efficiency tier list in The ASAP Guide quite different from mine.

    Thus I'll state formally that this tier list is "the efficiency of hunting monster cards for a lower level attacker using a bishop FROM MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE", which means your experience might be significantly different compared to mine. Always cross-reference between the two other guides for more data points.

    Also note that I will discuss bosses and anti-botting mobs in a different section since they have their own tiers irrelevant to their locations.

    Victoria Island except deep Sleepywood Dungeon

    Your bishop should be able to 1-shot most of the mobs here.

    The mobs here have good card drop rates and the map structures are usually straightforward for a bishop to rotate-and-cast.

    Though The ASAP guide states that the Excavation Site is hard, I found it equally easy compared to other parts of Victoria Island. This is especially true for the skeletal mobs here, I finished them in no time.

    The only hard parts are the mobs after Sleepywood Dungeon: Another Entrance. I'll discuss them towards the lower end of the tier list.

    Oh, and don't forget to take a trip to Florina Beach. Three sets with extremely good drop rates.

    Ariant except Sunset Road
    Once my attacker hit lv. 30, I came here. It was enjoyable to complete the fat exp quest line and card hunt at the same time. The mob counts and drop rates are also pretty good.

    In a recent update, many of the maps here were expanded and plenty of portals were added. This makes it incredibly easy for a bishop to hop around the maps and spam Genesis.

    However, down the Sunset Road, the mobs become sparser, making it quite painful for a bishop to spam Genesis. Hence I list Sunset Road in another tier.

    Orbis Tower
    I don't know why, but mobs in this tower drop cards like fountains. The only difficult set was Scuba Pepe, same as what The ASAP Guide states.

    Eos Tower and Helios Tower
    Skip Rombot, it has an average drop rate and it's spawning platforms are very annoying to reach (one towards the top and one towards the bottom). The rest of the mobs are fairly easy to hunt.

    Make sure you start with King Bloctopus (22nd floor) before you attempt Blocktopus. Chances are that you will collect 2~3 Blocktopus cards when the King Bloctopus set is completed.

    One caveat is that there are no safe spots on outer tower maps. The good news is that the mobs don't hit hard, your attacker should be able to tank 20~30 hits before dying. Thus I usually place my attacker around the side edges of the map and cast Heal every couple minutes.

    Ellin Forest
    Though the mobs here are quite scattered, they have an insanely high card drop rate. Not to mention that most of the maps are flat, making it easy for bishops to rotate left and right. Make sure you complete the Ellin Ring quest along the way.

    Warning: DON'T enter the tunnel portal to the left of the Primitive Boars, I dropped dead immediately without Magic Guard. (It's an unfinished late-game content, probably.)

    Ghost Ship except Mysterious Path
    Oh yes, the famous leeching spot.

    Though the card drop rates are around average, the flat and highly populated maps make it incredibly simple for bishops to farm cards.

    I also recommend staying here for some quality self-leech even after you completed all card sets. It will be way simpler for your attacker to catch up for higher-leveled cards.

    Mushroom Shrine

    You can hunt some low level mobs here during your first trip. The drop rates are above average and all maps are quite populated. The problematic thing is that you need to remember the portal locations in order to have a smooth rotation.

    Head back and hunt Paper Lantern Ghost, Big Cloud Fox, Water Goblin, Nightghost when your attacker's level is high enough. Note that there are no safe spots in the maps for Paper Lantern Ghost and Water Goblin, so you need to take heed of your poor attacker's HP.

    I skipped Dreamy Ghost because they can 2-shot my attacker. If your attacker is a Thief, you can probably Dark Sight through the hunting. However, since Dreamy Ghost is lv. 100, you shouldn't attempt them during your second trip to Mushroom Shrine anyway.

    Ludibrium Toy Factory, Time Zones
    The mob spawn rates are great and the map structures are nice n' flat. However, the card drop rates just aren't that great compared to S tier zones.

    Teddy bears and the three Chronos are the easiest sets for me, but Tick and Tick-Tock took me a hell lot of time to finish. (Make sure you attempt Tick before Tick-Tock because Tick only lives in one map.)

    Ninja Castle
    I don't know why The ASAP Guide thinks the card drop rates here are "abysmal". From my experience, if you skip Ashigaru and Ninto, you should be able to complete the other ones (Genin, Kunoichi, Chunin) collectively within an hour or less.

    To start with, your bishop can easily zip back and forth in the horizontally spanned maps, making it a brain-dead hunt. Not to mention that from my experience, a card drop is expected within every 2~6 minute interval for Genin, Kunoichi, and Chunin.

    I don't recommend hunting Ashigaru because their mob count is bad. However, I did complete their set because I got bored and used my low level attacker instead of bishop to grind through them just for fun.

    As for Ninto, I simply disliked the map. I kept on accidentally falling through the floor trap and I couldn't figure out a guaranteed safe spot for my attacker to stay on. If you plan to hunt for Ninto though, make sure you start with them first before moving back to the other weaker ninjas because there are tons of other ninjas in Ninto's map.

    Korean Folk Town
    The drop rates are around average at best, but most of the maps are great for a bishop to spam ults.

    The only set that took me a while was Hogul because the map involves a long-ass rope climb.

    Make sure you complete the king goblin quests along the way as their cards are fairly easy to get. Or if you are lazy (like me), just buy their lures (rice wine, buckwheat paste, roasted pork) in FM for 70K~300K each, and cheese your three card sets. Though they are quite pricey, I think it's worth it because King Goblins oftenly drop weapons which you could NPC for refund.

    El Nath Forest of Dead Trees to The Cave of Trail
    The two Zombies, Flyeyes, and the two Cerebes.

    Coolie Zombies don't have that good of a card drop rate, but they are packed like sardines. Simply nuke the map with your Genesis and collect an easy set.

    Miner Zombie could take quite a while as the maps are tricky for a bishop to navigate through. Rope-climbing is necessary and some platforms don't allow you to jump-down for some reason. The good thing is that they have above average card drop rate.

    Though the most efficient map for Flyeyes are in deep Aqua, you should be able to finish their set before completing Miner Zombie's set since they have a great drop rate.

    Jr. Cerebes and Cerebes are also two easy sets. Fairly high drop rates in horizontally spanned maps. A trick for the Cerebes map is that you can cast Teleport in the lava, you can even teleport from lava to some lower-levelled terrains. Hence, jump right into the lava pool for a better rotation.

    Skip Bain. The map in Showa is way more efficient.

    Make sure you keep the ETC drops in this zone, as they are quite valuable in FM due to Orbis Exchange and Zakum Prequest.

    Ulu & Skele
    These are popular zones for high level leech. Come to these maps to power-level your attacker by self-leeching. Though the card drop rates are pretty bad in these zones, you can obtain the sets (Berserkie, Veetron, Slygie, Skelosaurus, Skelegon, Petrifighter) organically through leeching.

    For Berserkie, make sure you can one-shot them or else they can stun you. Same for Montrecer.

    For Duku, they just aren't efficient both exp-wise and for card hunting since you can't one-shot him as an ordinary bishop. I recommend you skip them.

    Orbis Cloud Park

    There the three Pixies and different colors of unicorns (?) here. The card drop rates aren't that great and the map stretches vertically. This makes it troublesome for a bishop to move around the map because much rope-climbing is required.

    For the pixies, go backwards from Luster to Lunar to Star. You avoid getting excessive cards by doing so.

    For the unicorn-like thingies, start from "The Road to Garden of 3 Colors" and "Stairway to the Sky I". After you completed a Jr. set and a normie set from the two maps, hunt in the dedicated maps for the two other colors.

    Lucida is much stronger, you should get back to them on another visit. (Probably the time when you are ready for Eliza and Jr. Lucida.)

    As for the plants (Nependeath), they are fairly easy. Their card drop rates are just wonderful.

    Leafre before crossroad
    I skipped this zone at first because The ASAP Guide put it on D-tier. Surprisingly, the drop rates are just amazing.

    The portals make it easy for bishops to rotate and some mobs have insanely high drop rates. The ones that come to mind are Blue Kentaurus, Dark Rash, Harp, Blood Harp, and Hankie.

    The only two sets I found difficult are Birk and Red Kentaurus. For Birk I ground for 2 hours with only 2 card drops. What's worse, they are strong against Holy , so I have to 2-shot them. For Red Kentaurus I ground for 40 minutes with only 1 card drop. YMMV, but I skipped both.

    Upper Aqua
    The difficulty level in this zone is quite varied. Most of them got slightly above average drop rates, but for me, Mask Fish, Sparker, and the two Poopas took me a mind-numbingly long time to finish.

    Most maps here don't have safe spots for your attacker, so keep an eye on their HP bar when you're nuking the maps.

    Also, to excel in this zone, you need to get used to the water mechanics. Personally, I found it quite satisfying when casting Genesis mid-water.

    Mu Lung & Herb Town
    The mobs are quite packed in this area, but their drop rates aren't that good. From my experience, the right side of Mu Lung (strawmans and critters) is super easy, however, as you head left towards Mu Lung, it gets increasingly difficult.

    Panda and Grizzly were ok, but they are quite scattered around the maps.

    Peach Monkey and Sage Cat took me quite some time even though they are crowded in the maps.

    I skipped Reindeers because they didn't drop a single card after I finished The Book Ghost and Peach Monkey.

    Mr. Ali, Sr. Bellflower Root, Jar, and Ginseng Jar took me a long long time (40~60 minutes for each set) to finish, but Bellflower Roots...there's definitely something wrong with Bellflower Roots. They spit cards out like water hoses.

    The two pirates are relatively easy compared to most other mobs in this area.

    Ariant/Magatia Sunset Road
    There are some good ones and bad ones in this area. Generally speaking, the animals are way easier than the Dwarfs and Giants.

    In Particular, I hunted for a couple hours to complete the Sand Dwarf set, while the other ones varied between 10 to 40 minutes.

    Crowded maps with around average drop rates. As always, make sure you hunt in hybrid maps before moving on to the maps dedicated to a single mob. From my experience, the card drop rates are way lower on the right side (i.e. the mutaes) compared to the mobs in labs on the other side.

    D. Roy and Homunscullo spawn only once in a while and their card drop rates aren't particularly high. I recommend skipping them.

    There are also plenty of anti-botting mobs here, but I'll discuss them later in the boss section.

    Omega Sector
    Huge maps with around average drop rates. The good thing is that the map is wide sideways, so your bishop can zip back and forth fast.

    Start from the stronger mobs and work towards the weaker ones so you won't get too many excessive cards.

    Chief Gray took me quite a while but was still doable by channel surfing back and forth between "Hidden Street: Barnard Field" and "Hidden Street: Gray's Prairie". By doing so, you won't have to spend much time waiting for their spawn. You should also be able to finish the Zeno set along the way.

    I didn't bother with MT-09 so I don't know whether they are good or bad.

    Deep Ludibrium
    After the portals were added into the maps, this is actually a great place to card hunt. You simply cast n' drop down the map and warp back to the top using the portals. Another great aspect of this zone is that all mobs on the right passages are holy-weak, so your bishop doesn't need to be that strong to one-shot the mobs.

    Barring Deep Buffoon and Gigantic Spirit Vikings, the rest are fairly easy to hunt if your bishop can one-shot them.

    Only slightly more difficult is Master Soul Teddy as its mob count is around half of Soul Teddy's. For me, the card drops were around 2:3 for Master Soul Teddy versus Soul Teddy, so I finished them both.

    I suggest skipping Deep Buffoon, Gigantic Spirit Vikings, and maybe Master Soul Teddy, but the rest are definitely worth your time.

    As for Gatekeeper and Thanatos, their drop rates are below my expectation, but still doable. You simply channel surf and kill them two by two. I finished Gatekeeper after 8 rounds of channel surfing (8x8x2 = 128 kills), Thanatos was slightly faster (6 rounds of channel surfing). Gatekeeper is more problematic because you cannot 1-shot them and they stun you.

    El Nath before Forest of Dead Trees
    The ASAP Guide lists this place in E-tier, but hell no, it is definitely B-tier for me. Though some mobs in the Ice Valleys have low counts, the drop rates are above average. Just skip Werewolf as well as Lycanthrope and you'll have a good time.

    Start with Pepe, then White Fang and Hector. After completing them, move over to "Hidden Street: Valley of Snowman" for Jr. Yeti and "Ice Valley II" for Yeti and [Yeti and Pepe]. Chances are that you'll collect a couple Yeti and [Yeti and Pepe] cards when completing Jr. Yeti's set.

    It took me 1 hour to complete the three Yeti sets, and slightly longer to complete the Pepe and wolves sets (~1.5 hour).

    Now go to "Sharp Cliff II" for some darker mobs. Surprisingly, they are equally easy compared to their "whiter" counterparts. Just alternate between the three platforms and cast Genesis. The three cards drop quite evenly and I collected the three sets (Dark Jr. Yeti, Dark Yeti, Dark Pepe) within an hour, no joke. I even recorded their drop time for fun ( :01, :03, :11, :12, :17, :18, :21, :23, :32, :33, :45, :49, :51, :55, :58, :59, I only got one excessive Dark Jr. Yeti card).

    I didn't hunt [Dark Yeti and Pepe] myself, but from my friend's experience, it was also not too difficult if you hunt them in "Wolf Territory II".

    Note that Transforming Yeti and Separated Yeti/Pepe don't drop cards, in case you are wondering.

    Oh, and don't forget to buy yourself a nice pair of snowshoes at El Nath Gear Shop. You're crippled without them.


    The difficulty is quite mixed in this area. Generally this zone is between B and C tier. I suggest you approach the mobs selectively.

    The easy ones (on par with B tier) - Scaredy Scarlion, Ratatula, Jester Scarlion, Froscola.
    (Good maps with average card drop rates.)

    The average ones (slightly sub-B tier) - Chlorotrap, Emo Slime, Rodeo, Charmer.
    (Ok-ish maps, each set can be completed within an hour.)

    The tough ones - Dark Fission, Gallopera.
    (Either the drop rates aren't great or the mob counts are low.)

    Pain in the ass - Oly Oly, Yabber Doo, Booper Scarlion, Vikerola.
    (Mob counts are low and drop rates are bad.)

    Since I completed the Scarlion prequests for both of my characters along the way, I can provide my ETC:Card ratio for some mobs:
    • Yabber Doo - 200 : 0
    • Booper Scarlion - 400 : 0
    • Vikerola - 400 : 0
    • Gallopera - 400 : 2

    Very bad card drop rates in general, but the mob counts are nice.

    To hunt the bad bois (Extra A, B, C, Leader A, B), just grind at "Showa Street 2" and pray. You'll get a TON of excessive Leader B and Extra A cards, but keep on grinding until you complete the full 5 sets. It took me around 4 hours to finish all five sets. At least it was satisfying to see these bad bois cry.

    Extra D was easier, only a 30-minute hunt for me, but I really disliked the map as the mobs were scattered across the wide map and I hated those excessive Leader B cards.

    Male Boss is the easiest one in Showa, just channel surf a bit and you'll complete the set in no time.

    You should also hunt Bain here. However, I didn't do so because I was nearing 300 sets at that time.

    The mobs are scattered all over the maps and have below average drop rates. Not to mention that you have to go through the questline to hunt the exclusive Black Sheep. It costs a lot of time for bishops to move through each platform, and you won't be able to hit that many mobs with a single Genesis cast.

    I honestly don't know why The ASAP Guide lists Shanghai in A-tier, but from my experience, pushing through these sets is a real pain. Especially when these mobs aren't particularly good looking.

    Victoria Island Sleepywood Dungeon
    This zone includes the maps after "Another Entrance". Generally, the struggle in this zone is that the mobs don't spawn that often.

    The two simplest sets are Cold Eyes and Dark Drakes. You'll definitely complete Cold Eye's set along the way, so don't bother targeting them. As for Dark Drakes, hunt them with Ice Drake in "Cold Cradle". I got over 10 excessive cards before completing the Ice Drake sets. And by the way, Ice Drake took me around 2 hours to finish. Miserable.

    A small tip while hunting in "Cold Cradle" is to climb on the right side and drop on the left side for your rotation because the rope on the left side is long as hell.

    You could skip the remaining three sets (Wild Kargo, Tauromacis, and Taurospear) if you want to avoid a tough grind, but I pushed through all three just to complete the full Victoria Island collection (excluding bosses).

    Go to "Wild Cargo's Area" to hunt Wild C...oh, uh, Wild "K"argos, of course. The mob count is 13, but they spawn every 2 minutes so you'll have to surf channels.

    Tauromacis and Taurospear sets are grindy as hell. They spawn every couple minutes across four different maps. The trick is to change channel in FM, or otherwise you'll be warped back to "Another Entrance". If you haven't completed Cold Eye's set, you'll definitely complete it here.

    Singapore CBD & Mysterious Path
    Even though the mobs are relatively low in levels, the drop rates are below average at best. What's worse, some mobs have low mob counts while sharing maps with others.

    The easier ones are Trucker, Freezer (not to be confused with Freezer in Aqua), Stopnow, and Biner, but they are nowhere near mobs in tier B.

    Batoo is just crazy difficult to hunt as it flies all over the place with a low-ass mob count of 6, in both maps. Get this set if only you are a harecore grinder (like me).

    The other painful sets are Tippo Blue, Tippo Red, and Octobunny. They all reside in the annoyingly long pre-Ghostship paths while sharing maps with others. The Tippos share a map with each other and Octobunny shares a map with the unwanted Pac Pinky. (Pac Pinkies are way more efficient to be hunted inside Ghostship.) Still doable though, compared to Batoo.

    Deep Aqua
    As a bishop, you can only hunt the two Squids, Goby, and Bone Fish because Cold Shark dispels you and makes your Magic Guard go bye bye.

    Though the mob counts are great and the map rotation is smooth (sink down and jump-float up), the card drop rates are pretty bad especially for Goby and Bone Fish. I spent almost 3 hours collecting the two fishy sets.

    Leafre after crossroad except skele

    I'm actually considering moving this to C-tier, since most mobs are way easier to hunt compared to other D-tier zones. Still, this place deserves a big fat D because of the extremely low card drop rates.

    To start with, you should definitely skip Jr. Newtie and Nest Golem. They. Simply. Won't. Drop. I self-leeched for hours here, but not a single drop.

    The only exception (at least for me) is Dark Wyvern. They were surprisingly easy. I hunted them for my Bahamut upgrade quest, and by the time I completed the full questline, I already got 4 cards.

    I tried Blue and Red Wyvern without success. Grinding for an hour without a single card.

    I skipped the turtle dragons randomly, so I don't know whether they are good or bad.

    Other doable mobs are the Cornian Bros, since you gotta farm that damned Marrow and Busted Dagger. However, after two daggers and marrows, I only collected a single Dark Cornian card and no Green Cornian card.

    Also Rexton, if you'd like to hunt them for a silver piggy (or sell their leather for a fortune). I didn't try it though, so I'm not sure.

    For Brexton, my friend happened to be hunting them for [Shadow Claw 20] and I got permission to pick up excessive cards. Turned out that he got 15 cards without a single [Shadow Claw 20]. So at least Brextons are willing to share more cards than spellbooks with you.

    Temple of Time
    Yes, I completed the 999 mob hunting quests. No, I haven't got a single card drop from the mobs. (Ok, to be fair, some mobs did drop 1~2 cards, but most didn't.)

    Eye of Time though, I collected 4 cards when I reached "Road to Oblivion 1". However, considering the long grind from "Three Doors" to "Oblivion 1", their drop rates should still be regarded as beyond abysmal.

    It is extremely inefficient for a single bishop to farm cards here as most mobs here are bulky as hell. You can, however, ask politely in popular leeching maps for permission to pick up unwanted cards.

    Neo Tokyo
    Bishops (and mages in general) are useless here. Period.

    "There are no E-tier." -- Master Oogway


    Bosses and Anti-botting Mobs
    I only discuss bosses which I've attempted. So this section could be quite skewed. Also, I hunt these bosses at different times, so the information about the "number of campers" may be inaccurate as it depends on the online player count.

    Giant Centipede: A must-do. Nobody camps him and the drop rate is extremely good.

    Rurumo: It spawns every 40 minutes on three maps and the drop rate is great. Just channel surf a bit and you should complete the set in no time.

    Deet and Roi: It spawns every 40 minute. The drop rate is fairly good. I completed the set during the second round of channel surf (meaning less than 16 kills).

    : You should be able to finish the set while hunting the pixies and the stone golems. If you don't, Golem's Temple is a good place to hunt them.

    Seruf: Though it is often camped by people, its spawn time is just an hour. Pick a time with less online players and AFK until one spawns. Record the timer and repeat.

    King Slime: It's definitely tough if you RollRoll with other players in KPQ. So just do it with two KPQ mules if you really wish to finish this set.

    Zeno: It spawns every two hours and not many people camp for him. I completed this set while I was channel surfing for Chief Gray. Chief Gray was definitely more difficult to collect.

    Mano: It is often camped by lower level players, but it spawns once an hour. Multiplied by its good card drop rate, it's a very easy set. Bonus point: the rainbow shell is hella fun.

    Stumpy: Same as Mano, though less campers in general.

    Deo: Similar to Mano and Stumpy.

    Jr. Boogie
    : Hunt them two by two in "The Grave of Mushmom". The drop rate is pretty bad, considering its mob count. It took me around 1.5 hour to finish.

    King Clang: Spawns every 2 hours. Plenty of campers and the drop rate is just around average compared to other bosses. It took me 3 rounds (around 8x3 = 24 kills) to complete the set.

    Alishar: If you're lucky, you'll get this set while you grind your glasses. I didn't do any LPQ for my attacker, but I easily got this set on my bishop after doing 35 rounds of LPQ. If you're always unlucky, you can ask your teammates and offer some cash in exchange for the cards.

    Timer: Tons of campers here. What's worse, the map is an intersection for time zones and deep ludi, so there are many unrelated passers-by who just happened to be there, and happened to be killing Timers for fun.

    Dyle: Being camped a lot because the location is easily accessible.

    Snowman: Doable while you're hunting Yetis, I got 2 cards after 7 kills. Still, it has a 3 hour spawn time, so you need to AFK-wait a bit to complete.

    Security Camera: It spawns every 3 hours, but not many people hunt them. I can't really tell much about the drop rate because I only hunted 2 of them, obtaining 1 card.

    : Too many campers, every single channel was occupied during my first attempt. On my second attempt, I was lucky to hunt 4 Elizas across 2 channels. hunt it mainly for the Jr. Lucida card. The trick is to leave Eliza slightly below 30% HP and it will spawn a crazy amount of Jr. Lucidas. However, after it uses up its MP, it stops spawning the little creatures so you have to end its life and find another one.

    Faust: I've tried to hunt them numerous times, but never really saw one alive. Also, there are no safe spots in the map, so you cannot camp them in the traditional way.

    Master Dummy: Three hour spawn time with below average drop rate. There are also plenty of campers because it's only one map away from the town. There are also no safe spots in the map.

    King Sage Cat: Too many campers and a 3 hour spawn time. I tried to hunt him twice, both attempts failed because most channels were occupied by campers.

    Tae Roon: Pretty bad drop rate and a 3 hour spawn time. I hunted him for two rounds (2x8 kills) with only a single card drop.

    Mushmom, Zombie Mushmom
    : It's difficult to reach them because you get warped back each time you change a channel. Also, I only got 1 card drop after hunting 8 Mushmoms. Not worth it.

    Scholar Ghost: Bad drop rate.

    Riche: Though it spawns in four maps, it has a bad drop rate.

    Shade: The map is occupied by leechers. It's nearly impossible to hunt one of those.

    Crimson Balrog: The chances of meeting them are just low. Not to mention that it's quite annoying to hop on and off the boat.

    Jr. Balrog: I've never met this man in my life.


    Thanks for reading. Feedbacks are welcome!
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  2. MrTwabbles

    MrTwabbles Slime

    Feb 1, 2021
    1:01 AM
    Thanks for the guide! It is always interesting to see the different luck that people have with certain mobs. For instance I have gotten all 5 lycan cards just from killing them while walking to Zakum to door people. As a bishop main with an attacker 2nd account I appreciate the guide as a supplement to the others.
  3. xadra

    xadra Capt. Latanica

    Jun 6, 2017
    3:01 PM
    I just enjoy reading detailed tier lists in general.

    Interesting to see Crimson Balrog in bottom tier. I'd personally consider it top 3 easiest sets in the game with how often I just casually meet them on boat trips and how often they drop their card.
  4. akashsky

    akashsky Horntail

    Jun 10, 2017
    United States
    11:01 PM
    I believe the drop rate for this card was ninja nerfed.
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  5. whatdatoast

    whatdatoast Windraider

    Apr 9, 2020
    11:01 PM
    I generally think tier lists should be split between mage-farmable and attacker-only, so it's nice you included the easy ones for your bishop. If you own a F/P or I/L a lot of other maps are really easy (like squids, gigantic vikings, most of leafre, all of ulu, most of shaolin, and even some of ToT).

    Also, i think since the last guide, a lot of buffs (teleports or spawn) were made to maps in Ludi, ToT, Mu lung, early leafre (i might be missing some).

    Nice work!

    INSAINRUSSIA Horny Mushroom

    May 27, 2020
    2:01 AM
    I/L Arch Mage
    Here's my take on the ninja castle drop rate, As an IL/Arch mage, ninto, gennin, was easy, (blizzard op). Chunin and gennin are low, Ashigaru is total crap. I spent 3 hours hunting that fucker and not 1 card. I even tried the secret room where 3 of them spawn in at once and made sure to use ice strike instead of blizzard for a better drop rate but nothing. At least I got a nice pumpkin spear with +17 accuracy.
  7. Nimbus

    Nimbus Horny Mushroom

    Oct 31, 2017
    2:01 AM
    Hi there!

    First off, thanks for the shoutout on your guide! I took a pretty long hiatus from maplelegends and this is the first time I get to check it out.

    - I really like your take on the zones. Like I mentioned, I never got to card hunt with mage ults so I find the differing results very interesting! The fact that mage ults can just bypass some annoying map designs for most other characters, like your experience in the Ninja Castle, El Nath and Leafre (before crossroads), definitely worth mentioning and checking out and I might make some changes to my guide taking this into account, if that's ok with you (will also give a shoutout to yours in mine, of course). Whenever I get to do this myself I'll definitely cross-check my results with yours. It's worth mentioning, however, that bypassing those annoyances is important to mention for a lot of players that just don't have a 4th job mage in hand to take care of the zones. But for me, this means that, if you do, you have access to a lot more zones that I ended up recommending leaving for last or just ignoring. This calls for some rewording on my guide now that I have read yours.

    - I really like the fact that you added specific comments on certain mobs on zones that you otherwise found easy. I tried to avoid that on my guide to make it way too wordy and long, but just remembering my own experience card hunting, I agree with most of your points.

    -The anti-botting and boss tier list can really help those people who are looking to get those extra cards outside the normal mobs. I really like that you included this. Once again, it's a section that I did not include (with an explanation on why I didn't include it, but still), so it's awesome to see on another guide.

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