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[Guide] Grinding/Leeching at Crimson Guardians (115+)

Discussion in 'Training' started by Nise, Nov 9, 2017.

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  1. Nise

    Nise Supervisor Staff Member Supervisor Game Moderator

    Jul 5, 2017
    6:09 PM

    Sick of killing petris over and over? Tired of how slow the grind is getting? Need a breath of fresh air in your end game MapleLegends life? I INTRODUCE YOU TO CRIMSON GUARDIANS (crims)!


    'Better exp than petris! Comparable leech xp to 1-hit petris! AND 24/7 empty maps!'


    SS-ed during bonus exp event~


    SS-ed during bonus exp event~

    Okay so crims give off the walls exp, but how come I haven't heard of them before?

    That's because you can only effectively grind these mobs using a Heaven's Hammer combination. This is a NEW technique/method that only works on Legends because of the Paladin changes. So with a pally partner you can unlock crims as an effective grind spot or even a superb leech spot.

    Crimson Guardians
    : 120 (leechable from 115+)
    Hp: 120k
    Exp: 12.2k (petris is 9.1k) - with Legends x2 bonus
    Location: NLC Crimsonwood Keep (door-able, no need to do the stupid jump quest -.-)
    Spawn rate: THICC
    Weak to: Nothing
    Strong against: Fire, poison, ice
    Immune against: Holy & heal (Genesis does 1 dmg)
    Ability: seals you after it takes damage

    SUMMARY: Killing these mobs are annoying as fuck cus of their immunity/strengths + their seal. BUT the xp & spawn is sooooo juicy.

    • Amazing xp (better than BFs even if done absolutely perfectly)
    • Your equips/attack range does not matter (I sometimes wear full int gear and can still grind here)
    • Drops Brandish 20 (sold for 5+ m)
    • Possibility of selling crim leech (will confirm soon)
    • Will burn through all cures
    • Training here will not nett you more mesos (nothing NPC-able drops, and only thing that is worth money is Brandish 20)


    Heaven's Hammer = 4th job pally skill that reduces mob hp to 1. It has a 10 second cooldown (on Legends only), and allows us to do some creative things like Crims :D

    Finisher = is any skill that can deal damage to 15+ mobs, like:
    - DK's roar
    - Genesis
    - Meteor
    - Blizzard
    Wait didn't you say genesis only does 1 damage to the mobs? Yup! But HH is a skill that brings mobs down to 1 hp, so it doesn't matter that crims give bishops flashbacks to their Maple Island days hitting 1s to snails!


    Max rank HH has a 10 second cooldown, which is the perfect amount of time to go from one side of the map to the other side for the pally.

    Rather than using your HH as soon as the cooldown is off, it is better to wait for the mobs to respawn - if usually coincides with your HH cooldown, but if your finisher was delayed in killing the mobs, you might need 1-2 seconds before you see the mobs respawn.
    [TIP] To see when mobs respawn, it's better to stay on the bottom platform!​

    As a finisher, you want to cast your finisher (e.g. Genesis) right when you see the hammer swinging down as a part of the HH animation. This guarantees your damage going through + allows the mobs to respawn ASAP.

    Expected Xp

    During event exp boost (with 10% bonus), you can get up to 78m xp/hr as a Pally as you saw in the screen shot above.

    Without event exp boost, the rates depend on whether you have partied HS or unpartied HS. With unpartied HS (which offers a slightly less bonus than partied HS), you get an average of 65m xp/hr. You might hit the low 70m's with an EPM 1, but as an average number 65m is a more realistic number.

    But here's still the obligatory ss to rub it into your face :p


    Message to Mage Finishers
    Training here with a Pally will not actually get you more xp than you training at Petris/skele. BUT this is actually perfect for lower lvl mages (120-140) because even with Lvl 1 gene/meteor/blizzard you can be a finisher.

    ALSO if you have a second character you need to leech, xp is comparable to 1 hit Petris (up to 37m xp/hr during event bonus & 31m xp/hr without). And you don't need to be Lvl 18x or JayChou (if your a bishop) to do this!

    [Solo Grinding]

    The optimized way of training here is with a finisher but it is possible for pallys to solo grind with HH + tons of all cures.

    Solo at crims (no HS) mule will get you around 35m xp/hour. You will burn through wayyy more all cures solo, but compared to the measly 19m xp/hour solo at petris you get, the trade off might be worth it.

    Note: I did manage to hit 43m xp/hour solo (during event bonus) and I have the screenshot to prove it, but haven't been able to recreate that miracle :s

    44m solo.png


    Since there aren't that many pallys on this server, this might be the section thats relevant to most people.

    It works not only for 115-13x as an alternative form of leeching, but also for higher level players. I've been leeching a 15x guildie as a Lvl 14x. While after 4th job, most say leeching isn't worth it (excluding self-leech), but because of how juicy the xp is, it is a viable leech spot for high level players as well!

    If you want to understand how the leech works and how you can recreate the leech, its pretty complicated to explain so bear through all this writing <3 If not, you can just look at the leech xp rates

    Leech Xp Rates

    With a HS mule (partied HS):
    - Solo (29 - 30m xp/hour)
    - Split (23m xp/hour)​

    Without a HS mule, but with unpartied HS:
    - Solo (26 - 27m xp/hour)
    - Split (20 - 21m xp/hour)​

    How to Leech

    I explained the technique of grinding at crims above, so I won't repeat that explanation. BUT what I need to explain is how the parties are made to make leeching effective/efficient.

    In the leech xp rates, I make a distinction between partied HS & unpartied HS. That's because your finisher (bishop or archmage) will NOT be in your party if you are leeching another character. They do 1 damage, so if they're in the party it's essentially just dead weight. It's like adding another character to leech. Now, because the finisher is not in your party, that means the leeching party (pally + leechers) will have two scenarios:
    1. HS mule in party (usually comes along with the archmage)
    2. HS from bishop before they are kicked out of the party (and readded every time they need to re-HS)
    HOWEVER, there is an exception to the finisher not being in your party. IF you have a bishop finisher + split leeching, it is actually preferable sometimes (depends on lvl differences) for the bishop to be IN the leeching party.

    With the bishop unpartied, you get a 3 party member xp bonus + reduced HS bonus. From one of my split leech sessions, the xp was:
    - Pally = 44m xp/hr
    - 14x Dk = 22m xp/hr
    - 13x Hero = 19m xp/hr​

    With the bishop partied
    , you get a 4 party member xp bonus + full HS bonus. From the same leeching party, with the bishop added, the xp was:
    - Pally = 43m xp/hr
    - 14x Dk = 21m xp/hr
    - 13x Hero = 21m xp/hr
    - 12x Bishop = 20m xp/hr​

    Tip: the safe spot on the map is on the bottom right hand corner of the map on the first step. This is the perfect location for a leecher/hs mule.


    I'm assuming some of you might be curious for how I've made crims a viable grinding spot and would like an explanation. I could also be wrong and people might not even open up this section, in which case... rip me.

    To get into explaining why it works, we have to first see why it doesn't work. Once damaged, crims start casting a seal which causes a delay in you doing more damage to them (even if you all cure immediately). The only way to effectively grind these mobs would be to 1 or 2-hit them. Then you would either have to just all cure once or avoid being sealed all together.

    But warriors can't dish out 120k damage (at least not for mobbing purposes). And mages are pretty fucked due to crims being strong against ice/fire (even as a 18x f/p archmage meteor only does around 40k), and immune to holy (rip 1 damage even if you're Lvl 200).

    The only way we can get around this issue is pseudo-1 hitting where 2 players attack the mobs. First attacker gets sealed, but then the second attacker finishes them off in "1-hit" which prevents seal.

    The only class that can be the first attacker is a pally, since no other class can do 100k+ damage to multiple mobs, considering the crims' strengths and immunity.

    But at the same time, solo pally isn't really effective since you'd get sealed as you go around the map trying to finish off 1 hp monsters. The solution for this problem was to recruit a finisher who can kill off all these 1 hp crims. ^^

    Well! Thanks for reading and hope some of you guys will go onto try crims! Or if you have any questions about it, drop me a message and I'd be glad to answer your questions ^^

    Special thanks to all my essence guildies & others for helping me experiment & figure this out ^^
    Yolock, BlackApe, TheSinimini, Mojojo, DivineArrow, Helya, Greenwaves, Yaranzo~

    ALSO S> Crims leech!!! Check link for prices!
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2017
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