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Pirate [Guide] How to become a living meme: the STR Corsair Mage edition

Discussion in 'Jobs' started by Fraiche, May 21, 2020.

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  1. Fraiche

    Fraiche Pac Pinky Retired Staff

    Jul 20, 2017
    6:11 PM
    Monobrow, Sheathe, Kasie, Fraiche
    F/P Arch Mage
    Are you a proud pirate scum who’s all about that scallywag life but sometimes you feel a secret lust for the mystic arts? Are you sick of being like everyone else and want to transcend your maple identity from a respectable player to a shameless meme?

    If you answered yes to either, you’ve come to the right thread. Throw away your guns and dignity, you have need of them no longer. I will show you the ungodly path of the STR Corsair and the art of training your seagulls to shit meteorites.

    Whatchu need:
    Gear: Spears, lots of spears and dex/acc gears.
    Endgame gear: Sky Ski, + as many attack scrolled gear as you can fit. Scroll for dex/accuracy where you can after.

    Whatchu need to do:
    • STR is your main stat, add as much as you can and only add enough DEX for the accuracy to hit your desired mob. 1 DEX per level is recommended and cap at approx +/-130 DEX with buff & equip for enough accuracy to HT (LOL)
    • You are a snowflake, hp wash if you want to boss (LOL) because you'll be tanking bodies like the pepega you are.
    • Wear only spears for max damage output, not swords, not swords+shield, not polearms, just spears. For some reason, spears have a higher damage multiplier on Sairs than every other weapon of the same w.att including polearms. This multiplier seems exponential and much more aparent lategame, the higher your w.att range, the higher the multiplier, from approx 6% to 200%+ damage difference (spear & polearm comparison). <not sure why this works.
    • W.att increases your Aerial Strike damage so deliciously, and Apples are godly.
    • Always have a gun (e.g. Maple Guns) for using homing bullet on boss limbs.
    SP :
    • Level 10-30: Max Sommersault Kick > Bullet Time/Dash (S.K. will be your main attacking skill until 4th job) (Edit: Thanks merkymerky for pointing out that double shot/flash fist is required to attack mobs inside 2nd job adv map. So bring a gun or knuckler! )
    • Or alternatively 10-30: Go for the regular Sair AP and SP build until your DEX hits ~130, then add all AP to STR from then on. This is if you prefer the better mobility and range that comes from wielding a gun, doesn't really matter much in this level range.
    • 30-70: Max Wings, the rest are useless.
    • 70-120: Max Gaviota/Octopus > Homing Beacon, again the rest are useless.
    • 120+: Max Aerial Strike > MW > Bullseye > Wrath of Octopi, and again the rest are useless.
    Whatchu also need to know:
    • Your Aerial Strike damage range will be wild. Your lowest hit will be ~10x weaker than your strongest hit. Correct me if I'm wrong, but to calculate your Aerial Strike damage, you simply just multiply your attack range by 1200% (excluding mob def and dmg reduction).
    • Always Apple when you boss as it significantly increases your DPS.
    • In between Aerial Strike cooldown, use S.K. or cast summons for additional DPS.
    • Your summon damage will be pathetic because it doesn't scale well with STR and doesn't scale with weapon att at all iirc. But it still increases your DPS by a decent amount.
    (Tested on ML, results replicated from elsewhere, 98% sure it should be the same.)

    Lvl 200, well funded Str Sairs can potentially hit 150k+, SE for that occasional 199k :drool:. (Update: Was able to hit 170k+ on beaconed targets at lvl 200 with apple + echo, wearing nothing but perfect ski and bwg)

    It baffles me how STR Mages, DEX Warriors etc get so much attention while I could barely find anything about STR Corsairs. Out of all these jokers, I think STR Corsairs are the least terrible of them. Even then, still a meme.
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