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Update Introducing: Neo Tokyo Part 2!

Discussion in 'Update Notes' started by Mirrors, Aug 12, 2022.

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  1. Mirrors

    Mirrors Supervisor Staff Member Supervisor Game Moderator

    Jul 15, 2019
    2:19 AM
    Moderator Post

    Banner credits: SerinSerin


    After several years of planning, MapleLegends is proud to announce the final release of Neo Tokyo with the launch of NT Part 2! As the mystery of Neo Tokyo continues to unravel, you will realize there are 3 different endings to the story, which each have its own order of quests to venture on.
    After the completion of NT Part I, NT Part II can be initiated through Asia in Kamuna.

    「 New Endgame Content

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Dunas Unit and Dunas II
    After killing Dunas in Neo Tokyo Part I, Dunas is now back to resume its mission to cause chaos and death.

    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]

    Royal Guard and Core Blaze
    The path to Core Blaze will be challenging with plenty of Guards and obstacles to overcome. Grab your friends to find out what role Core Blaze plays in the different endings of Neo Tokyo, and why it needs to be destroyed.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The boss that drops an almighty helmet, what does she entail? Will killing Aufheben finally save Zipangu from destruction?

    「 Aufheben Circlet」

    As the original helmet drop has very low base stats and depended on scrolling to be deemed best in slot, we have decided to rebalance the helmet to be worthy of itself with a higher ceiling potential upon scrolling.

    Here are the base stats for Aufheben Circlet:

    All Stats: 20 (18 - 22)
    Accuracy: 28 (25 - 31)
    Avoidability: 23 (20 - 26)
    Upgrade Slots: 10
    To avoid further burdening the usage of white scrolls and affecting the current scroll market, Aufheben Circlet can only be upgraded through the use of Aufheben Circlet scrolls.

    Just another emphasis for people that can't read:

    Aufheben Circlet Scrolls
    Since Aufheben Circlet base stats have been massively increased compared to the original version, we have also adjusted Aufheben Circlet scrolls accordingly.
    The original Aufheben Scrolls have 2 categories which consist of the "miracle scroll" type and the "normal scroll" type. The original "miracle scroll" for Aufheben Circlet, which gave +all stats, has not been implemented as it is simply deemed overpowered for ML server.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The original normal scroll now has its chances reduced from 60% to 50%, and is now called a Dark Scroll to reflect its boom-able property. While scrolls will mainly drop from Aufheben, all other bosses in Neo Tokyo will also drop them, albeit at a much lower rate. These scrolls give +3 for one of the stats chosen.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Moreover, we are introducing a new set of Aufheben Circlet scrolls! They are also 50%, but they have no boom chance for a reduced stat increase. These scrolls give +2 for one of the stat chosen, are untradeable, and will only be craft-able. This will allow players to reasonably complete their helmet without the fear of booming the helmet.

    As you may have noticed, we also have re-skinned the Aufheben Circlet scrolls to help distinguish them, keeping in line with our previous skin changes to scrolls.

    「 Crafting Aufheben Scrolls

    By completing the final quest (i.e. the true ending) of the Neo Tokyo questline, Noran will then offer exchanges of different Aufheben scrolls.

    You can craft the new Aufheben scrolls using:
    [​IMG] Imperial Guard Shield, which are dropped from Imperial Guard mobs and are used in crafting new non-boomable Scrolls for Aufheben.
    Note: Imperial Guards have been added to the map leading to Aufheben, to facilitate the farming of this ETC.
    [​IMG] Core Blaze Tip and [​IMG] Aufheben Wing, which will drop from its respective bosses, to allow exchanges between Dark Scrolls for Aufheben.
    Note: This exchange allows conversion of an existing Dark Scroll to another type of Dark Scroll only.

    「 Balance Changes

    With lots of research done, we have learned and tried to keep the many unique features from JMS such as reactor affecting monsters and approaches to different questlines. However, some parts are tuned to be more suitable for ML especially in consideration of balance.

    In planning Aufheben specifically, we realized the necessity of creating an endgame boss that would require all classes, instead of just several specific ones. Thus, Auf is the first boss for Legends to be customized so heavily for balance reasons. Below is a list of major changes where ML differs from JMS along with some details of how Auf differs from vanilla NT Auf, and what you can expect in the upcoming fight:

    General NT2
    • Questline to different endings are now in chronological fashion instead of being an option purely from how it started. (since starting the "normal" ending does not give permit to Aufheben)
    • Some bosses EXP are adjusted to keep in line with the rest of ML's bossing content.
    • Neo Tokyo Part II expedition sizes are all capped to 6 characters to keep in line with Neo Tokyo Part I
    • Removal of condition where boss need to be killed in 20 minutes upon entering expedition for Dunas and Aufheben.
    • Element attributes on some bosses are removed or changed to encourage fair inclusion of all classes.
    • Drops are completely custom to ML balance choices as opposed to being JMS-like.

    Royal Guard & Core Blaze
    • Chandelier damage decreases from 25m to 10m to encourage fair amount of fight time with Royal Guard instead of being too Chandelier-focused.
    • Chandelier will only respawn by triggering the computer terminal on the floor.
    • Royal Guard's avoid decrease from 100 to 60 to ensure content is doable by all classes.
    • Some lasers are desynced from each other to prevent players from easily getting away from doing the Jump Quest before reaching Core Blaze.
    • Touching the lasers or the boxes will teleport the player back to the bottom.
    • Core Blaze has its spawns increased to encourage inclusion of cleavers instead of being mainly a single target content.

    • Expedition requires a minimum level of 175 to join, and the allowed expedition time is reduced to 90 minutes.
    • Cursed Aufheben now has all mini's debuff skill.
    • Half of Cursed Aufheben HP is transferred to Aufheben.
    • Aufheben damage is slightly lower in general (due to lowered touch damage)
    • Aufheben now has Damage Reflect (DR) similar to Pink Bean's.
    • Aufheben now spawns multiple, stronger Mini Aufhebens.
    • Aufheben HP threshold for spawning Mini Aufheben has been adjusted.
    • All Mini Aufheben HP has been massively buffed.
    • Some Mini Aufheben Damage Reflect skill has been removed as an exchange for Aufheben having DR.
    • Mini Aufheben heal skill is readjusted for the increased spawn.
    • Flying mechanic is not yet supported in the map as it is not a mechanic under v62. Regular swimming will replace it for the time being.

    :heartbeat: Thank You :heartbeat:
    Thank you the staff members that helped make Neo Tokyo Part II possible! It could not have been done without the blood, sweat, and tears of our developers PastaPasta , as well as KimberlyKimberly NiseNise MirrorsMirrors MottMott SerinSerin FrisiiFrisii FubukiFubuki OolongOolong AesopAesop AriamiAriami Nightz777Nightz777 AnonAnon HolpHolp LynxLynx xiaoyaozxiaoyaoz Krauser94Krauser94 ZerakaiZerakai for hashing out the details of NT2, the bosses, the questlines, the maps, new graphics, relentless testing, hours of brainstorming, and other incredibly important decisions. The team has spent many months working on NT2, and to see it finally get released is an incredible achievement.

    Also, shoutout to SiaoSiao for importing some of the NT2 files back then when the Neo Tokyo project was first started and ShinoharaShinohara that helped with some Japanese translation.

    We all hope you enjoy Neo Tokyo Part II and good luck to all Maplers!

    Note: The library is not updated yet for this patch, which is intentionally done to prevent spoilers!​
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