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(not) Shiverings new meso journal

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by SinclairJ, May 12, 2021.

Favorite chapter?

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  1. SinclairJ

    SinclairJ Slime

    Dec 8, 2020
    1:52 AM
    I've been having some things on my mind about the server and where its at, so dont mind this little rant.

    Chapter 1, Kimmy
    Tail swooshing and hips swaying, the curvy figure walked purposefully across the lake toward the man resting by the shore; rising quickly as she approached, he appeared visibly happy to be in her presence. Red arms flowed over his shoulders as a smooth tail coiled seductively around his waist. "Why must I travel so far to be meeting man like you?" Her voice carried a strong, alluring accent.

    Grinning wildly, he gently pushed her away, openly staring as the light caught her features.

    "Up here!", she exclaimed in playful anger.

    With a helpless shrug, he reached into his pack and pulled out a small pouch. "My wonderful Kimmy, I've brought you something." Confidence wrapped his words like a steel blanket.

    She plucked the tiny bag from his hands, excitedly pulling it open and revealing a doublegged horntail pendant.

    "Oh... Sinclair, you shouldn't have."

    The usual teasing was gone from his voice, "Every facet lights the sky, and my heart, with your beautiful reflection."

    Kimmy frowned. "Uh... no. I meant you really shouldn't have. I have to permaban you now"

    For the first time, possibly ever, Sinclair looked hurt. His shoulders slumped slightly, the cocky, ever-present grin missing from his handsome face.

    Kimmy opened her mouth to speak, smiling warmly; a glowing "GM" appeared above her eyes. "I don't think I can mend your feelings, even with my Gift."

    Despite the statement, her words seemed to do the trick, Sinclair smirked roguishly as he adjusted his HP wash gear, "Well you aren't the only gifted one."

    Silence penetrated the room with palpable force as the conversation shifted to the language shared by all races of Maple world.

    Minutes became hours, until their passionate dialog was interrupted by countless pings and stupid forum threads.

    "Is something wrong?", Sinclair asked.

    "No my dearest Sinclair, once you become GM you can protect me from these animals."



    Chapter 2, a day in the life
    Sinclair galloped on his silver mane towards the free market, bringing an almost imperceptible flush to Clevercookie as he passed by the Henesys bench. He dismounted and handed his fame to the first egirl he could see.

    The Free Market was unusually crowded, and he pushed his way through the crowd until he stood in the shadows of the gamble addicts. An exotic voice purred his name, "Sinclair, it is good to see you again."

    Sinclair smiled and squinted as his eyes adjusted to the absence of light. "Kimmy, the pleasure is all mine." She dipped a polite bow; Sinclair felt a sudden warmth as he was reminded of why the term heavenly was often used to describe the staff team. He bowed in kind, catching Kimmys hand and kissing it gently, never shifting his gaze from the hulking Hiyo standing behind her, a single tear between his watchful eyes.

    "So, Sinclair, can I interest you in something... special? I'm afraid the usual cannot be offered today." Sinclair did not miss her emphasis on 'the usual', nor the deep regret that laced her words. Their eyes met once again and she squeezed his hand before letting go.

    "If that is your will, may I see what you have to offer?" Sinclair asked.

    There are several magnificent features like pinkbean, client edits, and many balance changes," Kimmy answered, her typical playfulness quickly returning. She paused and held a hand to her chin, feigning thoughtfulness. "But my most valuable treasures are located upstairs."

    Sinclair's eyebrows lifted comically and his eyes widened before his expression settled into gleeful acceptance. "Until we meet again, then." Her eyes fluttered and Sinclair found himself walking towards the very top of the free market.

    Waiting in FM22 were two beings of such beauty that he nearly stumbled. One had long flowing hair the color of Kimmy herself, and the other kept her dark hair cropped short, to stay in sight of any and all FM prices. After several long moments of wordless, lust-filled glances, a realization struck him: he was looking into the face of the enemy! He unsheathed his mighty spear, bathing in the blood of archmages and bishops in its pulsating glow.

    The croosade reject with long hair spoke first. "Goodness, it looks like someone is ready for battle." She placed her hand on the tip of his spear, lowering it with gentle pressure as she crossed in front of him, always keeping her head cocked in his direction. "Do you believe in cd roaring? Or should I buff mages again?"

    Sinclair leaned in close, carelessly pressing the hardened steel against her. He whispered something quietly in her ear and pulled way, eagerly searching her face for a reaction.

    "No. No. I won't do that... but geospiza will!" the croosade reject giggled. The dark-haired one silently raised a single eyebrow, nodding and shrugging her delicate shoulders at the same time. With a subtle gesture, her body glowed with an intense inner fire, burning away what little INTgear she wore. As Sinclair's muscular arms wrapped around her, she whispered something to him. A symbol, seen by Sinclair in his dreams momentarily appeared above his head and surrounded him in a white glow. "That... that feels amazing. What did you do?" he asked.

    "A promotion to Gamemaster, my colleague We need you." It was then that he noticed that she was literally levitating off the ground, weightless in his arms. His mind began to spin as countless scenarios played out in his head. His strong hands began to... tremble in panic, only for the dark haired geospiza to whisper as she faded away, "the FM needs me, my dear colleague



    Chapter 3, saving maple world from evil
    The weight of his fist crashed into the side of Shiverings face with a meaty thunk. The evil mage teetered for a moment like an I/L mage post-shaolin nerf The evil mage may have been feared throughout the maple world, but the courage of Sinclair has saved the economy of Maplelegends once again.

    The brave hero had no time to pause and admire his handiwork... not when Hiyo remained seduced by Kimmy. Sinclair strode to his side, each step as graceful as a perfectly timed flash jump "You are unhurt, my lady(?) I trust this brute did not cause you harm."

    Hiyo breathed a relieved sigh as he broke away the bonds that held Hiyo locked at Kimmys' side. "Your swift arrival saw to that, noble Sinclair" he answered. The ex-staff members' eyes beamed upon him like stars on a cloudless night. "The greatest suffering was enduring Kimmys' fury. My black skirt was damaged during my capture, and several NX pieces seem to have fallen away." he made a halfhearted attempt to cover the bareness of his (mushroomgamecensorship).

    "Of course a GM-to be performing his duty would not notice such a quandry," he assured him, taking his hand and lightly massaging his bruised fingers from the slavery of working on events as he rose to his feet.

    Standing his full height, Hiyo was at least three heads smaller than his savior, if not more. He puzzled at him a moment. "Forgive me, good sir, but I cannot discern if you are the bravest man to ever live, or the most stupid"

    His white teeth flashed through the slimyness of his crest whitestrips. "I like to think I'm the best of both, good lady." He gestured toward the the FM portal. "A spacious boat awaits to convey you back home. I assure you, balrog will not disturb us as
    he's been shadownerfed months ago. I shall personally see to your recovery. I will do my best to ensure the ride is to your liking."

    A playful smile danced about Hiyo's lips. "I hope I can rely upon your driver's discretion. I fear the rest of my fragile NX might expire at any moment."

    The ruggedly handsome DRK bowed and flashed a confident wink. "Why my dear, I'm positively counting on it!"

    "Oh, Sinclair" he swooned, falling into his arms. He guided her toward the basement of the ship,"


    Chapter 4,
    A trail of dust followed the once-washed DRK as he galloped through the FM on his poor hog, stopping abruptly at fm 8-13, Nightz, one of the few pure mages, rushed to the weary Sinclair.

    "Sinclair, let me help."Nightz' strong, tanned arm took the dark knights's hand in his own, pulling him off in a quick, smooth motion. He did not immediately let go, staring in disbelief at the dark knights shitty intgear.

    Seeing concern on the man's face, Sinclair clasped his shoulder and smiled warmly. "Fear not old friend, only a little of it is my own."

    Sinclair hugged him fiercely. "That is good to hear!"

    "Yes, yes. I'm fine! The journey was long, and often hard, but I have been set free!" Sinclair exclaimed as he pulled a bulging monster sack from beneath his armor, placing it gingerly in Nightzs' rough, steady hands.

    The curious mage cupped the bag, squeezing gently to discern the contents without unwrapping the package.

    "Don't be coy, you know what's in there. Real contriband. But I have something even better for you." Sinclair said with a knowing smile.

    Nightz closed his eyes. He held out his hands and spoke calmly, "Give it to me, please."

    His arms flexed slightly as he felt something heavy, strangely cold, and hard along its length. "Oh, this is, hmm... familiar... okay, yes, I know that part... an enchanted spear!" Nightz released the glowing weapon from one hand, letting it swing in front of him.

    Sinclair looked down and raised his eyebrows. "I'm glad you like it. Certainly not the first you've held?"

    "Never one like this."Nightz replied with a wink.

    "We need to work on that wATT, it's too low. Perhaps you have time for some scrolling?" Sinclair asked, peering into Nightz dark brown eyes.

    I shall spare you the image.

    Chapter 5, my dream about Mirrors
    So there I was, surrounded by at least a hundred mages" the heavy muscular man proclaimed, gesturing in a wide arc.

    The tawny egirl gasped in amazement. "what ever did you do?" Her voice had a admiring voice to it.

    "The only thing I could do my lovely." Sinclair patted the spearresting on his thigh. "I brought them to justice!"

    "Oh! With just a dagger? You are so brave!" Mirrors cautiously reached for the blade, but pulled her hand away at the last second.

    Sinclair bristled. "What? This is a spear, enchanted by Tiger himself. Perhaps not as big as you've seen, but I know a few tricks to really make it sing,"

    Mirrors smiled demurely, fluttering her enormous eyelashes. She picked up an onyx apple and held it close to Sinclairs lips. "Try this, its staff-tagged"

    The handsome Dark Knight stammered, "N-no. I'm, um, I would never break the law!"

    Mirrors placed the onyx apple back into oblivion. "Oh. are you sure? Does that mean you can't tolerate me?" The naughty staff member stepped forward, pressing herself against Sinclair. The substantial height difference placed his face squarely in her chest. unable to see, he flailed in protest, finally finding purchase on her firm backside -- his muffled apologetic sounds only made her giggle and squeeze him more tightly.

    Just as his other hand found her tail, the light dimmed as an imposing figure moved into the doorway ""What the..."

    Mirrors exclaimed, "Kimmy, no!"

    Sinclair pulled his head away and gasped for air, looking at the angry admin with wide eyes. "It's not what it looks like!"

    Kimmy charged, ramming into Sinclair while uttering his challenge, "You mess with the supervisor, you get the hammer!"

    Sinclair reeled and caught himself, digging his heel into the dirt. Seizing Kimmy's hair into his grasp, fighting against his tremendous strength. Kimmy forced herhead up, grunting and spitting in anger, only to have it repeatedly pushed down. They locked eyes for a moment, and with a final heave of explosive force, Kimmy wrenched himself free.

    The powerful admin swung her arms out wide, as if to crush Sinclair in a mighty hug. "Mmmmmmm bobs" Sinclair said droolingly. A huge, blinding light emerged from the sky, and broke free the lovers(?) Stop it! Shmoo screamed from the top of his dying leech-drained body, you're ment to work together!

    Sinclair regained his composure and looked at Mirrors, and then to Kimmy. INT gear even Shivering would dream for was scattered all over the floor, perhaps this fight was love after all?

    Credits to: me obv lol I didn't steal it??? I never went to jail
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