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What is Legends like as a server?

Discussion in 'Help & Advice' started by benkrong, May 5, 2021.

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  1. benkrong

    benkrong Blue Snail

    May 5, 2021
    6:09 AM
    Hi everyone, hope you all are staying safe and well.

    This is an open question to all - what has your experience been like on this server? To be more specific, do you feel like the culture here encourages social, balanced and progressive gameplay?

    I have been playing on the neighbouring server for nearly 3 years now, and am pretty discouraged by the general direction it's heading in. This is probably down to personal preference, but I particularly dislike the prevailing culture there which has a strong fixation on min-maxing everything, where running end-game bosses with a bunch of mules is seen as the only goal, and where leechstory is pretty much the mainstream way the game is played from levels 1 to 135. Early to mid-game content is pretty much non-existent because everyone mandatorily has 300-400INT for HP washing. The social aspect is greatly diminished as well due to mulestory. Just feels like majority of the community there is more interested in optimising range/profits and being tryhards over making friends and just having fun.

    This is not meant to be a rant. I've heard so many positive things about Legends, and was hoping to hear some feedback from the community here before making a decision for myself. I'm trying to find a server which is actually nostalgic, where PQs and party play are a thing, where there is an actual sense of progression in gameplay even in early-game (e.g. getting to 2nd and 3rd job being a legitimate accomplishment rather than a product of buying leech). Am I looking in the right place or na?

    Any replies are greatly appreciated - I hope you all have a great week, and stay safe out there!
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Thread Status:
You must be a logged-in, registered member of this site to view further posts in this thread.

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