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Thief Akash Sky's Advanced Nightlord HP washing Guide

Discussion in 'Jobs' started by akashsky, Jul 17, 2017.

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  1. akashsky

    akashsky Zakum

    Jun 10, 2017
    United States
    3:16 PM

    So, you want to HP wash a Nightlord Eh?

    Well, first off note that it’s not easy. However, you are lucky that you found this guide - as I can break down washing for you and make it as simple as possible.

    For example, say you want 7000 HP by level 130. In this guide, I will show you exactly what you need to do to accomplish your goals, whatever they may be.

    The Spreadsheet
    Here's a spreadsheet that allows you to calculate how much INT you need to accomplish your HP washing goals.
    It’s super simple, you put in two variables, your target HP and your target level. It’ll spit out the total INT you need.
    1. make a copy of the spreadsheet above.
    2. input target HP (arrow pointing towards box)
    3. input target level (arrow pointing towards box)
    4. read the INT required at the bottom

    If you’d like to know how it actually works, keep reading!

    Let's briefly review the mechanics of HP washing
    HP washing is a "bug" that lets you “turn your extra MP into HP”. You do this by putting 1 level up AP into HP, and then using a AP reset to take the AP out of MP. By doing so, you increase your HP and reduce your MP.

    Minimum MP
    There are some restrictions, however - you can't go below your minimum MP limit.

    For nightlords, your minimum MP is 14*CharacterLevel + 148. This means that if I am level 100, my MP cannot go below 14*100 + 148, or 1548.

    Each time you HP wash (starting with Level up AP), you will lose 12 MP and gain somewhere between 16 - 20 HP, (18 on average).
    -insert spoiler showing proof-

    How to get more MP
    The more INT you have, the more MP you get when you level. You gain INT/10 extra MP per level up (rounded down). This means that if I level up with 200 INT, I will get 20 extra MP per level up.
    -insert screenshot showing mp gain-

    You can also do this thing called "MP washing". Basically, its HP washing but for MP. It's not necessary, and I'll talk about it in more detail towards the end of this guide where I give my recommendation on how to wash a perfect Nightlord for MapleLegends.

    Now, let's get into the juicy details of how to plan a successful HP washed character.

    How to plan out your HP wash & how my spreadsheet works
    My spreadsheet works by doing a shit ton of calculations for you based off your inputs (HP goal and target level). Here, I'll go into the details of all the calculations and how you should think about planning out your HP wash.

    Think about washing in terms of Excess MP
    The limiting factor in every single character’s hp washing is MP. As long as you have excess MP you can HP wash.

    Your excess MP will always be your real MP (without equips) minus your minimum MP (14*CharacterLevel + 148). As a result, when HP washing, your goal is to gain AS MUCH EXCESS MP AS POSSIBLE.

    Things that give you excess MP
    1. Job advancement - Your Second job advancement gives you ~325 HP and ~185 MP.
    One thing to note, as far as HP washing goes, archers and thieves are IDENTICAL.
    Before Job adv: HP = 769, MP = 408
    After Job adv, HP:1105 MP: 594
    Effectively, I gained 336 HP and 186 MP.

    2. Every level up (with 0 INT) gives you between 0 - 2 excess MP (1 on average).
    -insert spoiler showing proof-

    3. MP Washing, every time you MP wash, you gain BaseInt/10 - 2 MP. MP washing is when you take an AP point and put it into MP, and then take it out of MP. If you have 120 base int, you can expect ~10 excess MP gain per MP wash.
    Note: I did not include MP washing in my spreadsheet!
    -insert spoiler showing proof-

    Although the 3 things above give you excess MP, it is important to note that your character starts with an MP deficit. This is because your first 10 levels are as a beginner, and beginners naturally gain less MP per level than thieves. Typically this number is ~163

    This means that you will need to go above your deficit before you can even start washing.

    Finally the formula for Excess MP

    Excess MP = MpGainedFromLeveling + MpGainedFromJobAdvancements + MpGainedFromIntGear - MpDeficitFromBeginning

    Excess MP = (Target Level - 10) + 186 + (Target Level - 10)*(INT/10) - 163

    Things that give you HP
    Now that we've looked at MP in depth, let's take a further look at HP and find out how you can get more HP.

    HP washing (duh), typically ~18 hp
    -insert proof of hp gain from washing-

    Leveling up (~20 HP per level)
    -insert proof of hp gain from lvl up-

    Job advancement (~326 HP, I already showed you the proof for this)

    Finally, the formula for HP (without any washes)

    LevelHP =
    HpGainedFromLevelUp + HpGainedFromJobAdvancement + HpAtLevel10

    LevelHP = (TargetLevel - 10)*20 + 325 + 330

    By knowing your target level, you can use the formula above to approximate your HP without any washes. You can then take that value and subtract it from your target HP and determine the amount of HP you need to gain through washing (HPGainRequired).

    HPGainRequired = TargetHP - LevelHP

    You can then convert HPGainRequired into Excess MP (the amount of MP you need to gain)

    ExcessMP = (HPGainRequired/18)*12

    So if you want to gain an extra 6000 HP, you’ll need 4000 excess MP.

    We can now plug this into the first equation I showed you to arrive at this:
    (HPGainRequired/18)*12 = (TargetLevel - 10) + 185 + (TargetLevel - 10)*(INT/10) - 163

    Thus, if you know how much HPGainRequired you need, (which is simply your TargetHP - LevelHP), you can easily determine the INT you need by solving the equation above for INT.

    Do note that this is still an approximation because maple story is random at times. I recommend that you overshoot your target by a bit or MP wash a little.

    If this doesn't make a lot of sense, that's okay. HP washing is a fairly complicated topic. Just use this spreadsheet and figure out how much INT you need for your goal. I recommend overshooting your INT by a bit just to make sure you hit your goal!


    Context: You HP wash for Bosses
    Currently as of writing this guide, the end game boss in Maple Legends is horn-tail. As a night lord, you need ~7.6K hp to fight horn-tail without hyper-body.

    So, you could just go ahead and try to wash for 7.6K hp, but what if another boss gets released, like Pink Bean?

    If you wanted to fight Pink Bean you would need almost 18K hp (without hyper-body) or 11.5K hp with hyper-body. Both of these numbers are ridiculous, and extremely hard to achieve.

    As a result, you could try to wash 11.5K for pink bean if you want to be prepared for the future - however, that's fairly expensive. If you want to be prepared for pink bean, what I suggest you do is wash to 7.6K HP (enough for horntail without hyper body) and have enough excess MP leftover so that you have THE OPTION to wash to 11.5k if pink bean gets released.

    Going through with this method requires a lot less AP resets than straight up washing to 11.5k and saves you from the possible future pain of remaking your character if Pink bean ever gets released.

    The way I would go about accomplishing this is to first obtain some DANK INT gear. You can do this by either

    1. Buying
    2. Scrolling it yourself
    3. Borrowing it

    I recommend borrowing gear, but to do that you will need both solid relationships + collateral.

    I would strongly suggest you try to obtain at least 60 INT or more from gear alone.

    The next step would be to figure out base INT. IMO, if your nightlord is DECENTLY FUNDED (ilbis, 10 att wg, luk robe, luk earring, etc.) the maximum base INT you can place while keeping your character PLAYABLE is ~120.

    So, I would then go ahead and place about 120 base INT. Combined with your DANK INT gear, you would have 180. This means that ever 2 levels, you will get enough MP for 3 washes.

    This should result in you having more than enough MP to wash to 7.6k HP by level 160 from just wearing your INT gear and leveling up.

    However, you still need to gain enough excess MP to have the option to wash to 11.5k hp.

    In order to do this, you need to MP wash ~200-250 times. Because you have 120 base int, every time you MP wash you will get 10 extra MP. If you do this 200-250 times, you will end up with 2000-2500 extra MP, which is ~enough to wash to 11.5k (assuming you already have 7.6k HP).

    One thing to note is that you can only MP wash with level UP AP, meaning that you will have to manage your level UP AP and get your MP washes done early.

    In total, this entire process would cost ~1.4million vote cash (assuming AP resets cost 3.1k each), and would a little less than a year of voting.

    If that's not feasible, you could always go the casual route and simply wash to 5.6k (enough to survive horntail with hyperbody). Which would require ~90-100 washes and take about 2 months worth of voting.

    NL Vs Corsair
    NL damage = SKilldamage*Attacks*WA*Luk*constant

    Average damage % for 1 line of TT with SE is 306%.
    Shadow partner is 1.5 multipler, u have 3 lines of TT so 4.5 multiplier.
    100 attacks are done in 1 minute, 0.0375 is from TT formula.



    Corsair damage = SKilldamage*Attacks*something

    MAX = (Primary Stat + Secondary Stat) * Weapon Attack / 100
    MIN = (Primary Stat * 0.9 * Skill Mastery + Secondary Stat) * Weapon Attack / 100

    for sairs, primary = 3.6*dex, secondary = str.

    So, Max = 0.036*dex*wa + 0.01*str*wa
    Min = 0.01944*dex*wa + 0.01*str*wa
    Average = 0.02772*dex*wa + 0.01*str*wa

    4*3.8*1.2*95*0.02772*dex*wa + 0.01*str*wa

    I can simply this and say 1 str = 0.277777 dex.

    Hence, the average formula comes out to 3.049*dex*wa/100, or dex*wa*0.03049

    so sair damage = skilldamage*wa*dex*0.03049

    damage per min = 4*3.8*1.2*wa*dex*0.03049*95

    = 52.833072*wa*dex

    Hence, Sair with no buffs > NL with SE, when only using cannon.

    But, Sair can also get SI and SE.

    When factoring those in, sairs can hit 100 times in a min and get more skill damage from SE.



    So with optimal party buffs, and conditions, corsairs are 13.6% stronger than NLs.
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2019
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