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Akash's Meso Journal (Inspired by Shivering)

Discussion in 'MapleLegends Journeys' started by akashsky, Jul 1, 2021.

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  1. akashsky

    akashsky Zakum

    Jun 10, 2017
    United States
    1:03 AM
    I am making this journal to share how I am adapting to the new looting changes(sweeper nerfs / meso only lootable by killer).
    I hope that it inspires players to explore different solutions to our new looting challenges and encourages more players to approach our new loot mechanics with an open mind.

    I want to farm 2b mesos.

    Video / Guide for 2x cornian + memorylane 1 strat:

    -6 1hit full map attackers (typically mages, can do with less than 6, but may need to use different map combinations)
    -2 pets per character (that work with kentas advice) with meso magnet, item pouch, wing boots, binoculars
    -Follow the lead questline done on all characters (allows you to have 2 pets out at the same time)
    -Kentas advice quest done on all pets on all characters (this makes your pets move at your speed)
    -At least 140% speed on each character (can be less if you have mounts)
    -PC / Monitor that can handle up to 6 clients at the same time (or however many you are farming with)

    Optional optimizations:
    -Get pig / silver mane mount on all chars for extra pet speed
    -meso up mule(s) (up to 1 per character on a laptop, can repeatedly press alt tab / alt escape w/ meso up on alt key to rapidly cast across clients)
    -mp wash up to 30k mp on each char to use less potions
    -Use bishops over archmage for 3500 mp cast per genesis vs 7000 per bliz/meteor
    -If using archmage, try to not max elemental amph so that you use less than 7k mp per cast

    Choosing your map + channels:
    In maplelegends every single map has monsters respawn in intervals of 10 seconds. Each map typically spawns monsters at a different timing.
    Example ch1 cornians might respawn at 1:05, 1:15, 1:25, etc
    Ch2 cornians might respawn at 1:06, 1:16, 1:26 etc

    You want to pick maps that are close together in spawn timing so that you can quickly cast your ultimates on all clients, and then start looting.

    In order to pick the right channels, you will need to do some research to figure out the spawn timings on all the channels on the maps you want to farm.
    You can do this by killing monsters and looking at your computer timer and checking the seconds value monsters respawn on.
    Once you have the list of all timers, you can select the optimal channels of the maps you want to farm.

    Timers change every server restart.

    You want to position the mage around the middle of the platform, somewhat close to the rope.
    You want to make sure that you ult on spawn so that you avoid getting hit by cornians.
    When looting cornians, you first ult, then immediately jump on the rope and start sweeping the top platform. The monsters will respawn.
    Then, you go through and cycle through all other clients to full map attack, then go back to your sweeping mage, jump down, then perform a jump down ultimate.
    This will clear all the monsters while placing you on the bottom platform to start looting. If this is too hard you can just ult on the middle and then jump down.
    However it will be a bit slower. While looting monsters should spawn again, cycle through all other clients to use ultimate.
    Then on this client go to the original position and recast your ultimate. Repeat for all other cornian clients.

    Memory Lane 1:
    Because there are pseudo safe spots you don't need to worry about this map as much.
    Just click the ultimate on all 4 clients. When you loot, just climb the rope and sweep the platform above you.
    Then the monsters spawn, cycle through other clients and cast ults. Then, drop down and go back to your original position and cast ult.
    Cast ult on everything again on next spawn, after this loot the last bit you might have missed and continue the cycle across all 4 clients.

    Other options:
    If you don't have 4 mages for memory lane 1 here are some other options:
    Vikerola (Requires 2 mage)
    Ulu2 (Requires 2 mage)
    Harps (requires 1 mage)
    There are also a ton of other off-meta maps that could work, you just need to explore / test around

    Anyways onto the journal:
    Entry #1:

    Only 1 hour farmed today and I made about 48.7m This was due to insane scroll and equip RNG. The meso bucket shown above includes raw meso + all NPC items. Today I got way more scrolls than expected along with equips to NPC. Normally I would earn much less than this.

    By the way, if you see me farming cornians and need help with the dagger for HT prequest, you are more than welcome to loot any daggers for free.
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