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Blue-Eyes White Paladin: Kisara's Budget Journey

Discussion in 'MapleLegends Journeys' started by Kyshies, Dec 3, 2021.

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  1. Kyshies

    Kyshies Selkie Jr.

    Mar 13, 2020
    10:42 PM
    Hi there!

    I'm currently levelling a Paladin! My goal is to make a character that can hopefully do well on a budget, given how things are. I aim to boss with her and make friends along the way! Since, you know, bossing is where one can meet lots of people!

    Help yourself to a cookie if you get the name reference! Hehe.

    I was a Paladin main back in MapleSEA, back when Fire Charge was only 120%! It was tough times, and while I was levelling as a Page back in those days, many people asked me for Rage because they thought I was a Fighter (Paladins were that rare back then, LOL).

    And now... I'm here to do it again! I'll be hunting cards as I level, all the way to 300 sets for the T10 ring! I'll also be doing various quests along the way to make use of all the places I'll be going to, all the stuff I'll be killing, and all the drops on the floor! Quests are good EXP, so why not?

    So... I guess this makes me a Questing White Knight too! Maybe? May this Journal serve as the Record of a Crusade (heh).

    Kisara hard at work hunting monster cards at Orbis Tower
    Here are my current stats! I just got done grinding 2300 Cursed Dolls at Zombie Lupins for the Rowen the Fairy and the Cursed Dolls. No idea why they want so many of them, but who cares?


    Anyway, that's it for now from me! Updates will be slow for now, as I'm still levelling my Echo mule to 200 (Future me checking in - I'm 200 now!). But I'll be sure to post updates whenever I make progress on this character! Stay tuned!

    Oh yeah, here's the stuff I'll be using! The lists below will be updated based on the latest entry of this Journal!

    145atk Dragon Claymore


    19atk Brown Work Gloves


    13atk Pink Gaia Cape


    13 DEX Single Earring


    6 STR Spectrum Goggles


    7 DEX, 9 ACC Sad Mask


    15 DEX Silver Strap Shoes


    18/3 Dark Lucida


    2/19 Green Lucida Skirt


    18 STR, 29 DEX Scarlion Hat (STR)


    1 ALLSTAT Elin Savior's Ring


    10 ALLSTAT Monster Book Ring <Tier 10>


    30 INT Bathrobe (F)

    14 INT Yellow Work Gloves

    31 INT Zakum Helmet

    7 INT Single Earring

    9 INT Raccoon Mask

    5 INT Deputy Star

    20 INT Crimsonheart Cloak

    10 INT Maple Shield

    4 INT YSS

    5 INT Wooden Wand

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You must be a logged-in, registered member of this site to view further posts in this thread.

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