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Completed [Community Event] A Legendary Summer Vacation!

Discussion in 'Events' started by Ariami, Sep 18, 2023.

  1. Ariami

    Ariami Game Moderator Staff Member Game Moderator

    Aug 26, 2020
    7:55 PM
    MapleLegends Community Event
    A Legendary Summer Vacation!

    Hello everyone! We hope you have been enjoying your summer vacation! Speaking of which, its time for a Community Event!

    People wait all year long to take a vacation, going wherever and doing whatever their heart desires! Just like the real world, our Maple World is filled with many unique and diverse locations that attract the attention of Maplers from all over.

    Have you ever dreamed of taking a vacation in the Maple World? Tell us all about it!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    How to Participate

    1. Write about your ideal MapleLegends vacation; make sure you answer the following:

    • Where did you go?
      • Location must be somewhere in MapleLegends' Maple World
    • What 3 activities did you do?
    • What was your favorite meal?
    • What did you bring back as a souvenir?
    • Feel free to add any additional details about your vacation!
    Players are encouraged to be as creative as they want with the writing prompt given.
    2. Write out your submission in the replies of this post (text format only)

    3. Our Staff will read the submitted writing pieces and pick the top 3 players to be awarded, see the Prize List below



    1. Only 1 submission per Player will be accepted.

    2. Submissions must be appropriate and not contain any offensive language. If your submission violates our Terms & Conditions, it will result in an instant disqualification from the event and/or ban from MapleLegends entirely, depending on the severity of the offense.

    3. The window to submit your entry will close on Sunday, October 1, 2023 23:59:59 Server Time (when the event ends)

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The Top 3 Players will win:

    :sack: 1st Place Prize :sack:
    20K Donor NX
    10K Game NX
    Both Community Event Coupons (Hair & Face)
    Exclusive Octopiii Pet

    :cash: 2nd Place Prize :cash:
    15K Donor NX
    7.5K Game NX
    Choice of 1 Community Event Coupon (Hair or Face)
    Exclusive Octopiii Pet

    :coin: 3rd Place Prize :coin:
    10K Donor NX
    5K Game NX
    Choice of 1 Community Event Coupon (Hair or Face)
    Exclusive Octopiii Pet


    The list of cosmetics available from the Community Event Coupons can be found in the beauty guide.​

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    We look forward to reading your submissions!
    Good luck and have fun!

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  2. Lirbo

    Lirbo Slimy

    Feb 18, 2017
    2:55 AM
    Night Lord
    ⚔️ Beaters
    "Ah, Kerning City in the summer, a haven of laughter and surprises. My buddy Dark Lord and I descended upon the legendary Jazz bar basement, where jazz notes mingled with the aroma of adventure.

    We started our feast with the famed Unagi, a dish so divine it could make a gargoyle grin. Our Night Lordish taste buds, accustomed to the finest of tastes, were in for a treat. It was like the food version of finding a pot of gold at the end of a culinary rainbow, twice as good as ever before.

    Then came the Cider, a drink that once promised a tipsy tango with the stars. Alas, fate had a twist in store. The potion's effects seemed to have attended a masquerade, donning invisible capes and disappearing too soon. It was like expecting a full moon but getting a half moon instead.

    "It felt spoiled," we chimed in, for our hopes of a merry night were abruptly curtailed. The irony of the situation danced around us, teasing like a mischievous imp.

    As the night unfolded its velvety wings over Kerning City, and my head found solace on a less-than-plush pillow, a whim of adventure beckoned. With the first rays of morning sun kissing the city awake, I resolved to set forth to Leafre, the forest of legendary dragons.

    Leafre, a realm where the growl of the mighty Horntail was a symphony in itself, audible even across the expansive woods. I ventured into the heart of the forest, where the air was thick with the promise of mythical beasts and perilous quests.

    Amidst the towering trees, I stumbled upon fellow adventurers, souls kindred in strength and valor. Eagerly, we forged an alliance, united by a common quest - to rescue Leafre from the clutches of the infamous Horntail.

    Our journey led us to the Cave of Life, a cavern adorned with the remnants of wyverns, a prelude to the grand encounter awaiting us. Amidst the skeletal remains, as if placed there by a whimsical deity of fate, we discovered a colossal, divine-looking hammer. Legends whispered its story - the relic of a Lucky Paladin, a warrior of celestial luck and unwavering mettle.

    Rumor had it that this magnificent hammer had been the Paladin's instrument of destiny, a divine baton to orchestrate the dragon's submission. With a touch of ironic humor, tales claimed he had turned the mighty Horntail into his 'dragon maestro,' a puppet of sorts in his grand symphony of victory.

    As the epic encounter with Horntail began, our party stood united, ready to face the roaring beast. Our Dark Knight, a towering figure of formidable power, took up the vanguard. However, fate had a comical twist in store. His powers, a double-edged sword of ferocity, spiraled out of control, succumbing to a berserk fury. It was a dance of chaos that would have made even a tornado jealous.

    In a dramatic, albeit somewhat unfortunate turn of events, our valiant Dark Knight found himself engulfed by the tempest of his own berserker might. It was a spectacle both awe-inspiring and slapstick-worthy. He flailed and frothed, leaving us all in a state of bemused awe. Alas, control slipped through his grasp, and he met an untimely demise at the hands of his own uncontrollable power.

    As the squad regrouped, mourning our fallen comrade with a mix of reverence and bewildered amusement, a peculiar observation came to light. It seemed many of the newcomers to Maple World had, quite literally, not Washed themselves enough. Whispers of a forthcoming quest series, which would miraculously exempt these budding adventurers from the mundane labor of shower, circulated through Maple World.

    In an ironic twist of fate, we discovered that our fallen Dark Knight held a unique role beyond the battlefield. He was the key to exempting these adventurers from their hygiene routine, a vital support in our quest against Horntail. Alas, with his untimely demise, this vital exemption was lost, and many among the adventurers we had encountered found themselves in a soapy predicament.

    The once-silly whispers of laundry and cleanliness had transformed into a grim reality for the new adventurers. They simply couldn't muster the strength to face the mighty Horntail without the precious exemption our fallen comrade provided. As we faced this bubbly obstacle, the irony of the situation was not lost on us.

    On the third day of my odyssey through the Maple World, wearied by the dragon-slaying endeavors in Leafre, I sought tranquility. What better place for respite than Nautilus Harbor? A haven of serenity, or so I hoped. Crystal-clear waters, skies painted blue - what could possibly mar such perfection?

    Little did I anticipate the turbulence that fate had conspired to stir into this seemingly peaceful day. The harbor was not just a canvas of calm; it was a stage. As my gaze wandered over the picturesque scene, it landed upon her - a vision of allure and adventure: Kyrin, the Pirate Captain, the epitome of swashbuckling charm.

    Her emerald eyes held stories untold, her fiery locks danced like flickering flames, and her demeanor - a blend of mischief and determination - ensnared my imagination. Cupid's arrow struck, and I, a mere pawn in the game of love, knew not what fate had in store.

    With an audacity that would rival any of my bravest feats in the game, I summoned my courage to approach this enchanting captain. Before a word could grace my lips, fate again intervened - but this time in the form of my wife, the nimble and stealthy Shadower.

    Emerging from the shadows, she orchestrated a swift and decisive intervention, whisking me away with a well-deserved bash to my head. Ah, the mark of true love! Dragged back home by the ear, my dreams of souvenirs and tales of Kyrin were dashed.

    And thus, here I am, Ciss, chronicling these whimsical escapades from the confines of my basement - captured not by Kyrin, but by the love of a Shadower who's as swift in love as in the art of thievery."
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2023
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  3. Edann

    Edann Slimy Retired Staff

    Oct 24, 2020
    2:55 AM
    I/L Arch Mage
    I'm dead this is incredible LirboLirbo
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  4. Esmo

    Esmo Pac Pinky

    Nov 8, 2019
    2:55 AM
    my ideal vacation is to uninstall the game and never come back
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  5. kiwiz

    kiwiz Skelegon

    May 7, 2018
    7:55 AM
    The Unholy Souvenir

    Summer vacations by the beach are a common dream, but for me, the allure of something different drew me to the quiet, damp, and moist swamp of Sleepywood. Here, amidst the enchanting, mystical surroundings, the Sleepywood Sauna Hotel awaited, promising an unconventional summer getaway. As I arrived, the very air seemed to exude an otherworldly charm. Stepping into the hotel's lobby, I was greeted by a warm, sweet smile from a young receptionist who welcomed me with a sense of genuine hospitality. Her presence seemed to belong to the magic of Sleepywood itself.

    Feeling adventurous, I decided to indulge myself in the ultimate relaxation experience – the VIP sauna room. With a polite nod, the receptionist led me down a dimly lit corridor, the air growing warmer and more humid with each step. The anticipation of what lay ahead added an exciting twist to my summer escape. Finally, we reached the door of the sauna, and just before I entered, the receptionist bid me farewell with a cute chuckle, "Enjoy your stay!" Her chuckle seemed to hold a hint of mystery, as if she knew something about this extraordinary place that she was about to share with me.

    As I stepped into the sauna, the dense, warm steam enveloped me like a comforting embrace. It was in this unexpected and surreal setting that I found the serenity and relaxation I had been seeking, making my summer vacation in the sleepy, enchanted swamp of Sleepywood a truly unforgettable experience. In the heart of the Sleepywood Sauna Hotel, I was met by none other than the owner himself, Mr. Wetbottom. He exuded an air of warmth and hospitality, as if the very essence of the swamp had seeped into his being. With a welcoming smile, he handed me a comfortable set of Sauna Robes, and I quickly changed into them, ready to embrace the soothing ambiance of the sauna room.

    As I entered the sauna, the heat wrapped around me like a gentle embrace, melting away the fatigue that had clung to my body. It was an otherworldly sensation, as if I were floating in a realm of pure relaxation. Time seemed to lose its meaning, and I surrendered to the tranquility that enveloped me. After what felt like an eternity in this serene sanctuary, I emerged from the sauna, my body rejuvenated and my spirit invigorated. The hotel's dining area beckoned, and I eagerly took a seat. The menu offered simple yet heartwarming dishes, including succulent big bone Meat and freshly grilled Unagi. A complimentary bottle of Pure Water quenched my thirst, preparing me for the adventure that awaited.

    As I savored each bite of the delicious meal, I contemplated the journey ahead. Deep into the Ant Tunnel, an ancient underground temple was said to reside, holding secrets and mysteries waiting to be uncovered. With my body revitalized and my senses sharpened, I was ready to embark on this thrilling and enigmatic expedition into the heart of Sleepywood's mysteries. Entering the Ant Tunnel was an experience that defied description. The air hung heavy with humidity, yet an unyielding coldness seemed to envelop the atmosphere. The cave's walls were slick with moisture, and occasional water droplets echoed through the tunnel, their sounds resonating and reverberating through the subterranean passages.

    In the dim light, I couldn't help but notice the eerie presence of Horny Mushrooms and Zombie Mushrooms that lurked around the area. While they may have appeared harmless at first glance, I had heard tales of their deceitful nature. A mere touch could unleash pain, especially if one made the grave mistake of getting too close to the sinister-looking Zombie Mushrooms with their undead charm. Carefully, I proceeded through the tunnel, my senses heightened, and my steps deliberate. The Ant Tunnel was a world of its own, filled with both wonder and treacherous beauty, where every choice and movement had to be made with care to avoid the hidden dangers that lay in wait.

    Navigating through the Dark Cave was an eerie journey. The cave's obsidian walls seemed to absorb all light, leaving me with only the faintest of glimmers to guide my way. As I ventured deeper, the unsettling squeaks of Stirges echoed through the darkness, sending shivers down my spine. Emerging from the cave, I descended the slippery slopes of the Dangerous Stream. The rushing water played tricks on my senses, making each step a precarious balancing act. Yet, the allure of the unknown urged me onward.

    Finally, I reached the heart of the Deep Ant Tunnel, a place where the very earth seemed to pulse with an ancient energy. Here, at the Ant Tunnel Park, I discovered the 24-Hr Mobile Store nestled in a tranquil corner. Famished and parched from my journey, I decided to treat myself. I ordered a serving of my favorite piping hot Fried Chicken and savory dogs, their aroma filling the air with mouthwatering temptation. To quench my thirst, I picked up a bottle of Pure Water from the store's well-stocked shelves. With each bite and sip, I felt my strength and resolve returning, readying me for the adventures that lay ahead.

    Refreshed and reinvigorated, I continued my exploration, eager to uncover the secrets of the ancient underground temple that awaited further down the tunnel. My journey took a dark turn as I ventured deeper into the Cave of bloodthirsty Evil Eyes. I knew I had to keep my breathing soft and my movements subtle, for any disturbance could provoke these malevolent creatures. Their gaze, like crimson flames, flickered menacingly in the shadows. Descending further, I arrived at the Drake Hunting Ground, where adventurers often sought treasured scrolls. The anticipation of what lay ahead kept my heart racing, and I pressed on. Beyond the hunting ground, the Tunnel That Lost Light led me to the entrance of the underground temple.

    The temple's Another Entrance seemed to call out to me, its allure irresistible. However, my curiosity was tempered by a chilling encounter with the spirit of an Insignificant Being. He warned me about a sealed evil sprite deep within the temple and widened his eyes as if foretelling my doom. But, as beings of different dimensions, he could do nothing to stop me. Despite his warning, my body moved against my will, as if guided by an unseen force. My legs carried me deeper into the Sanctuary, and I was greeted by a pair of Taurospear and Tauromacis, who escorted me further inside.

    Then, a low, deep, and monstrous voice echoed through the Cursed Sanctuary. "Ahhhh, a fine vessel," it growled. The horrifying truth dawned upon me – it had all been a trap. The sauna steam, the Pure Water, everything had been tainted with unholy power to prepare my body as a vessel for the evil spirit's possession. My heart sank as the realisation set in. There was nothing I could do now, no escape from this nightmare that had ensnared me. I was helpless, caught in a web of dark enchantments, my fate sealed by forces beyond my comprehension.

    Despite my harrowing ordeal and the grim fate that had befallen me, there was one final element to complete the tale of my ill-fated adventure. As a haunting reminder of my journey into the Cursed Sanctuary and the malevolent forces that had ensnared me, I brought back a tattered and sinister relic - a blood-stained, Book of the Ancient. This accursed tome contained the unholy incantations and dark rituals that had been used to manipulate me and prepare my body as a vessel for the evil spirit of Jr. Balrog. It was a grim and macabre souvenir, a testament to the treacherous depths of MapleLegends and the malevolent powers that lurked within.

    Though I was no longer among the living, the sinister relic served as a chilling reminder of my ill-fated adventure, a warning to any who might dare to tread the same dark path in the future.
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2023
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  6. Ainz

    Ainz Zakum

    May 2, 2015
    1:55 AM
    So many I keep forgetting
    The first 5 paragraphs sounded like the start of an 18+ book
  7. Ferluci

    Ferluci Zakum Retired Staff

    Jul 27, 2017
    1:55 AM
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  8. nautxj99

    nautxj99 Mano

    May 31, 2017
    4:55 PM
    Dark Knight
    I was pretty excited to join the community event in hopes to get the cute pet but tbh after reading those 2 insanely detailed posts, I knew that I do not have the writing skills to compete in this so im just going to read everyone's post that attempts this instead
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  9. kiwiz

    kiwiz Skelegon

    May 7, 2018
    7:55 AM
    This is about as family-friendly as it gets, just like Nintendo.
  10. Jafel

    Jafel Capt. Latanica

    May 3, 2015
    1:55 AM
    AinzAinz and kiwizkiwiz try not to flirt on forums challenge: impossible
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  11. DanTheMan

    DanTheMan Blue Snail

    Sep 18, 2023
    1:55 AM
    In the enchanting world of MapleLegends, where adventure awaits around every corner, I embarked on my dream vacation to the vibrant city of Henesys, nestled within the verdant Victoria Island region. The lush forests, colorful flora, and friendly inhabitants made it an ideal destination for an amazing getaway.

    My vacation kicked off with a serene stroll through the Mushroom Forest, where towering fungi of all shapes and sizes loomed overhead. With my trusty Bowman, I traversed the winding paths, encountering mischievous monsters, and collecting rare herbs and potions. It was a chance to reconnect with nature in a fantastical setting.

    For a taste of exhilarating action, I participated in the Monster Carnival (yeah I know, please fantasize with me) with fellow adventurers. The carnival's vibrant arenas buzzed with energy as teams of Maplers battled waves of monsters. Spells and skills lit up the sky, and the camaraderie among players was truly heartwarming. The thrill of victory and the sweet taste of defeat made every round memorable.

    To cap off my vacation, I took a breathtaking ride on Leafre's Sky Express. This magical airborne train offered panoramic views of the treetop canopy, and I marveled at the breathtaking vistas. It was a serene way to reflect on my adventures in Maple World, taking in the beauty of the lush landscape from above.

    Amid the bustling streets of Henesys, I stumbled upon a cozy little cafe known as "Leaf's Rest." There, I indulged in a delectable meal of "Maple Berry Pancakes." Each fluffy pancake was adorned with a cascade of fresh maple berries and drizzled with a generous serving of maple syrup. The sweet and savory combination was simply divine, and I couldn't resist ordering a second plate.

    As a memento of my unforgettable vacation, I acquired a beautiful Maple World-themed charm bracelet from a local artisan. Each charm represented a different region of Maple World, from Perion's volcanoes and mountains to Kerning City's bustling streets. The intricate details and vibrant colors of the charms served as a reminder of the diverse adventures I had embarked upon during my travels there.

    My vacation was a magical escape into a world of fantasy and wonder, where every moment was filled with excitement and awe. From the peaceful forests to the exhilarating battles, I cherished every memory made in this enchanting realm. And as I gazed out of the train window on my journey home, I knew that Maple World would always hold a special place in my heart, beckoning me to return for more adventures in the future.
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  12. Floron

    Floron Slime

    Apr 27, 2022
    7:55 AM
    Being indecisive about my Summar vacation, I arrive at the Kerning City after buying potions from NLC. A lady named Shalon approached me and recommended Singapore as a travel destination. With 20,000 meso, I bought the air ticket from Shalon. Shalon guided me into the waiting area with Xinga. The flight seems frequent as we took off in less than 5 minutes. Without any steward or stewardess on the plane, I was allowed to sit on any of my own chairs. Upon arrival, I was disappointed as I could not find Jewel in Changi Airport.

    With my heart torn, I walked to CBD with my favorite meal/dish, Peng Peng Popsicle, in hand. A kid with a red book in his hand points at my Peng Peng Popsicle and asked: “Peng Chilling?”. I was confused and said it was a Peng Peng Popsicle. The kid excitedly yell: “Peng Chilling”. The people here must love Popsicles, maybe due to the weather.

    I walked pass a fruit store where the owner, Alwyn, greeted me and asked whether I like to try Durian. Alwyn and I talked while I shared my travelling stories. He is jealous of my travels since he has this weird habit of not saying no to any adventurers trying to sell any items to him. He is heavily in debt. I offered to give him a Peng Peng Popsicle but he insisted on buying it for 1 meso. I wanted to buy some durians to bring back to enjoy. However, durians are not allowed on planes.

    After leaving the stall, I got lost while finding Boat Quay. I find myself surrounded by creatures that I have not met before. From moving cars, moving rocks, and even moving trees! Evading the moving creatures, I reached an abandoned building. The creatures suddenly stopped following me and moved away from the building. Looking up the building there seems to have a rooftop garden which I excitedly climb the broken cables, vines, and even pipes to reach the top. Amazed by the view and space, I couldn’t help myself but get intrigued by a mysterious branch sticking out in the middle. I approached it and shook the mysterious branch once; thanking it for being a companion for a lonely adventurer’s summer vacation.

    I moved back to the airport as my vacation is nearing the end. Along the way, I reached Boat Quay, the place I wanted to visit previously. An old man with a stick in a robe and hat told me I have dropped two valuable items. I told him they were not mine, but he insisted they were and placed a bottle of white fluid and an egg. The egg has a weird shape of 3 connected circle section; each section has a different colour – Yellow, Pink, Blue. As I was about to leave to the airport, he suddenly came behind my back and whispered: “Hatch the egg, good fortune may fall upon you.” When I turned around, he is not there.

    With the intriguing souvenir in hand of a three colored well shaped egg and a bottle of white unknown fluid, my summer vacation concluded. A sudden chill went down my spine with the image of the abandoned building with the tree branch. Did I miss out on something? While deep in my thoughts, the egg on my hand glowed once. Are my eyes playing tricks on me? Will I be able to hatch the egg?
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  13. Wessel

    Wessel Red Snail

    Apr 15, 2023
    1:55 AM
    (slightly adjusted to fit the requirements of the competition)

    A snippet from a diary of a knight (to be) fighter

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  14. lyanerz

    lyanerz Slime

    Apr 7, 2023
    4:55 PM
    :star: :coin: Yo, Maplers! Get ready for the most LEGENDARY vacation ever! SlimeCool wackomush

    Activity 1: Mushroom-Slaying Marathon scaredmush :picopico:
    First, we'll CRUSH those mushrooms like soda cans! Devilish :wtf: I'll flex my epic muscles and show 'em who's boss! angrymush awesomemush

    Activity 2: Monster Flash Mob Dance Party :mooning: pumpkinmush
    Then, we'll break into a MONSTER dance-off in Henesys! :pinkbean: :pepe: Brace yourselves for my dance moves! MapleF15 MapleF18

    Activity 3: Potion Chugging Contest :health: MapleF10
    At night, we'll down potions like there's no tomorrow! :punch: :mana: Get ready for some epic potion-induced craziness! :geek: :p

    Favorite Meal: Gigantic Candy Feast :cake: :candy:
    For grub, we'll chow down on a mountain of SWEETS, like a candy king! :sneaky: :lollipop:

    Souvenir: Enormous, Glittery Top Hat HalloweenML :alien:
    And of course, I'll strut back with a GINORMOUS glittery top hat! :star: SlimePolice The most obnoxious souvenir ever! SlimeAngel

    Let's make some NOISE, Maplers! :punch: :punch: :blackalien: #BestMapleLegendsVacation :wacky: :rolleyes:
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  15. DietCock

    DietCock Snail

    Sep 18, 2023
    6:55 PM
    I loved your story xD so good ☀️
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  16. Jexxler

    Jexxler Red Snail

    Jun 19, 2017
    1:55 AM
    I went to kerning to do some learning about the night lords nature.
    I did my best to seek the ways of how a noob comes richer.
    I read some books on the journey of ainz which kept on getting shorter.
    I still have no idea on how to become a true explorer.

    I took a seat at mushroom shrine to get a bite of ramen
    And then and there I tried my luck and got something quite uncommon
    It was a chaos scroll to which I screamed with shouted with glee.
    I took it out and gave a big shout which made people come to see me

    But with my greed I ignored their pleas to sell this magical item.
    Instead I used it on a four att cape and got what ya’ll call karma.
    I cried all night and believe it or not from the ramen I got diarrhea.
    And swore that day I would never use a chaos I swear on ave maria.
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  17. beegoratto

    beegoratto Zakum

    Sep 22, 2021
    4:55 PM
    It's been a while since I've written anything in iambic pentameter (although I suppose this is mostly tetrameter). This was a fun exercise, enjoyed this a lot. Thought I'd experiment a bit with AAAB/CCCB rhyming scheme and arbitrarily went with 8/8/8/10 stanzas after writing the first verse.

    I dare not wish for something more
    Than holiday with my amour
    Oh, mon poussin that I adore
    There is no place with you I could be glum
    Alas, how far apart we are
    Like blade of grass and distant star
    I wouldn't think it quite bizarre
    To say I wish that back to me you'd come
    To anywhere we'd go worldwide
    As long as you are by my side
    It could be said, I must confide
    That I am better when I hear your voice
    I don't know where we would begin
    Although the happiest I have been
    Is when you're here each time we'd win
    Without your laugh I simply can't rejoice
    Maybe we'll start where once we'd meet
    A cave of dragons we'd defeat
    A weekly trial we'd oft repeat
    Perhaps this time we'd run with friends of old
    Or shall we find that overlook
    Where you would watch with slot you took
    As devil bean of pink would cook
    A time for which you somehow were paroled
    I do miss those good ol' days
    A time of toads and BGAs
    Where you would criticize and praise
    And I would ever listen well and learn
    Perhaps we'd see you even now
    In lane, estate, or hall somehow
    Or maybe following the cow
    Do you remember all the ways you'd earn?
    To dine with you, I can't complain
    I'd need no food, no meat or grain
    As long as spoonfed we'd remain
    Then any meal that's served to us I'll eat
    Of souveniers, just one will do
    A number I would show to you
    Just recognition, how I grew
    To hear you say, "Not bad." would be so sweet
    In summation, I shall say
    For my vacation I would play
    With you once more, like yesterday
    As if success you'd found with your appeal
    But you are gone, and that is fate
    Mayhaps deserved, I must relate
    I hope you're well, my dear soulmate
    Fly ever free my friend, the bird of steel
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2023
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  18. HashtagMike

    HashtagMike Blue Snail

    Apr 7, 2021
    4:55 PM
    Once upon a time, in the enchanting world of MapleLegends, the summer sun bathed the land in a warm, golden embrace. Maplers from all corners of the realm were caught up in the throes of their summer vacation. Among them was a young adventurer named Mike, his heart brimming with dreams of exploring the Maple World like never before.

    One sunny morning, as the leaves of Ellinia's towering trees rustled with excitement, Mike decided to embark on his dream vacation. His destination? The picturesque and mystical Ellin Forest, a hidden gem nestled deep within the heart of the Maple World.

    With his trusty bow (only +3 though) at his side, Mike ventured into Ellin Forest's lush, emerald-green canopy. His first activity was to take a guided tour of the enchanted forest, led by the whimsical Ellinian creatures. They shared tales of ancient magic and the forest's mysterious history. Mike felt like he had stepped into a fairy tale as he marveled at the towering trees and sparkling brooks.

    For his second adventure, Mike hiked up to the serene Moon Bridge that spanned a tranquil pond. Here, he indulged in a quiet moment of meditation, the gentle rustling of leaves and the soothing sound of the water creating a harmonious symphony. It was a perfect spot to recharge his spirit and connect with nature.

    As the sun began to set over the majestic Ellin Forest, Mike's stomach growled with anticipation. He followed the enticing aroma of roasted mushrooms to a cozy little mushroom village. There, he dined on a delectable meal of Grilled Mushroom Skewers, a local delicacy that filled him with warmth and happiness.

    With the night sky painting a canvas of twinkling stars, Mike concluded his magical day in Ellin Forest by attending a mystical firefly festival. Illuminated fireflies danced around him, creating a breathtaking display of lights. It was a sight that left Mike in awe of the Maple World's wonders.

    Before leaving Ellin Forest, Mike couldn't resist collecting a few sparkling firefly wings as souvenirs. These delicate, glowing wings served as a reminder of his unforgettable vacation.

    Returning home to the bustling streets of Henesys, Mike couldn't help but smile as he recounted his adventures to his fellow Maplers. The memories he had made in Ellin Forest were not just a vacation; they were a testament to the beauty and wonder that the Maple World held within its boundaries.

    And so, as the summer sun continued to shine, Maplers from far and wide shared their own vacation tales, each one a unique journey through the diverse and captivating realms of the Maple World. In the end, it was clear that the Maple World was not just a place to adventure; it was a place to dream, explore, and cherish the unforgettable moments that made life in MapleLegends truly extraordinary.
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    F/P Arch Mage
    • Where did you go? - Florina Beach
    • What 3 activities did you do? - Eat and drink all the Fried Chicken, Hot Dogs, and Ice Cream Pops I can, kill King Clang, sunbathe on the beach!
    • What was your favorite meal? - Fried Chicken, Hot Dogs, Ice Cream Pop... and Red Bean Sundaes!
    • What did you bring back as a souvenir? - King Clang's Monster Book Card
    Full writeup below!

    My Summer Vacation at Florina Beach

    I only know one thing. I want to kill King Clang. That’s my vacation.

    I need to. It’s not a hope or a dream. It’s a hunger, a thirst. I have 4/5 of its Monster Book card set. And 299/300 card sets collected for my Tier 10 Monster Book ring.

    This is Florina Beach. King Clang is here. This is it, no doubt. I just have to hunt it down.

    I chow down on crispy and golden-brown Fried Chicken, Hot Dogs glistening red with ketchup. And perhaps best of all (short of killing King Clang, of course) – ice-cold Ice Cream Pop, glass bottle glistening wet with condensation from the mid-day summer heat.

    “There was a Hero who left on the same vacation as you, but never returned,” Valen, the barkeep of the local and only existing tiki hut and bar on the beach-front, says to me as he brings over a Red Bean Sundae on a tray, its white and snow-like surface topped generously with ruby-red cherries. “She always wore such splendid white NX, with a Stonetooth Sword that was terrifying to behold.”

    “Why are you telling me this?” I ask curtly as I finish up the last of my Ice Cream Pop. “I only know and care about one thing.”

    Valen nods knowingly. He hands me that Red Bean Sundae on his tray. I didn’t order that. It’s on the house, apparently. Lucky me.

    “I know. But if you could, I would be grateful if you looked for her.”

    Venturing out onto Florina Road, I make my way to end of this tropical paradise, the red orbs of my Advanced Combo Attack circling me. Hot Sand. Amid the Torties and regular Clangs scuttering about, I see it – a large blue turban shell washed up on the shore. And as I approach, white eyes peer out from beneath the abyss of that massive turban shell. Peering at me, and me alone as I unsheathe my Stonetooth Sword.

    “And who are you?”

    “I’m here to kill King Clang.”


    In a moment, it’s over. One Brandish, and King Clang is dead. Claws from Lorangs and Clangs alike spill out onto the hot sands of Hot Sand, as well as some equipment little better than junk to sell to Valen when I return to the bar. But then, amid all of this…


    Eagerly, I pick up King Clang’s Monster Card, strewn amid the treasure trove of ETCs and NPC-able equipment. It's the final one I need, the only souvenir I want from this vacation of mine.

    5/5. 300/300. And now, it’s finally over. My Tier 10 Monster Book Ring! But I’m still on vacation here, am I not?

    I unfold my Red Beach Chair from the tabs of my Set-up inventory, setting it out on the hot sands of… well, Hot Sand. Just before the roiling waves of the sea. I take off the white cotton of my NX in favour of a nice, light, comfortable Red Sauna Robe. The Red Beach Chair is comfortable and holds my weight perfectly as I lay down on it and relax, losing myself in the warm, golden glow of the summer sun while I enjoy a nice, ice-cold Red Bean Sundae (thanks Valen!).

    But I’m not completely alone. I see it again. King Clang. Right next to me and my Beach Chair, those white eyes staring at me hatefully. But that can’t be right. King Clang respawns in two hours. And yet, here it is again. Am I…?

    “I’ve always loved the view from here,” I say to no one in particular, eyes gazing out towards the sea. “So quiet. So warm. So pretty.”

    “Not really a fan. You understand why.”

    “Yeah, I understand,” I answer solemnly. “But I want you to know that your death meant something to me. I cared so much about killing you. And now, I’ll miss you.”

    “Gee, thanks. Almost makes up for being dead.”

    “For two hours. Give or take twelve minutes either way.”

    “Yes, indeed…”

    I look at where King Clang was, just moments ago. It’s gone now. It’s just me here. Lost in thoughts, all alone. At least it’s nice and warm out here. And I have this Red Bean Sundae.

    There was a Hero who left on the same vacation as I did, but never returned. She always wore such splendid white NX, with a Stonetooth Sword that was terrifying to behold. Just like me, huh? I take out the VIP Ticket to Florina Beach tucked away in my ETC inventory. It’s old and a little tattered, worn from age.

    Wait. Just how long have I been here? Have I always been a part of this place? Am I…?

    Am I to become King Clang?
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    Started thinking this’ll be some low-effort romance.

    Ended researching moonrises and tidal activity.

    “I don’t get it, Captain. I’ve done all that you’ve instructed over the past few months. I’ve reconnected and fulfilled the needs of the crew, the same as I did when I first joined. Yet, I still feel incomplete: I’m still missing that one experience the old Memory Keeper was talking about.”

    The Captain paced back and forth in the Nautilus’ Navigation Room. Pensive and deep in thought, as she drew on her vast, quarter-elf years of experience; far greater than that of a mere human.

    “Have patience, young pirate. While you may have reached the peak of piracy in record time, you are still far from being a Perfect Corsair.”

    She leaned against the Navigation Console. Arms crossed, she turned towards me with her piercing green eyes; eyes which were as charming as they were fierce.

    “Maybe you aren’t looking at this problem from the right angle. If the Nautilus isn't bearing results, perhaps we’ll have to look somewhere else. Why not take a vacation? Maybe spend some time in your hometown? Ellinia, wasn’t it?”

    I felt a spark of lightning flash across my mind. Yes, perhaps that’s it. I smiled, thanked the Captain for her advice, and left the Navigation Room. Before long I embarked towards Ellinia.


    I pass through the centuries old trees of Central Ellinia, trying to find a spark that might lead me to my missing memory. However, even as I exit the town center and make my way up the field north of the town, the memory still eludes me.

    “Oh? I didn’t expect to see you around here. What brings you to these parts of Ellinia?”

    I turned around to see who called out to me. It was my childhood friend, from long before I became an adventurer. How long has it been since I’ve last seen her?

    “Ah, hey. I’m back for a vacation of sorts. Looking for an old memory, but it’s not going too well right now. I’ve seen all of Nautilus and all of Ellinia over the past few days, yet still nothing.”

    “Is that so? Sounds like a few pretty exhausting days. Hey, wanna stop by for some tea? For old times sake?

    Her place was a fairly standard Ellinia apartment: a small, single floor studio carved out of a large tree. After a short wait, she brings over two cups of tea to the table and sits across from me.

    “Let’s not worry about the missing memory for now. How's Ossyria? It really has been years since I’ve last seen you, hasn’t it?”

    “Well, it’s been pretty exciting overall, I think. Ossyria’s a pretty big place, there's much to learn, much to see. And you? Still mostly around Ellinia?”

    She sighs and leans back against her chair.

    “Yeah, I guess you know how it is. Just because Ellinia’s a magical forest doesn’t mean everyone is bound to be a world travelling magician. The town will always need people managing finance and the boring work behind the scenes, y’know?”

    At this moment we both took a pause to drink the tea in front of us. Ellinia’s well known Fairy Tea, as soothing as it was fragrant. She put the drink down and continued.

    “It’s not all bad. Life is pretty stable around these parts of Vic, and the island’s more than big enough for someone like me. I’m pretty happy with my studies here in Ellinia, and occasionally having to go to Nautilus Harbor for work.”

    “Really? You work by the Harbor? I wouldn’t ever expect someone from Ellinia to go down there.”

    “The place is a bit short on financial staff, I go there maybe once every other week. Wouldn’t say I’ve seen too much of the place, though.”

    A weak jolt raced through my head. It felt like Goddess Rhinne compelling me to speak up. I looked away and said:

    “Care to find some time and grab a meal by the harbor?”

    I looked back at her, but she wouldn’t meet my gaze.

    “Yeah? Sometime next week?”

    She looked up towards me with a hint of a smile.

    “Alright then. Thanks for the tea. I’ll keep in touch.”

    “Okay. See you.”



    Before long it was the day. Just as we decided a week back, we met up by the Harbor. Before us were rows upon rows of street vendors selling foods with such rich aroma, they all mixed together to create an irresistibly mouthwatering atmosphere.

    “This place is just exquisite! Surely you pirates eat here every night, no?”

    “Eating here every night would be heaven on earth, but one should know better than that. Surely, everyone would get tired of it eventually.”

    “Aw don’t be such a downer! Here, have some dried squid! And smoked salmon! No way they have coconut juice too? Isn't that your favorite?”

    I tried to slow her down, but to no avail. It wasn’t long before we started suffering the consequences of getting led along by our stomaches. Full as we were, the sweet and savory aroma continued to taunt us.

    “Maybe one last item for dessert? What would you like?”

    “Candied hawthorns!”

    I exhaled sharply. That was not an answer I was expecting.

    “Please, be real. Where will we find candied hawthorns on this island? The only time I’ve seen them is in Mu Lung! How do you know about candied hawthorns anyways?”

    We settled on having tri-color dango instead. After the conclusion of foods one shouldn’t eat too often, we found ourselves on a wooden boardwalk along the shores. The distant sounds of the Harbor on side, with the calm waves crashing ashore on the other.

    “Hey hey, tell me more about Ossyria! I want something to look forward to when I’m done with my studies.”

    I think for a second on what to tell her. What would be appealing to a non-adventurer?

    “Well, Orbis is only a single flight away from Ellinia. It’s this massive floating city, with sprawling gardens, bathed in heavenly sunlight. From Orbis, you could go to all sorts of places. My favorite: Minar Forest. A vast region of Ossyria, with both forests and canyons, inhabited by both halflings and dragons. Oh right! From there, you can get to the Temple of Time: a beautiful complex, high above the clouds; even higher than Orbis. The only way to get up there is with the help of an old halfling who’ll transform you into a flying dragon.”

    “You turn into a dragon and fly up by yourself? Isn’t that, like, extremely dangerous?”

    “Well, there have been reports of people who weren’t paying attention, broke the spell mid-flight, and fell out of the sky. Still, it’s been pretty safe, but if it ever happens with you I’ll make sure catch out of the sky, just like the myth about the Hero of the W-”

    “Wha- Huh?”

    She covered her face and looked away, but not before I saw her face turn bright red.





    “You don’t have to treat me like a spoiled princess.”

    “Oh. Right. Sorry…Spoilers.”

    We walked in silence for a little bit. By this time the noise from the Harbor all but died down and the waves slowed to a crawl up and down the soft sandy shore. We sat down on the boardwalk-turned-steps, facing the nascent moonlight shimmering upon the vast waters.

    “Everything alright?”


    She rested her head upon my shoulder. I reciprocated with my head against her’s.

    “Thanks for coming, I had a great time. Even if I didn’t find the memory I was looking for, I’ll forever treasure these experiences in my heart.”

    The lights from the Harbor behind us began to fade. The waves continued to push and pull in a slow, peaceful dance.

    “Yeah, it was great. If you ever want to go again, or, maybe one day close out this chapter of your life, I’ll be right here. At the end of your journey.”

    It was like multiple arcs of thunder converging. I had realized it. The slow, mundane, peaceful life beyond the cognition of an adventurer. That was what I have forgotten. That is what will one day make me whole.

    “You promise?”

    “I promise.”

    And for just a moment, all the world stood silent. All was like the warm, gentle caress of a soft summer breeze.

    “Tastes like dango.”

    “I would’ve preferred candied hawthorns.”


    I once again walk down the great halls of the Temple of Time. Entering the Memory Keeper’s room, now with a souvenir beyond the physical. The old man, unchanged since I last saw him, turned towards me with his blindfolded eyes.

    “You have returned, adventurer.”

    “I have.”

    “I see you are filled with all your memories again.”

    “I am.”

    “Go on then. You have once faced your past. As you venture deeper, you will face it many more times,”

    “I shall.”

    I depart for the temple’s deeper chambers, and once again feel that sense of wanderlust found in every adventurer’s heart. Yet this time, it is tempered and overflows not. For I have realized, what I truly seek lies beyond my journey’s end.
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