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Notice [Feedback Thread] Anniversary & Summer Event 2022

Discussion in 'MapleLegends Announcements' started by Ariami, Sep 30, 2022.

  1. Ariami

    Ariami Game Moderator Staff Member Game Moderator

    Aug 26, 2020
    7:21 AM
    Hello Everyone!

    As a reminder - Please use your Anniversary and Summer points ASAP!

    With the completion of the Anniversary and Summer Event, we would love to gather feedback from our playerbase. Please feel free to share what you liked/disliked about the event.


    Here are a couple of talking points for this event if you're not sure where to start:
    • Anniversary Content
      • Anniversary Coin Currency
        • Obtainability
        • Exchange rewards
      • Boss Rush
      • Cassandra's Point Exchange
      • Maple Weapon Crafting
    • Summer Content (Maple Music Festival/MMF)
      • Summer Coin Currency
        • Obtainability
        • Exchange rewards
        • Event Equipment
      • Maple Music Festival
        • DJ JM's Flyer Quest
        • Concert Minigame
        • Minigame Rewards (Maple Music Fever Buffs and MMF Chairs)
      • Daily Raffle
        • Selection of Mobs/Bosses
        • Raffle Rewards
    • Event Aesthetics/Theming
    • Event Announcement
    • Other comments/suggestions/concerns?

    Please keep the discussion civil!

    We appreciate everyone's involvement in contributing to these feedback posts, as they are extensively read through by the Staff to create better content for future events and updates.
    Your feedback, both positive and negative, are greatly valued by our Staff, and while not every suggestion can be implemented, we always look forward to listening directly to our player base so that we can improve our server for everyone!

    Thank you all for being part of the event, we hope you had a fist bumpin' time.
    Happy Mapling :heart:
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  2. LeonardoJF

    LeonardoJF Headless Horseman

    Jun 16, 2021
    9:21 AM
    When I begin play last year I did the summer event and was ansious to do BPQ, I dont care much about cosmetic but had very nice options,
    i think was a nice way to farm Ap resets, nice stats event itens and loved the way to farm raffles and maple eq.

    10/10 event!
  3. ngrman

    ngrman Stone Golem

    Jun 4, 2017
    7:21 AM
    I really like the Concert Minigame, and the rewards for this event and would like it to be brought back.
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  4. asdsaou

    asdsaou Orange Mushroom

    Oct 10, 2021
    4:21 AM
    There was honestly too much content. People had long "to-do" lists everyday. They were either doing the raffle, BPQing, or not playing at all cause they were done for the day after finishing their raffle/BPQ. This negatively degraded the social elements and bossing for the ML community. IMO, I personally feel it would have been better to split this event into 2 events that last 2-4 weeks, one with raffle, and one with BPQ. If there was only 1 of them, raffle/BPQ would act as a good way to get people online, but not enough to burn them out.

    In addition, it didn't feel very good having points leftover from the event. The smallest thing you can buy with your Anni points was 60 points (and not useful by itself), and some people ended the event with 1000+ summer points, not sure what to do with them. I wish there was something to spend them on. For example, what if you could buy 50% MMF elixirs for 5 points each? That's around 800 mesos of value per point, or 800k for 1000 summer points. It's not going to cause a ton of inflation, but it does make it feel like every coin counts, and that my time isn't wasted on getting more points.
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  5. Kimchi Hero

    Kimchi Hero Orange Mushroom

    May 4, 2017
    5:21 AM
    Can we bring back the cooler box.fishing events instead of the point farm at hhg2? Maybe an unpopular opinion, but I'd much rather farm cooler boxes while grinding/questing than having to spam 1st job skills for 30min/reset. I only got to experience that event once when I was a low level scrub, was really hoping we would get it again instead of the point farm.
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  6. bienfu

    bienfu Stone Golem

    Aug 14, 2022
    4:21 AM
    • Boss rush should really be a permanent feature of the game, expanded and with more rewards.
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  7. Wann

    Wann Blue Snail

    May 21, 2020
    9:21 PM
    Chief Bandit
    Loved BPQ,Coin gathering and the others were satisfied, Much appreciated it !!
    For more various contents I suggest you to add the distinctive HP & MP Pots as a compensation for risen price of pots and could be traded in FM.
    For instances, Yugwa or Songpyeon making quest in KMS would be a good example. Just my imagination, not be serious.

    This is what it is, no English words sadly.
  8. Mageor

    Mageor Pac Pinky

    Nov 11, 2020
    4:21 AM
    Dark Knight, Bishop
    From seeing the sheer numbers that people share on the amount of raffle they do, I feel there's 2 points that need to be addressed:

    1. a new level 30 (mage especially) is too easy to make for raffles
    2. there bosses for low 4th jobbers (around level 120) are too easy. (crimson balrog, ravana, papulatus). Most of them allows a single person to bring in multiple characters to afk in an easy boss.
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  9. HouseAuburn

    HouseAuburn Capt. Latanica

    Aug 11, 2020
    7:21 AM
    I love Ice Boxes because the frozen treats are absolutely amazing. Plus they don't go to waste like points do! I really hope they come back next year - they've been a huge help!
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  10. Kishu

    Kishu Slime

    Feb 28, 2022
    1:21 AM
    Mu Lung Dojo!!!
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  11. Gurk

    Gurk Wolfspider

    Mar 9, 2020
    4:21 AM
    Marksman, Shadower, Buccaneer
    The method of obtaining base maple weapons via maple boxes and its respective crafting system has always left something to be desired with respect to the supply of level 43/64 weapons of less popular classes or classes that often opt for rope hanging rather than grinding/PQing. If you're a player who wasn't around for the anniversary event to craft your own 43/64 weapons, you may very well be SOL because the profit incentives are such that the optimal move is usually to save all your points for armor scroll boxes or maple boxes rather than spend them on upgrading "lesser" weapons that have very niche demand.

    Additionally, you also run into the issue of there being no level 35 maple dagger and so the maple wagner must be "upgraded" from a maple claw, and you'd have to be crazy to do that. This results in the supply of wagners and the subsequent dark mate and asura dagger to be largely non-existent.


    dark mate.gif

    Granted, bandits still have viable alternatives to these weapons so it's not the hugest of issues, but it does still seem rather jank.

    As for the concert mini game, well, let's just say it would be much appreciated if future event mini games featured less RNG sequences for which one is just utterly helpless against. The seemingly arbitrary restriction of only one concert instance per channel was also quite frustrating to deal with, especially in conjunction with the aforementioned cruel RNG.

    Oh, and I almost forgot. Why are we being punished with having to wear such ugly event earrings?! Had to wear a different hat just to cover them up.
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  12. Khasem

    Khasem Snail

    Aug 16, 2022
    4:21 AM
    People making anniversary point mules and sitting in LPQ AND OPQ AND KPQ for weeks really made me as a newer player not enjoy the PQ's. People get grouchy if you aren't "fast enough" and accuse you of trolling if you afk for even a second and it's lightweight created an unfun environment for me at least to the point where I don't ever want to do any PQ's anymore at all. This event made people monsters at those places and I feel like it's based on greed for boxes and anniversary points. That environment I guess isn't really for me.
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  13. xDarkomantis

    xDarkomantis Mushmom

    Jan 20, 2021
    7:21 AM
    Make the quests reset at server time reset rather than from the time you last completed the quest.
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  14. Endorphinss

    Endorphinss Orange Mushroom

    Jul 28, 2021
    2:21 PM
    The event in general was good imo, these are my thoughts:

    Anniversary/Summer Content
    1. Both currencies were easy to get, specially for higher levels. coins gained from mob drops ( i dont remember which kind was that) didnt feel like a pain to get and farming with other people was always helpful.
    2. Not sure which one of currency it was, i think anniversary coins, but i ended up with around 3k points that i cant spend on anything. Feels kind of a waste getting all these points but being able to exchange only 50 each day. I think you should be able to convert all these coins with cassandra, if not during the event at least at the end so it wont go to waste. Im saying this because of the very limited cosmetic items you can get, after getting the MMF equipment and maybe pets, i personally didnt need anything else from the store.
    3. BPQ was good as usual, and like others said above me it would be fun having as a regular non event related daily content to the server. One addition i would like to see is another tier for higher levels. BPQ for levels 170+ takes like 5~10 minutes tops and ended up at low level bosses (pianus/pap). I think adding maybe zakum arms part or maybe even 1 of the preheads of HT could be a fun tier addition for higher level players and can get more rewards for these levels. Regardless, prices where very good this year, 30s equipment scrolls, maple equipment boxes, leaf and syrup, loved them all.

    1. The first thing i just gotta say about raffles this event, is how extremely low the rates felt. comparing to last summer event, where i could see lots of CS/WS yellow lines, i could barely see anyone get these from raffles, specially not my self. idk if these rates are because of the pcoins system, but this years raffles felt VERY non rewarding.
    2. I do appreciate keeping the 100mobs / 1 boss system for raffle, preventing us from endless soulless farming of points with single attacks. good concept that should be kept for the future imo.
    3. The price pool was fine, chairs are nice and pouches were helpful, regardless to the rates.
    4. Something i would like having next events, in the old system of raffles you could gather alot of points and use them all in 1 go. New system forces us to get the price immediately after finishing the quest. Maybe instead of giving the price right after completing the quest, the player can get a raffle point which he can save to use a raffle later. I myself like to save up everything during the event and use it all at the end, feels less unrewarding when getting pots every day, this could be a solution for people that like to get the price right away and people that like to save get them later on.

    Dance quest
    1. Very cool idea, was something new i never seen before
    2. Felt too RNG dependent. was frustrating sometimes.
    3. Buffs pots were actually really nice to get and helpful, but i did like the idea of an upgrading item like we got the pendant in xmas event more. getting the same price 5 times each week was kinda underwhelming even tho the buffs are good.
    4. Chairs are cool, i dont understand why make them untradable, this made the not that great experience of "dancing" not rewarding.

    Might be non popular opinion but i loved how FM kept the same theme and music, but the trampoline added on the top floor of rooms 18~22 sometimes get you stuck in it for a few seconds because its hard to move while airborn.

    Overall good event, thank you for the hard work and dedication
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  15. lv1crook

    lv1crook Mr. Anchor

    Jan 19, 2021
    4:21 AM
    The parts of the event that were the most enjoyable for me are the parts that compliment the way you already play. I didn’t have a problem with boss raffles because I would boss anyway. I enjoyed the PQ points because I wanted to PQ anyway. Being removed from the normal gameplay loop every day just to raffle for lower my lower levels characters has and continues to be terrible and boring. I didn’t even degen either, I only raffled 2 characters. With how much time was diverted after raffling, I rarely found myself in the mood to BPQ (though I have no problems with BPQ on paper). I would like party point grinding to be more rewarding as well, because hhg2 was basically the only sensible option with the rates being so low. This was less severe of a problem as the raffle though as you could reasonably finish most of your point farming after 2 weeks.

    The MMF quests were fun though, even though the mini game could be unfair at times I think most of the people who complained they can’t get it done after 5 tries or so just have skill issues. A disclaimer: I also enjoyed the anni JQ last year, so take my opinion on this with a grain of salt.

    Cosmetics this year were absolutely carried by slime pet and the balayage hair, but that’s fine because they were both great.

    Overall, this event was pretty good but seriously bogged down by the new raffle system which continues to be a cancer to ML events.

    Edit: Also Gurk is totally right about the maple weapons, the evolution system is totally bottlenecking the more niche weapons and could definitely use a rework.
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  16. Endorphinss

    Endorphinss Orange Mushroom

    Jul 28, 2021
    2:21 PM
    can you explain how the old raffle system would not change your daily routine? hours and hours of endless single attacking mobs (tbh idk how people with jobs and even kids can pull these raffles off) instead of doing what you are use to. Dosent make sense to me. This new system takes even if you have 6 raffles no more than 1 hour of your time
    In last year summer event i had to stop everything im doing for days just to get these points and than leave my char afk in fm for fishing for another waste of time
  17. ahotbanana

    ahotbanana Capt. Latanica Retired Staff

    Sep 27, 2015
    12:21 PM
    I'll break my feedback down into each distinct part of content that I actually engaged with.

    Summer points

    I liked this a lot. The 300 points needed for all three mechanically beneficial items was a low barrier for entry, allowing players to get all three on multiple characters just through normal play. It felt like a bonus for being active on a character rather than something that demanded you play especially for the event. I never really look at cosmetics, so can't comment on those too much.

    I have to staunchly disagree with people asking for these to all be exchangable to anniversary points. It is a very good thing that you can't farm the event like crazy for ridiculous levels of reward like in previous events.


    I really like how raffles have ended up. Killing level appropriate enemies or a boss for a once-per-day reward is a good way of handling it. I don't really have anything bad to say about it other than whining that I didn't get any legendary pulls :(

    I'd maybe like to see a bigger selection of mobs that it can pull from. It was quite common for me to get the same mob multiple times in a row. Not really a problem, and I don't know how much work it is to add a mob to the quest, but it would just be nice if it's less likely for you to get the same mob twice. It would keep it more interesting.

    Bonus exp

    Bonus rate seemed fair to me. Noticable without being OP.


    Boss PQ is a server-wide favourite that... just doesn't do it for me. People seem to love it, so I'm clearly outvoted, but I'm finding it a bit stale, personally. I'd like to see the list of bosses you fight be a bit more varied. A bigger list of bosses, from which a handful are randomly selected would keep it fresh for longer. I appreciate this would take a lot of work, though, and most people seem to like it as is, so I fully expect this to just be ignored. I'd ignore me f3

    Rewards wise, all I got was the scroll boxes. Reward was fair for the effort imo.

    Dance quest

    I loved this in concept, but I don't think the execution was very good. I expect some of this was due to technical limitations, other bits of it may have been due to time constraints, but I think these two suggestions should be doable if you are to ever bring it back:

    1. Adding a second dimension to the dodging with platforms, ropes and ladders would have made it feel a lot more fun than just walking left and right. Obviously, you'd also want horizontally fired things to be dodging here as well.

    2. The attacks weren't in any way synced up with the music. It's a dancing mini-game, so I'd kind of expect it to have a rhythm element to it like that. It would have been cool for the attacks to always fire on a beat (or even single attacks coming out on every note in some sections), especially if the BPM of the music increased each week, making it slightly harder. Rhythm elements open the door to a world of potential creative gameplay.

    I understand there were technical limitations that prevented the undodgeable 4-in-a-row attacks from coming out, but if this is going to be re-done at some point, that could be a good thing to iron out if possible.

    The reward for it was good and made the quest feel more than worth it. Given it's meant to be a dance party kind of thing that you've done though, I think it could have been cool for the buff to affect everyone in your party or everyone in the map, similar to how the party bears used to work. The buff itself might need to be toned down for that and/or have fewer of them given as a reward for passing the quest, otherwise the mule armies would have yet another thing they can do to bolster their mains, so I can definitely see the pitfall there.
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  18. stomachache

    stomachache Orange Mushroom

    Mar 11, 2020
    9:21 PM
    Maybe let us exchange more stuffs with summer points.
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  19. Ainz

    Ainz Skelosaurus

    May 2, 2015
    1:21 PM
    So many I keep forgetting
    This is the funniest shit
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  20. ShadowerZhi

    ShadowerZhi Red Snail

    Jun 19, 2020
    8:21 PM
    +1 for the event earring and having to cover it up with a hat.

    Not saying it's ugly, but it's not easy to match it to the theme/style of the rest of the character's outfit.

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