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[Guide] Alcaster's Quest for ACPs & Summoning/Magic Rocks

Discussion in '(Party) Quests' started by thedgafclub, Oct 27, 2020.

  1. thedgafclub

    thedgafclub Timer

    Sep 23, 2019
    4:33 AM
    This is a step-by-step quest guide for all the Night Lords and Bishops (or anyone else at level 60+) out there that may need to buy Holy Water, All Cure Potions, Summoning Rocks, or Magic Rocks from Alcaster in El Nath. SlimeWink

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    El Nath Market
    (enter the portal in the middle of town, go all the way right)
    Elma the Housekeeper
    Orbis Park
    (enter the bottom left portal of town)
    El Nath
    (right side of town under job advancement building)
    Spiruna and her assistant
    Orbis: Old Man's House
    (accessible via the bottom middle portal at Orbis: Cloud Park IV)
    Kriel the Fairy
    Orbis Department Store
    (portal in the middle-right of town above Spinel)
    Rock Covered in Snow
    El Nath: Ice Valley I
    (take the Danger Zone Taxi on the far right of town)
    Small Tomb
    El Nath: Wolf Territory I
    (take the Danger Zone Taxi and go four maps up)
    El Nath
    (left side of town)
    Corporal Easy

    Orbis: Cloud Park VI

    Orbis Tower <8th Floor>
    1. Collect the following ETCs from Orbis and El Nath:
      [​IMG] 100 Star Pixie's Starpiece (Star Pixie)
      [​IMG] 50 Lunar Pixie's Moonpiece (Lunar Pixie)
      [​IMG] 30 Luster Pixie's Sunpiece (Luster Pixie)
      [​IMG] 100 Hector Tail (Hector)
      [​IMG] 100 White Fang Tail (White Fang)
      [​IMG] 3 Werewolf Toenail (Werewolf)
      [​IMG] 2 Power Crystals
      [​IMG] 2 Wisdom Crystals
      [​IMG] 2 DEX Crystals
      [​IMG] 2 LUK Crystals
      [​IMG] 1 Dark Crystal
      [​IMG] 1 Star Rock
    2. It's also good to make sure you have plenty of Return Town Scrolls and Orbis Rock Scrolls (maybe like 13?) before starting.
    3. Start the "The Descendent of the Author of the Book of Ancient" quest with Alcaster in El Nath Market on the right side.
    4. Go to Orbis Park to talk to Elma the Housekeeper. She'll mention that someone named Hella is missing, and you'll be presented with a few options for dialogue. Select "Did Hella have any close friends?" and she'll remember Jade from El Nath.
    5. Go to El Nath to talk to Jade.
    6. Go back to Orbis to talk to Elma again.
    7. Go back to El Nath to talk to Jade again.
    8. From there, find Spiruna, an old lady in Orbis at Old Man's House.
    9. Head back to El Nath, this time to Ice Valley I (accessible by the Danger Zone Taxi), to talk to the Rock Covered in Snow NPC to acquire the cracked black crystal that Spiruna needs.
    10. Go back to Spiruna, who gets angry with you about the cracked black crystal, then talk to her unnamed assistant.
    11. To restore the crystal, talk to Kriel the Fairy in Orbis Department Store to acquire Fairy Dust which can be made with the pixie ETCs you've already collected.
    12. Then, go back to Spiruna and talk to her and her assistant again to receive Hella's Pendant.
    13. Give the pendant to Jade in El Nath.
    14. Head to Wolf Territory I to talk to the Small Tomb NPC to acquire an old ring.
    15. Give the old ring to Alcaster.
    16. Find Scadur who's in the main section of town. Give him the Hector and White Fang Tails you collected in return for some information.
    17. From there, go to Perion: Warriors' Sanctuary to meet Dances with Balrog and give him 2 Power Crystals.
    18. Go to Ellinia: Magic Library to meet with Grendel the Really Old and give him 2 Wisdom Crystals.
    19. Go to Henesys Park: Bowman Instructional School to meet with Athena Pierce and give her 2 DEX Crystals.
    20. Go to Kerning: Thieves' Hideout to meet with Dark Lord and give him 2 LUK Crystals.
    21. Head back to El Nath to talk to Alcaster again now that you have all 4 old pieces of map.
    22. Go to Orbis: Cloud Park VI to find Corporal Easy who will ask you for 3 Werewolf Toenails in return for memory powder which is required to restore the map.
    23. Go back to El Nath to talk to Alcaster, who can now put together the map and read it to locate the book in Orbis Tower.
    24. Go to Orbis Tower <8th Floor> and talk to the Statue NPC to acquire the Book of Ancient.
    25. Go back to Alcaster to give him the final items (Dark Crystal, Star Rock) to complete the quest. Now you're done and can buy Holy Water, All Cure Potions, Magic Rocks, and Summoning Rocks!

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  2. d3lm

    d3lm Selkie Jr.

    May 11, 2020
    6:33 PM
    I had to open so many bbb hidden street tabs when I did the quest tho I was only doing it to clear the quest, didn't even know that it would let me buy some stuffs from Alcaster after completion. Big props to u!
  3. OP

    thedgafclub Timer

    Sep 23, 2019
    4:33 AM
    Happy to hear that this is useful MapleF2
  4. Trion

    Trion Capt. Latanica

    Jul 23, 2019
    7:33 AM
    Well written guide Ana!
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  5. intimmydator

    intimmydator Slime

    May 10, 2022
    4:33 AM
    Update from 2024: All Cures are now 1k each, and magic/summoning rocks are 7.5k each
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