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[Guide] Ellin Savior's Ring Quest (Step-by-Step)

Discussion in '(Party) Quests' started by thedgafclub, Oct 27, 2020.

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  1. thedgafclub

    thedgafclub Chronos

    Sep 23, 2019
    1:50 PM
    Hiya! Here's a step-by-step guide of the very long Ellin Savior's Ring questline so that you can get +100 HP/MP and +1 all stats if you're level 45+ SlimeShocked

    Personally, my neurodivergent brain actually cannot comprehend any guides unless they have every single detail written out and I also am illiterate (cannot bring myself to read NPC dialogue), hence me creating this one and others.
    Altaire Camp: Tent House 1
    (enter the tent portal on the left side of town)
    Altaire Camp
    (middle-left of town, next to Sion's Tent)
    Altaire Camp
    (middle-right of town under medical tent)
    Athena Pierce
    Altaire Camp: Camp Conference Room
    (portal into large door of a giant tree trunk at middle-right of town)
    Altaire Camp
    (right side of town, to the right of Athena Pierce's Conference Room)
    Altaire Camp
    (very far right)
    Deep Fairy Forest
    (two maps to the right side)
    Western Region of Mossy Tree Forest 2
    (three maps left)
    Mossy Tree Forest Trail
    (four maps left where the trail splits into two)
    Boulder Mountain Entrance
    (left-most dot on world map view)
    Mushroom Hill Entrance
    (southern-most dot on world map view)
    1. Collect the following ETCs from Magatia, Showa Town, Victoria Island, and Ludibrium:
      [​IMG] 100 Hardened Piece of Steel (Reinforced Iron Mutae)
      [​IMG] 100 Firebomb Flame (Firebomb)
      [​IMG] 100 Dark Stone Golem Rubble (Dark Stone Golem)
      [​IMG] 75 Wild Kargo Eye (Wild Kargo)
      [​IMG] 50 Firewood (Axe Stump)
      [​IMG] 25 Lazy Buffy Marble (Lazy Buffy)
    2. Go to Ellin Forest to talk with Yuris (right side of town) then with Loha (to the left).
    3. Talk with Loha then with Tess (left).
    4. Talk with Tess, collect 100 Moss Snail Shells, and deliver 50 of them to Loha.
    5. Talk with Loha then with Athena Pierce (in portal near Yuris).
    6. Talk with Athena Pierce then with Perzen (far right of town).
    7. Talk with Yuris then with Ellin (two maps right).
    8. Talk with Ellin and give her 50 of your remaining Moss Snail Shells.
    9. Talk with Ellin, then take the 1 Sweet and Sour Orange to Yuris.
    10. Talk withAthena Pierce then with Shadrion (three maps left).
    11. Talk with Shadrion, eliminate 150 Tree Rods, and go back to Athena Pierce. Collect 100 Tree Trunks for a different quest line in Ellin while you're at it.
    12. Talk with Athena Pierce, then with Lohd (Mushroom Hill Entrance) and eliminate 150 Mossy Mushrooms and get 50 Black Mushroom Spores while you're there.
    13. Talk with Loha then with Sion (left tent portal).
    14. Talk with Sion then with Loha.
    15. Talk with Loha then with Perzen.
    16. Talk with Perzen twice to turn in the 50 Black Mushroom Spores.
    17. Talk with Sion then with Rius (four maps left).
    18. Talk with Rius, collect 100 Rubble, and deliver them back to him.
    19. Talk with Loha then with Kanderune (Boulder Mountain Entrance).
    20. Talk with Kanderune and eliminate 100 Primitive Boars.
    21. Talk with Ellin then with Athena Pierce.
    22. Talk with Perzen to give all the remaining ETCs from Step 1.
    23. Talk with Athena Pierce again (or click on the light bulb above your head) to obtain the Ellin Savior's Ring. Yay!

    Please let me know if I'm missing anything or if something's in the wrong order. I couldn't find any source information for this guide since nobody has every single step listed anywhere that I could find. Thanks!

    • Great Work Great Work x 14
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You must be a logged-in, registered member of this site to view further posts in this thread.

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