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[Guide] Must-Have Quests for End Game Players

Discussion in '(Party) Quests' started by thedgafclub, Oct 25, 2020.

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  1. thedgafclub

    thedgafclub Pink Teddy

    Sep 23, 2019
    9:35 PM
    So I'm embarrassed to say I didn't do a lot of these quests until level 170+ because I'm lazy, and I wanted to make this guide* as I was doing them in case anybody else in the same boat. These are basically the quests that will make your life easier as an end game player. SlimeEvil

    *Click the links to access the individual guides
    TheLegendary Spirit skill is important because it'll allow you to scroll items that you can't equip based on your level/stats/job class/etc.
    1. You're going to head to Sleepywood (or elsewhere) to talk to Eurek the Alchemist and activate his quest "The Wandering Alchemist Eurek's New Skill" - he's going to ask for a bunch of 100% scrolls, a Red Whip, and 1M mesos.
    2. You can buy the following from the NPC El Moth in Ellinia at The Tree That Grew III: Scroll for Helmet for DEF 100%, Scroll for Topwear for DEF 100%, Scroll for Bottomwear for DEF 100%.
    3. You can buy the rest from Tulcusin Kerning at The Swamp of Despair II: Scroll for One-Handed Sword for ATT 100%.
    4. The last thing you'll need, aside from 1M mesos, is a Red Whipwhich is dropped by quite a few mobs, or could be found in FM.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Keep in mind that if you have a White Scroll in your inventory, Legendary Spirit will have the box auto-checked to use it. To prevent accidental usage, I suggest putting White Scrolls in storage immediately or on mules that you won't be scrolling on.
    Stop buying All Cure Potions from FM and save some mesos!​
    1. Start the quest by heading to New Leaf City then to Phantom Forest: Dead Man's Gorge to talk to Taggrin.
    2. He'll ask you to collect 50 Phantom Seeds, which are dropped by Phantom Trees.
    3. After that, you're all done and you can start buying All Cure Potions from Mo.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    You can egg your Horntail Pendant for +15 in all four stats.​
    1. Begin the "Hero's Mark" quest by entering Kumo's House in Leafre and talking to Kumo.
    2. Talk to Raul the Knight, who's at Wyvern Canyon, to complete the "Hero's Mark" quest and accept the "Dragon Squad's Mission" quest.
    3. Then, go to Peak of the Big Nest, climb up the rope all the way on the right upper platform, and enter the portal to enter Nine Spirit's Nest.
    4. Jump to the middle platform and a big egg will appear. Once you hit the egg, the Nine Spirit's Baby Dragon will appear so you can complete the quest.
    5. You'll be awarded a Dragon Stone. Use it like a scroll and put it on top of your Horntail Pendant, and you're done!
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    This quest is repeatable but only one Dragon Stone can be used per HTP. If you're sweaty, this gives you the opportunity to chaos the HTP twice and egg it with the last slot.
    Speed - Hog + Silver Mane Mount
    Speed - Faster v62 Pet (Kenta's Advice)

    People who hate walking:
    Nautilus/Omega Sector Warp Card (Bartol's Request)
    Eos Rock Scrolls (Disgruntled Roly-Poly Worker)
    Orbis Rock Scrolls (Food-Hunting for Moppie)

    Hero's Will will enable you to shrug off abnormal conditions such as seduce, which is really important for running Horntail.​

    1. Start the quest "Carta's Sin" by talking to Chief Tatamo in Leafre.
    2. From there, talk to Carta the Sea Witch who's in a hidden map in Aqua at Deep Sea Gorge I.
    3. She'll have you collect spirit rocks from a special map that can only be entered by turning in a Miniature Pianus (it took me two tries).
    4. After collecting 30 spirit rocks, talk to Carta then Eurek the Alchemist in Leafre.
    5. Eurek will tell you to hunt Griffey in Leafre for a Ragged Wristband and to acquire 10 Mithril Plates.
    6. After that, talk to Eurek again and he'll give you a Mithril Wristband.
    7. Give the Mithril Wristband back to Carta to unlock Hero's Will.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    You should especially get this if you're a Shadower and are expected to be SED in Horntail.
    Equip - Ellin Savior's Ring (+100 HP)
    Equip - Tier 10 Monster Book Ring (+1000 HP)
    Speed - Skip the CWKPQ Jump Quest (Mark of Heroism)

    Night Lords and Bishops:
    Item - ACPs, Summoning Rocks, Magic Rocks (Alcaster's Book of Ancient)

    Mini Boss Pre-Quests:
    (i.e. bosses that are good to solo/duo for EXP, NPC-able drops, etc.)

    Boss Pre-Quests:
    CWKPQ (to be leader)
    Pinkbean (Temple of Time)

    If there's anything I should add, please let me know! SlimeAngel
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