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[Guide] Ellin PQ

Discussion in '(Party) Quests' started by thedgafclub, Feb 8, 2020.

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  1. thedgafclub

    thedgafclub Chronos

    Sep 23, 2019
    3:07 PM
    Hey everyone! I haven't been able to find a comprehensive Ellin PQ guide, especially one with info on the false platforms for the jump quest stage, so I decided to put together some info on this thread. blushmush Unlike other party quests, Ellin PQ doesn't have that many requirements. To participate, you just need 3-5 members that are levels 45 to 55.

    You'll have 30 minutes to complete the PQ, but it should generally take 10-15 minutes with a decent party.

    Head to Ludibrium and enter Helios Tower (right side)
    Go up one portal to enter Hidden Street: Time Control Room
    Enter through the portals to Altaire Camp, then keep walking all the way to the right until you reach Ellin Forest, which is a map with an NPC named Ellin
    Kill all of the Poisoned Tree Lords.
    Mages with teleport are better off killing the bottom floor, whereas others should focus on the floating platforms.
    Lure the Stone Bugs to the tree in the center of the map before killing them. Make sure that only one person hits each Stone Bug at a time until it's in the middle.

    The tree should drop a pink potion:

    After you collect four of these antidotes, go to the right side portal drop them one by one in front of the green thorns.
    These portals will teleport you randomly throughout the map. Everybody can essentially spam random portals until one person reaches the bottom right corner to click on the NPC Ellin.
    This stage is easier if you have the HD client since the wider view allows you to see and click on her from nearby areas.
    Talk to Ellin and select the first prompt to obtain 10 Purification Marbles. To make your life easier, hotkey them for usage and have two empty ETC slots.

    The object is to weaken the Poison Sprites enough to capture it with the marble. Because the HP regenerates, they never die. You need to capture all 20 of the mobs to collect 20 Monster Marbles.

    Once that's done, click on Ellin who will spawn an NPC.
    Click on Sprite to teleport everyone to the next stage.
    This is a jump quest stage divided into three sections. Make sure to call out to your party quest members which way you're going (L, M, R). Beware of false platforms:


    Destroy the wooden boxes at the top of each section (total of nine boxes) to find the Purple Stone of Magic.

    Whoever loots it can go to the NPC at the bottom to advance to the next stage.
    Before doing anything else, have everybody Roll 100 to determine who will get the monster card and drops at the end of this stage.

    Drop the Purple Stone of Magic in front of the altar to summon and kill the Poison Golem. He has three phases, the last of which has the most HP and can be really annoying, so make sure you have All Cure Potions.

    Poison Golem 1
    63,000 HP

    Poison Golem 2
    83,000 HP

    Poison Golem 3
    113,500 HP

    If someone dies during this stage, make sure they don't respawn until everybody is done and has received EXP from the proceeding NPC.

    You'll get lots of EXP and an Altaire Fragment. After getting 50 fragments, you can receive Glittering Altaire Earrings which have +2 for all stats and 5 slots.

    That's about it! SlimeLove
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