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Warrior Hammer Bro's Guide to the Modern Paladin

Discussion in 'Jobs' started by Paid2Win, Nov 20, 2019.

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  1. Paid2Win

    Paid2Win Slime

    Oct 25, 2019
    1:13 AM
    EDIT: Last updated 06/25/2020
    RECENT UPDATES: MAJOR overhaul of the gear system as per requested, including gear progression and best in slot for different points of gameplay.
    Upcoming Changes: HT meta discussion, NT meta discussion, bossing in general discussion meta tab (pap, pianus, BF, etc)

    So you want to be a Paladin? YEEHAW.

    Welcome to a new Paladin guide focused around level progression, gear, and making smort decisions. Let's preface this first with: This guide is 100% my opinion, gathered from gameplay, hammer bro friendship, statistics, blood, sweat, and BW tears. If you don't agree with it that is A-Okay partner; there are other Paladin guides on the forum and in the world so feel free to compare and contrast.

    Paladin Pros:
    + Amazing 4th job training opportunities for a very fast progression.
    + Endgame meta with both swords and blunt weapons (bw) gives you options and variety
    + New buffed blast range gives Paladins more efficiency with single target DPS
    + Rule the school on elemental bosses (I'm looking at you Scar)
    + Legit at NT bosses and HT

    Paladin Cons:
    - Elemental resistant bosses own your ass
    - Weakest cleave damage out of all warriors for major bosses
    - No class buffs to contribute to bossing
    - Third job and 120 to 130 training is a slog
    - Bossing skills take later to get due to the high number of skills you need.
    - People will try to meme and mule you (pro tip: don't let them)

    Paladin differs from Hero in many ways, but my favorite variance is the fact that Paladins can go sword or BW endgame.

    Why go one or the other? That's entirely up to you. The quick version is this: Swords have a most stable damage range (tighter attack range on your stats page), have a 1H and 2H option, and are faster. BW are incredibly cheaper, have higher attack and clean accuracy at endgame, and can hit higher numbers.

    The negatives follow the positives. Swords are very expensive (200m+ for clean weapons in endgame that you are just going to pop), almost all swords require 120+dex endgame, scrolls are more expensive, etc. BWs have an obnoxiously large attack range, are generally slower, really can only be 1H in endgame for viable damage.

    There is already a guide on how to go "hybrid" on the forums so I won't harp about that but it is an option as well. Ultimately, with the new blast range, it does not matter if you go sword or blunt weapon, just make sure you follow through on your option.

    Paladins have a couple of options when it comes to AP distribution.

    Dexless is the idea of having as close to 4 base dex as humanly possible and pumping all of your base AP into str. Going dexless lets you put all of your AP into strength, which benefits greatly from Maple Warrior at higher levels where MW is plentiful. Remember, MW does not affect any stat gained from equips, just your base score. Dexless is especially popular if you decide to go BW, as your endgame option does not require dex and has 13 accuracy clean.

    Going dexless is also going to cost you more meso, as warriors may not need the dexterity but always fight for accuracy stat. This is especially true at lower levels. If you are new to the server, or don't have a lot of money to fund a warrior, you may want to start low dex and transition into dexless later in the game. There is no shame in having base dex, and if anyone tells you otherwise they can go pound sand. Even at high level with decent gear, it may not be possible to go dexless due to dex requirements from weapons.

    Low Dex refers to a build where the warrior generally keeps between 25 and 50 base AP into dexterity. If you plan on going with a sword, this is probably going to be your main option unless you have god-tier funding and friends to carry you, or decide to go Dragon Claymore and rebel against the system. Even BW Paladins may choose to go low dex to assist with accuracy in earlier jobs and prepare for NT weapons.

    HP Washing is optional on a paladin. Just like HP washing is optional for all other classes, HP washing is optional for a Paladin. No one is saying you have to HP wash.

    Now should you HP wash???

    If you want to do endgame content, which at this point is HT and NT, the answer is yes. If you want the option to Bigfoot to level around 13x, the answer is yes. If you want to flex more than 20k HP, the answer is yes.

    To have more comfortable gameplay and surviviability, I recommend casually washing your Paladin. You can do this with INT equips or adding 40-50 points of base int with mediocre equips.

    For a point of reference:

    I personally did not truly start washing until 120, and only used INT from a Zakum helm and Deputy Star from 50 to 120. After 120, I leveled with INT equipment (roughly 120 int/level from 120 to 155) and now have around 23k HP at 178.

    There are a ton of HP washing guides, detailing base INT vs equip INT, how to wash, etc. Go check that out or any of Aloysha's OP God tier guides.

    If you are OP Pro and know how to fund and gear a warrior, feel free to scroll on by this section.

    After multiple requests, this section is being overhauled into a "best in slot" section. Each slot will be broken up into starter gear, mid tier progression, bossing tier, and endgame progression. Take those terms as you will. Starter tier is the bare bones for a new, unfunded character. Mid tier is for leveling progression through third job. Bossing tier is for fresh 13xs looking to get into the scene. Endgame is self explanatory.

    This guide is written at a pace in which unfunded characters can gear up without relying on an additional character for meso. If you have funding, you may find it easier to gear up earlier in the game.

    Every warrior is going to have different goals for their character. This gearing guide focuses on maximum base strength, maximum dex earned from gear, and being able to equip NT weapons or a Stonetooth sword. Remember, any stat gained from gear is not utilized in maple warrior bonuses. This guide functions on the premise of boosting base strength whenever possible to gather more gains from MW.

    If you do not plan on ever using a weapon with a dex requirement, make any changes necessary to suit your personal goals.

    Starter: Blue Wisconsin
    Mid tier: Scrolled Blue Wisc or a Zakum/Scar helm
    Bossing: Zak/Scar helm 60%'d for dex
    Endgame: Zakum/Scar helm 30+ dex or scrolled for accuracy

    The first investment you should make on any warrior is a Blue Wisconsin, whether it is scrolled or not. At +8 accuracy base, the base stat alone makes it your best in slot until a Zakum or Scar helmet. You can try your luck at scrolling or finding a decently scrolled one for a couple of mil.

    Once you get a zakum or scar helm, aim to 60% your first helm. Don't pop it if you can't afford to replace it. With 13~17 or 15~19 base dex, even if you pass just half of your 60%s you're still looking at a decent helm that will hold you over.

    Endgame is when you can afford to try your luck at 70s or 30s. If you have 0 plans of ever using a weapon with a dex requirement, you may want to risk it for accuracy scrolls. At this point in ML, only dark scrolls for accuracy exist, so there is no safemode 60%ing a helmet.

    If you have any intention of using a weapon with a dex requirement, do yourself a favor and scroll your helmet for dex. Yeet until desired dex is achieved.

    BODY SLOT (top/bottom/overall)
    Starter: a scrolled Chainmail (level 35 warrior overall) - 100% scrolls from NPC for unfunded characters, or additionally scrolled for funded characters.
    Mid tier: a scrolled Battle Road or Battle Empress (level 80 warrior overall)
    Bossing: either a battle road or neos set, getting at least 25+ combined stat from both.
    Endgame: Green Neos top scrolled for strength and a Green Neos bottom scrolled for dex

    Your second investment, depending on your funding, is a dex overall. You can scroll a chainmail with 100% scrolls from the vendor for a low price at 14 total dex. If you have funding, you can find a god tier chainmail or try your luck with 30%s and 60%s. I don't personally recommend this, as you can easily replace the chainmail with a Battle Road at level 80 which comes with up to 10 base stat, but if you have money to spare and want to sweat harder, go for it.

    Your midtier is going to be a battle road/empress, which are incredibly cheap and can be 60/70%'d for dex for a decent turn out. Somewhere down the road, you should replace your overall with a Neos set. Why green neos, specifically? That is the only Neos that comes with a high maximum base dex.

    It is NOT worth it to rush into a neos top/bottom set that is not scrolled. I would recommend securing a good set of dex pants (14+ dex) before even considering the jump. A neos set is not worth it unless the top/bottom set will not set you back AP.

    Eventually, your endgame body equips are a neos top/bottom set scrolled. I recommend a green neos top/bottom because they both give dex (+7 max from top and +4 max from bottom) that you won't have to add to your base. Either way, you should shoot for a 20+ stat top and a 14+ stat bottom for the beginning of your endgame equips.

    Starter: a low attack (4-8 attack) work glove or yellow marker
    Mid tier and Bossing: a mid-ranged (10-12 attack) work glove or yellow marker
    Endgame: a stronger (14+ attack) work glove or yellow marker

    Your next investment should be any color attack work glove or yellow marker.

    Why not a warrior glove? The base stat on them is negligible, they have a niche market resale value, and they are not readily available. The two most commonly scrolled gloves are yellow markers and brown work gloves, due to having 7 slots clean. Find a failed WG to start off with, and slowly scale up as you level. A 10 attack WG is a ML staple and offers a good trade off of attack to meso.

    Once you try to scale up past 10, the attack jumps exponentially.

    Starter: slime shoes, or a red snow shoe scrolled for avoid/accuracy
    Mid tier and Bossing: a high accuracy shoe, or a scrolled boot for jump/dex
    Endgame: a chaos'd red sock, a 12+ dex common shoe, or a 3str/10+dex green crescent

    Shoes can generally go one of two ways: scrolled for jump aka the expensive route or scrolled for avoid aka the cheap route.Avoid shoes add accuracy but not dex and the scrolls are very, very cheap. Jump shoes add dex and the scrolls are 10x more expensive.

    I personally used an avoid red snow shoe (7 slot from el nath vendor) until I could equip crescent shoes (level 100 warrior shoe with up to 8 base stat) which I scrolled for jump. You can also just do kpq for slime shoes, which also have str/dex, and 1-2 INT for any washing.

    Some people prefer to get common shoes scrolled for dex/jump, which have more resale value but less stat. Crescent shoes come with wdef, str/dex, and accuracy. The choice is yours. The true endgame shoe for most people would be an attack shoe, which manifests on this server as a seasonal red Christmas sock with an expiration date. The pay off for a sock versus a 10-15 dex shoe, which could trade off as 10-15 base strength, hits turning point depending on your character. Because the range formula is an ever-changing combination of str and attack and not a static, exact number, one or the other may be better

    Starter: EPQ earrings, nothing, or someone's failed dex experiment
    Midrange and Bossing: 6+ dex earring
    Endgame: 10+ dex earring

    As soon as you can afford one, get a pair of dex earrings. They are not cheap, as a majority of classes use dex earrings so there is a very high demand for them. You can do EPQ for altaire/glittering altaire earrings if PQing is your cup of tea. Those come with up to +3 of all base stats.

    The type of earring doesn't matter. Your endgame goal is 10+ dex earrings. After 10 dex, earring prices also shoot up exponentially, and the price per dex is rarely worth it.

    Starter: dex scrolled ragged cape or a ragged black cape
    Midtier: a lower (2-3) attack cape
    Bossing: a (3-5) blackfist cloak or (3-4) mid-ranged cape
    Endgame: a (8+) higher attack cape

    Starting off capes are a little rough. There is the black raggedy cape, which is 1-2 weapon attack 0 slot cape. At lower level, you will probably benefit more from a 8+ dex cape than a 1-2 attack cape. The dex will raise your minimum attack range and provide more accuracy, and with your strength so low, the attack isn't really potent at this level.

    The main form of attack capes manifest as Pink Adventurer Capes (level 50) and Pink Gaia Capes (level 65). a PAC is 1~3 base attack. a PGC is 2~4 base attack.

    Once you get leveled and 3rd and early 4th job, it's a good time to revisit the idea of an attack cape. You can buy a 1-3 attack cape very cheap on the market. Some people will scroll them for dex, which could help your leveling progression but ruins resale value. If you don't need the dex, I would never scroll a 3+ attack cape for anything other than attack using chaos scrolls.

    At midtier, you can pick up either attack cape or a BFC (blackfist cloak) from cwkpq. The BFC is heavy RNG, untradeable so it has no resale value, and you are going to have to get a solid CWKPQ crew together on a regular basis. Endgame is a straight up chaos'd cape. The more attack the better.

    Starter: ???
    Midtier: Clean sad mask
    Bossing: 4+ dex sad mask
    Endgame: 8+ dex sad mask

    Aside from event equips, a sad mask scrolled for avoid/dex is going to be your best in slot, always. Sad masks are available at level 25 for equipping, but come from CWKPQ and are not cheap. Sad masks come with 9~11 accuracy and 7 slots. Each 60/70% avoid scroll gives +1 dex.

    This is not an item that's prioritized at lower level, due to the fact that you're paying roughly 800k-1.2m per point of accuracy depending on the market. When you can afford a clean one, get it. I wouldn't invest in dark scrolling them until you have disposable income.

    Starter: LPQ glasses or air
    Midtier: 7+ white raccoon mask
    Bossing: 12+ accuracy white raccoon mask
    Endgame: chaos'd spectrum googles or white raccoon mask with dex/accuracy

    LPQ offers a hell of a slog for glasses that have 0~2 base slot on them. A white raccoon mask offers 1~3 base accuracy, which tops out at 1 point higher than a regular raccoon mask. Just like the face access slot, the meso/acc ratio for the clean equip is much higher than other starter gear, so don't prioritize this.

    The issue with eye slots is that the only available scrolls are INT or accuracy. Accuracy scrolls grain a measly 1 dex with a 30%, and no dex with 60/70s. Out of all of the equip slots, I'd rate the eye accessory slot as least important. You can scoop up a clean mask whenever you get around to it. If you yeet some 60/70s on it, it can last you for awhile if you get lucky.

    Endgame you have the option of throwing mesos into 30s and praying, settling on a 12-14 accuracy mask, or buying chaos'd specs. I would caution against the specs due to the ridiculous price increase once chaos start landing, and having to fight with every other class who prioritizes stat over accuracy (pirates, thieves, archers, basically anyone but you and mages). The stat gain off of clean specs is not worth it.

    Only options: Ellin Ring, MB ring, event rings.

    On ML, there are only two permanent rings that give any real stat, your monster book ring and the Ellin ring.

    Make sure you do your Ellin ring quest. The questline pops up at level 45 and will take you to the top of Helios tower in Ludibrium. It's +1 all stat and 100 hp/mp. It is stupid to not get this, point blank. There are biannual event rings that pop up as well that can be farmed, but always expire.

    Starter: N/A
    Midtier: Deputy Star
    Bossing: Mark of Naricain
    Endgame: Chaos'd MoN and Horntail Pendant

    A deputy star will cost you around 18-25m meso (as of 06/2020). If you are okay with waiting, find someone to get you a Bigfoot toe at level 80 and just use the NLC quests to get your own. I might regret posting this in a guide, but anyone is free to message me if you ever need a Jack o' Lantern from Headless Horseman or a BF toe for a deputy star free of charge if you find the spawn. The server is still incredibly crowded and spawns are hard to get.

    At level 90, you can sign up for CWKPQ. You are effectively useless, but you can sign. Bossing levels for CWKPQ start at 125 for most classes (this is when you start to get shared EXP) but you will need to be carried by guild members or friends, as you are not a real attacker. You can also buy MoN service from an established group if you have the meso. A MoN comes with 2~5 base attack (the library is wrong, 5 is maximum attack), 4~6 all base stats, and some HP/MP. At mid range, this is your best in slot.

    Endgame pendant is a chaos'd MoN and/or HT pendant. When i said chaos'd MoN, I am talking about a 8~10 attack MoN. If you are equipping a weapon with base dex, or if you have shitty luck chaosing MoNs (like me), consider a Horntail Pendant. HTP, after the egg is used, have 21~23 base stats, weapon and magic defense, and avoid. At progressive levels in the game (15x-17x) HTP is going to give you almost the same range as an unchaosed 5 att MoN, and give you a dex gain of anywhere from 15 to 21 dex, depending on the stats of your pendants. If you are trying to equip a ST or a NT grave, this may help tide you over while you progress your other dex equips. Everything is trade off after all.

    A lot of people do HTP + grave, and MoN + non-dex weapon depending on if SI is available. Make the best call for your gameplay.

    Alright, let's talk weapons. Anyone who knows me knows I am incredibly biased to BW, but we are going to talk pros and cons of everything.


    Before we talk about weapons, we need to talk about weapon speed. You will see speed names/numbers detailed in the guide below. In this version of ML, Speed is arguably more important than anything else.

    Speed is King.

    How important? Let's bring in the numbers.

    On a dummy, with the same exact buffs (booster, fire charge, coke zero pill) I tested two weapons.

    The top result (4,259,426) was with a 10 str 137 att crushed skill [normal 6]
    The bottom result (4,187,491) was with a clean 1 str 106 att flairgrave [fast 4]


    Shout to nicorobin for breaking up my dpm checks for a cleaner look.

    That puts the damage difference, with BWs, at 71,935 DPM, with the skull just barely eking out a victory, with 21 attack difference. That is absolutely insane.

    On a recent test with a 10str/125 attack grave, it was outperforming my 10str/137 crushed skull by 500k DPM. In a one hour fight, that's an extra 30M damage.

    I forgot to take a screen shot due to the pure shock of the speed meta.

    Does your party have SI? With the most recent buff to Buccs, SI is going to be around more than it ever has been before for bossing. SI levels the playing field for all normal [6] weapons.

    2H SWORD:

    The current meta favors the Stonetooth Sword - A level 100 2H Sword with Fast [5] attack, 101 average clean weapon attack and a 120 dex requirement. ST are strong contenders but can be vastly overpriced due to the rare nature of actually finding one, the fact that Paladins and Fighters both use them, and RNG.

    A cheaper option to the ST is a Dragon Claymore - A level 110 2H sword with Normal [6] attack, 105 average clean weapon attack and a 0 dex requirement.

    A third, less talked about option is a 2H Sword speargrave/flairgrave (further referred to as "grave" in this guide). It is a 2H sword with Normal [6] attack, 108 average clean weapon attack and a 0dex requirement. This sword is a better, rarer, more expensive claymore. It boasts a higher attack than a Claymore, but is still Normal [6] speed, so for it to be considered a higher DPM weapon you have to have SI.

    ML highly rewards "faster" weapons in the current meta, which is what makes the ST so powerful, but that does not mean it is the be all end all of all weapons. A paladin's DPM can be changed at the drop of a dime depending on a ton of things, including SI (Speed Infusion), a 4th job Buccaneer skill that makes speed 5-6 weapons with higher attack superior.


    With any 1H weapon, an attack shield is necessary. We could get into damage multipliers and technical talk but know this: if you have a 105 attack 1h weapon with no attack shield you are going to do significantly less damage than someone with a 105 attack 2h weapon.

    With the drop of NT buffs, the grave is a clear winner on 1H swords and swords in general. The grave is a 1H sword with Fast [4] speed, 100 average base attack and a 125 dex requirement. The grave is also stupidly expensive, especially if you want a 105 max base attack weapon. I'd say right now it is the most expensive clear warrior weapon in the game. Godspeed in finding one, soldier.

    Another option is the Red Katana - a 1H sword with Fast [4] speed, 83 average base attack and a 0 dex requirement. The RK was really the only 1H Paladin sword until the grave. You would need a RK scrolled to 100+ attack to be viable in endgame. Unfortunately, the flairgrave destroys the RK meta with a higher base attack than most scrolled ones. This is an option if you for some reason have low funding but a good (14+ attack) shield.

    1H BW:

    Welcome to the best weapon section!!! Hello Hammer Brothers and Sisters. Let us talk about our two righteous hammer icons:

    Crushed Skull - 1H BW 115 average base attack, 13 average base accuracy, normal [6] and 0 dex requirement

    A max attack clean (120) skull still sells for a fraction of the price of its sword counterparts and offers a much higher base attack, beautiful aesthetic, and the power to frighten your enemies as they watch you bash in the faces of their comrades with a skull attached to a stick. A crushed skull should be used with a good shield, same as described in the 1H sword section.

    Grave - 1H BW 103 average base attack, fast [4] and 125 dex requirement.

    Despite not looking as cool as the skull, the 1H BW grave is the best in slot for BW Paladins when there is not SI. Much like the argument between a Dragon Claymore and a Stonetooth, the speed of the grave demolishes any additional attack garnered by the crushed skull.

    2H BW:

    There is no real data on 2H BW meta, but if you want to be a trendsetter, the only answer I can think of is The Morningstar - 2H BW 92 average base attack normal [6] speed 0 dex requirement. This is the only endgame BW I can find that isn't slower than molasses and would be the equivalent of using a RK instead of a flairgrave. I haven't tested this meta out, but your Morningstar would need to be 110+ attack. I do not recommend this to anyone who does not hate themselves.

    Skills To Pay The Bills: SP Points

    HP Recovery [5]
    Improved Max HP [10 - MAX]
    Power Strike [5]
    [Slash Blast 20 - Max]
    Power Strike [20 - Max]

    The first goal is always to get Improved Max HP maxed. After that your attack skills in any order you prefer. I find it easiest to get maxed SB first and then finish off Power Strike, but it doesn't matter. Your final AP can go into whatever you want.

    Mastery Sword/BW [10]
    Booster Sword/Mastery [10]
    Mastery Sword/BW [20 - Maxed]
    Power Guard [30 - Maxed]
    Booster [20 - Maxed]
    Threaten [20 - Maxed]


    In this version of Maple, Final Attack is the kiss of death. The animation will ruin your DPM and is clunky and destroys mobility. Don't touch it. If you are planning on going hybrid, you can max mastery/booster of your second weapon. Threaten is a small, but useful skill that lowers the enemy's weapon attack and weapon defense for sixty seconds. This may seem like a hassle to recast, but on bosses with multiple limbs (HT, Zak, etc) or bosses with high weapon defense (Verga 1st/2nd body) it can help speed up the kill. After you're done with the above skills, you'll probably have enough points to put into mastery/booster of the weapon you aren't using. I don't care what you do with the AP as long as it isn't final attack.

    Fire Charge Weapon1 [ 30 - Max]
    Fire Charge Weapon2 [ 30 - Max]
    Lightning Charge Weapon1 [ 30 - Max]
    Charged Blow [ 30 - Max]
    IF SHIELD: Shield Mastery [20 - Max]

    From here on out, if you are using a shield you should invest in Shield Mastery. If you want all charges, get Ice charge as well. Ice charge is pretty garbage and the bosses that you need to use it against can be fit on the head of a thimble. The low damage multiplier makes ice garbage, despite the frozen status effect it applies.


    Fire Charge [30 - Max]
    Lightning Charge [30 - Max]
    IF SHIELD: Shield Mastery [20 - Max]
    Charged Blow [30 - Max]
    Ice Charge [30 - Max]

    The moral of the story is simple. Get fire charge first. Get lightning charge and CB maxed by 4th job. Everything else is optional.

    Note by user: Annolis
    I'm going to suggest an alternative route in the 3rd Job build. I believe you undervalue the Ice Charge. For those who want to conserve pots and/or fear dying too easily against heavier monsters (especially if you are a quester and want to accomplish some quests that require very difficult mobs to kill) then the Ice Charge is very handy. Freezing mobs in place ensures better survivability and keeps HP pot usage down. This is certainly not for everyone - especially the more common way I've seen people play this game which is some sort of "I have to reach level 1xx as fast as I possibly can and I don't care what I'm missing along the way."​

    100% correct in the fact that I do undervalue ice charge. It has it's merits for training and can definitely be maxed out without issue by anyone. Spend your SP there if this training style suits you better!

    Welcome to Paladin. What I'm about to tell you is very, very important. Are you listening?

    Max HH first.

    Even with the HH nerf, bringing HH's cooldown up from 10 seconds to 15 seconds, HH is still the most useful paladin skill. It can hit the entire field of view, can be used during weapon cancels on bosses, and can still be used for training. The main thing to realize about HH is that it is useless if it is not maxed. So max it early, while the EXP is still easy to come by and you don't want to cry when Zakum runs give you 3% exp.

    Alex's Standard Paladin Build (1H Paladin)

    Rush [1]
    Heaven's Hammer [30 - Max]
    Blast [30 - Max]
    Stance [20]
    Advanced Charge Blow [10 - Max]
    Hero's Will [1]
    Stance [30 - Max]
    Achilles [30 - Max]
    Maple Warrior [9]
    Guardian [30 - Max]

    Let's go into the meta of Paladin a little more. Rush is just a good mobility/all around skill. It will help you in literally everything you do and 1 point is enough to give you crowd control and movement flexibility.

    HH is going to be your main training skill. At 130 with HH, you can easily 3-4 or 5-6 at Shaolin for optimal gains if you can find a patient bishop to go with you. From there you should max Blast, which is your single target skill. With Blast maxed you can now Bigfoot as well, although it is a little clunky without stance. Level 20 Stance will help with bossing. If you do not plan on bossing through 14x, feel free to get ACB earlier for mobbing. With this build, you can easily get to 15x and be viable for Zakum, CWKPQ, Scar, Pap, BF, Pianus, and HT. Paladins get into the true "swing" of bossing with stance a little later than other warrior classes, but HH will make your levels so damn quick it is worth it.

    Once you have all of your "attacking" skills where they should be and Stance in place, we get into the sweet spot of Paladin bossing. Every SP spent after this is for utility skills that make bossing and training easier, less expensive, and more stable. Achilles is a literal god send. No proc'ing or RNG needed, you straight up take 15% less damage from all enemies. This includes 1/1s. The potion cost savings is astronomical, and if anyone wants me to run the math I can.

    Only put 1 point in Hero's Will if you plan on going to Horntail or NT. Hero's Will is specifically used for the "seduce" enemy feature, which makes you lose 100% control of your character to the point where you cannot use your potions. It is an "oh FU-" button with a 10 minute CD at level one.

    After Achilles is really up to the player. Your three options are: Maxing Rush, Maple Warrior, and Guardian.

    Obviously, if you are not using a shield, do not put points into guardian. The effect only works if you have a shield equipped. Your best bet is MW20 if you're rich. If you aren't, MW9 and then Rush or Hero's Will, depending on how much you plan on visiting the Money Dragon Cave.

    If you are using a shield welcome to the master race guardian is amazing. I know the %s seem a little low so people avoid it, but at level 30 you essentially have a baby version of shadow shifter. Think about the big picture of having baby shifter (15% that an attack will straight up MISS you),stance (90% chance of no KB if the attack does hit you), and Achilles (when the damage settles in, there's 15% less of it). If you think that avoid meta is useless you are wrong. Having your character not flinch massively increases your potential DPM output. There's less kb frames, less re-positioning, and less status affects - if an attack would give you a status effect such as slow, stun, sed, lock, darkness, etc and it misses, the effect is not applied.

    This section is provided by MeatSlam 100% and not by me.

    1-35: Follow one of the many guides in the guide section that make these levels relatively easy
    35-50ish: Teddys/LPQ (I'm not sure the exactly the best spot to train here as I mainly did LPQ)

    From here on I'll give you an exact guide for the best exp/hour if you want to just grind (even if you were getting leeched these spots are almost comparable).
    I'd recommend scrolling a dex glove to bridge the accuracy gap for certain levels where you wouldn't be able to hit without it (depends on your base dex. I was able to afford a Z-Helm at around level 50 unfunded)

    50ish Truckers: As soon as you can hit Truckers go there. Really good spawn and drop alot of etcs that help you recover potion costs.

    55ish-70ish Forest of Golems: The new buffed forest of golems is just as good if not better than Ghost Ship for a warrior (and better drops). Use the FM button to go to the top of the map, clear every platform then repeat. Partying with other people here is usually comparable to solo depending on class.

    Between the late 60s and early 70s there isn't really a new spot to go until you get fire charge leveled up so you can either stay at Golems or PPQ.

    70ish-late 90ish Dual Ghost Pirates: As soon as you can 100% hit Dual Ghost Pirates go there. The map is very very very good for WKs now, fire weak and amazing spawn. Easily better then every other map available for a large chunk of 3rd job.

    A few tips for the map: Get your mount if it wasn't obvious. Once again use the FM button to go to the top of the map after clearing every platform. I ignored the very top platform entirely as it only spawns 3 mobs maximum and didn't seem to effect the overall spawn of the map that much. At the bottom use slash blast to round up every mob before killing - its usually faster. DPG have a magic attack that can be annoying but as long as you are somewhat close to them they will walk towards you. You'll get the hang of it after a few levels.

    90ish-105ish: Grim Phantom Watches: Once you are somewhat strong and can 100% hit them go to Grims. This buffed map might not seem the best but there is a certain secret that makes it very good. Ignore the entire map except for the very bottom and the 1 platform above the bottom. They buffed the spawn so much near the bottom you don't need to go anywhere else. There are constant packs of 3-6 grims at pretty much all times once you get a rotation down.
    Side note: CDs can also be good at this level but the map is very crowded and Grims are comparable if not better.

    105ish-123: Himes: At a certain point you get strong enough that Himes is better than Grims. I can't really tell you when that point is so you will have to test the epm every few levels. These levels get fairly slow as you approach 4th job so buy some leech (you should have extra money) if needed.

    I am currently level 125 and just as a quick aside want to say you don't have to follow this advice if you have a mage to leech from:

    You should max ACB first if you are unfunded. Levels 123-131 will be beyond hell without it. If you are buying leech these levels probably will cost you 150m+ if not more. You delay HH by a few levels in exchange for increasing your damage output by 3x. ACB is also very pot efficient as it perma stuns any mob you fight so it's easy to make money.

    123+: I'm still experimenting where the best spot is before HH but so far the best spot I have found is Road of Regrets 4/5 (Chief Qualm Guardian). You will likely average anywhere from 14-18m EPH depending on your gear. Which isn't bad for a non-leeching option that makes you money. You can buy Shaolin leech at lvl 125+ if you ever get too bored and get lucky with drops.

    Let's talk about bossing. The plan for this section is going over the basic skills that you need to be viable. "Viable" refers to you being able to put out enough damage that you aren't being 100% carried by your team.

    Level Requirement: 135 for shared exp, 140 for 100% damage.
    Skills needed: Heaven's Hammer (Maxed), Blast (Maxed)
    Optional helpful skills: Stance (level 21+), Achilles (any level), ACB (level 10)
    Attack one of the bottom arms while placing yourself in the center of the body so that your HH hits every arm. Switch to other bottom arm once it's dead. From there it depends on what arms are left and what your party can hit. Blast can hit the top right arm. Friendly reminder: Arm #4 near the top right is fire weak. Arm #3 on the left side is ice weak, fire strong. Those are the only two arms with elemental properties.
    Once you are on the body, you are going to want to tank hits closest to the end of the platform on the side your party is attacking on, so your bishop's heal will reach you. This is where stance will really up your DPM. Without it, you are going to be tossed around like a rag doll. Tanking body will provide additional DPM via PG, but most importantly you will not be affected by pillar stuns or 1/1 attacks. Blast on the main body, HH whenever he is weapon cancelled. ACB is only really helpful when cleaning up the mobs.

    Level Requirement: 125 for shared exp, 130 for 100% damage.
    Accuracy requirement: around 205 at level 130 to be able to 100% hit all bosses.
    Skills needed: Heaven's Hammer (maxed), ACB (maxed), Blast (level 10+)
    Optional helpful skills: Stance (level 21+), Achilles (any level),
    You will be in the cleave party which includes three bosses: The Archer, The Warrior, and the Thief. Your main meta is very simple. Rush all the bosses to the right. Stand on top of said bosses. Use ACB until HH is off cool down. Then HH. Rinse, repeat.

    Red Nirg (warrior - green bar) ele neutral
    Hsalf (thief - blue bar) ice weak
    Rellik (archer - yellow bar) fire weak

    Use fire charge while all three bosses are alive. Your multipliers are better, as the ice weak boss is not strong to fire. Rellik will die first, as your heroes/drks/shadowers are distributing even damage, and you are dealing an extra 50% to Rellik/archer. While warrior/thief are alive, use fire charge. The minimal damage you would gain by switching to ice charge for the thief, is negated by the 50% loss on the warrior. Switch to ice charge when Hsalf/thief is the last one alive. He will be, because he sucks and has iframes and does a stupid jump attack.

    Why stand on the bodies? The archer delivers a stun and can 1/1. The warrior does a huge KB that can send you flying back to the statue, and then you'll get stun-locked and smashed back into oblivion until you have stance. Stance is a godsend for CWKPQ. Achilles helps a lot for damage mitigation. Since you're in cleave party, you won't be using blast until the very, very end.

    Level Requirement: 155 for shared exp, 160 for 100% damage.
    Skills needed: HH (maxed), Blast (maxed), Hero's Will (1+), Stance (maxed)
    Optional helpful skills: Achilles (maxed), Hero's Will (maxed), ACB (maxed), Guardian (if 1handed, maxed), Threaten (maxed)

    Welcome to the big leagues boys. HT is actually very chill on a paladin. Preheads you just smash blast and HH when he is cancelled. Once the body is summoned, you stand on HT, to the left of the "abs" line, which is the direct center of his stomach, and is used to split HT in half.


    The reason you stay to the left of the abs is simple. The tail does a slap that will yeet you into oblivion over to the right if stance fails and you will most likely die trying to get back. A buffed tail can knock out someone with max HP. Jump cast HH on the body so that you can hit all of the body parts, including the head. Use threaten as well to help with your teammates who do more lines than you. Blast the leg until it dies in between your fifteen second HHs.

    Once the legs die, do not cross the abs. Climb your happy butt up to the top left of HT, where you will pretty much chill for the next hour to hour and a half. You want the second, small platform from the top.


    Why? If you are all the way to the right on this platform, your HH will hit all three heads, wings, and arms, dealing the best DPM possible. Your blast, with the buffed ranged, will hit middle head 100% of the time, even when it is slightly ducking. Why is this important? Because middle head has 490m HP and will usually be the last goddamn thing to die on the map. Paladin's priority is HH > blast middle head. That's it. When the middle head cancels, you can jump back to the slightly bigger platform to the left and attack the left head, which you won't hit 100% of the time. If both heads are cancelled you can hop down there and use ACB to hit the wing/arm as well if heads are cancelled.

    There is more to HT, of course, depending on who dies, what composition party you have, etc, but the best way to learn it is to just get in there and fight.

    Closing Notes:

    Special shoutout to Sugarpuff, Moob, HittingStuff, and the guild Agape. Eventually I'd like to expand this to discuss Paladin meta in bossing a little more, but for right now I'm pretty happy with this guide. Any suggestions or errors please holler at me.

    Yeehaw y'all.
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