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Legendary Players of MapleLegends

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Historian, May 7, 2017.

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  1. Historian

    Historian Snail

    May 6, 2017
    1:07 AM
    Hello, I am Historian. This is my attempt to make an unbiased list of the Legendary Players of MapleLegends. I did this for shits-and-giggles, but also to reflect on how far this server has come. Buckle up, it's going to be a long ride.

    This list is not about being well-known or famous. Nor is it about being the “top 5 DPS” or “the first level 200 warrior.” It does not matter if someone was an active player since open Beta or joined just last month. To be a Legend is to be recognized as an extra-extra-extraordinary player. Only those few who have impacted, influenced, or inspired other players to depths far beyond the norm should be considered Legends.

    Sometimes they are viewed very negatively by the MapleLegends community. Other times they are viewed very positively. Regardless, each of these legendary players have a story that is worth talking about.

    Many legendary players have moved on to become revered staff members, furthering their ability to impact, influence, and inspire. A big shout out to all members of staff, as well as Kimberly, Navi and Phnx. They are the heroes we need but not the ones we deserve, and are all far more worthy of praise than any of the top players that might appear below.

    A big thanks to all who helped me research and compile these stories. There are too many to list, but you know who you are. Now, without further ado, I am proud to present the Legendary Players of MapleLegends.

    The goddess of PPL2PASS. The queen of farming and grinding. Or so we all thought. Back in 2015, Cozy became revered as one of the godliest and most knowledgeable mages who had insane damage (she regularly got auto-banned for hitting the damage cap too many times). It seemed obvious that she would soon become #1 on the ranking. But at level 177, she suddenly vanished. No news came from her until a year later when she returned, having deleted her level 177 mage in order to use the same IGN for a new character. In just 7 short months, she “grinded” three different characters from level 1 to level 199 all at the same time. Once again, it seemed that Cozy was going to accomplish the impossible.

    Unfortunately, her story ends in tragedy. Two weeks ago, she was banned for hacking in what may be the biggest scandal of MapleLegends. Was her legendary reputation a complete lie? Had she been hacking this whole time? How did she get away with it for so long? Even today, many shocked members of the community still hold on to the fleeting hope that this was all a big mistake and that their Maple heroine is a real, legitimate player. Regardless, Cozy has left a permanent mark on the server. Many pros have heeded her wisdom and adopted her grinding strategies. She was one of the most crucial contributors to the MapleLegends economy, singlehandedly inflating the free market with her infinite meso supply. For better or for worse, due to her permanent ban, her legacy will fade away as her impact becomes less and less relevant.

    Free Z-Helms anyone? Deku is the strong, proud, and loud leader of the Demure alliance: the strongest, proudest, and loudest guild alliance in current day MapleLegends. Under her leadership, Demure has gifted scores of free helms, hosted multiple server-wide events, and kept the community alive during the rough, low-population winters. Deku goes well out of her way to offer a helping hand to both new and old members of the community, and the extremely close-knit nature of Demure is a testament to her leadership skills and ability to draw players together. However, that influence can be a double-edge sword. If you are unfortunate enough to incite the anger of Demure, you can be sure that they will gang up and roast you to high heaven. It is important to note that there are many famous members of the Demure alliance (too many to list) who have all contributed to the Demure legacy. But at the end of the day, it is Deku who yells the famous “Fuck 'em up, boys!”

    About to become the server's 4th level 200, Babo will be the 1st attacker to legitimately reach the top ranks. That in itself is an extremely significant achievement, but what is even more noteworthy is that out of all the top ranking players, Babo has relied on leech the least. Instead, for the past two years, Babo has logged on almost every single day in order to boss for experience. The fact that a “classic” attacker became the first non-bishop to reach level 200 is an absolutely insane accomplishment, and a testament to Babo's dedication.

    Although Babo tends to keep a rather low profile in the general community, he is well-known amongst the top players for simply being OP. He is one of the most famous members of Demure, even inspiring the name of a Demure sub-guild (#BabureMasterRace). Babo also has several mules that have controlled the FM, and is well-known as a master looter who has never lost a drop game. It is rumored that Babo is so OP that his character never dies. If you witness a Babo death, you better buy some Gachapon tickets. That kind of luck only happens once in a Mapler's lifetime.

    Reclaimer who? He is the #3 top ranking player that nobody really hears about. One of the last remaining Project members, Reclaimer prefers to stay back in the shadows, allowing others to soak up the spotlight. But do not be fooled. Behind-the-scenes he is one of, if not the most, powerful players in MapleLegends. Out of respect for his privacy, we shall leave this description short and sweet.

    Story time with Losj, the most infamous player of MapleLegends. He was the outer face of Project, a “pro” guild that conquered and inspired, but also stirred a shit-ton of drama and was ultimately deemed to be more harmful than helpful to the community. Losj was an extremely vocal player who made enemies with several high-profile players and was extremely disrespectful to the staff. But his dedication to the game was impressive. In his glory days, he reached level 18x and dominated the warrior rankings, even though he never self-leeched (all of his characters were on 1 fucking account). He is still somehow #2 on the warrior ranking, even though it has been one whole fucking year since he quit. His farming and grinding skills outpaced everyone, including the bishops and archmages. And in January 2016, he shocked the MapleLegends community when Project defeated the server's first Horntail (with heartstoppers only, as apples didnt exist).

    But the victory was short-lived. Almost every Project member was temporarily banned as rumors of bug abuse swirled throughout the community. Eventually, Losj and three other key Project members were permanently banned. In an act of retaliation, the rest of the Project members staged a massive protest quitting spree, throwing the server in dangerous turmoil. The number of farewell posts in the forums were so overwhelming that the staff were forced to remove the red “Farewell” tag (to this day, it has not been reinstated). Months later, the staff reversed the ban and granted him lenience. He soon vanished along with the last remaining Project members and has been entirely absent for a year. But such was his influence that, several months after he quit, many MapleLegenders still tuned into his streams of another private server. It seems that it really isn't lonely, being at the “top,” when you share it with friends...

    The #1 ranked player. He virtually vanished last year when he left the server along with the last of the Project guild. But you can not completely discount the LUK bishop who is basically the FangBlade of MapleLegends. His clothe-less body appears by default on the homepage, so every single time you vote, you get a glimpse of them hot abs. And back in the day when he was an active player, he never let the fame get to his head, openly sharing his godly INT equips with anyone in need. Unfortunately, a random player took advantage of his kindness, resulting in an extremely controversial decision by the staff to destroy the equips. If he ever becomes active again, he would immediately be reinstated as a current “Legend” simply because of his status and history as the #1 ranked player.

    The most argumentative player to ever exist in the history of gaming. It is not an exaggeration, just take a look at his profile signature. Some of you might be wondering what the hell Lionheart is doing on this list. It is true that he is a rather “weak” player and you will rarely ever meet him in-game (he prefers an old-school, anti-leech, solo style). But ever since the birth of the server two years ago, this extremely serious guy has been arguing...and arguing...and arguing. You can be damn sure that in any feedback-related thread, Lionheart is going to show up with his trademark mix of sass, stubbornness, and logic. He argues so much that he is only behind Kimberly in terms of most forum messages, and he has pissed off the staff more times than you can count. At this point, it is pretty much a rite of passage - you honestly can not call yourself a true MapleLegends veteran until you have had an argument with Lionheart.

    Despite this negative reputation, he is one of the most dedicated members, always willing to lend a helping hand to noobs who do not piss him off (check out his extremely comprehensive and detailed guide for new players). And at the end of the day, Lionheart often offers an open and equal hand to both friends and enemies of the community.

    Although he has only joined the server for a few months, Lin and his trusty sidekick Xiao Bei have been making huge waves in the Youtube scene. Lin is a crucial contributor of the recent renaissance of MapleLegends, attracting scores of new players and inspiring others to make MapleLegends videos as well. His videos regularly receive 1000-2000 views, which is an incredible number for a MapleStory channel. To put those numbers into perspective, MapleLegends currently has ~250-400 players online. His amazing promotion is most likely the main reason why MapleLegends has far surpassed competing servers like MapleSaga and Rien after the MapleRoyals disaster. Lin recently quit MapleRoyals to focus 100% on MapleLegends, which shows just how dedicated he is to the server.

    The King of Merchers. Back when the server just started, there were hardly any mesos in the economy and the Shrine Gachapon was rather OP. This naturally resulted in a large surplus of abnormally cheap items and scrolls (for example, chaos scrolls were going unsold for 15m). And while everyone else was busy racing on the rankings, FutureLegend was busy merching. Over the course of the next few months, he infiltrated the FM with a shit-ton of mules, amassed a shit-ton of scrolls, and then scrolled a shit-ton of godly gear. Eventually, dupers, vote abusers, and a crushing gashapon nerf absolutely destroyed the economy, causing the community to angrily turn against FutureLegend. The anti-FutureLegend mob got so bad that the staff were forced to issue an official statement proclaiming his innocence. FutureLegend mysteriously disappeared soon after, but anytime you see a shop sign that reads “The Legend!”, you are reading the lingering remnants of his legacy.

    ZaIa (Sucre)
    Hotguy6pack's brother, Sucre was that one guy who knew everyone. Or at least, he “stalked” everyone. One of the most sociable and well-liked MapleLegenders, he is the player with the most likes on the forum (behind Kimberly). While there have been many sociable and popular MapleLegenders, Sucre is the only one to befriend top players on both sides of the crazy drama that occurred during the first year of MapleLegends, whether it was the Aeon vs. Horizon or Project vs. the MapleLegends community. It has been a long year since he quit and deleted his characters (although he remained active on the forums and later quietly returned). Many new players have probably never heard of him. But veterans will remember and celebrate his former Life as one of the most socially skilled players of MapleLegends.

    A bishop who was the top ranking player in the first 4-5 months of the server. Clerics/Bishops are already OP, and when a server is fresh, they are even more OP. He was the first player to reach 4th job, but more importantly, he was the first player to control the most broken game mechanic in v62 Maplestory: leech. Veterans will remember how, for a short period of time, he dominated everyone in both levels and riches. But when the rest of the MapleLegends community caught up, he was quickly made irrelevant by players with far greater ambition and stamina.

    If you feel like someone should be on a list, please nominate the player and explain why! Also, it took quite awhile to research and compile, so there may be minor inaccuracies. Please comment below if you catch a mistake. And who knows? Maybe you, yes you, will one day find yourself worthy of being a Legend. Only time will tell.
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