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Maplestory Hurt/Heal Game

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Zebezian, Jun 28, 2018.

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  1. Zebezian

    Zebezian Chronos Retired Staff

    Sep 17, 2017
    1:04 AM
    Last Updated: 26/7/2018

    [Check out the follow-up questionnaire for future games! https://forum.maplelegends.com/index.php?threads/hurt-heal-questionnaire.22474/]


    Wondering what happens next? So am I! What did you like about the game? What didn't you like? Got any suggestions for what to change or improve for the future (assuming that we play again)? Please let me know! I'll be opening a thread within a few days to ask about potentially playing the game again... so keep your eyes peeled!


    Hey, everyone!

    Some of you may be familiar with this kind of forum game. However, if you're not, let me explain it to you! I have assembled a list of many (all?) of the major towns/areas/dungeons in the Maple World. We're going to be having a competition between them to see which will be the last one standing!

    The Rules
    1. Every location will have a certain amount of "HP" attached to it.
    2. When making a post, choose one location to "heal" for 1 HP, and two locations to "hurt" for 1 HP. Write the new HP value next to each location name (See below for an example). If a post does not heal one location and hurt two locations, it is invalid.
    3. When a location reaches 0 HP, it is eliminated from the competition. Players cannot heal or hurt it further.
    4. There is no limit to the maximum HP for a location.
    5. Each player may only post ONCE per day. Subsequent posts for the day are invalid. To clarify: Voting for NX makes you wait a full 24 hours. For this game, you simply need to post on separate days. You do not need to wait a full 24 hours to post if the day changes to a new one.
    6. The game ends when only one location remains!
    7. NEW RULE: If two locations remain, you heal one location for 1 HP, and hurt the other for 1 HP. This may mean that a stalemate is reached for some time, but that is OK! There ought to be a big fight for the top spot!
    [Let's say that each location is at 5 HP at the time of the user making this post]

    Heal Henesys (6)
    Hurt Magatia (4) and Mu Lung (4)

    I will try to update the totals on this post at least every day or two, but please compare the "Last update" time to any new posts since then to make sure that there are no mistakes. Use a command like Ctrl + F to quickly check!

    If I have missed an area or location which you think is worth adding, please suggest it to me! I will try to add it and give it HP according to how the rest of the game is going.

    Amherst (the survivor!)
    Aquarium / Aqua Road
    Boat Quay Town
    Cake Town
    Dead Mine
    Deep Ludibrium Clocktower
    El Nath
    Ellin Forest
    Florina Beach
    Herb Town
    Kampung Village
    Kerning City
    Korean Folk Town
    Leafre Dragon Forest/Canyon
    Lith Harbor
    Mu Lung
    Mushroom Shrine
    New Leaf City
    Night Market
    Ninja Castle
    Omega Sector
    Showa Town
    Sleepywood Dungeon
    Taipei 101
    Temple of Time
    The Free Market
    Training Camp
    Ulu Estate

    2nd Place - Lith Harbor - Killed by ponpondonutsponpondonuts [3rd kill!]
    3rd Place - Southperry - Killed by AnnolisAnnolis [5th kill! ... in a ROW.]
    4th Place - Deep Ludibrium Clocktower - Killed by AnnolisAnnolis [4th kill! ... What the heck?]
    5th Place - Leafre - Killed by AnnolisAnnolis [3rd kill! ... Also a DOUBLE KILL]
    6th Place - Aquarium / Aqua Road - Killed by AnnolisAnnolis [2nd kill!]
    7th Place - Ninja Castle - Killed by AnnolisAnnolis
    8th Place - Temple of Time - Killed by ChrizzChrizz [3rd kill!]
    9th Place - Mu Lung - Killed by SnapplesSnapples
    10th Place - Leafre Dragon Forest/Canyon - Killed by iLovKimberlyiLovKimberly [3rd kill!]
    11th Place - El Nath - Killed by ProTatoProTato [4th kill!]
    12th Place - Sleepywood Dungeon - Killed by SiaoSiao [4th kill!]
    13th Place - Orbis - Killed by MottoMotto [3rd kill!]
    14th Place - Boat Quay Town - Killed by Kshyyman12Kshyyman12
    15th Place - Korean Folk Town - Killed by ChrizzChrizz [2nd kill! ... Also a DOUBLE KILL]
    16th Place - Mushroom Shrine - Killed by ChrizzChrizz
    17th Place - Showa Town - Killed by noveenovee [5th kill!]
    18th Place - Training Camp - Killed by SiaoSiao [3rd kill!]
    19th Place - Ellinia - Killed by CuteyPiexPCuteyPiexP
    20th Place - Taipei 101 - Killed by MottoMotto [2nd kill!]
    21st Place - Ulu Estate - Killed by noveenovee [4th kill!]
    22nd Place - Ludibrium - Killed by IoIzorIoIzor [2nd kill! ... Also a DOUBLE KILL]
    23rd Place - New Leaf City - Killed by IoIzorIoIzor
    24th Place - Kampung Village - Killed by noveenovee [3rd kill!]
    25th Place - Sleepywood - Killed by ProTatoProTato [3rd kill!]
    26th Place - Crimsonwood - Killed by PeppermintsPeppermints [2nd kill!]
    27th Place - Happyville - Killed by MottoMotto
    28th Place - Herb Town -Killed by AzsimAzsim
    29th Place - Singapore - Killed by theKatiatheKatia
    30th Place - Ariant - Killed by ProTatoProTato [2nd kill!]
    31st Place - Dead Mine - Killed by noveenovee [2nd kill!]
    32nd Place - Ximending - Killed by JainaJaina [2nd kill!]
    33rd Place - Kerning City - Killed by NatteHondNatteHond
    34th Place - Magatia - Killed by SiaoSiao [2nd kill!]
    35th Place - Henesys - Killed by PeppermintsPeppermints
    36th Place - Ellin Forest -Killed by iLovKimberlyiLovKimberly [2nd kill!]
    37th Place - Amoria - Killed by JainaJaina
    38th Place - China - Killed by iLovKimberlyiLovKimberly
    39th Place - Night Market - Killed by SiaoSiao
    40th Place - Perion - Killed by ponpondonutsponpondonuts [2nd kill!]
    41st Place - Florina Beach - Killed by noveenovee
    42nd Place - The Free Market - Killed by ProTatoProTato
    43rd Place - Cake Town - Killed by ponpondonutsponpondonuts
    44th Place - Nautilus - Killed by xNivxxNivx
    45th Place - Thailand - Killed by HomeBoneHomeBone
    46th Place - Omega Sector - Killed by StowStow

    Got questions or other suggestions? Let me know! I'll be adding more bits and pieces as the game develops. ;)

    Have fun, everyone!
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2018
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