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Perma beginner, skill?!

Discussion in 'Rejected' started by Junaki, Mar 4, 2021.

Passive skill unlocked

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  1. Kimmy

    Kimmy Administrator Staff Member Administrator Game Moderator

    Sep 9, 2014
    7:37 AM
    Moderator Post
    The concept of the idea is nice, but as a lot of other people have stated already this just makes people get Beginner mules. Even for NPCing people would just transfer everything to their beginner and then NPC it for benefits.

    We have currently no interest in expanding the beginner classes. We already gave them mounts, which was not a thing in GMS. Maybe if Beginners couldn't be leeched it would at least be difficult to get to the requirements, but you can just leech a beginner, so a high-level beginner is not that great accomplishment if you did in fact leech. Leeching a beginner shouldn't have been possible on the day Legends was released. If anything would ever change to beginners, it would probably them not be able to leech anymore, since it kinda defeats the purpose of the difficulty of a Perma beginner.
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  2. Soblet

    Soblet Zakum

    Sep 14, 2015
    7:37 AM
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  3. braidgame

    braidgame Pac Pinky

    Jun 21, 2015
    1:37 PM
    I don't know if it's possible, I think an addition for this could also build up leeching perma-beginner & non-leeching perma-beginner ranking system, such as ironman ranking I guess? It can motivate non-leeching perma-beginner because sometimes I feel frustrated that I spend 5 years to get pass lv100 by self-grinding questing, then I see a lv120 leeching perma-beginner do it in 1 month. I mean it's ok for leech but I just feel unfair on the rankings.
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  4. Cowbelle

    Cowbelle Mushmom

    Jul 11, 2020
    10:37 PM
    first off: we see you and appreciate you!! we so proud!

    i think having a leeching/non-leeching rankings would bring up too many differing opinions about legit vs. non legit. i see a ton of differing opinions on what constitutes a "legit" perma. Can they do PQs with jobbed folks? Can they get buffed with HS? Should they only level by quests? what if they only leeched for 1 level? 2? Where does the line that divides everyone start and end? Everyone has different opinions on these which would make it hard to nail in a ranking, not to mention I have no idea how they would easily code this.

    i do share your frustration at some times, knowing that anyone with ~3 days and a high level mage could easily pass my char that took me ~5-6 months. i try not to look at the rankings for that reason (and i am thankful deer set up rankings for our personal enjoyment)


    on the topic of OP/the thread itself: i don't think beginners should get any buffs that wouldn't be available to another jobbed class. i agree with others that it would be a shame to encourage a bunch of high level beginner mules -- i imagine that would further frustration in the rankings.

    that being said, i /have/ thought it might be cool to get some of the 4th job [edit: i see my irony in calling it a 4th job skill] skills not tied to any specific job (MW, hero's will) at 120. since any jobbed character would get these skills, i would be surprised anyone would start hopping on the beginner train for this. similar things have been done before: mounts were not available to beginners in GMS, and i was delighted to see that i could have my own piggy in here.

    i feel like the essence of a beginner to me is working with the hand that you're dealt. i greatly enjoy the masochism of playing a class that has no pros. having nothing to look forward to, no milestones but the level number itself -- that's the spirit of what i hope a beginner will continue to be in this server.
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  5. mathijs2000

    mathijs2000 Mushmom

    Sep 4, 2016
    7:37 AM
    Night Lord
    Isn't the whole point of being a perma beginner to not have skills at all?
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  6. Voxtagrams

    Voxtagrams Headless Horseman

    Jun 13, 2020
    10:37 PM
    Eye of the Noblesse. (Beginner job for the Knights of Cygnus.)

    Would work like Keen Eyes but would also let the stars or whatever projectile being used have more in a set (like Claw Mastery, but if the islander/perma beginner would be a mitten user it could perhaps also increase the amount of arrows dropped by the mobs?)

  7. Lin

    Lin Headless Horseman

    Feb 27, 2017
    1:37 PM
    Okay now get this. How about, a weapon mastery of sorts that unlocks upon Level 30? Same as with warrior masteries, it adds 20 accuracy when maxed, and applies to all weapons....? Idk, just throwing out ideas, not sure if it's possible on this version. Since i know folks on here use Spears, Polearms, swords, sometimes daggers. The extra 20 accuracy would help. Let's discuss!
  8. Voxtagrams

    Voxtagrams Headless Horseman

    Jun 13, 2020
    10:37 PM

    Liny: This just in Perma Beginners want a custom skill and the idea might shock you, lets head over to Liny with the info now!

    Liny: Thanks for that Liny, Hi Legends News fans it is me Liny, as Liny stated perma beginners want a new custom passive skill but what will it be.. will it be something similar to Warrior masteries, or perhaps something of the likes of Assassins or Archers.. hmm.. only the staff can decide.. But when that comes we will let you know the scoop.

    Thanks for listening and we'll head back to Liny.

    Liny: Thanks for that Liny, wow.. a new passive skill thats customized to MapleLegends.. how cool does that sound!

    However thats not the only info we have today.. MapleLegends' Anniversary will be coming soon, not too soon next month to be exact.. now I wonder how many maplers will be pushing Puff Daddy to the Right.. faster the better I would say, what do you think Liny.

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