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Guide for MAC Workaround Guide for MAC users

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Mirrors, Nov 6, 2019.

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  1. Mirrors

    Mirrors Supervisor Staff Member Supervisor Game Moderator

    Jul 15, 2019
    11:35 AM
    Moderator Post
    MapleLegends will not work on any MacOS version higher than Catalina (MacOS 10.15+) since they have disabled 32 bit support
    You will have to dual boot Windows using a virtual machine, bootcamp, downgrade to an older version of MacOS, or buy a PC.

    Please try to install the game normally via the installer in MapleLegends website, if you still have problems after, continue reading the thread.

    Troubleshooting Common Problems

    [​IMG] Stuff is freezing / hanging / lagging / nothing is happening

    Wineskin is very finnicky, when this happens it's helpful to nuke every single Wineskin process from your mac.
    • Open up your Activity Monitor app
    • Use the Search function in the top right to look for anything related to Maple, XQuartz, Wine and then quit those functions.
      • If you want to be really safe, you can also restart the computer.
      • Once you are sure nothing is running, you can try running some of the below steps
    [​IMG] Client not popping up when trying to launch (Refreshing wrapper / Toggling Rendering Engine)
    • Refresh the wineskin wrapper by going to your wineskin app and then going to Advanced > Tools > Refresh Wrapper
      • Gif of how to refresh wrapper
      • Try toggling wine to use Mac Driver / X11.
        • Personally, my laptop dies when using Mac Driver but others have had success using it.
    • If neither works, go try turning off HDClient (explained below)
    [​IMG] Client crashes upon logging in / character select (Turning off HD Client)
    Change client to not be using HDClient:

    • Right click on MapleLegends > Show Package Contents > drive_c > Neckson > MapleLegendsHD > Legends.ini
    • In Legends.ini you change HDClient = 1 to HDClient = 0.
      • Remember to save the file!
      • You can open this file with any text editor, your Mac should come with TextEdit and that should be enough.
    • In Wineskin, set the Windowed size to 800x600 (if running with X11)
    • Have it in Windowed mode when logging in (even with double screen).

    Last Updated 01/10/2020
    Improved Workaround Mac Installation
    This will not work for the latest patch. Please use the official Mac Client download on the Downloads portion of the website!!

    Please only use this workaround installation if none of the troubleshooting below worked for you.
    Thanks to the hard work of DKraiDKrai, we are optimistic to release an even faster method for installing the Maplelegends Mac client that requires no fidgeting with wineskin winery!


    Thank you Dkrai for the video [​IMG]

    1. FOR CURRENT ML PLAYERS: Duplicate your existing Maplelegends app so this workaround doesnt screw up anything.
      • FOR NEW ML PLAYERS: Download an older version of ML here, and use that instead for this workaround guide.
    2. Download this: MapleLegendsHD
    3. Drop the download in your copied MapleLegends copy.app > (right click, show contents) > drive_c > Neckson
    4. Open up wineskin.app
      • Should be next to drive_c and contents
    5. Click Advanced
    6. Click the [Browse] button to the right of Windows EXE path
    7. Pick the Maplelegends.exe of the download you dropped in by navigating to drive_c > Neckson > MapleLegendsHD > MapleLegends.exe. Hit [Choose]
    8. Refresh wrapper from the Advanced > Tools page, then Test Run.
    9. After that, you should be able to run the new ML normally from this app.

    Old DEPRECATED Workaround Method
    STOP!!! This is a deprecated workaround method. If the above method doesn't work for you please ping Mirrors#0588 or Mott#6035 on Discord instead.

    Welcome, if you're here I'm assuming you're here to attempt to run Maple on Mac using a temporary workaround method while we wait for the Mac client to stabilize. Here's a short explanation on how:
    1. Install a new ML into a new blank wineskin wrapper
    2. Move the newly installed files from Step 1 into an old working ML wineskin wrapper
    3. Point wine to run the new ML you just dragged into the old wineskin. Tada!
    You need all of these to do the guide!!
    • An older version of Maplelegends
      • We will not be running this older version of MapleLegends, we will just be using the old wrapper to run the new MapleLegends in.
      • If you don't have an older version, DKraiDKrai has posted a download here
    • Wineskin Winery + Wine program
      • How to get it will be explained in Step 1
    • Special Mac Windows Installation of Maplelegends
      • Please use this package instead of the one on the website. Kimmy made it specially for this guide
      • Save it somewhere where you can easily find it, i.e. Desktop / My Downloads, you will be needing it in Step 4.
    Step 1: Installing Wineskin Winery
    You will need to install an app called Wineskin in order to create a new blank Wineskin wrapper to install the PC version of MapleLegends.

    There are currently 2 different versions (PICK ONE):
    • Unofficial Wineskin Winery
      • More people seem to have success with the Unofficial Wineskin Winery and running a V4.X.X engine, v4.2.1.
      • The Unofficial Wineskin Winery is recommended because provides support for newer versions of MacOS.
    • Wineskin Winery
      • Wineskin Winery only officially works up to version OS X 10.10 Yosemite. If you have a higher version of MacOS, it is possible this Wineskin Winery app will not work.
      • For this, it's recommended to use an older engine like v2.x.x but it's up to you.
    Which one should I use?
    Honestly it seems like a 50/50 chance which one works for your laptop.

    Step 2: Creating a Blank Wineskin Wrapper
    Open your new Wineskin Winery app. It should look like this:
    You should not have any Engines available yet. Click the little "+" button in the bottom right to add a Wineskin engine.
    I used v4.x.x since I was using the Unofficial Wineskin Winery app, but if you're using Wineskin Winery you should use v2.22 or something similar.

    It may complain about having to install wine-mono, go ahead and install it.

    Click the "Update" button under "No Wrapper Installed" and it should install the engine wrapper that you just downloaded. You should be able to create a blank wrapper after.

    If v2 doesn't work, please upgrade and try installing with a v4 engine using the Unofficial Wineskin Winery app.
    (You can name it whatever you want).
    After your new wrapper is created, click "Bring me to my wine wrappers folder".
    If you can't find your wrapper, it should be in ~/Applications/Wineskin (where ~ means your home folder, usually your username). Notice this is the Applications folder inside your home folder, NOT your main Applications folder.

    Step 3: Installing Necessary Winetricks
    Navigate to the folder where you created your new wine wrapper. Right click on your new wrapper, and click "Show Package contents". It should show these items:
    Double click on the Wineskin app.
    Click on Advanced Options > Tools> Winetricks.
    You will have to install some additional dll files in order to get the Maplestory installer to work correctly on your Mac.
    Don't know if you need all of them but I installed them all - got the list from the Linux guide on the forums, thanks Linux users!
    • d3dx11_42, d3dx11_43
    • d3dx9_26, d3dx9_28, d3dx9_31, d3dx9_35, d3dx9_39, d3dx9_42, d3dx9_43
    • dotnet20
    • mfc42
    • vcrun6sp6

    Search for each of the package names, CLICK THE CHECK and make sure you HIT RUN and that your Winetricks finishes installing all of the Winetricks necessary.
    You can click on the little cog in the Winetricks app and click 'Show Downloaded' to make sure you have all the proper dll's downloaded.

    [​IMG] ERROR, tried to run command WSS-____ when wrapper was already running
    If you get this error, you need to:
    1. Quit all Wine and Maplestory related processes from your Activity Monitor (go look at the troubleshooting section at the top of the guide if you need help)
    2. Update your Wineskin Winery wrapper:
      • Wineskin.app > Tools > Update Wrapper > close. Currently people have had success at wrapper version, engine version 2.22. Then redo steps 3 in the guide.
    3. If you don't see an Update or your Wineskin says no update is available, uninstall Wineskin Winery, and try it again.

    Step 4: Installing MapleLegends
    Now that you have installed all the necessary components to get ML installed, you can actually install it now!
    Go to Install Software > Choose Setup Executable from the main page of your Wineskin wrapper app.
    It should ask you for an .exe file. Go select the MapleLegends .exe file that you downloaded from the Pre-requisites section of the guide, and it should start installing MapleLegends.


    [​IMG] Runtime Error: Cannot Import dll
    This is because you're missing the dll's I specified in Step 3.

    [​IMG] 'No new executables found!' error
    First, you should update your wrapper version.

    Wineskin.app > Tools > Update Wrapper > close, and reopen, and rerunning all necessary Winetricks. Currently people have had success at wrapper version, engine version 2.22. Then redo steps 4-5 in this guide.

    If that doesn't work, you can try restarting from Step 1 and use a different wine engine versions. (Unofficial vs. Official)

    Step 5: Copying Over Your New MapleLegends
    Now under your new wineskin's drive_c folder, you should have a MapleLegendsHD folder which was created after you finished installing it.
    Go to your old MapleLegends wineskin drive_c, and then drag in the new MapleLegendsHD into the old wineskin's drive_c.
    Then, open your old wineskin's Wine and change the Windows EXE to the new MapleLegendsHD executable, like so:
    NOTE: The location of your MapleLegends.exe may be different from the path below, but what's important is that you point it to the right place. Your path may be closer to C:\Neckson\MapleLegendsHD\MapleLegends.exe - just wherever you put your new ML executable.

    You may want to try restarting your computer after Step 5, and then toggling between X11 / Mac Driver in the "Set Screen Settings" page if you're having issues opening the program.

    Then your MapleLegends should work!!

    [​IMG] MapleLegends gives me a black screen and crashes immediately
    Some things to check before going nuclear:
    1. Are you using the correct installation? The Windows download on the website won't work, you have to use the special link in the Pre-Requisites section of this guide.
    2. Did you try refreshing your wrapper?
    3. Is your Legends.ini correct?
    4. Is HD mode off? (If it's on, turn it off.)
    If you've passed and tried all of the above, currently, we haven't figured out how to fix this besides nuking everything Wineskin and Maple related and restarting from Step 1. ):

    Also try setting your screen options to this:

    I have not tried getting it to work in HD client mode, but I was able to log on and play.

    Thanks to users STEVEN (On discord) and SunwaveSunwave for their help
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