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Completed Christmas Community Events 2020

Discussion in 'Events' started by Mirrors, Dec 20, 2020.

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  1. Lovecraft

    Lovecraft Snail

    Jan 18, 2021
    7:37 PM
    Teammates: Lovecraft

    Theme: 2006 GMS
    Notes: I decorated this tree reminiscent of my first Christmas event in Maplestory. Back then things seemed so simple and carefree. During this stressful year, I'm glad I got a chance to relive the nostalgia of old school MS with the Maple Legends community.


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  2. Keilianus

    Keilianus Mushmom

    Jan 7, 2020
    2:37 PM
    Teammates: Keirilius, Yaximus, Minteafresh

    Theme: Where's Waldo Santa
    Notes: The idea came to us when Yaximus was listening to "Donde Esta Santa Claus" on repeat for three hours on Christmas Day, which inspired us to do a tree based on holiday celebrations around the world. We chose items that represented different countries around the world and placed them on the tree with the idea of them lining up to those countries if a world map were overlaid on top of the trees. We have an image of the map overlay for the tree here. Can you figure out what countries are represented? Each country listed and their corresponding item was also put into a list for you help. Lastly, we also dressed up as different iterations of Santa, with Yaximus being the traditional Santa you see in the U.S., while Minteafresh is Santa in Russia. In most parts of Africa, Christmas is a strictly religious celebration, so Keirilius is dressed in all white, a traditional outfit work in Ethiopia during religious celebrations. Hope you enjoy our trip around the world!

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  3. OP

    Mirrors Zakum Retired Staff

    Jul 15, 2019
    11:37 AM
    Thanks for the submissions everyone! Staff will go through them and announce the winner asap.
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