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Horntail and another talking. All kind of reactions welcome.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Althariisa, Feb 24, 2021.

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  1. Althariisa

    Althariisa Slimy

    Jul 17, 2018
    9:15 PM
    Dark Knight
    So, greetings guys I'm bringing another topic, and no. its not shaolin again.

    So we're close to the 6th year of service on MapleLegends. this said server has the premise to offer nostalgic content by keeping itself v62 forever. this one had passed from a lot of changes and evolutions with the only purpose of bring fun to the people that want experience the old school maplestory in its prime.

    So with the continuous grow of the community server has passed thought a lot of changes. the ones serves as motivation for the work of maintaining it on best shape. but this is not the thing i want to talk about today.

    Actual Player base status:

    Maplelegends actually has 1,5k-2,2k players online everyday. meaning the market is entirely on constant movement. a lot of things are being sold everyday from the farming. Lots of people means OVERPRODUCTION. which leads to the abundance of items on market, and this abundance makes all the prices on market really vary a lot everyday. lets talk about one of the main issues with this.

    Actual price of the horntail's skillbooks:

    So, In the first place, Horntail was the endgame boss on the server until Nov of 2020 with the addition of pb. but its still important as a economy generator so this topic deserves to be discussed for the well-being of the server.

    First problem: The community has grow too much in "power"

    First of all, you can see that there is about +170 Players that has reached lv 200. (Actually in the ranking its 167) but some ppl didnt appealed the "breach ban" or either they got banned by another means. it still counted as an static and a proof that the server its really abundant of level maxed ppl. lets count that there is more than +400 accounts that are lv +175, the things arent like before. all these ppl run horntail everyday so this dragon its being killed more than 65 times a day. but what's the reasoning of this?

    Cause the growth of the community in fact there are a lot of powerful weapons arround. looking a perf weapon its very common now.

    People had studied all the horntail strategies and dominated em. doing very smooth runs now.

    More +155 level players/characters are being generated at a very fast pace. that means more horntail runs made per day.

    Second problem: Every player its allowed to run 14 times per week.

    So, after talking about the power growth, there is another thing i can point about. is that ppl can run this lot of times ht per weeks, leading more production of skillbooks on the market. all with the addition of the actual player base and levels.

    Actual price:

    MW 20 its 210-220m and Gen 30 its -70m and dropping. not talking about the remaning sb, an apple its enought to pay em off now.

    So, horntail its being overkilled and the books are being underrated more and more. also remember the server needs new players to keep the books viable.

    So, this dropping of books only leads to one thing:

    Horntail its very unworthy for an endgame player.

    PB its locked on 2 times per week. and the profit isnt very big because its gets divided by 30 players. and not always you get something worthy there. so horntail its the only viable option for a bosser. but with the problem explained above i would rather to sell leech INSTEAD running horntail as a player that already reached endgame.

    This server needs a CHALLENGE.

    Actual horntail its too easy. its not a challenge anymore for an endgame player that had run it more than 500 times and have perf weapons. and im not talking about just one but a lot. remember when i said there is a huge playerbase? well. there are more of 600 acc +155, so Horntail its just a three headed zakum. so its really getting out of the premise of having an challenging server. only looking like child-play. HT needs a upgrade. a solution to make it worth again. Comunity power its already high to take over any challenge, nothing to fear now.

    What I Suggest to make ht challenging and rewarding:

    1 Hour HT timer: So, 1 hour timer will make ppl reorganize their ideas and find a way to take the boss off. people will need to invest more or take more ppl to their runs to finish it. this really will make ht harder than now. and im sure the quantity of Horntails killed a day will decrease. shortening the quantity of books on the market and raising their prices up. also the ppl that doesnt like to expend 4 hours on cave will only spend 2. If pb its 90 mins and its the endgame boss on legends. so a 60 mins HT its very logic.

    An special HT for real challengers: If you dont want to add 1 Hour timer to regular ht cause new players, then make one for endgamers with better rewards like see ws/cs. but making it really hard to clear. can take a chaos ht model maybe. and gives endgame people a new way to make meso instead of just selling leech like normies. 1 Hour timer included here. (If this unbalance somehow the books. you can low the drop rate of the books on reg ht to make player want to try more this one).

    Give horntail new skills: If Shaolin monks learned to be inmune to freeze and jump. horntail can learn new tricks too, think about this dragon being killed 65 times per day. it got tired and want to teach the maplers a lesson. Maybe horntail learn to use Damage reflect or ramdom sed. use your imagination. (Maybe you can make mid head do mass sed when its critical).

    In the end everyone can give their ideas but, seriously the server its really easy now. level 200 its just the tutorial now; nothing to be proud about. good luck to y'all.
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