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Information MapleLegends roadmap #2

Discussion in 'MapleLegends Announcements' started by Kimberly, Jun 16, 2020.

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  1. Kimberly

    Kimberly Administrator Staff Member Administrator Game Moderator

    Sep 9, 2014
    The Netherlands
    10:08 PM
    Moderator Post

    The last time we created one of these it seems users appreciated very much that there was some transparency. So here, we've created another. Please do note this does not include everything we are working on since there are many times we work on things that are not concluded yet. Do note these are not in order of completion.

    - A complete overhaul of character storing

    As some may have noticed the past month, specific issues towards the server can cause major headaches and problems. We are currently re-writing major parts of the code especially handling that, in hope to battle that, and improve a lot of more. We've already implemented a few bandaid fixes to heavily reduce the impact, but the long road towards fixing it is completely re-writing the way characters are loaded and saved, which is currently in progress. This is completely behind the scene, so you as the user will likely not notice any difference. It's just one of the many examples when we need to work on something for a bit that has absolutely no difference for you as the user, unfortunately.

    - Complete re-code of the Engagement and Wedding system

    Another project has been worked on by one of the devs is the complete re-coding of the Engagement and Wedding system.

    As some may agree, weddings are one of our more underappreciated contents in MapleLegends. Rings bug out during weddings, many features are missing, and it's overall underwhelming, while weddings are to some people very important, since we all care and love deeply about our love, and definitely not that mule account that needs to marry for APQ.

    Our goal with this re-code is to make it 100% identical as GMS, including all the proper packets, features, and behaviour.

    Here's, for example, a screenshot of the Wish List feature, who people likely haven't seen working in many servers. Click here and here for a preview.

    One downside is that Neckson seems to *really* love to hardcode everything by gender, which makes supporting same-gender marriage a challenge. Not impossible, but a challenge. Just let it be known we are trying our very best keeping the same-gender marriage intact as smooth as possible.

    - Tweaks and improvements on all mob skill timers to be more GMS-like

    One of the other things that have been brought up in MapleLegends is how skill timers are not GMS-like compared to a few other servers. This makes example Horntail easier in certain situations, and different overall.

    We are currently overhauling the system and re-coding a few other things with the goal to make it GMS-like, and similar to other servers that got it properly coded. This will very likely make Horntail, for example, harder, but also more authentic and challenging. We'll also observe other things we may have to change when this gets implemented, such as giving Horntail a longer timer again. This is currently being tested in our test servers and will have an experimental version in the live servers as well. Be prepared.

    - Pink Bean

    Pink Bean is complete - and has been for a bit. Essentially the boss itself is completely working, where a few things need final polish. I, for example, haven't looked too much into the map yet in higher resolutions, which I believe need it's tweaking as well.

    One of the reasons it's currently delayed is also because of the mob skill changes above. To us, it makes more sense fixing this first before releasing Pink Bean, because else some may have an easier time with the boss where very shortly after people will have a much harder time. Pink Bean is definitely a major boss and challenge, and it's very questionable if MapleLegends' user base will ever defeat him. However, we will actively observe runs being done when the time comes, and see if we need to tweak the boss in someways (the strict 1-hour timer for example...)

    - Conclusion

    Sometimes it's easy to judge from the outside that not much is happening behind the scene. Example, if you see no update notices you may think 'wow they are doing nothing!'. However, the truth is that many changes happen behind the scene at all times, and sometimes we need code something that has absolutely no direct effect on you, such as code improvements, overhauling crappy systems, or performance improvements. Even fixing things like the possible reasoning of our deadlock last week takes times, and during these periods you find more things that need tweaks and thus improve more.

    On top of that, we are also still working hard on the character issues, which without doubt were a huge reason why we started work on improving the storing of the characters, so this can be prevented in the future.

    We thank you for the support and keep supporting us even through the harder times.

    ~ MapleLegends Staff & Administration
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You must be a logged-in, registered member of this site to view further posts in this thread.

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