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Update MapleLegends Spring Major Update

Discussion in 'Maintenances' started by Precel, Apr 27, 2019.

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  1. Precel

    Precel Supervisor Staff Member Supervisor Game Moderator

    Nov 13, 2018
    10:39 PM
    Moderator Post
    Hi everyone! We've been working hard since the last update to bring you a MAJOR update soon.
    Please join us for long-awaited updates, bug fixes, balance patches for the upcoming patch!​

    :health: :mana: :health: :mana: :health: :mana: :health: :mana: :health: :mana: :health: :mana: :health: :mana: :health:

    Balance Patch

    We were happy to see lots of insightful discussions for skill balancing/changes for the past few weeks. The staff team paid close attention and read all of the suggestions on the threads. After long discussions and careful considerations, we focused on adjustments to improve the balance between classes slightly and trying to improve the Quality of Life (QoL) of all jobs.

    There were more suggestions/changes we would have liked to implement, but those are either impossible to implement or more time-consuming. As such, we will watch the current set of changes closely and determine if we need further adjustments.

    Please let us know how you find these changes on this thread. We welcome both positive and negative criticisms, but please keep them constructive!

    MapleLegends 2019 April Skill Changes

    [​IMG] - Page/Fighter

    [​IMG] Power Guard - Total duration at max level increased from 90 seconds to 120 seconds.
    Explanation - Power Guard felt awkward to use due to its shorter duration compared to other warrior buffs. We think the increased duration is a step in the right direction to improve QoL.

    [​IMG] - Dark Knight

    [​IMG] Berserk - Increased minimum HP required from 50% to 55% at max level.
    Explanation - Some late-game boss monsters (and upcoming ones) can do high damage, which is problematic for Dark Knights when relying on Berserk for their damage. Increasing HP required to 55% means that Dark Knights have some more leeway, which will maintain the survivability of Dark Knights but still keeping them from being overpowered.

    [​IMG] - Shadower

    [​IMG] Venomous Stab - The skill effect and duration has been matched to later version of GMS as listed here.
    Explanation - Based on suggestion here. TL;DR: Venomous Stab is buffed to be somewhat comparable to Night Lord's counterpart: Venomous Star.

    [​IMG] - Ranger/Sniper

    [​IMG] Arrow Rain - The maximum damage increased from 160% to 180%.
    [​IMG] Arrow Eruption - The maximum damage increased from 160% to 180%
    Explanation - These skills are the main training skill for Bowmen, but it feels too weak at the moment. The slight buff will improve Bowmen's farming QoL while keeping their bossing ability at bay.

    [​IMG] - Hunter/Crossbowman

    [​IMG] Power Knock-Back - Monsters now knockback increased from 40% success rate to 90% success rate at maximum level.
    Explanation - Bowmen suffer from not being able to shoot arrows when the monsters are too close to them. With a 90% success rate, Power Knock-Back will be more useful. i.e. makes hunting easier for archers up to 3rd job, and for Marksmen when training with piercing arrow.

    [​IMG] - Bowmaster

    [​IMG] Concentrate - Cooldown reduced from 360 seconds to 240 seconds.
    Explanation - Since concentrate will override most attack buffs and can be dispelled, reducing cooldown will be a QoS change that reduces awkward gaps between attacks without buffs.

    [​IMG] - Pirate

    [​IMG] Double Shot - Damage has been increased from 110% to 130% as well as an increase in overall range at all levels.
    Explanation - Double Shot received a damage buff to match the damage of Rogue's similar skill, Lucky Seven.

    [​IMG] - Brawler

    [​IMG] Oak Barrel - Failure rate has been reduced from 10% to 5% at maximum level.
    Explanation - Oak Barrel is essentially a worse version of thief's Dark Sight. We decided to decrease the failure rate to make it slightly more comparable to Dark Sight while keeping its uniqueness.

    [​IMG] - Buccaneer

    [​IMG] Barrage - Damage increased from 230% to 280% at maximum level.
    [​IMG] Demolition - Damage increased from 400% to 460% at maximum level.
    Explanation - Because Buccaneers had far lower DPS than other classes, we buffed these skills to bring Buccaneers up to par.

    [​IMG] Transformation/Super Transformation - Cooldown reduced from 240 seconds to 180 seconds at maximum level.
    Explanation - With demolition being the main bossing ability for Buccaneers, being able to use Transformation more will help making DPS more consistent.

    [​IMG] Energy Charge - Stance chance increased from 75% to 90%.
    Explanation - As a melee fighter, stance is always a problem for Buccaneers. Changing stance chance to match warriors will be a huge QoL improvement.

    [​IMG] - Corsair

    [​IMG] Battleship - Received an HP buff
    HP formula:
    Before = [(Skill Level * 5000)] + [(Character Level - 120) * 3000]
    After = [(Skill Level * 6000)] + [(Character Level - 120) * 3000]
    Explanation - At the moment, Battleship guarantees 50,000 HP + 3,000 HP per level after 120. While that is already very useful, we believe it may need more HP for late game bosses especially due to its cooldown as well as the precision dismounting required (which suffers due to lag at times).

    Update: Battle Ship buff icon is now coded! You can now use the buff icon to properly see how much HP your ship has left.

    Demonstration: Click here

    :health: :mana: :health: :mana: :health: :mana: :health: :mana: :health: :mana: :health: :mana: :health: :mana: :health:

    Bug Fixes

    • Minor bugs, including ones from OCD thread, have been fixed. Huge thanks to Krauser94Krauser94 going insane on the OCD bugs this patch​
    • Transforming Monsters (Zakum, Jr. Newtie, Transforming Jr. Yeti, etc.) now have a smoother transition animation.

      Before: Click here
      After: Click here

      *This may be seen as a small fix, but this is major. This required a lot of re-coding of the 'reviving' method, which is unsurprisingly a hot mess in Odin-based sources. Together with this, we have also changed how aggro behave during the reviving, which hopefully fixes Zakum going into the ground rarely, as well as Horntail instant mass seducing​
    • Added a missing Maple Island quest which Neckson accidentally disabled starting v0.56​
    • One of the questlines in ulu city is not repeatable anymore, which fixes a bug that makes it re-appear in the available tab​
    • Re-added missing NPCs in MPQ.​
    • You cannot smuggle items from Neo Tokyo Party Quest anymore.​
    • A bug that prevented players from entering Krexel has been fixed.​
    • Fixed items flying across the map in Aqua Road, and items getting out of bounds in Orbis and Ludibrium towers.​

    :health: :mana: :health: :mana: :health: :mana: :health: :mana: :health: :mana: :health: :mana: :health: :mana: :health:

    QoL changes

    • A lot of minor UI changes have been made. Too many to list. Can you find them all?​
    • Players can now use Town Return Scroll in Amoria, which previously was not possible due to a Neckson bug.​

    :health: :mana: :health: :mana: :health: :mana: :health: :mana: :health: :mana: :health: :mana: :health: :mana: :health:

    Neo Tokyo Chairs

    Last year, we held a design contest for new chairs to drop from Neo Tokyo bosses.

    We are announcing the winners today, and the new chairs will drop after the update!

    by Krauser94Krauser94

    Nameless Magic Monster
    by Krauser94Krauser94

    by Krauser94Krauser94

    Congratulations to the winner and thank you everyone for participating!

    :health: :mana: :health: :mana: :health: :mana: :health: :mana: :health: :mana: :health: :mana: :health: :mana: :health:

    Introducing Golden Temple

    Visit HERE to find more details!

    :health: :mana: :health: :mana: :health: :mana: :health: :mana: :health: :mana: :health: :mana: :health: :mana: :health:


    Visit HERE to find more details!

    :health: :mana: :health: :mana: :health: :mana: :health: :mana: :health: :mana: :health: :mana: :health: :mana: :health:

    Stay connected with MapleLegends :heartbeat:
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