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The HP Buff Item in depth

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Pixel, Jan 27, 2021.

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  1. Pixel

    Pixel Dark Stone Golem

    Jun 17, 2018
    3:07 PM
    White Knight
    I just made a little add to a reply on the whole topic of HP washing on the Voting Thread but i came up with an idea that i really would love to bring here, and i know is a bit wishy washy and i know it probably won't get added to the game, but why not explain it to be put into consideration

    As of right now HP washing is a big unnecessary painful investment
    While HP washing is truly optional you can at the very least get like ...what? 1800ish HP with the methods above

    Now assuming a level 100 archer has 2300 HP and a level 120 archer has 2700 HP and 3100 at 140
    Using those points cuz its the main point where you can do CWKPQ and also when monsters can 1hko you so...assuming you put the 1-2 month effort to get the ring and the other methods
    God sneezes on you so you get good luck on scrolling pet equips and dropping the cape, you manage to get the full 1800+ HP , was it worth it? you have 4k-5k HP , you still can't do HT or anything you spent investment that could've gone better if you had washed right?
    and that's where people quit

    Now...giving free HP in forms would make people who did wash feel cheated or wasted time
    Or make warriors and magicians have too much HP they shouldn't.

    So here's a suggestion
    The HP-Buffer, an alternative to AP resets
    Selling for 3k or 3.1k these items would buff the HP of any class by 15-20 HP (a set amount)
    This would remove the need for ranged classes to invest into INT equipment, while INT still has use for people who still want to wash (i'll explain this later) and magicians (who get benefitted too since INT stuff would be more accessible for people who do want to main magician)

    Would it be too op?
    Well let's put it like this, assuming you get 6k (5.5k redkimmy + 500 blue) per vote
    You'd be able to afford 2 of these a day
    in a month you'd be able to get 900-1000 HP at the expense of not being able to buy other things , that sounds way better than the card ring? , but the card ring always felt like it has to be the cherry on top that these extra HP items and methods can just push you further beyond

    1.-But after a year you'd have 12k HP wouldn't that be op
    Maybe, ultimately it would be up to Kimmy to decide if leave these limitless but i think there could be a limit based on class


    You have used the magic of the HP buff. You have gained extra HP (249 times left)
    (5000 HP max)

    You have used the magic of the HP buff. But you are broken f-off. jk jk
    You have used the magic of the HP buff. You have gained extra HP (99 times left) (2000 HP max)

    And as such, giving this would leave ranged classes at 8.5k HP
    Warriors at like 15k (tho spend more time), and magicians at whatever idc
    But people will still want more, magicians care more about MP
    so this wouldn't knock it out

    Ranged classes that want to be independent attackers wit no HB still would want to push to 20k
    for those tryharders and the ones who are tryharding they still can go with their INT equips and washing and go further beyond

    Same as warriors DK still would want to go to 30k and fighters and pages be happy at 15k

    2.- So what if i use this item but now i want more HP and im capped , do i have to restart?

    Well Kimmy has been adding AP resets to event
    so what if instead of that we had the

    Extra HP Blessing

    What's the difference, these little fellas have a different separate cap than the other ones, but they can only be obtained through events like, one for like 100 coins or something

    Kimmy comes down from the heavens and pats your head for not using drugs, you bar grew bigger (99 left) (2000 HP cap for non magicians) (2000 MP for magicians)

    Soo in summary
    Players wouldnt rely on leech/INT equips to be able to HT
    if you wanna do further bosses you still must wash something but not as hardcore as before and you can stop earlier once you met it
    Benefits both washers and non washers and also people who already did

    still takes similar time (6 months) to finish , so it wouldn't be immediate)
    Magicians can suck an egg.
    HP items have a purpose still!
    There's room for events
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You must be a logged-in, registered member of this site to view further posts in this thread.

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