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Boss Freeze Abuse - 1st Offense should be Warning

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by postcard, Jul 29, 2020 at 9:54 AM.

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  1. postcard

    postcard Mixed Golem

    Aug 17, 2018
    2:20 AM
    If you are not aware of what Boss Freeze/Aggro abuse is, you aren't the only one! Here is the official ToS definition on it:

    What constitutes as aggro abuse has been an ongoing point of debate within the community. One of the most common problems is that people simply don't know it's a bannable offense -- they view something like preventing Alishar from attacking as a point of ingenuity or a mechanism to that facilitates an easier time in certain bosses.

    Yes, you can argue that when you decide to play the game, you agree to the Terms of Service, but let's be real, most people won't read it. It's common sense to know and understand that things like hacking/scripting/duping are not allowed in a game server, but aggro abuse is niche and specific to bugs within the game itself rather than direct interference from a player.

    Why should hitting Alishar and then walking away while your party attacks it be constituted as abuse? The game allows for it.

    How are players new to Neo Tokyo supposed to know that cloud damage from Nibergen is not damage from Nibergen itself? Furthermore, a lot of ranged attackers prefer to tank cloud damage rather than the ranged damage sustained from Nibergen by standing on the left side because they don't have the HP to tank unless they've washed. Is it fair to punish players who haven't washed on a washing optional server for using what they see as a spot intended for low HP characters to attack on? It's there.

    When Verga freezes unexpectedly due to something screwing up in the code, how can a player be blamed for that? Why should they be punished for something out of their control?

    These are bugs within the game itself that both new and old players will not realise are bugs/"exploits". Punishing players with an immediate 7 day ban for it is just straight up incomprehensible. It especially isolates new players who may have had someone in their party show them the Alishar trick without them knowing that it was against ToS.

    If the GMs want to keep people from aggro abusing, that is their prerogative, but I believe the ban rather than a warning harms more than it helps.

    Anyway, here's a SS of people following an LPQ aggro abuse wave ban:


    A friendlier reminder would've been an actual reminder.
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You must be a logged-in, registered member of this site to view further posts in this thread.

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