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Feeed's Multimage Chronicles: My Journey into the Multiclient Sweat Club

Discussion in 'MapleLegends Journeys' started by Feeed, May 17, 2021.

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  1. Feeed

    Feeed Pac Pinky

    Aug 4, 2020
    6:24 AM



    So this Quad Mage thing is taking off, huh? As someone who has absolutely zero fourth job mages and only makes a pretty modest income bossing, reports of 80+m mesos/h make me actually salivate irl- especially compared to the 10-20m I make in an entire evening. But man, having FOUR Archmages really seems like it would take such a ridiculous amount of effort that it's not even worth it.


    How hard would it actually be? How long would this take realistically? Let's find out. Hi, I'm Feeed, and this is Jackass.


    ...rules? What am I, some kind of absolute nerd doing a self-imposed challenge for forum clout? Please.

    For real, though- I'm currently (slowly) saving for item upgrades on my main, and sinking a bunch of mesos into something like this all at once could mean I lose the ability to bid on a pog upgrade that might come on the market. The only soft "rule" I've got is that the VAST majority of the funding should be generated on the mages themselves.


    The biggest thing I'm worried about is that I cannot vote on more than one account. I've followed all the guides, it just... does not work. I've tried from several different devices (e.g. gf's phone) which works for a little bit, but eventually those sneaky sneks catch on to the fact that I am, in fact, the same person.

    I don't know how bad having 4 mages with possibly no MP washing at all will hurt my eventual hypothetical profits, but we'll see if/when we get there I guess. Realistically, I'll just be dumping all my AP into MP and leaving it there once I have enough TMA to 1 shot Ulu1/Ulu2.


    For transparency's sake, I already have 2 mages; a 90 Priest and a 97 I/L. The priest will forever be a HS/CWK/future Res mule because I'm way too damn cheap to ever buy Gen20/30 (and MW20). The I/L is currently relegated to being an APQ mule, but I've been looking for the motivation to finally get him to 120+, and his time to shine is finally around the corner.

    I decided to go with a total of 2 I/Ls and 2 F/Ps. One reason being symmetry, the other reason being it would allow me to dual mage farm other good maps (e.g. Vikerolas) including ones that may become viable in the future.

    The 97 I/L will retroactively be the first of the Quad Mages, but we'll introduce him later. For now, let's meet the rest of the main cast, each one named after an element because I'm cute like that:

    FeeedMeFire, a future F/P;
    FeeedIsToxic, also a future F/P;
    and FeeedOdinson, a future I/L.


    "Huh? They all look the same?? You didn't even match their hair to the element they're name after??" No, a cute name is all they get. They don't get fun personalities or any kind of emotional investment. Mages are tools to be used and discarded.

    Anyway, back to the journey. The immediate goal after character creation is to rush them to Level 7, get them off Maple Island, and get my other characters involved asap. Seeing as I don't have an Islander mule to get them there very easily, we have to go the questing route; it's slow. Takes maybe 2 hours or so. But, we make it, and they get ready to head to Vic Island with a bunch of quest rewards in hand:


    Getting off the island is a milestone, but isn't quite the real start of the journey yet- they need to actually become mages for us to officially get this thing rolling!

    My Priest was in Singapore and I didn't feel like bringing him over (this was dumb. I only realized later how much time I'd save by using Mystic Door to move 3 mules around because I'm not very smart), so I brought in my main, CaptnFeeed, to leech them the rest of the way.

    A few minutes, later, we were able to complete step 1 of the process:


    (I'd love to add more pictures but the forums do not like when I upload too many, apparently. Good to know for next time)

    Let the journey (officially) begin.
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