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Marksmen should be buffed further

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by AioriaX, May 23, 2020 at 5:35 AM.

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  1. AioriaX

    AioriaX Master Chronos

    Jul 25, 2017
    8:17 PM
    Night Lord
    I know, before you proceed on reading, marksman has already been buffed with the extra Strafe line.
    But with the DPM table according to the latest patch notes, Marksmen still has one of the lowest single target DPM in the game.

    Screenshot 2020-05-23 at 10.35.28 AM.png

    As compared to the warrior cleaving class, a single-target DPM class will not be able to farm efficiently, nor grind as efficiently as warriors and shadowers who can easily cleave 3-4 mobs at maximum damage. (I say at maximum damage because some people may mention arrow eruption as a cleaving skill - but how efficient is the dpm when compared to brandish or boomerang step which is clearly 100% damage versus a strafe?)

    I propose a further buff:
    1. Max marksman booster speed to equalize SI
    - reasons for this? bowmasters are at max speed with hurricane and they do not require speed infusion to maximize their damage. Furthermore according to the table above, even WITH SI, marksmen are still one of the lowest dpm-class as compared to others.
    - the suggestion was not to intend for strafe arrow rate to be equal to hurricane arrow/second, but just to eliminate need for SI
    - furthermore, giving marksmen an SI-speed attack will NOT further their DPM with SI, (will retain DPM as the table above) but will serve them a better quality of life in bossing runs as a single-target DPM attacker/bossing class since mules are no longer available in large bossing runs like horntail.
    - a large number of marksmen actually have SI mules to maximize strafe speed but with the recent changes, that's gonna be an obstacle
    - and without SI, marksmen are just gonna be less favoured in future boss runs

    2. Snipe should work on weapon cancel
    - the very definition of snipe: the action of shooting at long range especially accurately
    - description of snipe in the game: Delivers a lethal blow to a monster by aiming for its weak spot
    - its warranted for snipe being an OP-damage single-blow skill to hit on weapon cancel like Heaven's hammer. Heaven's hammer hits multi-targets in a single map with 200k damage per hammer, while snipe is only a single target.
    - making snipe attack through weapon cancel will NOT make them overpowered, but increases marskmen utility during the 30-40second weapon cancel duration (duration differs according to different bosses)
    - Will it increase their overall DPM and make them op? - No. Because the table above shows single-target DPM calculated with SE, SI and Gelt on a mob without weapon cancel. Plus, snipe only works every 5 seconds. During a 30 second weapon cancel that just means 5 snipes.
    - Hence sniping through weapon cancel will not increase overall DPM during non-weapon cancel durations. It just increases their utility DURING weapon cancel.

    I am not a marksman, nor plan to create one, but I think alot of the balance changes are being too focused on single-target DPM when different classes were initially intended for different reasons. However, compared to warriors who can cleave multiple mobs and have an advantage in farming and grinding compared to us single target DPM classes like NL, corsairs and bowmen, marksmen clearly fall through to the bottom of the pit when they can't cleave and grind and rely alot on bossing to level up and farm as well.

    If a warrior who can cleave (and have better advantage in the game with grinding and farming) still do better dpm single target ccompared to a class solely made for single-target damage (and cant farm NOR grind), its no wonder why no one wants to play the Marksmen class.
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