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Warrior Paladin Guide

Discussion in 'Jobs' started by SwordArt, Jun 27, 2017.

  1. SwordArt

    SwordArt Windraider

    Jun 18, 2015
    2:09 AM
    OH BOY here we go okay, so you wanna become a Paladin! Since a ball busting amount of people ask me pally questions I'm gonna do a guide. (if you disagree with something I have to say that's fine I don't care).

    As for myself, my IGN is SwordArt and I'm a 181 Paladin who has been here since July 3rd, 2015. On to the guide! (putting everything as spoilers so Kimberly doesn't kill me)

    The Paladin road is long and annoying as hell with no party buffs but in the end, it'll be great. Paladins, unlike the other warriors, use elements to boost their damage. So you could basically call them a mage with a sword/mace....a battle mage... You may get made fun of for being a Paladin because they're "weak" when in reality that isn't true at all, we just have high a high weapon attack requirement. You're also going to be playing one of (in my opinion) the most entertaining classes with element switching and lowering all enemies to 1 HP and smacking bosses for a solid 200k with heavens hammer. Also while having a bomb ass time completing all your 4th job skill quests since I believe we have one of the most quests to do.

    1. Element weak mobs get absolutely destroyed by Paladins
    2. Weapon scrolls are cheap cheap cheap
    3. Can hit cap fairly quickly
    4. Heavens Hammer helps a lot with end game bosses (Zak,Horntail)
    5. Grinding is easy peezy (even soloing)​

    1. Low damage at the early levels of 4th job unlike Hero and Dark Knight
    2. Requires A LOT of farming for one of your end game weapons
    3. No party buffs
    4. The end game bosses besides Scarlion and Targa are not weak to any element

    And just to clarify the whole who's the strongest warrior debate, I'd say they are all evenly matched and it just comes down to what gear you have and what party buffs there are.
    First of all I'm not going to talk about HP washing because there's already guides everywhere about it. HP wash if you want to, I didn't do it because it's not needed. Yes it does help but I didn't want to spend a shit ton of NX on resets. Okay back to the AP build!

    RECOMMENDED: LOW Dex into dexless
    Basically you get to around 30-40 dex and then once you have enough accuracy you can start to use AP resets to put that dex into STR. The lowest accuracy you should go for is 165, to be able to hit Horntail if you ever want to try it. You should scroll dex on your Helm, earrings, Cape (ONLY IF NEEDED), shoes and bottom. Mask and Face access. if you're funded Here's an accuracy calculator: http://screamingstatue.com/accuracymain.php
    To start off you can get a 10 dex bathrobe and get an old raggedy cape from Naora at level 25. Cape dex 60's are cheap so you can get the meso from faming for 2 to 3 days. If you manage to find a Blue Wisconsin (Haven't seen them so much anymore) you can get that for an extra 8 accuracy until your zhelm/scar helm. Also helm dex 60's can be easily farmed at Master Chronos in Ludibrium, they also drop a decent amount of equips for extra $! For shoes, I recommend using Shoes for Dex 60% scrolls because they are easily farmed from Brown Teddies and give straight up accuracy instead of dex like Shoes for Jump scrolls. Also note that 1 DEX gives .80 accuracy and 1 LUK gives .60 accuracy. If you're still lacking accuracy you can scroll a glove for accuracy, using Gloves for dex 60% since those scrolls are cheap and give 2 accuracy and 1 dex. You can get earrings later because they are somewhat expensive at the moment (maybe a couple mil) and you can farm them from Himes once you're level 90ish so don't worry too much about that. Shoes, glove, cape or helm scrolled using these scrolls should give you enough to be able to keep you training, but I honestly think a DEX glove, cape and overall would be enough until you get your zhelm/scar helm. Maple weapons also help a crap ton because they give so much accuracy so you may not need to scroll some of these items if you manage to get your hands on one. Oh I also forgot to mention! If you do the quest Camilla's Gem at level 23 I believe, you have a chance of getting a Pig illustrated which gives about 6 accuracy on average! (1h mace)

    NORMAL DEX BUILD: 1 or 2 dex every level
    I don't think this build would help you in any situation at all because not only do you lose a crap ton of damage while leveling but once you have too much DEX, you'll have to spend 100k+ nx on resets for maximum potential. Stay away from this build!

    DEXLESS BUILD: No points into DEX ever!
    If you're new I don't think you should do this. You may be fine until maybe level 50 or 60 but after that it's all downhill even with the accuracy potions from Ludi. You'll have to farm an item called Maple Pop that drops from Nightmare in the Haunted House on New Leaf City. That item gives +100 accuracy for 1 minute, have fun doing that. BUT If you're completely funded and you have tons of dex items I say go for dexless and have a blast!

    Improved HP recovery to LEVEL 5 you should have 2 SP left over after this
    Improved MaxHP Increase to max doing this gives you more hp per level you should have 1 SP left over after this, you should put this into Power Strike
    I recommend maxing slash blast next because you'll mainly be fighting a lot of mobs these early levels
    Slash blast maxed
    Power strike maxed
    After that then whatever you want it doesn't matter
    Summary: you want the extra HP because later on it will matter, its okay that you dont have an attack yet cause you're a warrior and you're really STRQNK.

    End results:
    Improved HP recovery [5]
    Improved MAXHP Increase [10]
    Power Strike [20]
    Slash Blast [20]

    Sword/BW Mastery to 10 (you can also just max mastery first if you want)
    Sword/BW booster to 10. +2 sp left over to Mastery [12]
    Sword/BW Mastery MAX [20] +1 sp left over to Booster [12]
    Sword/BW Booster MAX [20]
    Power Guard MAX [30]
    Threaten MAX [20] +1 sp left over to ANYTHING BESIDES FINAL ATTACK

    Summary: You want some mastery so you can balance out your damage and then you want some booster for obvious reasons. Power guard to reflect and take less damage. Threaten is useless but maybe there will be a buff to it in the future. FINAL ATTACK SUCKS DO NOT TOUCH IT TRUST ME IT MAKES YOU HAVE ANOTHER ATTACK YES IT SOUNDS COOL BUT THERES A WHOLE OTHER ANIMATION THATS STRAIGHT UP ANNOYING.

    Max Fire Charge Sword/BW
    Max Thunder Charge Sword/BW
    Max Ice Charge Sword/BW
    Max Charge Blow
    Max Shield Mastery
    Rest of your SP doesn't matter.

    Summary: Fire charge gives the highest damage % out of all your charges so picking that up would be best but you can also flip flop that with Lightning charge if you're going to train at ghost ship 2 for a while, the Slimy's there are weak to Lightning. Ice charge is okay because it can freeze enemies and maybe save some pot money but not that useful because there aren't that many ice based training spots. Charged blow is a one time use so there's no point in maxing it early on. Shield mastery for a tiny bit of extra defense.

    1 point in Rush
    Max Advanced Charged Blow
    Max Blast
    If you're going to skele a lot with a bishop then max Holy/Divine Charge next
    If not, Max Power Stance and max Holy/Divine charge afterwards.
    If you have access to Heavens Hammer 30 skill book then max that next.
    If your grinding partner has Maple Warrior then don't worry about it and max Achilles after Stance/Heavens Hammer 30.
    Maple Warrior Level 9 after Achilles/Stance/Heavens Hammer 30.
    1 point if Hero's Will if you're going to Horntail Boss.
    Max Guardian.

    Summary: Okay I know that sounds confusing but I'll explain it all here. You need 1 point in Rush because it helps a crap ton with mobbing. Advanced Charged Blow will make Charged Blow from your 3rd job skill tab permanent instead of a 1 attempt thing, making this skill your mobbing attack. Getting Blast after is nice because that's your single target attack for everything. Depending on what charge you have these 2 attacks will do more damage or less damage. If there is a mob that is weak to Holy damage you'll use holy charge. (And you'll get a sick animation using blast and charged blow with all your different charges!)
    If you have a cool bishop friend for skeles, getting Holy/Divine charge will be nice because skeles are weak to holy making you kill faster and get more exp. If you don't plan to skele at all then there's no point getting this. Stance is a key self buff that will give you a 90% chance to not get knocked back from an attack. Heavens Hammer is an attack that makes a non boss mob down to 1 HP. So that mixed with rush is a nice combo. On bosses it hits 199,999 so at places like Zakum with multiple arms it will help a lot. Achilles is a nice survivability passive with a -15% reduction maxed. Hero's will is a skill that removes Seduce from Horntail which is very important and a must have for attackers (10minute cd). Guardian is like a Warrior Shadow Shifter with a 15% chance of completing blocking an attack. You won't take any damage at all and will knockback and stun non boss mobs!.

    • Rush
      1. Hunt for the storybook from Taurospears. Once you obtain the storybook, a quest will appear in your quest log.
      2. Now that you have the storybook, head to Manji in Perion to begin the quest. He’ll ask you to hunt 200 Taurospears in a special map.
      3. Now travel to Sleepywood Dungeon and find the map Sanctuary Entrance 3. In order to enter the special map, you will need the following: a party of 2 members where you are the leader, and your teammate must be a 4th job warrior.
      4. Once the party is formed, go to the middle portal in Sanctuary Entrance 3. Kill 200 Taurospears in this map before the timer runs out. As long as you have 2 people, you can enter this map after this quest is finished.
      5. After you finish killing them head back to Manji in Perion to complete the quest.

    • Stance
      1. Hunt for “Green Paper” storybook from a Crimson Balrog, then talk to your 4th job instructor.
      2. Now talk to Spiruna found in Cloud Park in Orbis. Give her the “Green Paper”.
      3. Talk to your fourth job instructor. He will instruct you to find a “Bluish paper” that drops from Lycanthropes.
      4. Once you acquire the Blue Paper, talk to your fourth job instructor again.
      5. Venture to El Nath and talk to your 3rd job instructor. He will give you another quest to find a Gold Medal.
      6. Enter the El Nath PQ and complete it successfully to obtain the Gold Medal.
      7. Return to your fourth job instructor, and he will trade you a skillbook for Power Stance for your Gold Medal.

    • 1. Go to the “Forest Branching Path” in Leafre and talk to the NPC at the top of the map. He will give you a wooden shield and tell you to hunt 200 Dark Kentaurus in his arena.
      2. With a shield equipped, talk to him again and select the option to enter the arena. (NOTE: If you are not wearing a shield, you will die instantly once you enter the arena!)
      3. Kill some Dark Kentaurus, then leave the arena through a portal. The shield will not be taken from you.
      4. Talk to the NPC at the top of the map again to re-enter the arena and kill some more Kentaurs.
      5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 as necessary to kill 200 Dark Kentaurus.
      6. Talk to the NPC again to finish the quest. You will lose the shield initially given to you, gain a level 120 shield, and gain the skillbook for Guardian.

    • Advanced Charge Blow:
      Kill Zakum for him to drop the skillbook. No quest is required to do this, but you will probably have to pay a fee to guilds for having them run you unless you have nice friends.

    • Holy Charge (Sword) & Divine Charge (Blunt Weapon):
      1. Talk to the 4th job instructor to begin
      2. Talk to a scuba diver inside one of the ships at Sharks. He will ask you to hunt for 10 Shark’s Teeth.
      3. Return with 10 Shark’s teeth to the Scuba diver, and he will give you the Holy Grail.
      4. Bring the Holy Grail to Chief Totamo of Leafre. He will ask you to talk to Moira in the Horntail Cave.
      5. Moira will give you another quest, which requires you to gather the following:
      * Ice Cube (Green Cornian)
      * Skull Mask (Dark Cornian)
      * Manon’s Cry
      * 10 Red Drake Skins (Red Drakes)
      * Broken Dagger (Dropped by Cornian, color unknown)
      6. Talk to Mosu to have him fuse the old dagger with the items to create a new dagger.
      7. Gather a party of 6 people and venture back to Moira to transform yourself into a Green Cornian in order to enter the cave below. The cave has five different stages, each of which contains a key. You need to acquire key from a stage in order to progress to the next stage. The last stage should contain Skelosaurs. Your objective is to find a Holy Grail with Holy Water. ***The fountain is after you complete the skeles stage where you sign up for Horntail on the far right***
      8. After finishing Moira’s quest, go to Orbis Tower, floor number 8 to receive the skillbooks for both Holy and Divine Charge.

    • Heavens Hammer:
      1. Talk to Librarian Wiz to begin the quest. He will give you a blue book and ask you to take it to Village Chief Totamo in Leafre.
      2. Take the blue book to Chief Totamo. He will ask you to search for a necklace which was stolen by Griffey.
      3. Hunt Griffey until you obtain Chief Totamo’s necklace.
      4. Return to Totamo with the necklace. He will give you another quest to talk to “The Insignificant Being” in Sleepywood Dungeon.
      5. The Rememberer will ask you to find a shield and a key for Librarian Wiz.
      6. Kill a Jr. Balrog to obtain the key.
      7. Now go to Sanctuary Entrance 4 and enter the middle portal. You must have the key to enter.
      8. Find the shield inside this arena before the timer runs out.
      9. Return to Librarian Wiz with the key and the shield to obtain the Heavens Hammer Skillbook.
    Okay so your end game equips should look like:
    Hat: STR(18-19) Scarlion Helmet scrolled for DEX
    Face Accessory: An equip from an event OR a Rat mouth scrolled for DEX
    Eye Accessory: Raccoon Mask scrolled for Accuracy/DEX
    Earrings: any earring Scrolled for DEX
    Pendant: Dep star or Horntail Pendant if you can get one or buy one from Scammure
    Cape: Pink Adventurer Cape/ Pink Gaia Cape for attack
    Gloves: Brown Work Glove/Yellow Marker scrolled with attack (they have 7 slots)
    Top: Neos top scrolled for STR
    Bottom: Neos bottom scrolled for DEX
    Shoes: Blue Crescent Boots scrolled for JUMP (Jump scrolls give DEX)
    Weapon: Okay so there's some debate going on about what weapon a Paladin should use and to prevent arguments I'm just going to say use either these two weapons: Stonetooth Sword or Crush Skull. I'll talk about both weapons.
    Shield (if used): Blue Hoflon with 5 STR or any other shield with 4 STR clean (scroll 4-5 str shields for extra damage boost!)

    Stonetooth Sword:
    1. Very fast for a 2 hand sword and more stable damage wise
    2. Not terribly hard to farm from the boss Black Crow
    3. Requires 120 dex to hold so that means you need a base dex of like 30 to be able to hold it unless you're an amazing scroller
    4. Max attack clean is 106

    Crushed Skull and shield: (I use this)
    1. A 1 hand blunt weapon that is extremely hard to farm a good one because first you need to do the exchange quest which takes about 2 hours total and here's the guide for that: http://www.basilmarket.com/A-complete-guide-to-exchange-quests-Thread-boQ1l-1 After doing this questline you THEN need to farm 50 stormbreaker badges which takes at least an hour depending on your luck/damage and THEN you need to turn them in at the NPC Juko at Dead Man's Gorge in Phantom Forest for a very very low CHANCE of getting a crushed skull. But in the end its worth it because the max stats clean is 120 attack and 13 accuracy which is insanely good.
    2. It's slow and is unstable damage wise. (meaning you'll hit really low and really hard) so you require a lot of good equips to keep yourself at good numbers.
    3. Combine a decently scrolled Crushed Skull and Shield together and you'll be able to out damage even corsairs and some NLs (yes I do this MapleF17)

    10-30 Victoria Island Quests and HPQ/KPQ. Ant tunnel/Cave of Evil Eye ll
    30-35 Ariant Questline | Sky terrace ll
    35-50 LPQ/Korean Folk Town Quests/Platoon and Master Chronos/ Forest of Golems
    51-70 LMPQ/Mysterious Path 3/Ghost ship 1,5,2/Windraiders/OPQ
    70-120 Windraiders/Wolf Spiders/Dual Ghost Pirates/Himes/Grim Phantom Watch/Headless Horseman/Gallos
    120-200 Bigfoot/Skele Duo with Mage/Petri Duo with Mage/Zakum/Horntail

    Special Thanks to my fellow Paladins out there and I'd also like to thank my mom Baku Deku and my son Luigiano and my Grandpa Babo and my favorite Dazzle player Dulce <3

    Last but not least, thanks Kimberly for listening to my suggestions about Paladin buffs MapleF16

    Last edited: Nov 20, 2017
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  2. xNivx

    xNivx Headless Horseman

    Apr 18, 2016
    Shin Sekai
    2:09 AM
    Dark Knight
    wew 10/10 would read again
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  3. maor1214

    maor1214 Blue Snail

    Apr 1, 2017
    11:09 AM
    awesome guide cam >3
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  4. Bobbykimchee

    Bobbykimchee Pac Pinky

    Feb 1, 2015
    10:09 PM
    QUESTION! Could you elaborate more on Heaven's Hammer? Does it do % damage or does it do fixed damage? I know it says %, but on some videos, I've seen it do fixed o:
  5. OP

    SwordArt Windraider

    Jun 18, 2015
    2:09 AM
    On this server on regular mobs like a snail or like a skele or somethin, it brings their HP to 1 every time. On bosses it does 199,999. the % damage is pretty irrelevant
  6. Bobbykimchee

    Bobbykimchee Pac Pinky

    Feb 1, 2015
    10:09 PM

    I see. I saw this video, and it claimed that heaven's hammer damage depends on boss's hp? Apparently it does 800k to zakum arms? I think maple had a damage cap back then, so I was quite confused.
  7. Stow

    Stow Mixed Golem

    Apr 30, 2017
    4:09 PM
    1 accuracy = .80 dex and .60 LUK

    is this accurate? thought it was 1dex=0.8 acc and 1luk=0.6 acc
  8. Boyco

    Boyco King Slime

    Apr 24, 2017
    3:09 AM
    "Also note that 1 accuracy = .80 dex and .60 LUK". I think 1 Dex = 0.8acc and 1 Luk = 0.5 acc.
    Great guide btw :)
  9. Chew

    Chew Headless Horseman

    May 8, 2015
    10:09 AM
    The way you wrote that makes it look like accuracy gives dex and luk. But it's the opposite, adding dex or luk, gives accuracy. :)
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  10. NatteHond

    NatteHond Skelosaurus

    Apr 10, 2015
    10:09 AM
    why want heavens hammer when u can have snipe [​IMG]
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  11. Library

    Library Slimy

    Nov 6, 2016
    4:09 AM
    I guess I can delete my text files since I won't need to post a guide anymore LOL
  12. Chie Tea

    Chie Tea Snail

    Jun 26, 2017
    1:09 AM
    You should maybe mention the usefulness of Ice Charge and its freeze. A lot of paladins glance over this over Fire because of the extra damage but sometimes I find myself wanting some crowd control (Himes especially) to save money on pots, duo with an archer, etc.
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  13. Liam

    Liam Brown Teddy

    Mar 30, 2015
    London/ Bristol/ Boston MA
    9:09 AM
    Great guide man!
  14. OP

    SwordArt Windraider

    Jun 18, 2015
    2:09 AM
    yeah i made a mistake on the accuracy part but since i was tired i didn't proof read and just stopped and slept
  15. ApplePie

    ApplePie Stone Golem

    Aug 3, 2015
    4:09 AM
    ApplePie / Feel
    I heard that you need to use a hammer to use heaven's hammer skill amirite?
  16. Camille

    Camille Master Chronos

    May 12, 2017
    3:09 AM
    Brb remaking
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  17. xadra

    xadra Windraider

    Jun 6, 2017
    4:09 PM
    Just reached white knight yesterday, but I have 30 points in Final Attack thanks to me reading some old guide from 2009. I wanna use crushed skull so I should probably respec into BW mastery+booster right?

    Thanks for the guide mate we pages really need more guidance. Also I heard it's super easy for us to fight HH and Bigfoot solo? If you could briefly talk about how we boss that'd be appreciated too!
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  18. Qanu

    Qanu Stone Golem

    May 16, 2016
    Netherlands, EU
    10:09 AM
    White Knight
    Yes, if you want to use the crushed skull you'll need to go BW mode. If you have sword mastery/booster, you should respec that or atleast the last 10 SP so you can max both BW mastery and booster.

    I have a question about FA. It doesn't work with (Advanced) Charged Blow and Blast right? RIGHT??!!:oops:
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  19. deribou

    deribou Skelegon

    Nov 17, 2015
    4:09 AM
    Final attack only works with 2nd job and 1st job skills.
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