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Complete 2020 Anniversary Community Event

Discussion in 'Events' started by Naerobi, May 23, 2020.

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  1. Naerobi

    Naerobi Designer Staff Member Graphics Designer

    Sep 28, 2019
    7:52 PM
    :pinkbean: Happy 5th Anniversary MapleLegends!! :pinkbean:

    To celebrate this massive milestone with us, we’d like to invite you all to fill our
    virtual Time Capsule with some game memories and moments of yours, be it alone or with your friends.

    What would you like our community to remember, one year from now? Something funny, something memorable? Share it with us!

    :cake: General Entry Rules
    • Submissions end on 22nd June 2020 23:59 ST (when the event ends)​
    • Team sizes of 1-4 (You can only participate/join one team)​
      • If entering in a group, please explain what each person did in your submission.​
      • No more than one entry per team​
      • One person can participate only once​
    • Rewards are only for the winners - you cannot transfer them to other players​
    • Copying other people's works will result in immediate disqualification​
    :cake: Judgement Criteria
    • Theme: How much MapleLegends content does your entry include?​
    • Quality & Effort: Put a bit of effort into this. The higher quality the entry, the greater your team’s chances of winning are!​
    :cake: Categories:
    There are 3 Categories you can enter in; Birthday Video, Birthday Poster or Birthday Card. Do note that you can only enter in one category of your choice.

    Birthday Video:

    Record your best (and worst) moments spent in MapleLegends, and make a nice video out of them, for our posterity to witness our beautiful game as if they were there with us! Feel free to create any sort of video (like an MMV), to share with us.

    Submission Guidelines:​
    • Team:​
    • Link to Video: (Maximum 5 minute video)​
    • Notes: (optional)​
    Birthday Poster:

    Now is your chance to shine by creating a birthday poster for MapleLegends! Create a poster that celebrates MapleLegends’ 5th anniversary and feel free to decorate with memories and moments of your favorite times on the server. A collage would be a great start with text of how MapleLegends has impacted your life!

    Submission Guidelines:​
    • Team:​
    • Poster: (Must be in image format)​
    • Notes: (optional)​
    Birthday Card:

    If written memories are your best suit, then a Birthday Card is what you’re looking for! Write your most heartfelt birthday wishes to MapleLegends and let our future community know how being here in our days was. The birthday card can be as long as an essay, or as short as a few sincere sentences.

    Submission Guidelines:​
    • Team:​
    • Birthday Card: (Must be in text format - you are free to add images to your text post, however)​
    • Notes: (optional)​

    :cake: Prizes


    The top 3 winners of each category will win the following prizes, for a total of 9 winners:

    1st Place Prize

    20k donor NX
    Both Exclusive Coupons (Hair & Face)
    Maple Tree Chair

    2nd Place Prize
    15k donor NX
    Choice of Exclusive Coupons (Hair or Face)
    Maple Tree Chair

    3rd Place Prize
    10k donor NX
    Choice of Exclusive Coupons (Hair or Face)
    Maple Tree Chair
    The list of cosmetics available from the Event coupons can be found on the beauty guide: https://forum.maplelegends.com/index.php?threads/guide-beauty-parlor-hair-face-skin.7651/

    A great big thank you to PastaPasta, MirrorsMirrors, DuckysDuckys and KloudKnightKloudKnight for putting this wonderful community event together and the rest of the staff for pitching in their ideas to make this work. Also MottMott for using up a white scroll for this :heartbeat:

    Good luck and Happy Anniversary everyone!
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