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How to start playing MapleLegends efficiently (and become a madman).

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Lirbo, Jun 26, 2020.

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  1. Lirbo

    Lirbo Mushmom

    Feb 18, 2017
    7:42 PM
    Night Lord
    ⚔️ Beaters
    [​IMG] Efficiency Guide [​IMG]

    Hello everyone,
    People tend to ask me the same efficiency-related questions over and over again in-game. Therefore, I would like to introduce this efficiency guide to compile every efficiency trick that crosses my mind. Needlessly to say, you're very welcomed to comment and share your tricks if you think I missed anything.

    Disclaimer: This guide is not made for lazy people, it will NOT go easy on you. It will help you however maximizing your potential as quickly as possible and save you a lot of time in the future. If you're unwilling to work hard you may close this guide, because it will require blood, sweat, and tears.

    1. Lexicon
    2. Getting Started
    3. Efficiency Tricks
    4. Conclusion

    Here is the list of the not-so-obvious terms we are going to use in this guide.

    HP/MP Washing:
    HP Washing is a method to generate more HP (or MP) as you level, the reason behind doing it is because certain classes (mostly ranged classes) will not be able to participate in most bosses without doing it.
    While HP Washing is MANDATORY (Yes, you heard me) for all ranged classes, it is still recommended for ALL classes to wash (even if it's just a bit).
    Regardless, this process is going to be expensive, both in mesos and NX.

    Full HP/MP Washing guide by PepsiPepsi *CLICK HERE*.

    AP Reset:
    AP Resets are Cash coupons that allow you to move 1 Ability Point (AP) from one stat to another. These are used in HP Washing in order to take AP from your MP into your Main Stat.
    [​IMG] Cost: 3,100 NX

    Leech is a term for being in a party with someone who kills all of the mobs for you (making you leech the EXP from them). This is usually a service Bishops or Arch Mages sells for hourly payment due to their extreme mobbing ability.

    Getting Started
    So you've recently downloaded MapleLegends and created your very first account. That's all sweet and nice but hold your horses right there.

    NX Efficiency:
    NX is one of the most important things you should hoard, the reason is quite simple. HP Washing is mandatory for all ranged classes yet recommended for all classes regardless.
    This process is going to cost A LOT of NX if you want it to be truly efficient (at least 1.5m-2m NX). Therefore, make sure you're voting daily on all of your accounts.

    Accounts Efficiency:
    In order to maximize your efficiency, create at least 4 accounts (the ones stated below) and keep voting on them daily.

    Here's the list of the accounts you want to create:
    Magician -> Cleric -> Priest -> Bishop

    Why Bishop:
    They are leveling extremely fast due to their Holy Symbol skill.
    2. They are absolute meso-machines after 4th Job Advancement.
    3. They equip INT gear, which will also be used later on to wash your future main.
    4. They can be used to Leech your future main.
    5. They might get free leech at lower levels by Arch Mages who don't have HS mules.

    Linked Guide:
    Bishop Guide by BellaBella *CLICK HERE*.

    Dice Rolling:
    Make sure you get at least 10 INT, use AP Resets to reset the leftovers into INT as well.

    AP Build:
    Lukless (pure INT), means you're not going to be able to equip most mage equips (but worry not, it pays off, check linked guide above ^)

    Leveling along with your mules:
    Level 1-8:
    Level regularly at Maple Island, don't forget to do the Chair quest because it's literally the only thing you might use someday (just for Henehoing perhaps).

    Level 8-10:
    Increase your Bolt (skill) to 1, and the rest to Increased MaxMP as soon as possible, do the quests your Job Master will give you in order to level quickly (killing a few slimes).

    Level 10-21:
    Once you hit level 10, you want to get the rest of your mules to level 10 as well. Do Henesys PQ with all of your characters together (Multiclienting). This way you are going to level 3-6 characters to level 21 at once. (Check "HB Mule" spoiler for details how to do this PQ extremely fast).

    Level 21-31:
    Keep going with Kerning PQ, use all of your mules to enter the PQ (minimum 3 to enter). Kill the crocodiles with this character and collect the tickets for everyone.

    Suggestion: use only your Mage, HB Mule, and MU Mule for this PQ. (Going with 6 mules will require collecting coupons for 5 characters, and split the EXP between all of them - aka slower leveling for your Mage).

    Level 31-35:
    Do Ariant-Magatia questline until you hit level 35. Use your Mage in order to do all of the killings (make sure you party the rest of your mules).

    Level 35-45:
    Ludibrium PQ with all of your mules, it might be a bit of a hassle to convince others to let you in. But as long you won't slack and be the "MVP of the party" they might take you in if they have a strong attacker to kill Alishar (the final stage boss).

    Level 40:
    Get married, my best suggestion is to marry your HB Mule so you can have 2 married characters. Do Amoria PQ every 6 hours on each of your married characters in order to hoard on Onyx Apples (their current price is 2m, I hope it'll rise).

    Level 95+:
    Do not be cheap, use the mesos you have hoarded so far in order to leech your Mage, use it all. It will return itself VERY quickly after level 120.

    NX Shopping:
    Do not use your NX on ANYTHING before you finished these tasks:

    1. Use AP Resets to reset the leftovers stats into your INT (from dice rolling).
    2. Use 20k NX from your HB Mule account to marry your Bishop.
    3. Around Level 40 buy a Pet with Meso Magnet, Item Pouch, Wing Boots, Binocular, Auto MP, and Auto HP (~17,000 NX).
    4. Start MP Washing from level ~90 until you hit 30k MP (It's really not so difficult).
    5. Start HP Washing from the moment you hit 30k MP (means you gotta make sure you have at least 15.5k NX for AP Resets every level)

    Level 120+:
    Start selling leech wherever you can, Wraiths, Ghost Ship, Windraiders or Wolf Spider (if you can 1hit them).

    Use the mesos you hoard to get a better INT gear (which will make you stronger AND be used to HP wash your future main).
    Warrior -> Spearman

    Why HB Mule:
    As we all (hopefully) know, your main attack as a Bishop at 4th job called Genesis, and it costs 3,500 MP per use. This is going to make you drink potions like a maniac. This is where HB mule kicks in, by increasing the Max MP of your mage (with Hyper Body buff), your Mana Bulls (the MP pots you're going to use) going to be more efficient. 60% of 30,000 is a lot more than 60% of 18,000 after all.

    In the long run, this mule is going to save you around 200m of pots until you're going to hit 30k MP (without HB) on your Bishop (yes, it would require MP washing).

    Dice Rolling:
    As much STR as possible, some DEX too.

    AP Build:
    Blood, hit 35 STR before level 10 so you can do the Job Advancement and DO NOT use your AP after that until you've completed 2nd Job Advancement. (You will need a really good DEX/Accuracy gear to complete the 2nd job adv, so if you can't make/borrow/buy one just get some base DEX&STR).

    After 2nd job advancement you're going to pump everything into HP (by level 41 you're going to have ~17k HP with HB, making you able to even complete Thief Stage at LPQ LOL).

    Check the "Leveling along with your Mules" section under the Bishop spoiler.

    Level 10-21:
    Increase Slash Blast 1, the rest of the SP will go to Improved MaxHP Increase to maximize HP gain per level.

    Do Henesys PQ with your Mage and the rest of the mules, however, the HB mule is going to be the one attacking the mobs at the bunny stage. You're going to miss them and just get their aggro. Make sure you keep hitting them and lure them away from the bunny. As long as they're not dying new ones will not spawn. Making you finishing this PQ extremely fast.

    Level 21-41:
    Check the Bishop section under "Leveling along with your Mules".

    Level 40:
    In case you got married on your HB Mule you can stop leveling at Level 40, you will level alone by doing Amoria PQs (the Exp is crazy at these levels).

    Level 41:
    At this level you should have Hyper Body 30/30, therefore there's no need to keep leveling.
    Create a level 1 character so you can gain NX by voting on this account, don't bother doing anything with it until you have enough NX to HP wash
    Create a level 1 character so you can gain NX by voting on this account, don't bother doing anything with it until you have enough NX to HP wash.

    Why 2 "Future Main" Accounts:
    Often people change their minds after a while, maybe they picked the wrong class. Maybe they did something wrong with the first Main. This is a backup.
    I personally have 11 of those... so the more the merrier.

    Thief -> Assassin -> Hermit

    Why MU Mule:
    Meso Up Mules has a buff that will boost the mesos dropped on the ground by 150% while you kill masses of mobs on your Bishop. On top of that they have the Haste skill, which will make your Bishop move incredibly fast and allow you to maximize your EPH (Exp per hour) rate.

    Dice Rolling:
    10 DEX or more, the rest doesn't matter.

    Check Bishop section under "Leveling along with your mules".
    Generally, after your Bishop gets to level 45 this character is going to remain at the level it reached to until your Bishop hits level 120 and can self-leech this char to level 77.
    You can also sell leech and buy leech for this character at the same time to maximize efficiency.

    SP Build:
    Levels 10-30: Max Dark Sight, the rest is up to you.
    Levels 30-37: Max Haste, Endure can be nice too, the rest is up to you.
    Levels 70-81: Max Meso Up, this character should NOT level any further.

    AP Build:
    Levels 1-4: Increase DEX until you hit 25 DEX.
    Levels 5-30: Do not use any AP, save it up.
    Level 30+ (After 2nd Job Advancement): Pump it all into HP.
    *If you aren't strong enough to do 2nd job adv try lending some gear & use Ciders/Heart Stoppers/Onyx Apples.
    Pirate -> Brawler -> Marauder -> Buccaneer

    Why SI/TL Mule:
    Buccaneers have Speed Infusion and Time Leap buffs. Speed Infusion will speed up your attack by 2, when using Genesis on your Bishop the difference is so huge that it literally feels like Speed Hack (this is useful to improve your EPH). They also have Time Leap, which nullifies skills cooldown, this is great for many things.

    AP Build:
    Pure DEX, use AP Resets to take the rest out of the stats into DEX. For 2nd job advancement you'll have to use a Cider (20 ATT potion), Heartstoppers (+60 ATT Potion) or an Onyx Apple (+100 ATT Potion). However, Cider is usually enough to deal some damage. At 3rd job advancement simply use a gun to do the killings, you'll be strong enough with a gun.

    The reason you get pure DEX is that you're the only class that gets 1.5 Avoidability per DEX, while every other class gets 0.5 Avoidability per LUK.

    This means by level 120 you're going to have 608 base DEX, which is 912 Avoidability alone, not to mention your Bullet Time (+20 Avoidability) and DEX Gear if you have one. This is literally Godmode.

    SP Build:
    Level 10-30: Max Dash, Max Bullet Time, Max Double Shot, Flash Fist 1, the rest goes to Summersault Kick.

    Levels 120+: Max Speed Infusion and get some Time Leap before you do anything else.

    Tips for efficiency maximizing:
    Create this mule only after you've some INT gear, level it with INT so you can also HP wash it a bit to have a survivability of an absolute maniac.

    NX Spending:
    You don't have to be so strict on the NX on this account, but you might want to save up NX for the next things:

    1. AP Resets to reset the leftovers from the dice into DEX.
    2. Getting a Pet with Auto HP (Auto MP if you want too).
    3. AP Resets for HP Washing if you decided to give it some INT gear.
    Bowman -> Hunter -> Ranger -> Bowmaster
    Bowman -> Crossbowman -> Sniper -> Marksman

    Why SE Mule:
    Bowmen has the Sharp Eye skill which increases Critical Rate & Critical Damage. This mule is a must-have for any Night Lord.

    AP Build & Dice Rolling:
    Build 1:

    Dice roll: At least 10 DEX.
    Levels 1-10: Get 25 DEX and keep the rest of the AP.
    Level 30 (after 2nd Job Advancement): Pump all of your AP into HP.

    Build 2 (recommended):
    Dice roll: At least 10 INT.
    Levels 1-10: Keep pumping INT but make sure you have at least 25 DEX by level 10.
    Levels 10~43: Keep pumping INT until you hit base int of ~200.
    Levels 43~100: Pump all of your AP into MP to generate extra MP that will be used for HP washing later on.

    Simply heavily HP wash it with a goal of 15-19k HP, the reason is so you can main it one day if you'll feel to do it. Keep voting on it daily while you use it as Sharp Eyes mule, eventually, you'll have enough NX to finish the washing process.

    SP Build:
    Level 120-129: Max Sharp Eyes

    Tips for maximizing efficiency:
    Create this mule only after you have a decent INT gear.

    NX Spending:
    If you decided to go for Build 1 get a Pet with Auto HP/MP and probably some AP Resets to reset all of the stats into HP.

    If you decided to go for Build 2 DO NOT use the NX on anything, let it pile up until you have enough to reset all of your Extra MP (A few millions perhaps).

    Efficiency Tricks:

    Amoria PQ Mules:
    People keep telling me I'm a player because I have 12 wives, but truth is I used to APQ like a maniac back in the days to fund leeching my first character (a Shadower). Amoria PQ can be done once every 6 hours on each character, therefore if you'd like to hoard apples you might want to get more than 1 married character. (You can also marry yourself to double efficiency).

    Smega/Owl Mules:
    Generally, you can do that on your HB Mule as this character won't require NX at all. However, you can always create another account dedicated for purchasing Smega/Owls.

    Solo PQing:
    Henesys PQ and Kerning PQ can be easily done alone, when I do them I usually bring 3 level 21-30 mules to enter all by myself.

    Kerning PQ Solo Grind:
    I don't know if you ever paid attention, but the crocodiles at the first stage give you HELLA Exp. If you want to level a single character quickly just get him into the PQ with 2 mules, leave the PQ with them and solo the crocodiles for 30 minutes.

    Massive Event Participating:
    I don't know what about you, but when there's an event thing that can be done daily, I do it on 30 characters even if it takes hours to maximize efficiency and become hella rich at the end of it.

    Market Crash Abusing:
    Usually, during events, prices are significantly reduced. Use the opportunity to hoard items that you can re-sell later (in a month+) for a much higher price. This is including event-exclusive useful items/pots.

    Unlimited Voting:
    Download tons of browsers to your smartphone, turn your Airplane mode for ~20 seconds between votes (while the browsers are closed). One vote per browser (Apparently it does not break their policy).

    This guide included the best tips I could give you to become from zero to an absolute efficiency-madman.
    That's all I could think of for now. If you believe there is a more efficient way to do certain stuff please do let me know and I will add it up :)

    LirboLirbo - Writing this guide from scratch.
    NiseNise - Adding up the transition of a Leeching Mule into a Bossing Bishop.
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