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Why is Account Sharing Bad?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ProTato, Aug 11, 2017.

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  1. ProTato

    ProTato Windraider

    Jun 27, 2017
    2:19 PM
    Night Lord

    For those who come to this thread to get an answer on "Why is Account Sharing Bad?". Here is a conclusion I gathered from the 160+ comments below:

    Basically, account sharing alone is not bad, but because you are playing a MMO where competition and ranking involved, account sharing can easily break that aspect of the game.

    We want MapleLegends to be a fair play ground for everyone. Taking a shortcut to get to the top of the rank by sharing accounts is unfair to those who invested in their time and effort solo.

    If a game is designed to be played solo, you better follow the rule. If baseball is designed to be played with 9 players in a team on the field, you better not have 10 players on the field. Same thing applies to MapleLegends. Whoever designed this private server set a rule of "one player per account", so you gotta follow the rule. Otherwise you aren't qualified to play in this competitive scene. You are free to set your own rules on your private server however you like, but not here.

    Also, other "illegal" actions, such as scamming, hacking, etc, are more likely to occur in a shared account because people would have the idea that "this character doesn't belong to me, so it doesn't matter what happen to it", or "I won't get caught because i am not the main owner of this character", so disallowing account sharing can save our staffs a lot of potential troubles.

    P.s. Some people might think that sharing between siblings are fine, but I don't think there is an exception to that. It doesn't matter if you shared with your friends, family, or random strangers, account sharing is against the term of service in MapleLegends.

    Original Post:

    This is something that I couldn't get my head around. I know that hacking or vote abuse are unacceptable because you, as a player, take advantage in a way that's not part of the game. Maybe there are some things I missed or didn't thought about...

    The way I look at account sharing is that multiple players spend their time, instead of on separate characters, on ONE character.

    Here is an illustration: There are 3 players, 3 buckets (in-game characters), 3 cups (time). Each player has a cup filled with water, they can either all choose to pour their water into 1 bucket until it's full then move on to the next bucket, or they can pour their water into 1 bucket each. At the end, all three buckets will still be filled with water, it's only a matter of which one gets filled up first.

    In fact, sharing account has its own disadvantages too...They are still getting the same amount of NX per day...they can't play together...there is no sense of ownership...etc.

    Of course there are advantages too, such as faster progression, being able to get more out of an event on a single character, etc, but all these should be balanced with the disadvantages.

    Any thought?
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2017
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