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Complete 2020 Anniversary Event

Discussion in 'Events' started by Naerobi, May 23, 2020.

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  1. Naerobi

    Naerobi Mushmom Retired Staff

    Sep 28, 2019
    4:04 AM
    Anniversary Event 2020
    Event period: 22nd May 2020 ~ 22nd June 2020 23:59 ST


    Link to Anniversary Pink Bean Party Quest Guide

    [​IMG](lv 0) + [​IMG] = [​IMG](lv 8)* + [​IMG] = [​IMG](lv 30)* + [​IMG] = [​IMG](lv 70)*+ [​IMG] = [​IMG](lv90)*
    [​IMG](lv 20) + [​IMG] = [​IMG](lv 40)* + [​IMG] = [​IMG](lv 70)*
    [​IMG](lv 20) + [​IMG] = [​IMG](lv 40)* + [​IMG] = [​IMG](lv 70)*
    [​IMG] + [​IMG] = [​IMG] + [​IMG] = [​IMG] OR [​IMG]
    [​IMG] + [​IMG] = [​IMG] + [​IMG] = [​IMG] OR [​IMG]
    [​IMG] + [​IMG] = [​IMG] + [​IMG] = [​IMG] OR [​IMG]
    [​IMG] + [​IMG] = [​IMG] + [​IMG] = [​IMG]
    [​IMG] + [​IMG] = [​IMG] + [​IMG] = [​IMG]
    [​IMG] + [​IMG] = [​IMG] + [​IMG] = [​IMG]
    [​IMG] + [​IMG] = [​IMG] + [​IMG] = [​IMG] OR [​IMG]
    [​IMG]+ [​IMG] = [​IMG] + [​IMG] = [​IMG] OR [​IMG]
    [​IMG]+ [​IMG] = [​IMG] + [​IMG] = [​IMG]
    [​IMG]+ [​IMG] = [​IMG] + [​IMG] = [​IMG]
    [​IMG] + [​IMG] = [​IMG] + [​IMG] = [​IMG]
    [​IMG] + [​IMG] = [​IMG] + [​IMG] = [​IMG]
    [​IMG] + [​IMG] = [​IMG] OR [​IMG] OR [​IMG]


    Hello festival goers! Be sure to play plenty of games and talk to our students all over Henesys Park! Obtain as many Spring Festival Coins [​IMG] to exchange for various rewards like a Heartpounding Box [​IMG] !

    1. The Legends' Academy

    The students of Legends' Academy need your help! Find them at the fountain in Henesys Park and give them a hand so the Spring Festival can carry on smoothly!

    The Lost Textbook


    So much to do, so little time! Laura has herhands full with the festival activities and still has a Biology test to study for! Help her find her missing textbook [​IMG]

    Long Lost Melody


    Look for Timmy's missing musical talent around maple world! Bring back Timmy his harmony [​IMG] ,musical sheet [​IMG] and musical notes [​IMG] !

    Birthday Party Crisis

    Becky is hosting a birthday party and you’re invited! But her party is missing a few things... Help Becky retrieve her birthday cake [​IMG] and invites [​IMG] . The party must go on!

    Rock Paper Scissors!


    As part of the Spring festivities, the students are hosting a Rock-Paper-Scissors competition! Talk to this NPC in Henesys Game Park or Ludibrium Village to play against her! She will ask you to give her 1 RPS Coupon (obtained from [​IMG] 5th Anniversary Box) in order to play. Based on your win-streak you will receive a certificate [​IMG] you can trade in for Spring Festival Coins with Oz.

    OX Pop Quiz!

    Students need to learn and the best way to make sure they're learning is by quizzing them! OX quizzes happen every 6 hours with a set of questions that encompass Maplestory knowledge.You will have 30 seconds to answer the question that appears on the screen. Make it till the end and get rewarded handsomely!

    2. Fairytale Event

    Your dreams will come alive in the fairytale storybook world!
    Talk to Gaga in any major town and find Three game rooms that will challenge your youthful energy as it requires quick thinking, precise jumps, and speed! Your heart will be pounding from all this excitement!

    Hansel & Gretel


    The cats have devised a plan to foil our Spring Festival! They plan to break into Legends Academy and bargain their way into with ultra candy. Plus, they have quirky ways to flip you around so try to stay vigilant and not fall down! Enter alone and receive one reward per day.

    Geppetto's Escape


    You have woken up in the bang-bang cat's hideout alongside Geppetto and need to help get him out. There are also treasure chests scattered about. The cats are asleep so try not to disturb them or they will launch you far! However you might be able to use this to your advantage to navigate chasms. Just make sure you time your jumps correctly! Enter with two in a party and one will transform into Geppetto.

    The Giant's Beanstalk


    You might find a [​IMG] Magic Bean from a [​IMG] MapleLegends 5th Anniversary Box! This magic bean will let you grow a giant beanstalk to try and loot as many gold eggs from the giant's pigs. Watch out though, the giant has recruited many bang-bang cats to keep his golden eggs safe. If they catch you, you will be kicked off of the beanstalk

    Anniversary Makeover

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Feel the festivities with a new look!Visit [Big Headward] and [Plastic Roy] for a makeover. Note that coupons will expire 90 days AFTER purchase!

    3. Pink Bean and Puff Daddy [​IMG]

    Obtain [​IMG] Shiny Coin to exchange for various rewards by doing Puff Daddy & Pink Bean quests! You can exchange Shiny Coins in Cake Town for things like NX, hair/face coupons, and Maple Weapons.
    Talk to Cassandra in any major town to go to Cake Town.

    Pink Bean Party Quest


    Talk to Patty in Cake Town with a party of 2 ~ 3 members to start this PQ. check the Anniversary Pink Bean Party Quest guide, note that once you've exited the PQ each party member will receive a random amount of Shiny Coins.

    Puff Daddy

    Collect Big Cream Puff ETC drops [​IMG] from any monster in the Maple World and donate them to Patty at Big Puff Daddy’s Plate. Once enough Big Cream Puffs have been collected, Big Puff Daddy will start to bake. Talk to Vicky & Cookie to be sent to Big Puff Daddy’s Plate and Equip your Sweet Fork Cake to prepare to fight!
    Be sure to attack Big Puff Daddy enough to collect some Shiny Coins. You can talk to Vicky & Cookie to collect your coins and leave the map.

    Maple Item Crafting
    This anniversary, we are introducing a way for Maplers to upgrade and level up their Maple items with the help of Magic Crystals [​IMG]! You can get Magic Crystals by exchanging it for 5 coins in the Anniversary exchange shop, and then upgrade at the NPC Cassandra.

    Golden Tickets [​IMG]
    All that shines is GOLDEN! Keep your eyes wide open for these precious Golden Tickets that drop from all monsters! Take the Golden Ticket to Vicky and Cookie to exchange it for either an AP Reset or a Rare Gachapon Ticket!

    Cash Coupons [​IMG] [​IMG]

    What's MapleLegends' 5th Anniversary without NX cash coupons? These coupons will be dropping from all monsters so get to the grind!

    Birthday Rates [​IMG]
    Birthdays are always special and its no exception! MapleLegends is 5 this year and we're celebrating with generous bonuses! Maplers below level 120 will receive an EXP boost of 40%! Maplers above level 120 will receive an EXP boost of 20%!
    Note: The exp bonus is for the character attacking, and not the party members. Party members and leechers will get a 10% exp bonus applied instead.


    Much love to the ones who made this event possible! HiyoHiyo for all the planning, shotshot for all his crazy coding talent. PastaPasta coming back at us with the adorable custom NPC Timmy (uwu). These beautiful humans, MottMott DuckysDuckys MirrorsMirrors FishyFishy and NiseNise for testing out the event and making sure that everything goes extra smooth for all of us. PrecelPrecel for being a constant and KimberlyKimberly for all her love and support with this event.
    Everyone in the staff worked really hard on creating such blessed content,
    but of course all this would not be possible if not for the amazing community that we have right here so thank you to all of you for making this happen lurvmush

    Happy Anniversary once again everyone and Happy Mapling! :heartbeat:
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