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Ingame smegas/announcement screening on Discord

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by randomGuy, Dec 4, 2023.

  1. randomGuy

    randomGuy Red Snail

    Feb 16, 2022
    3:39 AM
    I believe every player has been paying attention to in game smegas and potentially participating in public boss recruiting.
    But to be able to view these smegas, sometimes I just need to keep my fm hoe online just to make sure i won't miss a public boss recruiting that i could be interested in(or a good joke :)).

    It is also hard to find a bish for zak/ht :(

    My Suggestion:
    What if we can add ingame smegas screening on our ML discord and have a dedicated channel for it?
    For example for ingame public messages, we display them in discord:
    1. Smega: display player ign and message(probably player can add their dc name too)
    2. Item smega: a screenshot of the item(or if technically too difficult, just item name and stats), plyer ign and message
    3. GM events and boofs (who will want to miss those??)
    4. Other ingame annoucement, like a chad hit 200 level, or a cute couple's wedding

    Technically possible?
    I am no discord power user, but MAYBE and MOST LIKELY there is an API that can publish discord message.
    I am no old school game code expert. But in game smega is probably just real time message pushing to players that have channel established when online.
    So my guess is adding async api calling to the message pushing process shouldn't be too complicated. But this is only analysis from me, don't take it for grant.

    1. This definitely helps player participating in more ingame activities and also helps hosts to get participants.
    2. Along with gm events/buffs, there will be more active online status players. More buff also means more bossing and grinding thus more recruiting!

    1. too much custom?
    2. fm ho like me will probably stay dead and stats of online player count will decrease.(!!but i believe it should be short term impact)

    Thank you for reading, let us know what you think!
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2023
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  2. beegoratto

    beegoratto Skelosaurus

    Sep 22, 2021
    3:39 AM
    I have no idea if this is technically feasible but this would be a fantastic change. I used to play private ARK servers where this was a thing, and in-game chat and notifications could be fed to Discord through a bot and it was incredibly helpful.
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  3. T2Smile

    T2Smile Pink Teddy

    Sep 24, 2023
    11:39 AM
    As a junior developer, I think this is very doable. And also I see no downside of it. Pog.

    About your "too custom" concern, I have an even more custom idea haha, how about rework chatting box to make in-game chatting accessible across platforms? Make a dedicated discord channel, and let users bind their character to discord id, enable player using discord to engage chatting ingame :D. Sounds fun, but too custom.
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2023
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  4. Krythan

    Krythan Wolfspider

    Sep 2, 2022
    6:39 AM
    This would be magical! Unsure about feasibility, but it would be really, really cool to bring the server and Discord channels closer together. Especially for the #recruitments channel.
  5. OP

    randomGuy Red Snail

    Feb 16, 2022
    3:39 AM
    I actually did thought about it and it will be great to actually have. But I do have some concerns.

    For whispers/buddy/guild chat:
    For message receiving, you will need to make sure only the correct audience can receive the message. This will require authorization/authentication not only in ML side but also in Discord side.
    For message replying, as far as i know you will need to be online status to actually reply it. But without user's online status channel established to server, backend probably will need to be reworked to keep channels open for every in game characters that have discord binded.(as you know, if you dm a offline player, system will only tell you "Can not find player 'xxx'".) And also again, what about authorization/authentication.
    For personal social platform binding, even though it can be made optional, I do think ML staff will not like it, just like topg used to ask for social platform binding to vote and you know what happened.

    But that being said, it is a cool idea :D
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2023
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