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Shivering's Meso Journal (inspired by Moomins)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Shivering, Nov 17, 2020.

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  1. Shivering

    Shivering Wolfspider

    Mar 9, 2018
    1:34 PM
    I/L Arch Mage
    Journal repurposed to serve as a Meso Adventures journal after the 5-6F nerfs.

    as of 11/19
    1) Added gach counter (some of these I had before I started so it's more of a see how it goes going forward kind of thing).
    2) Made NLC mules on same accounts as HS mules so I can track directly how much I'm spending on potions via meso storage transfers.
    3) I also decided to xfer all etc/equip drops to the HS mules and I'm going to make a separate line in each post that track meso generation from etc/equips.

    as of 11/21
    4) I got a lot of whispers in game to add package sales to the journal so I will be tracking those through my HS mules as well.

    Original Post
    I'm not going to track all my income sources here, but if people ask for it I'll do it.

    This journal is mainly to track how much I make from selling 2 channels of 5-6F leech simultaneously.

    Character pairings:
    138 I/L w/ 20k MP (Perpetuate) paired with 187 I/L w/ 30k MP (Shivering)
    159 F/P w/ 23k MP (Elementai) paired with 162 I/L w/ 20k MP (Farenheit)

    Mesos per hour:
    +25.5m from trio leech
    +21m from split leech
    +1.5m NPC loot which I will not put on HS mules
    -8m potions per hour

    40m expected income per hour (once Perp can 3 hit silvers this will rise to ~45m)

    Perpetuate is about 3 levels from being able to 3 shot silvers (1180 TMA). Shivering can 3 shot both silvers and golds (1350 TMA). Elementai and Farenheit can both 3 shot silvers (1150 and 1180 TMA respectively).

    Due to Perpetuate being extremely weak I am currently selling split leech with that duo for 10.5m/hour and selling the standard trio leech with Elementai and Farenheit at 8.5m/hour. I do not summon ifrit on any of the I/L mages to help with knockback so the mages don't get knocked off the platform as frequently. This obviously impacts EPH by a bit and therefore I have decided to sell at a reduced rate.

    All mesos I make from leeching will be collected on the HS mules (jamiesSIMP and Stickybug) in each channel and I'll try to post updates each day I sell. My goal is to sell about 2 hours a day to avoid burnout and to be able to sustain this long-term. I won't be leeching every day as my work and school responsibilities are fairly volatile atm.

    Finish 50 int bathrobe (currently 35 int 3 slot)
    Make 20 att cape (no progress atm)
    Make perfect wand 5 (no progress atm)
    Make perfect wand 7 (no progress atm)
    Make 21/21 bwg (no progress atm)
    Make 23 att bwg (no progress atm)
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You must be a logged-in, registered member of this site to view further posts in this thread.

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