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Sku's Master Quest V2

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Skuire, Nov 29, 2019.

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  1. Skuire

    Skuire Selkie Jr.

    Aug 16, 2017
    11:34 AM
    Ok ok ok hear me out guys. I was playing a bit this morning for my 'Iron Quest' challenge, hit level 30, and... something seemed amiss. I just wasn't having much fun playing that way. I found myself missing the magic and excitement of the original master quest: the INTlording, the money management, the masochism, the rags-to-riches, the hitting stumps for 2 dmg, etc etc. Basically my original journal thread was the most fun I've ever had playing maple.

    So, screw this ironman stuff. Let's bring it back: a new quest, a new class, a new challenge.
    Welcome to Master Quest V2. SlimeGrin


    If you're not familiar with the original, this is a self-imposed challenge where I try to do everything in MapleLegends, from creation to endgame, with just one character. It's an attempt to renounce the mulestory/leechstory lifestyle and build a character in a way that feels fun and rewarding.

    What Class?
    Our job of choice this time is... *drumroll* ... Shadower! One of the most versatile classes that doesn't need to rely on anybody else to succeed. Their skills are flashy and their stat progression is intriguing (at least to someone who spent months playing a dexless NL). I've always wanted to try one out!
    You may also know from my last quest that I get really into card hunting, so the temptation of a quadruply-effective Monster Book Ring (STR,DEX,LUK,INT) is way too appealing to resist.
    The recent buffs don't hurt either. SlimeWink


    Q: Why start fresh instead of continuing the original?
    A: 1. Because I love fresh starts, 2. Because I blew up all my money for fun (it was a LOT SlimeXD) and 3. Because I want an excuse to play a bandit.
    Q: Is Iron Quest cancelled?
    A: YES. Don't worry, Ironsku the Page is living out a quiet retirement in Orbis. Not everyone is cut out for adventure!

    Along with the original rules, I want to introduce some additional guidelines I'll be following on this quest:

    Minimal Scrolling
    Scrolling sucks. Alright, I know I had some really decent luck scrolling on Skusku, but scrolling in general
    feels like a losing game to me. When you get lucky and pass a bunch of scrolls against all odds, it feels pretty good, but nothing can compare to the haunting grief and regret of a failure--or worse, a BOOM, when you were really counting on a scroll to succeed. The pain of defeat outweighs the elation of victory. Thus, I'm going to be avoiding scrolling as much as I can.
    Gacha Log
    Just for fun, I'll be constantly tallying the amount of gacha tickets I'm getting (along with what items I get for them). There will be a count that gets updated with every post. We could do this for other items, too, but I haven't though of anything else to count yet.
    I'm going to be keeping a running total on my playtime, just for the record, so this is how it's gonna work:
    My timer will be running while I'm playing the game. It will be stopped when I'm not playing; this includes short breaks as well as AFK stuff like boat rides. I'll tally up playtime at the start of each update, rounding to the nearest half-hour for each addition. If I forget to start the timer or record playtime, I'll estimate.
    Update Schedule
    OK, so a big issue with the latter half of Master Quest is that I started getting really lazy about doing updates. This time, as a general rule, I'm not going to let it go longer than a week without a new post. The new paradigm is quality over quantity.

    Here are some simple ideas for achievements I've come up with that will make for a good indicator of my progress at a glance. They'll get crossed off when they're done. Let me know if you've got any more ideas!

    Completed All PQ-related Quests
    Completed 500 Quests
    Completed 600 Quests
    Completed 700 Quests
    Completed 800 Quests
    Completed 900 Quests
    Completed 1000 Quests

    Monster Book
    Tier 1 Ring
    Tier 2 Ring
    Tier 3 Ring
    Tier 4 Ring
    Tier 5 Ring
    Tier 6 Ring
    Tier 7 Ring
    Tier 8 Ring
    Tier 9 Ring
    Tier 10 Ring
    Collect 330 sets
    Collect 360 sets
    Collect 390 sets

    Zakum Helmet
    Silver Deputy Star
    Horntail Pendant
    10 Att Glove
    12 Att Glove
    14 Att Glove
    16+ Att Glove
    8+ Att Cape
    10+ Att Cape
    120+ Att Dagger (perf+15)
    125+ Att Dagger (perf+20)
    30+ Att D.Khanjar

    Level 30
    Level 50
    Level 70
    Level 100
    Level 120
    Level 130
    Level 140
    Level 150
    Level 160
    Level 170
    Level 180
    5k HP Clean
    10k HP Clean (lol)
    Dragon Khanjar Equipped
    1 Chaos/White Scroll from Gacha/Event
    3 Chaos/White Scrolls from Gacha/Event
    5 Chaos/White Scrolls from Gacha/Event
    10 Chaos/White Scrolls from Gacha/Event (Skusku tier)
    20 Chaos/White Scrolls from Gacha/Event (Ascended tier)
    Zakum defeated
    Horntail defeated
    There's a lot of bosses, I'll add the others later. SlimeWink

    Stuff I've done in the past in this thread (events, etc).
    ~~~Mega Giveaway!~~~
    I'm holding a giveaway raffle for everything from the first Master Quest that I won't be using anymore!
    Here's a sampling of the prizes I'll be giving out:










    And many more!

    I'm going to make sure that everybody who enters receives at least a consolation prize, so be sure to get your entry in for guaranteed free stuff.

    How to Enter

    (REQUIRED) 1 Entry:
    Reply to this thread with a post containing the following form:

    Discord ID (N/A if none):
    Preferred IGN (character name) for receiving packages:

    (OPTIONAL) Up to 4 Extra Entries
    Include a minimum 100 words essay on why you play MapleLegends.
    You'll receive up to 4 extra entries in the raffle depending on the quality of your answer:

    +0 Entries: You didn't try at all/didn't read the rules properly.
    +1 Entry: You tried, but just barely.
    +2 Entries: You did OK.
    +3 Entries: You did a good job.
    +4 Entries: You wowed me!

    Again, a minimum 100 word essay (there's no limit to how long it can be)!


    How Winners Will be Decided

    Say you score two (2) entries in the raffle. Think of those entries like tickets. When the deadline for submissions is closed, everyone's tickets will be dropped into a hat and shuffled. For each prize, a ticket will be drawn, and its owner will win said prize. That ticket will then be removed from the running. Prizes will be drawn in order from greatest to least value (for the most part). This means that those with the most entries will have the greatest chance of winning the most valuable prizes.

    And like I said earlier, those who don't end up winning any prizes will still receive a consolation prize (at least 1mil value) just for entering.

    Good luck everyone, I look forward to reading your responses! :pinkbean:

    TUESDAY, DECEMBER 10th at 11:59PM ST
    ~Mini Art Contest!~
    Here's an extra little contest I'm including with the main giveaway, for those who are interested.
    The rules are simple: draw Skusku!


    Any form of physical or digital artwork is allowed. Using assets directly from the game is NOT allowed. The winner will be the entry I like most. And the prizes:

    :sack:1st Place: 50 million mesos:sack:
    :cash:2nd Place: 30 million mesos:cash:
    :coin:3rd Place: 20 million Mesos:coin:

    Submission rules are identical to the raffle: In this thread, provide your submission, your Discord ID, and your preferred character for receiving packages.

    If you're already entering the raffle, you may add your art submission in the same post for convenience - or do them separately, it's up to you.

    If you don't want your submission to be seen by the public, send it to me via forum message with the requested information included. Keep in mind, however, your submission will be publicly revealed in this thread when the winners are announced.

    TUESDAY, DECEMBER 10th at 11:59PM ST

    Here's a catalog of all the updates I've ever posted so they're easy to keep track of. Click to get sent to the post!
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