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APQ Guide (with pictures!)

Discussion in '(Party) Quests' started by fehiccup, Dec 2, 2023.

  1. fehiccup

    fehiccup King Slime

    Aug 7, 2023
    11:44 AM
    :star: BASICS :star:

    To do APQ your character must be married and level 40+.
    (Recommended) Have a weapon with attack speed "faster" to hit more boxes in the bonus stage.
    (You can get Fruit Knives from Lith Harbor)


    And without further ado, here's the guide!

    :star: APQ GUIDE :star:

    :cross: Stage 1 - Plz Camp The Fairy :cross:

    1. There are three portals. You can only go through one. Find it and enter.


    2. Go to one of these two rocks, enter the portal, and clear ALL mobs.


    3. Once cleared, the leader talks to the NPC which spawns one more Magic Fairy on the right side, at the location below.


    Mini Map Location:

    (1) One person should camp here to kill it as it spawns. It's recommended for another person to camp top left side, in case no one's camping right side or they miss it. The fairy usually paths this way.


    (2) If you're the one camping fairy, you can talk to The Glimmer Man and he will teleport you to the top of the map AFTER the stage is cleared. No need to walk all the way back.

    4. Kill the Fairy and two hammers will drop: one where the fairy was killed, the other near the center portal.


    5. One person should loot the hammer, enter the middle portal, and drop it in front of the mirror. Then, jump and wait beside Amos the Strong.


    6. The mirror will drop a Magic Mirror Shard. The leader loots this item and talks to the NPC again to clear the stage.


    7. After the stage is cleared, talk to Amos the Strong to be brought to Stage 2.

    :cross: Stage 2 - Stop AFKing :cross:

    1. There will be three portals.
    Enter the first one, jump and hold up to hang onto the rope.


    2. Start with all 5 people on the first rope.

    3. The party leader checks the combination. If it's wrong, they will give you a code. The code corresponds to the number of people that should be on each rope.
    For example, "311" = 3 on the left, 1 in the middle, and 1 on the right.

    4. Follow the leader's code instructions until you clear the stage.

    5. Once cleared, enter the portal on the bottom right.

    :cross: Stage 3 - "WHERE DO I GO" :cross:

    This section is still under revision and will be edited a few times until I'm satisfied with it. I know this stage confuses a lot of people, and I'd like to help others understand how it works. I'm still working on trying to word it as best as I can in the most simple to understand way. Any feedback is appreciated!

    1. You start with 4 people on the top platforms, and 1 person on platform C at the bottom.


    2. The leader will click on the NPC to check if the combination is right or wrong. If it's wrong, mobs will spawn.

    3. Count the slimes, call out the number, and help clear the mobs.

    The number of slimes that spawn each time a combination is checked corresponds to the number of correct platforms being stood on. This is what you need to count.

    Because all the top platforms are consistent, you know the bottom platform being checked is correct when the number of slimes that spawn goes up by one, and wrong when it goes down by one.

    4. The person at the bottom moves 1 platform to the right.

    5. The leader checks the combination again.

    6. Repeat steps 2 to 5 until you figure out the bottom platform's combination. Once you do, you should have a 5 digit code, which consists of the number of slimes that spawned each wave. This code is usually called out at the end, either by the leader or another party member.

    a. 34433
    b. 23323
    c. 22212

    7. Now, those from the top platforms move to fill in the bottom platforms which spawned the higher number of slimes. The remainder of the party stays on top.

    Pay attention to the BOTTOM platforms!




    (a) For efficiency, those on the right side should be the ones to move to the lower platforms. This will reduce the amount of moving around your party would otherwise have to do.

    (b) There can also be a combination where all bottom platforms are correct, in which case you will have all 5 people standing at the bottom and none on top. Simply follow your leader's instructions.

    8. The leader checks the combination again.
    If it's wrong, then it's time for those standing on the top platforms to move.
    Anyone at the bottom should now stay put!

    9. With each check, the (top) right most person should move one platform to the right.

    10. If they reach the end and the combination is still wrong, then the next person should move platform by platform to the right, checking each combination, until they also reach the end.

    Now focus on the TOP platforms!

    11. Do this until you clear the stage.

    For situations where there are 2 on top and 3 at the bottom, make sure to also check “2B” top as you don’t naturally get to this combination with each person moving only to the right.

    12. Once cleared, enter the bottom right portal.

    :cross: Stage 4 - Butt Plugs :cross:

    1. Each person collects 10x Cupid Code Pieces dropped by the mobs in this map.

    2. Give the Cupid Code Pieces to your leader and wait for everyone else.

    3. Once cleared, you will be teleported to the next stage.

    :cross: Stage 5 - hands down the most pointless map in the whole game :cross:

    1. Walk all the way to the RIGHT while breaking open any gates that block your way.
    Rombots are chasing you from the left. Don't let them catch up as you'll most likely get 1 shot.

    2. After all party members have reached the end, the leader will talk to the NPC to clear the stage.

    3. Once cleared, talk to Amos the Strong to be taken to the final stage.

    :cross: Stage 6 - The Overdramatic Geist Rog :cross:

    1. Kill the boss.
    Be careful when fighting Geist Balrog (white rog / third phase) as it can dispel.

    2. Once killed, it will drop a Geist Fang.

    3. The party leader will loot the fang, talk to the NPC, and clear the stage.

    4. Once the stage is cleared, talk to Amos the Strong to be taken to the bonus stage.
    Reminder to change into your faster speed weapon before talking to Amos!

    :cross: Bonus Stage - GG 0 APPOS APQ IS A SKEM :cross:

    Pet loot IS recommended, but do keep an eye out on your pets in case they loot another person's apples. Be sure to return those!

    Here's what I recommend for dividing boxes and areas.

    If a person moves out of their area and into yours, just try to adapt and maybe take the boxes that were abandoned there instead. You don't want to waste any!

    Now get out there and lets farm some delicious blue apples! MapleF2

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    Last edited: Dec 2, 2023
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  2. Kiaraaa

    Kiaraaa Chronos

    Apr 5, 2018
    11:44 AM
    correct me if im wrong!!
    personally i feel its better for 1 person to take top platform and the other to take the btm platform @No.17!! i'm not sure tho keke
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  3. OP

    fehiccup King Slime

    Aug 7, 2023
    11:44 AM
    Do you mean the bonus stage?

    I've considered dividing it that way too. But doing so gives the person on top 18 boxes and the person below, 16. Seeing as everyone else gets 18 boxes on average, I thought it'd more fair if both gets 17 instead of one getting 16, which is 2 boxes below the average amount.

    Although, if I spawned bottom and the other person who also spawns bot crosses the midpoint to take the whole top/bot platform then I'll do the same as well. Always best to adapt! SlimeSmile
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  4. Krythan

    Krythan Wolfspider

    Sep 2, 2022
    10:44 PM
    Great guide! Thanks for writing this up (even with images!!), super helpful, especially with the recent APQ changes, I bet we'll see more folks running it.
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