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[GUIDE] amoeba's Comprehensive Gambling Guide

Discussion in 'Items & Mesos' started by amoeba, Feb 16, 2024.

  1. amoeba

    amoeba Blue Snail

    Nov 3, 2023
    3:15 AM
    Night Lord
    Maple Legends Gambling Guide



    Welcome to MapleLegends, where the excitement of gambling adds another layer of fun to your classic Maplestory experience! To be specific, this guide is about rolling gambling. Rolling is a command specific to MapleLegends where you type “!roll (number)” or “@roll” and it generates a random number. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the world of Maplestory private servers, understanding the various gambling options available can enhance your gameplay and interaction with fellow players. Let's dive into the different gambling methods and how to participate in each:


    How to Roll & Games:

    1. Regular Roll (Reg):

    Description: This is the bread and butter of Maple Legends gambling. The classic gambling mode where players roll a number out of 100, with the highest roll being the winner. If the person you’re rolling against doesn’t specify the game mode, be sure to ask. This is the default gamble for most people.

    Command: Type "!roll (number)" or "RollRoll (number)" to initiate the regular roll.

    Objective: Roll the highest number possible to win the bet.

    2a. Suicide Roll (Sui or Death Roll):

    Description: Sui is a longer way to gamble, where the winner of the initial reg roll of 100 starts the roll at 1000. You then roll whatever the other person rolled until you hit 1. Once a player rolls a 1, they lose the game.

    Command: Type "!roll (number)", if you win type “!roll 1000”, if you lose type what the other person rolled out of 1000.

    Objective: Avoid rolling a 1.

    Example: Player 1 and Player 2 roll out of 100. P1 rolls 100 and P2 rolls 50. P1 wins the initial reg rolls and starts the sui roll at 1000. P1 rolls out of 1000 and rolls a 700. P2 rolls out of 700 and rolls a 300. P1 rolls out of 300 and rolls a 2. P2 rolls out of 2 and rolls a 1. P2 is the loser of the sui game.

    2b. Russian Roulette “RR” (Sui or Death Roll):

    Description: A suicide roll that is played a bit differently. You start with the initial reg roll and the winner of that roll goes first. The winner of the first round rolls out of 6. Once a player rolls a 1 they lose.

    Command: “!roll 6” or “@roll 6”.

    Objective: Avoid rolling a 1.

    Example: Player 1 and Player 2 roll out of 100. Player 1 rolls a higher number so they start with a roll of 6. Player 1 rolls a 2 out of 6. Player 2 rolls a 2 out of 2. Player 1 rolls a 1 out of 2. Player 1 is the loser of the RR game.

    3. Difference Roll (Dif):

    Description: Players agree on a predetermined difference (e.g., 30 but it can be any number) and take turns rolling out of that difference. The higher that number is the longer the game will go. (This game is easier explained in the Example:)

    Command: Decide on the difference, then roll out of that number.

    Objective: Roll to reach or exceed the agreed difference before your opponent.

    Example: Player 1 rolls a 10, and Player 2 rolls a 20. Player 1's score is -10 while Player 2's score is +10 because they rolled a difference of 10. You roll until the difference of your score is +30 and you win. The first player to reach or exceed the agreed difference wins.

    4. Blackjack (BJ):

    Description: It is literally Blackjack in Maple Legends. A classic card game where players (P1 and P2) compete against the dealer (D) to reach a score as close to 21 as possible without exceeding it. To keep track of scores players use the format "[D]: [P1]: [P2]:". If you lose, you pay the dealer. If the dealer loses, the dealer pays you. For games of Black Jack you only roll out of 13 “!roll 13”. 1 is the Ace and an Ace in BJ can be either a 1 or an 11. 10 is a 10. 11 is a Jack. 12 is a Queen. And 13 is a King.

    Command: “!roll 13”

    Objective: Beat the dealer's score without going over 21.

    5. First To Roll (FT”insert number here”):

    Description: Players decide on the number of rounds (e.g., best of 2, 3, 5, 7, etc.) and compete to win the majority of rounds through reg rolls. Usually they will say something like “LF>FT3” or “L>FT roll”.

    Command: Most FT games are reg rolls, “!roll 100”. But it can be any game the players choose.

    Objective: Win the majority of rounds to emerge as the overall winner.

    What you can roll for:

    Aside from the obvious mesos, gear, and scrolls. MapleLegends has a “fiat currency” known as prestigious coins. 1 prestigious coin equals 3.3m mesos. Although at the time of making this guide coins are worth 3.2m mesos each and just like any economy these are subject to change. However, the best thing about rolling and trading prestigious coins is that there is NO TAX. When rolling in MapleLegends you will come across prestigious coins as it is the most popular way to gamble.

    Most people won’t roll unless you have coins or mesos equating the coins. Anything less than 3.2m is rare to see gambled unless you’re a noob… or down on your luck. There are plenty of scrolls that are worth more than 3.2m, some scrolls I see rolled are helm dex 60s, claw 30s, glove for attack 30s.

    Gear is probably the most complicated thing to roll but one of the more solid options are chairs. There are plenty of chairs ranging anywhere from 10m-200m and people will roll them so don’t be afraid to ask.

    How to Roll & Common Etiquette:

    To start gambling you just need to grab a minimum of one other person and learn some of the colloquialisms and etiquette. In Maple Legends the main hub for social interactions and for players to buy and sell goods is the Free Market. Usually you’ll see a lot of people in the FM (Free Market) saying “LF>1c roll@@@@” (Looking for a one prestigious coin roll. A roll is a gamble.) This is a prime place to find a gambling partner and remember you have to be OVER LEVEL 50.

    Once you find your person and you’re both down to roll, it’s good manners to state the game you’re playing and say “gl” (Good luck) but if you don’t want them to be lucky you should find another way to say “let’s begin rolling”. *WARNING* You must always be sure the person you’re rolling or gambling against is ready AND willing to roll. By reciprocating with “gl” it shows that both players are ready to gamble.

    After a winner or loser is determined many people will say “d” or “d?”. They are asking you a question of whether or not you want to “double”. This means they’re asking you if you want to go another round and double your prize money if you win, or gain nothing if you lose and break even. Most if not all rolls in Maple Legends people will want to “d”. If you don’t want to double simply say “gg” (Good game) or “I’m done.” If you do want to double, people say “d gl” and the next game continues. Many people will not double a double because 2 doubled is 4 and 4 doubled is 8, it gets very pricey! If you win both the first roll and the double you’ve won! However, if you lose the double you go back to even. When breaking even this is your opportunity to back away again by saying “gg”. If you want to continue you say “e gl” (even good luck) and the game starts again. But please make sure the other person wants to continue and it is reciprocated BEFORE you start rolling.


    Well it seems like players have done away with the "dgl" and "egl" system and for the most part gamblers are now using a score system after rolls. I personally don't like it, and I urge gamblers to use the "dgl" "egl" system. For example let's say P1 and P2 are playing reg. P1 rolls 100 and P2 rolls 1. P1 wins and the score is 1-0. Maplers are now typing "10" respectively to tabulate score. However, if you break even they will type "00" as in the score being 0-0 and the game being even. Just think of "10" as "dgl" and "00" as "egl".


    FM : Free Market.

    GL : Good luck.

    D, d?, dgl : Double?

    E, egl : Even.

    GG : Good game.

    LF>, L> : Looking for.

    P. coins, coins, c : Prestigious coins. Each worth 3.2m.

    Reg : Regular gamble game.

    Sui : Death roll gamble game.

    Dif : Difference roll gamble game.

    BJ : Blackjack game.

    FT : First to.

    Roll : Gamble.

    Gamba : Gamble.

    Final Notes:

    Remember, gambling should be approached responsibly. There is absolutely zero tolerance for RWT (Real World Trading) in MapleLegends. Always be mindful of scams, and if you’re unsure about someone, ask to see the money before you gamble. If someone does scam you somehow, make sure to take screenshots and report it to the GMs or Game Moderators.

    Always be mindful of your limits and enjoy the thrill of MapleLegends' gambling options in moderation.

    Now that you're familiar with the various gambling modes in MapleLegends, gather your friends, roll the dice, and may luck be on your side!


    Many people refer to gambling as simply “gamba”.

    The only other times players can roll before level 50 are PQ’s.

    To roll continuously you have to wait for the chat bubble to disappear.

    Last edited: Mar 3, 2024
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  2. LeonardoJF

    LeonardoJF Zakum

    Jun 16, 2021
    Rio grande do Sul - BR
    7:15 AM
    the guide I needed
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  3. Krythan

    Krythan Nightshadow

    Sep 2, 2022
    6:15 AM
    I learned so much about the different gambling games today! Time to go roll these coins I made this morning!
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  4. Kargo

    Kargo Skelegon

    Mar 5, 2015
    12:15 PM
    Finally a useful guide
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  5. fehiccup

    fehiccup King Slime

    Aug 7, 2023
    6:15 PM
    Hey amoeba! Awesome guide. Although I'd like to point out that from experience RR is a completely different game from sui. Correct me if I'm wrong:

    Assuming there are 2 players, the winner of the first reg roll chooses a number from 1-6. Then the loser rolls first, out of 6. After that it's back to the first player who still rolls out of 6. They keep going, each time consistently rolling out of 6 until one person hits the predetermined number and loses. I believe it more accurately resembles a russian roulette in this way.
    Last edited: Mar 3, 2024

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