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Somewhat Summer event (till someone does it better)

Discussion in 'Guides' started by gypsyleeboy, Sep 13, 2023.

  1. gypsyleeboy

    gypsyleeboy Blue Snail

    Mar 1, 2020
    3:29 AM
    Edit: someone did it better: https://forum.maplelegends.com/index.php?threads/guide-summer-event-2023-cheat-sheet.51256/

    Mine is still good for more some more detailed information, but ^that one is a nice cheat sheet if you just want a quick idea of what to do.

    Cassandra takes you to the fishing event, from what I know she's in lith harbor and ludi
    Go to lith harbor and get a blue chair from the armor store up top, (or ask someone to go get you one if you're in ludi).
    Somehow farm or buy 25 firewood and 25 sticks, go talk to kendrick at anglers rest by talking to cassandra and get your fishing chair from the quest that you already have the items for now.

    (KrythanKrythan noted there's tons of Blue chairs and Wood in the FM, just don't over pay.)

    Get Bait points from killing mobs and picking up the Ice boxes or by doing regular PQ, and Boss PQ
    Bait points: 2 Bait points = 1 Bait

    Farming Monsters Drops Ice boxes. They SEEM to have a better drop rate for single mob attacks but you'll be just fine either way. You'll get a ton of these over time while you farm and they have a RANDOM chance to give bait points, while on the other hand you'll get some potions and such like sundae's and watermelon. This isn't the best way to farm bait points but if you don't like PQ or jump quests, this will do just fine.


    There's also a jump quest if you go to florina beach (Also in lith harbor or ludi via NPC).
    In florina beach, talk to the girl on the far right, (not the middle) the middle girl will have a quest, but the right girl has the jump quest for points (repeatable maybe 7 times a week?)

    The Jump quest has tons of tricks but once you do it once, it get's easier!

    From my knowledge, Most Party quests award you with an amount of Bait points, It may be different depending on the PQ you're attending.

    Apparently HPQ does NOT award Bait points, but LPQ, EPQ, OPQ ETC will.
    If anyone knows of a complete list, feel free to let me know!
    You'll get 25+ Bait points per PQ!

    boss PQ is also available which can give a huge amount of bait points if you can make it to the end. (It's like Dojo) However this is mostly for higher leveled people and parties. Get here by talking to cassandra and clicking the second option "Exclusive Training Center" where you'll be met by two agent cats.
    upload_2023-9-12_19-16-26.png upload_2023-9-12_19-17-9.png
    Agent Meow for SOLO Boss Q, and Agent Kitty for Boss PQ
    I hear you'll get 200 Bait points for finishing (Although you'll probably need help)

    Now that you have some Bait points:
    Exchange your bait points for actual bait that goes in your use tab from the npc Kendrick at anglers rest, then click and accept all quests at anglers rest.

    Quest from Claret

    click madrick to go to the fishing spot. There 4 spots.
    spot 1 and 4 have a chance to catch the POT needed for the quest
    spot 2 and 3 have a chance to catch the SHOVEL needed for the quest
    The rest of the fish you'll get gradually.

    the fishing quest from Claret gives you blue coins that you can trade in for ap resets or raffle (basically a gacha and not so much of a raffle) But you can get really good stuff from it.

    you can turn in any extra fish you catch that you don't need for gold coins by talking to Claret that can be traded for a nice 3 all stat ring and some other goodies.
    There's a special fish catch for each of the 4 fishing areas that can be traded for a Premium dish via Claret

    And to be clear, each of these are caught in a different zone, Example: Deep sea dish is caught in the Deep Sea Fishin' Hole zone via Madrick.
    These are different from the fish that are traded for Gold coins shown below

    The other fish such as Carp, Salmon. Sailfish, and Whitebait can be traded for gold fishing coins which are used at the Merchant in Anglers rest "Beryl"


    Here, you'll find all the goodies for the hard work put in afking.

    Note: Sit in the fishing chair at the fishing spots to catch fish. it's automatic and you'll see other people in the area doing the same. You can afk if you have a lot of bait

    I may have left some out but that's all I've done myself
    If anyone would like to add, lmk and ill edit.
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2023
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  2. LeonardoJF

    LeonardoJF Zakum

    Jun 16, 2021
    Rio grande do Sul - BR
    8:29 AM
  3. Krythan

    Krythan Wolfspider

    Sep 2, 2022
    6:29 AM
    Thanks for writing this up! At the time of posting, the FM has no shortage of options for blue chairs and wood :)
  4. Dacian

    Dacian Snail

    Jun 5, 2022
    7:29 PM
    Thanks! I was really confused at the blue chair part!

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