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(85+) PONCHO's Meso Making Expedition

Discussion in 'Items & Mesos' started by GooBeR, Jun 29, 2022.

  1. GooBeR

    GooBeR Timer

    Aug 29, 2021
    4:19 AM
    I have strung together a number of quests that you can complete concurrently in order to make some serious mesos. You can follow this guide with one character or up to six in a party for increased efficiency. I highly recommend you bring a Bishop to do all the Farming/Mystic Door and multiple alts lvl 85+ for peak efficiency. You can do these quest with a single lvl 85 character but you'll have to skip some of the optional Sabitrama quests since you won't be able to kill Lazy Buffys nor Dual Pirates in any sort of efficient fashion.
    Who is this guide for?
    As a new player you are limited in your options in making mesos efficiently. I always recommend APQ but you can only do it once every six hours. And all of the other money making methods kind of suck, especially the farming ones when you have cheap gear and poor damage. Completing this guide with one character should net you enough mesos to buy half decent gear.
    If you have a bishop and multiple alt accounts lvl 85+ you could do these quest faster. You can earn up to 6x the amount as a single character with the time saved with Mystic doors, AoE farming and party bonus drop rate (I have tested the drop rate) for quest specific items. If anything it will be a change of pace from the slog-fest that is multi-mage farming and selling leech.
    Expected Rewards
    The rewards are mostly 30% scrolls and your luck will ultimately determine how much mesos you make. Even if you count yourself as unlucky you will do enough of these quests that you are bound to get something of value.

    I earned around 300M worth of items with my 6 characters, would have made around 350M if I hadn't already completed some of the quests like Maplestory Basic Knowledge and ReVersal on some characters.

    • x6 Old Raggedy Cape
    • x2 Nocturnal Staff
    • x12 Overall Armor for INT 30%
    • x9 Shoes for Jump 30%
    • x1 topwear for HP 30%
    • x1 earring for int 30%
    • x1 Overall Armor for DEX 30%
    • x1 Topwear for STR 30%
    • x2 Shoes for Avoid 30%
    • x3 Cape for INT 30%
    • x1 Overall Armor for Luk 30%
    • x2 Gloves for ATT 70%

    What you'll need
    I will list all the items needed per single character. Multiply these items by the number of characters you plan to bring. If you bring a bishop with multiple alts you'll only need 3 additional rock scrolls per alt.
    Get this stuff Before you start.

    • 1m Mesos if you plan on doing the optional Sabitrama quests
    • Eos Rock Scroll x10 (60k-70k each in FM as of 6/26/22)
    • If you are super poor you could walk up and down the Tower.
    • Pig's Head x1 (20k-50k each in FM as of 6/26/22)
    • You can farm this at Henesys Pig Farm
    • Plenty of return to town scrolls
    • Pet food x1
    • Kerning Town Scroll x1

    This is for reference, you will acquire this during the Expedition
    • Pig's Ribbon x20
    • Stone Golem's Rubble x100
    • Dark Stone Golem's Rubble x100
    • Lemon x1
    • Fried Chicken x300
    • Teddy's Cotton x50
    • Free Spirit x50
    • Zombie Teddy Bear x50
    • Sealed Teddy Bear x100
    • Binding Bridle x100
    • OPTIONAL: Lazy Buffy x200
    • OPTIONAL: Dual Pirate's Propeller x500
    • Genin Doll x30
    • Charm of the Undead x100

    This is for reference, you will acquire this during the Expedition
    • Epalm Fragments x30
    • Mirror Glass x20
    • Temporal Fragments x60
    Part 1 Running Around Victoria Island
    With all of the stuff we acquired beforehand we will start off at Henesys.

    1. Talk to Jay and Accept the quest Find the Maple History Book
    2. Go to Henesys Pig Farm and Collect 20 Pig's Ribbon
    3. Go to Golem's Temple I collect 100 Stone Golem Rubble
    4. Go to Golem's Temple III Collect 100 Dark Stone Golem Rubble
    5. You should get at least 2 Maple Special Bento from the last two maps from Blue Mushroom
    6. Go to New Leaf City and accept the quest Lost! from Elpalm Gorlab
    7. OPTIONAL If you have a mage accept the quest Cleaning Up the Streets from Lita Lawless all other classes give garbage
    8. OPTIONAL Kill 200 Gryphon and 200 Electrophant and turn in the quest to Lita Lawless
    9. Make your way to Nautilus (inside ship) talk to Bartol and accept the quest Bartol's Request, Three more quests will pop up Bring a Lemon for Shulynch, Take the Gold Pouch to Miurhat, and Deliver the Tattered Map to Black Bark. Accept them all.
    10. Buy a lemon from the Grocer next to Bartol and turn all the items he has given you in, when you are done talk to Bartol again for the warp cards.
    11. Go to the Magic Library in Ellinia destroy the wooden box and collect the Maple History Book II. If you have multiple characters change channels to find more boxes.
    12. Head over to Ellinia Station and take the ship to Orbis. After the ship takes off head inside the cabin and break the box for the Maple History Book I. If you have multiple characters make sure to spread them across different channels because only one box spawns. And make sure they are safe inside before you start breaking the boxes, the Crimson Barlog can spawn after one minute.

    Part 2 To Farming Hell Ludibrium
    After you land at orbis gather your party in one channel. If you are low level you won't be able to do the optional portions in any kind of timely manner. If you are high enough level you probably won't want to do them as 200 Lazy Buffy Marbles and 500 Dual Pirate proppelers per character is a grind and you need them BOTH for the quest.

    1. Head to the grocer and buy 300 Fried Chicken
    2. Make your way to Terrace Hall and farm 50 Teddy's Cotton
    3. Head down into Path of time<2> and farm Chronos for History Book III
    4. Head to Forgotten Path of time <1> and gather 50 Zombie Teddy Bear and 50 Free Spirit If you find a perfect brown lapiz sandal +4int_2MA you could sell them for 5m.
    5. Go down to Forgotten Path of time <3> and collect 100 Sealed Teddy Bears
    6. Head right to Hidden Street: Lost Time and farm 100 Binding Bridle
    7. OPTIONAL Head to Warped Path of time <1> and get 200 Lazy Buffy Marbles
    8. OPTIONAL Go to Hidden Street: Unbalanced Time and gather 500 Dual Pirate's Propeller
    9. Head up to Eos Tower Entrance turn in the quest Find the Maple history Book to Tigun the Advisor
    10. Accept Find the Maple History Book 2
    11. Head down the tower using two Eos rock scrolls and a Return Scroll
    12. Head to Kulan Field I and farm for 30 Epalm Fragments. If you have multiple alts the Epalm fragments will drop significantly faster. If a character collects all 30 it will decrease their contribution to the spawn rate. I advise you to gather 29/30 on all alts before finishing or else you will face a diminishing spawn rate.
    13. Go to the Command Center Omega Sector and warp to the Nautilus

    Part 3 Finally Turning Stuff In
    Most of the heavy grinding is over and we will start to see the fruits of our labor. Double check you have actually turned in and accepted the quests, you do not wanna to have to trek back.

    1. Head to Lith Harbor and talk to Olaf and accept Around Lilith Harbor and turn it in
    2. Talk to Spinel World Tour Guide and go to Mushroom Shrine
    3. Talk to Kino Konoko and accept Relaxing at the Mushroom Shrine and turn it in
    4. Go to Outside the Ninja Castle, talk to Shururu and accept Playing around in Ninja Town
    5. Go Inside the Caslte Gate and farm 30 Genin Doll return to Shururu and turn in the quest
    6. Head back to Mushroom Shrine and then to Showa Town
    7. Find Sakura accept Sakura and the Teddy Bear and turn it in
    8. Talk to Fraidy Cat and accept the quest Scarred Kitty This quest is just running around talking to three NPC's turning in items
    9. 1.What Is the name of the statue in the Mushroom Shrine?
      Answer: Mushroom Statue

      2.Which one of these items has a mismatched class or level description?
      Answer: Bamboo Spear - Warrior-only Weapon

      3.Which of these noodles are NOT being sold by Robo at the Mushroom Shrine?
      Answer: Mushroom Miso Ramen

      4. Which of these items do the Extras NOT drop?
      Answer: Extra B's Corset

      5.Which of these items does the Flaming Raccoon NOT drop?
      Answer: Solid Horn

      6.What is the name of NPC that transfer from Kerning city to Mushroom Shrine?
      Answer: Spinel

      7.Which NPC is responsible for transporting travelers from Kerning City to Zipangu, and back?
      Answer: Spinel

      8.Which of these items DO NOT exist?
      Answer: Fly Swatter

      9.What's the name of the vegetable store owner in Showa Town?
      Answer: Umi

      10.Which of these NPCs do NOT stand in front of Showa Movie Theater?
      Answer: Shinta

      11.Which of these items DO exist?
      Answer: Dark Cloud Fox's Tail

      12.Which of the items sold at the Mushroom Shrine increases your attack power?
    10. Go to the spa and buy a Strawberry Milk and use it to teleport back to the Mushroom Shrine and then to Lith harbor
    11. Take the VIP cab to Ant Tunnel Park and then use a Return Scroll to arrive at SleepyWood

    Part 4 The Final Stretch
    You are almost there keep going! You don't have to do Mystery of Niora hostpital, but raggeddy capes were going for 2m in the FM last I checked
    1. Talk to Sabitrama accept Sabitrama's Life Work and turn the quest in.
    2. OPTIONAL If you collected the 200 Lazy Buffy marbles and 500 Dual Pirate's Propellers you can talk to Sabitrama and turn in The Committee Challenges
    3. OPTIONAL Go to the Sauna and buy a Return Scroll to Sleepywood you will need it to turn in Open Sesame
    4. OPTIONAL Head to Ant Tunnel III and collect 100 Charms of the Undead
    5. Take a Kerning Town Scroll
    6. Go to Jane Doe accept and turn in An Unknown Love
    7. OPTIONAL accept Mystery of Niora Hospital
    8. Make your way to Land of the Wild Boar II and farm for 20 Broken Mirror Glass This quest item behaves like the Epalm Fragments so collect 19/20 if you are bringing alts.
    9. Go to Henesys and accept the quest Doll in the Dark
    10. Turn in Find the Maple History Book II for a cool hat.
    11. OPTIONAL Go to Kerning and turn in the quest Mystery of Niora Hospital at Jane Doe
    12. Go to New Leaf City and Turn in the quest Lost! and accept ReVersal from Epalm Gorlab
    13. Go back to Kerning then to Nautilus then to Omega Sector
    14. OPTIONAL Talk to Dr. Kim and accept Father of Modern Science
    15. Go all the way up the Eos Tower and go outside to turn in Doll in the Dark to Tigun the Advisor
    16. Make sure to accept Doll in the Dark 2
    17. Go to Whirlpool of Time and farm 60 Temporal Fragments. If you bring alts make you will want to collect 59/60 on all characters before finishing. Trust me it is a slogfest if you don't.
    18. Go back to the Omega Sector and then to Nautilus
    19. OPTIONAL Use the Return Scroll to Sleepywood scroll and turn in the quest Father of Modern Science then Accept and turn in Open Sesame
    20. Go to Jay at Henesys one final time Start and turn in Doll in the Dark II and do the same for Soul in the Dark
    21. Go to New Leaf City and turn in ReVersal to Elpalm Gorlab
    22. Congrats! You're all done.

    Part 5 Extra Credit
    If you want some more quests to do there are two more you can do.

    This quest is the beginning part of the Targa/Scarlion prequest.
    1. Go to Kampung talk to Lam and accept Away From Kampung
    2. Go to Fantasy Theme Park 2 and collect 100 Lucky Bus Ticket
    3. Go back and turn the quest in to Lam
    Save the Toy Planes the Booper Scarlions drop, they are annoying to gather and you will need them for the second quest if you want to complete the Targa/Scarlion prequest.

    Bounty Hunter
    This quest is extremely profitable, especially if you hunt for the items yourself. The Deputy Star it rewards you with sells for around 30m right now.

    • Accept Bounty Hunter from Lita Lawless in NLC
    • Collect 30 Lucky Charms from Leprechauns or buy them 150k each
    • Collect 30 Soiled Rags from ElderWraith or buy them 110K ea
    • Hunt for a Jack O'Lantern from Headless Horseman if you can't kill one you could always ask a guildie or smega
    • Acquire a Bigfoot's Toe from Bigfoot if you are having trouble killing one then you could smega for help and someone will help you for the exp alone, if you still can't find help I've heard people charge 1m for a toe.
    • Turn the quest in
    As for navigating the Phantom Forest, Finding Headless Horseman and Bigfoot this is a neat guide I found on the mapleroyals forum:
    Even though it is a different server it seems to be accurate. I haven't checked every single portal and I still get lost sometimes but it maybe works.

    The Secret of Ninja Castle
    I have not done this quest before so I don't know the particulars. But you will need to defeat the Castellan Toad boss and collect the drops for any kind of profit, else I would not recommend it. Buying drops from the FM could yield negative profit. Castellan's Toad armrest is 2m In FM and Emperor Toad Wallet is 1.4m

    Final Thoughts
    This quest will take a long time, but ultimately I believe it is worth it just for the change of pace alone. Hopefully this will help new players afford stuff instead of getting burnt out with the perpetual grind. If you do complete this guide please post the amount of characters you brought and your total take so I could approximate the average per single character.
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  2. Vibin

    Vibin Brown Teddy

    Jul 29, 2020
    7:19 AM
    i did this and got a bunch of useless glove dex 30s big scam :mad:
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  3. LeonardoJF

    LeonardoJF Horntail

    Jun 16, 2021
    Rio grande do Sul - BR
    8:19 AM
  4. Krythan

    Krythan Skelegon

    Sep 2, 2022
    7:19 AM
    This is fantastic, I really like the format and suggested order!

    Some thoughts:

    The "Away from Kampung" questline I'd highly recommend, deserving of more than extra credit IMO! It's a lot easier to farm the parts if you have an attacker/mage on each of the platforms.

    As for "Secret of Ninja Castle" doing just the first and second parts can be profitable! It's only once you reach the 3rd quest (I think) that collecting the items gets a little tricky.

    I'd also be tempted to just remove the "Sabitramas" questline, as it looks really nice on paper, but kinda sucks to actually do. It's likely the time spent farming those items, especially if you're doing 6x character, is better spent elsewhere
  5. Gino

    Gino Brown Teddy

    Jun 8, 2020
    7:19 AM
    Dark Knight

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